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I have to say that writing to an upper-level word count is one of the most challenging things I have ever done. When I first entered the jrockyaoi summer contest, I didn't notice that they had a 4,500-word cap on stories. So I planned out The Heart of the Ocean, a supernatural/urban fantasy romance. Now, my supernatural-based stories tend to be pretty long, and this one is no exception - according to AO3, it clocks in at 12,544 words. I was three-quarters of the way through writing it when I went back to the community and found out it was about four times too long. Heh heh, whoops. So I had to come up with something else to meet both the deadline and the word cap. The result was Crazy From The Heat - and it seems that AO3 is giving a lower word count than my word processor was. (According to the program, I come in just under the upper level count, while AO3 puts it at 3,791 words). So, yeah, writing with one eye on the calendar and the other on the word counter was definitely an experience!

Oh, and it seems that the contest fic is my 100th work to be uploaded to AO3. Um, yay? (I've uploaded everything I've done since 2011).

So, now back to other challenges - namely, Season of Kink. I have an idea for my next square. Also want to get back to The Camera Eye, since I put it on hold for the other challege. (The whole series comes in at 204,207 words so far according to AO3 *falls over*.)

In other news, I have today off from work, since 4th of July/Independence Day is tomorrow. It's pretty much unofficial law here that if July 4, Christmas or New Year's falls on a Saturday, you get that Friday off, and if it's on Sunday, you get Saturday off. Yay! Planning to take it easy, go to fireworks and hit the July 4 sales for a summer purse, since I've been carrying the same one since I went to Japan last fall.

Otherwise, I'm looking in vain for a place to buy SCREW's new live DVD (since CD Japan, YesAsia and HMV all seem to not be carrying it - even Japan Discoveries has failed me) and I've been listening to D=OUT over the last couple of days after having neglected them (read: Kouki) for awhile in the mad rush of discovering Lycaon/Diaura/Royz. Preordered the super-deluxe edition  of Dogma (and just waiting for CD Japan's inevitable "This is going to cost more to ship than we originally told you" E-mail) and waiting for my shipment that includes DIAWOLF's CD (apparently, nobody told CD Japan they were an Alice Nine side project, the CD was hard to find) and the SHOXX Poster Magazine with Diaura. (Because, you know, Yo-ka.) Hoping they throw in that Club ZY that has Alice Nine on the front cover and Lycaon on the back - no reason I'd want that at all, nope.


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Jul. 3rd, 2015 01:47 pm (UTC)
How very odd! I wonder if there's a difference in the way Word and AO3 count hyphenated words, that kind of thing? I'm amazed at your word counts though - I'd have the opposite problem, as none of my ideas turn out as long as that! XD

Oh yes, and happy Independence Day! Hope you have a good day off! :)
Jul. 3rd, 2015 06:27 pm (UTC)
Hyphenated words are definitely a possibility - the AO3 counter might be actually counting spaces between words, which would make its total smaller. I was definitely shocked when I saw the discrepency between the numbers -"Ehhh? I had more than 500 words to work with? I could have made the sex scene longer!"

Oh, I never start out intending my fics to be long. I think they're going to get the job done in about eight pages, and before I know it, I'm on page 18 and I have to split the damn thing in two to post it on LJ.

Thanks, So far, the main thing I've done is go for a long walk. There's multiple fireworks displays tonight, though - I figure if you park yourself on the right spot on the beach, you'll be able to see three towns' fireworks at once.
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