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Feb. 10th, 2012

Started working on my UruKai Valentine's Day story. Will continue to do so whenever I get a chance this weekend. I'm aiming for a cute "first Valentine's Day together" thing with smut and humor. Oh, and a certain beverage just may put in a return appearance. (It's an "official" Stargazer sidestory).

I probably will end up coming up with fics commemorating the release of "9" and the 10th anniversary of GazettE, too. (Though Kai doesn't get to celebrate 10 years with the band until a year after everyone else!) Though my Ruki muse seems to want to do things in the AU universes I wrote under the alternate pen name. Translated: He wants Kai and Uruha to himself. (Or, alternately, another ficverse with Kai and Shou).

And could somebody please explain the recent fangirl vogue for pairing Kai with Miyavi in fanfics? Um, is there something I'm missing here, still being a relative n00b to the fandom? (Yes, I know, this is coming from the woman who paired Nao with Yasuno).


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Feb. 11th, 2012 09:00 am (UTC)
Woohoo, more Kai and Uru fic!!! :D *is happy* Haha, um, Ruki-muses can be a bit demanding, right? *g*

I decided to not even try to write Valentine's fic this year. I'm one of the people who think of it more as Single (Painful) Awareness Day. But I will read others' fics, and dream myself away to a better world... One with naked, hot men. ;)

The Miyavi/Kai thing is actually an old trend! Very old! Lots of people seem to be completely unable to even think of Kai together with one of the other bandmembers... it has to be Miyavi. I think it comes from the time when Myv was still under the PSC roof. And the 2006 PSC concert thingie, from which there are vid snips abundant on YouTube of Miyavi forcing a kiss on Kai's cheek, and other shenanigans. Personally, I think Kai looks both embarrassed and uncomfortable, but I'm not wearing slash goggles while watching it. Anyway, I think that's mostly what started it and then it simply persists, fuelled by rewatching of the vid and by little things like the 2009 PSC thingie when Kai and Miyavi was at the same place at the same time again. I admit that I try to avoid fics with Miyavi/Kai... I just don't like it. LOL Kai should be with Uruha!!!!!!!11!!!one!
Feb. 12th, 2012 01:29 am (UTC)
Ah, so that explains it. Yet another case of Kai as Fifth Wheel. It's sad that so many of the fans can't seem to want to put Kai with one of his bandmates - he gets treated as a mismatched sock all the time. I've noticed it's mainly writers who ship the two most popular pairings - Reituki and Aoiha - who do it, too. And if they're not pairing Kai with Miyavi, they're making him the villain of their story, having him exist only to break up the TWOO WUB pairings. (I never read Reituki or Aoiha unless it's an author I like or the summary looks really interesting. Far too much badfic and Kai abuse. Heck, I think your most recent piece was the first Reituki I'd touched in months).

The Alice Nine fandom has a thing for pairing him with Nao. Not because there's any real basis for it, mind you. It's just that Nao and Kai are the two leftovers after the writer has paired off everyone else. Not fair to either one of them.

I actually saw on one of those J-rock confession communities that there's quite a few fangirls who consider Kai unattractive, or not as hot as the others. Um, excuse me? Are we talking about the same person here? I'd like to know in which alternate universe is this not considered hotter than hell on fire:

Feb. 12th, 2012 05:51 pm (UTC)
Oh gods, that pic... Fuck, he's so hot!!! That is probably my absolute favourite look of his! He's not only stunningly beautiful, but also totally badass! No, I have no idea how anyone can find this man unattractive! And also, all those times when he smiles, and it's like the sun suddenly comes out from behind a cloud!!!! I melt, every single time! :)

Fifth wheel, bah! Have these people never heard of threesomes? My main OTP is actually Uruha/Kai/Ruki. *g* And then I mix them around. Strangely enough though, I haven't actually yet written anything for this OT3 of mine. Odd.

Reita/Ruki and Aoi/Uruha are close to the bottom of my pref list, I have to admit. With Reita/Uruha taking up the spot below those. *g* This is one of those ships where I just go, no, sometimes friendship really is only friendship!!! (Like Gimli and Legolas! LOL) Although, I'd totally read it if they participated in the same orgy. Reita and Uruha, I mean, not Gimli and Legolas! Eww! LOL

I hate it with the force of a thousand burning suns when people make Kai a villain. I do understand that people write for different reasons, some for catharsis, others for fun... and me for smutty realism. LOL But... Kai is like the sweetest, ever! *hugs him close*

It's definitely not fair to either of these bands' "fifth wheels". :(
Feb. 13th, 2012 02:04 am (UTC)
Oh, I would LOVE to see you write threesome fics for KaiXUruhaXRuki. I want to do more with that idea myself! I actually have a couple of ideas for it - sort of like, "Well, we intended to do that as a one-night thing . . . why do we keep doing it, and doing it, and doing it some more?" Because you can't keep your hands off each other, silly boys! And also because it's nice to share. ~_^

Keeping the Reita/Uruha friendship as just that - friendship - actually makes the relationship more moving that the longtime-best-friends-turned-lovers fanfic cliche. A lot of writers (in all kinds of fandoms) tend to forget the value of platonic love in a person's life.

And amen on the Before I Decay/Dim Scene concert look. I wish he'd kept that, but apparently the extensions didn't work out for him. Too bad, because it made him look HOT. (And I'm sure Urubabe agreed):


And the fangirls who want to find him unattractive? Too bad, their loss, and more of this for those of us who can appreciate it:


(Found that on Tumblr and just about died. I need to create a subfolder in my GazettE image folder called "Uruha, You Lucky Bitch." Of course, there also needs to be a corresponding "Kai, You Lucky Bitch" folder.)

Edited at 2012-02-13 02:04 am (UTC)
Feb. 14th, 2012 11:03 am (UTC)
Because you can't keep your hands off each other, silly boys! And also because it's nice to share.

Exactly!!! :D I sort of love seeing a two-people relationship expand through threesome and then that growing to more than just play and fun.

Oh yes, the extensions! They're so awesome. But it looks like it could be really heavy... And I've been thinking (as one does when obsessing over hot men), that since he wore them for the DIM scene final, because they'd changed their hairstyle for the Before I Decay PV and photo shoots, but kept the style of clothes they'd had for previous concerts (and because the PV wasn't out yet)... For Ruki, it's kind of hard to not have the new hairstyle since it involves dying and butting and shaving parts of it as well... But Kai? If those extensions were only put in for each appearance (like the ponytail ones he has in Tokyo Dome seems to be) he would hardly have bothered with them before the live, because all those braids must have taken HOURS to put in! Right? So, they were probably the kind that he had to wear all the damn time? And then tighten as his own hair grew... Or take out after a long time, when there was a pause in photo shoots, and then have to put in again when there was a new batch of them scheduled?

Okay, I've been thinking too much about this! LOL

I have a huge folder of mixed Gazepics... I have renamed maybe half of them with band member names first, or the name of the single or concert they wore that look for. But there's a terrifying amount of pics whose names begin with tumblr. LOL
Feb. 15th, 2012 04:25 am (UTC)
Ha, sounds like my Alice Nine folders. I have tons of pictures identified by just numbers.Some of them I've renamed (some pretty standard, others with tags like "Shou peekaboo nipple" and "HirotoMogutoocuteforwords."

And you're not thinking too much about Kai's extensions. You're thinking like a writer. We end up taking these things apart and analyzing them. (I think he did have to wear the extensions all the time - which is why he ended up getting rid of them. More's the pity. I rewatched that PV the other day, and they ALL look volcanic hot in it. Plus more Ruki glove fetishism).

OH! And I forgot to thank you so much for the Valentine virtual gift, that was so sweet! I need to switch that birthdate on this journal - my birthday is actually in May. This journal started life as an RP journal, a long time ago, and the birthday I use on it is the birthdate of the character.

Edited at 2012-02-15 04:27 am (UTC)
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