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Title: The Camera Eye: Dirty Angel [2/2]
Chapter: Twenty-second in The Camera Eye series. Links to previous installments can be found here, Split because of LJ's post limits, part 1 is here.
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Porn industry AU, drama, smut, romance
Warnings: Male/male sex, polyamory, exhibition/voyeurism (since the characters work in the porn industry), sex toys
Pairing: Yuuki (Lycaon) X Subaru (Royz), Yo-ka (Diaura) X Yuuki, implied Yo-ka X Subaru, Yo-ka X Byou (SCREW), Byou X Jin X Manabu (SCREW), Kouki (D=OUT) X Ryoga (BORN)
Disclaimer: GazettE/SCREW/D=OUT/BORN characters belong to PS Company, Alice Nine characters are now free agents, Lycaon belongs to Vogue Entertainment, Royz belongs to B.P. Records and Diaura belongs to Ains. I own the story only.
Summary: When Yuuki’s bosses at Eros Films insist that their latest contract player – a young, seemingly innocent man - be included in PSC Productions’ new video, Yuuki is determined to keep him from being chewed up and spit out by the industry. But will he scare him out of the business altogether?
Notes: I will admit to writing this because I saw these pictures on Tumblr and thought these two were so damn adorable together that I had to do a fic shipping them. This isn’t quite how they look in the fic, though – Porn Star!Yuuki has the longer pink hair (as seen in Gossip, Baka Ne and Shadow) and Neophyte Porn Star!Subaru has the blond hair from their new PV.

“Where is Subaru?” Uruha said, looking at the clock for the hundredth time that morning.

It was scheduled to be the newbie’s first day on a porn set. The cameras were all set up. Yo-ka was all made up. Everything was in place . . .

Except the co-star. Subaru was nowhere to be seen. He missed the call time – well, it was okay, it was his first time, he didn’t know the rules, he could be forgiven for being a little late.

Only “a little late” was now “a lot late.” Subaru was fifteen minutes late, then a half-hour, then 45 minutes.

“Does anyone have any idea where he is?” Uruha said. “Anyone at all?”

The crew members all shook their heads. “I haven’t seen him,” said Rui from his post behind the main camera.

“I’ve never even met the guy,” said the soundman.

The makeup girl just shook her head.

Uruha wheeled on his star. “Yo-ka, do you have any idea where he might be?” he said. “You went to lunch with him yesterday, right?”

“We didn’t exchange numbers, though,” Yo-ka said. “We should have. I know Yuuki has his number, though –.”

“Yuuki? Why Yuuki?”

“They went out together right after you hired him.”

“Contact Yuuki,” Uruha said. “Is he shooting for Eros today?”

“He was doing photos first thing, but I think he’s done now,” Yo-ka said. He pulled out his phone and texted his lover.

Yuuki got the message when he was a couple of blocks away from the photoshoot location, inside a conbini. He froze when he saw the message that was on the screen. Subaru didn’t show up? At all?

He hadn’t spoken with the boy since they’d gone out for drinks. He knew about the lunch yesterday - apparently, nothing out of the ordinary had been discussed.

Did I scare him off? Yuuki thought. Did he have a last-minute case of jitters and quit the industry because of what I told him? Not showing up to a shooting and telling no one was not something that was done very often in porn.

He texted back to Yo-ka, “Where are you shooting?” He followed that by firing off a message to Subaru – “Where are you? Uruha is ready to shoot. If you decided you want out, please tell me now.”

When the answer came back from Yo-ka, Yuuki took off for the location like a shot, keeping his phone out in case there was a message from Subaru – but none came.

* * *

Yuuki burst into the set like a small tornado. He glanced around – no Subaru in sight.

“He’s not here?” he said to Uruha.

“No,” Uruha said. “No Subaru, no calls, no texts.”

“Oh, shit,” Yuuki said. “Shit.” He rubbed his forehead, looking distressed.

Uruha frowned. This wasn’t like Yuuki at all. “Yuuki? What happened?”

“What happened is it’s my fucking fault. I thought I’d sit the boy down for a reality check, let him know what he was getting into. I scared him off.”

“Scared him off?” Uruha said. “Yuuki, what did you tell him?”

“Nothing bad. Just the truth! But I figured if he was going to crap out he’d have the decency to call!”

“Did you call him?” Uruha said.

“I texted him. I’ve heard nothing. Nothing at . . .”

He was interrupted by the door opening. In walked Subaru – followed by the head of Eros. “Hello,” Subaru said, bowing. “I’m so sorry about this. Leader-san and I got stuck in traffic.”

“Horrible accident,” said Yuuki’s boss. “We were stuck behind it for almost an hour.”

“You’re here?” Uruha said. “I mean, you’re here, but . . . you’re doing the video?”

The boy and the man glanced at each other. “Well . . . that’s what we came here to talk to you about,” Subaru said.

Yuuki’s face fell. Shit. He WAS quitting. Okay, next time he was going to keep his big mouth shut.

“Uruha-san sent me another script for approval,” said Yuuki’s boss. “It’s for your next video, Yuuki – and there’s a part in it that Subaru could play. A part bigger than the one in this video. I’d rather have him make his debut in that role than this one.”

“He called me into his office this morning and talked to me about it,” Subaru said. “I agreed. Then we tried to come here, and, well . . .” He bowed. “Sorry for inconveniencing you.”

“Why didn’t you call?” said Yuuki.

Subaru held up a blank-faced phone. “Dead battery. No charger.”

Uruha grabbed the phone out of Subaru’s hand, threw it on his own charger, and plugged it in, looking over his shoulder and saying to the boss, “You . . . you want to switch him into Yuuki’s video instead?”

“Yes,” said the boss. “Is that all right? I’ve heard you already had another young man lined up to play the part in this video. He can have this role back.”

Everyone just stared at each other. This was beginning to feel flat-out surreal.

“Subaru,” said Uruha, “it’s YOUR debut. What do YOU want to do?”

The newbie looked around the room, and when he saw Yuuki, a big smile broke out of his face. “I want to do the video with Yuuki-san,” he said.

“All right, then,” Uruha said. “It’s settled. That video shoots right after this one. Someone get hold of Manabu and tell him that . . .”

“Already did.” Yo-ka held up his cell phone. “He’s on his way over.”

“He’s ready to shoot today?” Uruha said. “He needs to learn the lines!”

“He already has,” said Yo-ka. “He learned the part while Jin was writing it.” Yo-ka was one of the few people who knew just how much time Manabu was spending at Jin and Byou’s apartment nowadays, and how close they were to declaring themselves officially a three-way relationship.

“Well, I guess that settles that,” Uruha said. “We’ll just take a break until Manabu arrives and gets ready, I guess.”

Subaru walked up to Yuuki, putting a hand on his arm. “Can I talk to you?” he said.

“Of course,” said Yuuki. “Away from the set, though. We could go to my place, if that’s okay with you.”

“That’s okay with me.”

Yuuki went over to tell Yo-ka where they were going – not that it mattered to Yo-ka, since he’d be busy filming for awhile, but it was just a courtesy – while Subaru retrieved his phone.

He was quite interested to hear what the younger man had to say. Did what he told him make an impact? If so, what kind?

* * *

They were fairly quiet during the cab ride to Yo-ka and Yuuki’s place. When they got there, Yuuki invited his guest to take a seat on the couch – “The cat will move. He’s usually good about that kind of thing.”

Subaru sat down as the ball of fur skittered across the floor – or at least as far as another chair, where he curled up and went back to sleep. “This is really nice,” he said, handing the still not-very-charged phone over to Yuuki.

“You like it? We just moved here a couple of months ago.” Yuuki plugged the phone into his own charger, then brought them two bottles of green tea from the fridge – it seemed too early for beer.

“It’s gorgeous,” Subaru said. “I’m hoping to have a place like this someday.”

“Maybe you will,” Yuuki said, sitting next to him and handing him his bottle.

“I guess you want to know why we switched videos, don’t you?”

“Well, yes. You did kind of scare the hell out of everyone this morning. Including me.”

“I’m sorry, I totally forgot my charger, and the phone died when we were stuck in traffic .. . .”

“Don’t worry about that.” Yuuki raised a hand in the “stop” gesture. “Just . . . tell me what happened after you left the bar that night.”

“Oh . . . that.” Subaru opened his bottle and took a drink. “Well, I walked home really slow. I was thinking over what you said – about people getting into the industry and loving it so much they never get out. And I was thinking about my dream of getting into Square, and how much I wanted to design gaming characters, and how much I didn’t want my education to go to waste. It was the kind of thing that keeps you up all night. So then I went home, and my roommates saw something was wrong right away.”

“Nice guys,” Yuuki said. “Real friends can see that.”

“So they sat me down and we talked about it – for most of the night, in fact. And you know, after awhile? One thing you said started making sense. You said people stay in the porn industry because they can be themselves and they don’t have to put on outer airs – right?”

Yuuki nodded. “It’s one of the biggest reasons that people stay.”

“Well, one reason I always wanted to go into gaming is I thought that would be a place where I could let my real self come out. I was always the kid who ran around, loved games, loved fun things – but as I got older, I was expected to put that stuff away, right? I was expected to be a proper Japanese adult. I didn’t want to do that. I had no desire to be a salaryman. And I thought that the gaming industry was a place where I could be myself.”

He paused, looking down into his drink for a moment, and said, “I finally asked myself, what is it you really want out of life more than anything? I like designing game characters and settings, to be sure, but what I really want more than anything is to be ME. And I realized that, like you said, the porn industry will let me do that.”

Subaru swished the liquid around in his bottle. “Besides, I can still keep my hand in gaming. I know some guys who are forming an indie game company and need a hand with character design. I could help them out on the side. That way – my degree doesn’t go to waste, right?”

Yuuki smiled. “You’re a smart boy, you know that?”

“My professors didn’t always think so,” he replied. “But anyway – the thing about switching videos really was my boss’ idea, not mine. He read the screenplay for your video last night – really late last night – and tried to call me then, but I’d already gone to bed. I found the message first thing in the morning and went right over to him. He decided we were both going to talk to Uruha in person rather than try to get him on the phone when he was trying to set up a shoot, got into his car – and got behind the accident. You know the rest.”

“So you agreed to it because you wanted to debut with a bigger part?”

“No.” Subaru leaned over, putting his hand on Yuuki’s leg with a big smile. “Because there’s nobody in the world I’d rather debut opposite than you.”

Yuuki suddenly felt a warmth deep inside – and it didn’t have to do with lust. Well, some of it did. When you had a cute blond boy with his hand on your thigh, there had to be at least some lust involved.

No, the feeling he had was closer to what he felt while cuddling his cat, or when Yo-ka fell asleep with his head on Yuuki’s lap when they were watching TV together.

He put his hand over Subaru’s. “Well, then, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather help make his debut than you.”

“My first time having sex in front of a camera will be with you.” And that was said in a tone that conveyed Subaru was feeling the same kind of warmth.

“Then we’d better put in some rehearsal time, right?” Yuuki leaned over toward the other man. “It’s important we find out each other’s . . . talents before they film it for keeps.”

Subaru leaned toward Yuuki, until their lips were just centimeters apart. “I think that’s a great idea,” he said.

Their lips came together, softly, the experimental touch of new lovers – then deepened fast, their mouths opening and their tongues brushing against each other.

The two men pulled apart, and Yuuki said, “Then I should show you my bedroom, shouldn’t I?”

They both stood up, and Yuuki took Subaru’s hand, leading him across the hall – and watching his reactions as he entered the room.

This was going to be the ultimate test of if Subaru was ready for anything he might encounter in the porn industry – how he was going to react to Yuuki and Yo-ka’s assortment of BDSM implements and sex toys.

His eyes widened a little when he saw the rack of floggers, crops and Yuuki’s trademark whip – but he didn’t seem frightened or disturbed. More like that wasn’t his thing. He took significantly more interest, though, in the shelf of dildos and vibrators. His gaze slowly traveled over glass dongs, butt plugs, prostate stimulators . . .

“Do you always use those?” he said. “I mean, on all your lovers?”

“I put coverings on them,” Yuuki said, nodding to a box of silicone sheathes. “I also clean them after every use. It’s safe. So if you see anything interesting . . .”

Subaru turned to Yuuki, smiling. “Right now? The main thing I’m interested in is . . .” He pulled Yuuki into his arms and kissed him, the kiss deepening even faster than the last one, tongues invading each other’s mouths in a slow, sensual way.

They continued to kiss as Yuuki tugged at the bottom of the shirt Subaru was wearing, allowing him to slide his hands underneath and caress the flesh, feeling the younger man’s hands grip his arms in response. He was eager, all right – which was confirmed when Yuuki started to kiss down his neck, and Subaru leaned his head back, letting out a long, low breath.

“What are you thinking right now?” Yuuki murmured, kissing down further, right to the edge of his new lover’s collar.

“I’m not thinking,” Subaru said. “I’m feeling.”

“You’re not thinking about how much you want to see me naked?”

That made Subaru’s eyes snap open. “Yes,” he said, quickly.

“I thought you would be.” Yuuki moved away from him just long enough to strip off his clothing, tossing his shirt and pants on the floor – and looking up to see the other man undressing as well. He was, well, beautiful, the way so many young men in the industry were. Slender and toned. He didn’t have the defined ab muscles Yo-ka did – yet. Porn stars tended to invest their first paychecks in gym memberships.

“What do you think of me?” Subaru seemed to be having a moment of self-consciousness once he was naked – he was drawing his arms across his body, partly covering himself. It was endearing, really.

But of course, Yuuki was determined to give him that lost confidence back – in the nicest possible way. “Do you want me to tell you – or do you want me to show you?”

To his surprise, Subaru backed up a couple of steps and lay back on the bed, propping himself up on his elbows and looking up at Yuuki – still angelic, but with a hint of the devil in his pose. A good boy hinting that he wanted to be bad.

Oh, yes, the viewers were going to love him.

“I guess this answers the question, doesn’t it?” he said.

Yuuki lay down on the bed next to him and went for it right away. He pressed his tongue to the side of the younger man’s neck, sweeping it down over his collarbone, to his chest, then over his stomach, bypassing his cock on purpose, moving down over his leg . . .

When he reached the top of Subaru’s foot, he kissed it, then pulled himself up so he was lying atop the other man. Bracing his hands and knees on the mattress, he pulled back just enough so that he was hovering over him, close enough that Subaru could feel the heat of his body, but staying just out of reach – the ultimate temptation.

“What do you think of when you look at me?” he asked.

“How beautiful you are,” Subaru said, breathlessly.

“What else?”

“How much I want to touch you – feel you.”

“Tell me what you want to do. I want to hear it.”

“I want my mouth on you.”

“More,” Yuuki said, leaning over so Subaru could feel his breath ghosting on his skin. “You can’t have it until you tell me the details.”

“I want to suck your cock,” It came out in a husky moan, surprisingly free of shyness.

Oh, yes, Yuuki liked the sound of that. He moved so he was on a kneeling position on the mattress next to the younger man. “Well, then, why don’t you?” he said. “Show me what you can do.”

He reached behind himself as Subaru got up on his knees as well, grasping a few items off the shelf, putting them on the mattress beside him. Subaru was getting into a very good position for giving blow jobs for the camera – bent way over so they could get some lovely shots of his ass as well as the closeups of his mouth at work. He obviously had very good porn instincts.

Subaru opened his mouth, his tongue emerging first to stroke over the head of Yuuki’s erection, brushing lightly, pulling back, brushing again . . . until his lips enveloped it suddenly, making Yuuki shudder.

Fuck. For a novice, he was DAMN good. A natural in the best possible sense of the word.

It kept getting better. Subaru began to slide down on him, lightly sucking . . . before pausing, sucking hard, then pulling back, slowly. When he reached the tip, he teased it with his tongue before starting downward again.

Yuuki found himself leaning back, moaning. Subaru was starting to move a little faster now, varying his sucking between soft and hard, going extra-deep every few downward thrusts, making Yuuki jump and gasp a little.

His mouth felt so good, so fucking good, so soft and wet and strong, encasing him completely, making Yuuki feel at times like he was being caressed, then like he was having the life sucked out of him. Every nerve ending in his cock was alive, tingling, sending wild sensations running through his whole body.

He grasped for the object beside him, his fingers trembling as he somehow managed to wrap it in a condom and cover it with lube. He reached back to that ass that was sticking so tantalizingly in the air, pressing the slim toy he was holding to the entrance.

Subaru paused as the butt plug began to slide into him – it was slender enough so that it could go in without preparation, yet just big enough for him to really feel it. And then, he started to suck Yuuki harder, faster, making Yuuki let out a small cry, nearly losing his grip on the base of the toy.

He managed to hold on, though, and started a slow thrust, working it in and out of the other man – God, his whole body seemed to be clutching at it, holding onto it. Subaru was moving his hips now, starting to thrust back against it, sucking so hard that Yuuki found himself gasping, and moaning, and thinking he was getting dangerously close to coming . . .

Fortunately or unfortunately, Subaru eased back, raising his head and kissing along Yuuki’s stomach, then looking up at him with a smile. “You know why I stopped, don’t you?”

Yuuki had to pause a moment before he answered. Even without an orgasm, the boy had managed to blow his mind. He felt like his whole body was liquid heat right now. “Because you want me to fuck you as badly as I want it?”


Yuuki eased the toy out. “Turn around,” he said. “On all fours.”

When Subaru took the position, he got another toy – this one a bit bigger than the last one. He wrapped and lubed it like the first, then started to ease it in, thinking he couldn’t wait to see all this on video – the hot young thing being fucked, himself doing the fucking.

When he moved the plug, Subaru began to thrust against him again, moaning. “This feels so good . . .”

“Do you play with toys?” Yuuki said. “Do you fuck yourself with them when you’re alone?”

“I wish,” Subaru moaned, pushing back against it some more – in other words, moments alone were rare with four roommates.

“You can play with mine.” He started to thrust a little harder and faster. “Because I like watching you being fucked with them. Are you ready for a bigger one now?”

“Yes,” Subaru moaned. “Please . . .”

The next one Yuuki used on him wasn’t just bigger, it contained a surprise. He worked it in, carefully, gently, letting Subaru get used to this new invasion . . . and then, he flipped a switch in the bottom, sending vibrations all throughout his channel.

“Oh!” Subaru cried, arching back against it. “Oh, Yuuki . . .”

“That’s for sucking me the way you did,” Yuuki said, starting to thrust the vibrating toy in and out, slowly. “I wanted you to feel as good as I did. Go on, take as much of it as you want.”

Subaru began to thrust backward, taking more of the toy in him – and he cried out as Yuuki turned the vibrator on harder, the vibrations seeming to resonate from his ass to every inch of his body, making him feel like a powder keg with sparks dancing above it.

“So good,” the younger man panted. “Oh, God, Oh, God . . .”

Yuuki almost didn’t want to ease the toy out, slide on a condom and slick his own cock. He could have listened to Subaru make those delicious noises all night, watched him writhe in unbridled lust . . .

But his own cock was rock-hard, his own body tense and heated with lust. He needed to be satisfied as much as Subaru did.

He gripped the boy’s hips and positioned himself. “Are you ready?” he said.

“Yes,” said Subaru. “Do it.”

When he started to slide in, Yuuki let out a loud moan at how good the other man felt. Oh, God, was he tight and hot. He’d almost think he was a virgin – if not for the wanton way he’d sucked him, the eagerness with which he’d taken the sex toys.

“You feel incredible,” he murmured, and the other man just responded with a moan.

They paused for a second, both panting, both dripping with sweat, and then Yuuki started a slow thrust. It was incredible. He felt like he was burying himself in delicious, intense heat.

Subaru was responding fast, too, pushing his hips backward, thrusting against Yuuki, moaning . . . which just made Yuuki moan louder, move faster, harder, deeper . . .

Until they were moving together like a machine, one pushing forward as the other pushed backward, hands clutching at flesh and bedclothes, skin glistening with sweat . . .

Yuuki slid his fingers around his new lover’s body and wrapped them around his cock, stroking rapidly, and Subaru’s noises became louder, his movements faster and more jerky, his whole body starting to tremble . . .

And then, the younger man cried out, loudly, that wonderful sheath clutching at Yuuki so tightly that it set off his own climax. He let out a wail, feeling hot, intense waves sweep over him, again and again . . .

Until they both collapsed to the bed in a sweaty, sticky, panting heap, kissing each other, not willing to let go.

“I think we’re going to work together just fine,” Yuuki murmured.

Subaru just let out a purring noise and snuggled closer to Yuuki.

Yuuki kissed him again, hugging him closer. “I need to get us cleaned up,” he said.

Subaru kept clinging to him, purring again.

Yuuki sighed. Cleaning up was going to have to wait a moment. That was okay – he was going to bask in the afterglow, too. He didn’t want this moment to end, either.

* * *

It had been awhile since Yuuki had used the fingertip vibrator.

When one had a complete arsenal of toys at their disposal, the tiny thing that mounted on the tip of a forefinger easily escaped notice. It just happened to catch his eye as he was looking for something else – and as Subaru was laying kisses all over Yuuki’s chest, sucking on a nipple, indicating that he was definitely up for the second round.

Given the way Subaru was reacting to it now? Yuuki had made a good choice.

Subaru was lying on his back on the mattress, eyes closed tightly, hand pressed to his mouth as Yuuki rubbed the tiny-but-powerful toy back and forth on his nipple, making little patterns over the hardened bud.

Yuuki bent over and took the other nipple in his mouth, sucking it hard, and Subaru arched toward him with a small moan. “Yuuki . . .”

The older man licked down his lover’s stomach, not losing contact with the nipple, not stopping until he reached the head of his cock. He licked it, pulled his head away, licked it again . . .

He lifted the hand with the vibrator off the nipple and brought it down, down, until he could touch it to the tip.

“OH!” Subaru’s eyes flew open and his whole body stiffened. “Oh, my God . .”

Yuuki began to rub the vibrator back and forth, moving from one side of the head to the other, making sure every nerve ending was stimulated – as he bent over further, touching his tongue to the base of the younger man’s erection. He licked upward along the shaft, stopping just below the crown, then worked downward again.

Subaru writhed on the sheets, moaning loudly, grabbing at Yuuki’s hair. “Oh, my God! Yuuki . . . oh, my God!”

The vibrating finger was raised off him . . . only to be replaced by Yuuki’s mouth, wrapping around the tip and sucking hard, his tongue stroking over stimulated, sensitive areas, the wet heat feeling three times as intense to Subaru as it normally would. He arched upward, thrusting even further into Yuuki’s mouth, and Yuuki just opened his mouth wider, taking him deeper.

He pressed the fingertip vibrator to Subaru’s balls, moving it around slowly, as he sucked hard, moving up and down on the lovely cock, giving the younger boy two layers of unrelenting sensation, heat and wetness and pressure and pinpointing, intense tingling.

Subaru was in an erotic frenzy by now, his whole body writhing and covered with sweat, his hair plastered to his forehead, his hands grabbing at Yuuki’s head. He was letting out low, growling noises that were more animal than human.

If Yuuki could get him into that kind of state for the cameras – and he definitely could – viewers were in for an erotic sight indeed.

Yuuki decided to take things a step further still, though – and he slid his finger down, and around, until he was pressing against the taint, the little mound of flesh between his balls and entrance.

Subaru let out a cry as the vibrations went straight through to his prostate, and Yuuki’s mouth sucked relentlessly, sliding up and down his cock, filling the younger boy with so much sensation that he thought he was going to explode . . .

Yuuki pressed his finger harder, making the vibrations more intense, and Subuar arched forward sharply, his groans becoming a keening cry as he trembled head to toe, Yuuki swallowing the come as it poured into his mouth.

He moved up, switching off the vibrator, and kissed Subaru gently, brushing the hair out of his face. The younger man looked completely spent, eyes closed, bathed in sweat, looking completely limp and sated.

“I guess I’ll have to remember that toy,” he said.

Subaru moved just enough to shift closer to Yuuki.

“You don’t have to do anything in return,” Yuuki said, kissing the younger man again. “I can take care of it.”

“No,” Subaru said. “I want to.”

“You just relax,” Yuuki said, stroking his hair.

“Put that thing you were using on my hand,” Subaru said.

He was showing stamina. Good. That would serve him well in the industry.

Yuuki slid the vibrator from his hand onto Subaru’s – and the younger man surprised him by rolling him onto his back, leaning over to kiss Yuuki hard. Subaru flicked the toy on, the low buzz contrasting with Yuuki’s soft sighs as his new lover’s tongue pressed into his mouth.

The vibrator pressed against the tip of Yuuki’s erection, and he let out a moan – God, no wonder Subaru went crazy from this. There was a lot to be said for a tiny pinpoint of intense sensation, laser-focused on a very particular spot, sending intense tingles running through him – before sliding to another spot, leaving a trail of pleasure as it went.

“More,” Yuuki gasped between kisses, and Subaru began to move faster, stroking his finger down the shaft, rubbing slowly back and forth, making sure he covered every hot, hard bit of flesh.

Yuuki was flat-out moaning now, which became louder and more intense as the young man lowered his mouth to a nipple, sucking it hard. The vibrator was moving back upward again, circling the tip of his cock, pausing at the slit, sending hot sensation shooting through every inch of his erection.

“Oh!” Yuuki cried as Subaru’s tongue flicked at his nipple, as the vibrator started its slow circling again. Fuck, the boy was a natural, he had incredible erotic instincts, no way in hell was he as innocent as he seemed . . .

The vibrator moved down, and down, past the shaft, over his balls, pausing there, sending hot and throbbing sensations through Yuuki’s whole body, making him tremble and moan . . .

When it moved back further, and Subaru pressed against the sensitive mound of flesh, Yuuki couldn’t hold back. The vibrations running through his prostate touched off an intense explosion, and he cried out the younger man’s name as the pleasure wracked him, as he arched completely off the bed, come splattering everywhere, but it didn’t matter.

Subaru moved back up to Yuuki’s mouth, kissing him. “Good?” he said.

Yuuki wrapped his arms around him. “Incredible,” he said.

“I’m glad.” Subaru pulled his head closer, stroking his hair. “I really like you, Yuuki. Not just the sex, and the helping me out – that’s part of it, but . . . you’re not like anyone I’ve ever known.”

Yuuki raised his head. “I like you, too. A lot.”

“And I know you have a primary boyfriend.” Subaru leaned his head against Yuuki’s. “But I was wondering if, every once in awhile, we could . . .”

“Of course we can,” Yuuki said. “I told you – it’s part of the business, and the lifestyle. We can definitely do this again – on-camera and off.”

“I’m glad,” Subaru said, pulling the older man closer.

Yuuki wrapped his arms around him, closing his own eyes – and suddenly more glad than ever that his relationship with Yo-ka was true polyamory, open to other loves, not just open to sex with other people.

Because he knew he was dangerously close to falling in love with this boy.

* * *

PSC Productions’ two primary writers got together every once in awhile to discuss anything that was going on with them – mostly what they were working on at the moment, but also anything going on in their lives, and even a bit of industry gossip.

Of course, these discussions took place at Starbucks. All non-sexual industry gatherings were always in a Starbucks or a bar. Jin once said he wanted to see a chart showing how much of Starbucks’ total income came from the porn industries throughout the world.

As soon as they were settled with their drinks at this particular meeting, Saga said, “So, did you see the final cut of your video?”

“Just this morning,” Jin said. “It came out fantastic. Yo-ka was great, so was Kouki, Ryoga actually got some laughs, and Manabu was adorable. I’m glad that worked out for him.”

“You never told me how that script ends, you know. Just that Yo-ka and Ryoga were battling it out for a part in a movie.”

“Oh, yeah. The ending is that Yo-ka’s character gets the part in the movie – but Ryoga tells Kouki that’s because he can’t cast a guy he’s fallen in love with. So Yo-ka gets the part, but Kouki gets the guy. And then Byou – Yo-ka’s manager – reveals he’s been in love with him all along, and Kouki’s character gets a lead in a new TV series, so yeah, it’s a happy ending for everyone. They both win in the end.”

“Nice,” Saga said. “And yeah, the fans would revolt if they didn’t get their Yo-ka and Byou sex.”

“What about your video?” said Jin. “Did they finish shooting yet?”

“It’s in rough cut,” said Saga. “What I’ve seen of the footage? Incredible. Yuuki’s the biggest goddamn superstar there ever was, I swear.”

“Don’t let Aoi hear you say that,” Jin said.

“Are you kidding? I value my life.”

“And what about the new kid?”

“He was surprising,” Saga said. “He looks like a high schooler, but once he got together with Yuuki? They damn near set the cameras on fire. He’s going to make a splash as soon as it’s released. I can see why Eros is high on him.”

“Well, damn,” Jin said. “Guess he’s going to be in demand quickly.”

“Oh, he’s already got his next video lined up,” Saga said. “Eros and Uruha AND Yuuki all asked me to write another screenplay for him and Yuuki.”

“Yuuki asked for it?” Jin said. “Wow. I didn’t think he was diva enough.”

“I didn’t think so either, but there you go,” Saga said. “So I think I’m going to be busy for awhile, if I’m now going to be the official writer for both Yuuki and this new guy, plus all my other stuff.”

“Better to be busy than bored, I guess,” Jin said. “Long as you have time for ramen, beer and sex, right?”

“Something like that,” said Saga.

He knew, quietly, that Yuuki’s request had nothing to do with being a diva. He’d been on the set, he’d seen the chemistry between them. It was reminiscent of the chemistry between, well, Yo-ka and Byou. Yuuki might very well have a new secondary love interest.

It would indeed be interesting to have a front row seat to what would happen with Subaru from here – professionally, and personally.


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May. 6th, 2015 03:22 am (UTC)
Oh my lord, you've found my kryptonite. I absolutely ADORE Royz, and reading Subaru paired with Yuuki totally makes my week (even if it is only Tuesday). And I know it wasn't the focus of the story, but I love how protective Jin is of Manabu. Great update; thank you! ^_^
May. 7th, 2015 12:56 am (UTC)
Thank you! I really did love writing them together - they are definitely a case of opposites attracting, and Subaru is very good at bringing out Yuuki's softer, loving and protective side. And I do like that you appreciated the part about Jin and Manabu - it's a telling thing, because it does show how very much he is loved (although, as we saw in the last fic in the series, sometimes Jin and Byou can be a bit TOO protective of him!) Thanks for reading, as always!
May. 6th, 2015 06:15 pm (UTC)
Wonderful as always. :) It's funny, but somehow Subaru has ended up more like Yuuki than any of Uruha's guys. It's the "I'm in it to be myself, and have sex and fun" attitude that he has beneath it all.
May. 7th, 2015 01:04 am (UTC)
Yes, exactly - he's not quite as innocent as he seems on the outside. He may have thought he was getting into it to make money for college, but Yuuki made him realize the REAL reason he was doing it. They're opposites in some ways, and very much like each other in some other ways! (Which is why they were a lot of fun to write - the fic ended up a LOT longer than I was planning!) Thanks for reading!
May. 12th, 2015 03:06 am (UTC)
Finally got to read part two. Definitely a hot sex scene and I like how everyone realizes that Subaru isn't as innocent as he looks. I like how he helped to bring out a sweet side to Yuuki. I can only hope for a threesome with them and Yo-ka!

Somehow I think Subaru is there to stay now that he's getting his career off to a good start. He can be himself and have great sex. Wonder if the roommates will be getting a part too. Kuina could easily work the porn star... given the amount of piercings he has (begs for dirty fics) and the little outfits he likes to prance around in.

Sorry, would leave you a better comment but my stupid wrists are hurting and hard to type with my braces on.
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