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So while I was getting my new Camera Eye fic ready to post, I was watching the Adult Video Association Awards on Showtime. Yes, every year Showtime broadcasts an edited version of the main porn awards show (seeing part of an earlier installment inspired the first Trophy Boys fic in the CE series). Here's what I found out about real porn award shows:

1. There is a lot of bad smutty humor. A lot. A LOT.
2. Yes, there really is an award for Best Oral (the one Ruki keeps losing).
3. There really is a porn company called Hard Candy (the name of one of PSC Productions' competitors in Camera Eye). The real Hard Candy isn't Japanese and doesn't do gay videos, though.
4. Some categories can have up to 10 nominees. Yikes.
5. There really are couples who work together in the industry. The two that won Best Anal (an award which would be pretty redundant for gay porn) were a couple who were all cute onstage - the actress introduced her co-star as "my soul mate and the love of my life." It turned out that was her first onscreen anal scene, too, and he said it meant a lot that he could share it with her.
6. Not all categories get shown in the Showtime broadcast. Wikipedia reveals that there is a TON of awards categories.
7. Porn parodies get made of just about anything and everything. This show had nominated parodies of everything from Justin Bieber to Man of Steel to Evil Dead (the guy who played Ash in the latter actually got Best Actor. I do NOT want to think about what Ash's disembodied evil hand did in this version).
8. The actors tend to drop their "I'M SOOO NAUGHTY!!!" poses and react with genuine joy and gratitude when they win - the actress who won Female Performer of the Year (a punky tattooed chick called Bonnie Rotten) was obviously not expecting it and burst into tears on the stage. (Nobody took a header on the way up to get their award like Yuuki, though).
9. There's an award for Best Foreign Video. (Files that bit of data away for a possible "Camera Eye Boys Come To America For An Award" fic. Uruha did strike a deal to have their videos released in America.)
10. Alas, there's no awards for gay video included. The AVN Awards had split the gay videos off into their own show, but apparently, that collapsed. I haven't been able to find anything out about current awards for gay video. (But there can be . . . through the magic of fanfiction!)


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Apr. 12th, 2015 02:16 pm (UTC)
I miss out on so much interesting information not having Showtime. *pouts* Excited about the prospect of your boys winning a "Best Foreign Video" award.
Apr. 13th, 2015 05:57 pm (UTC)

what does it means there is no awards for gay p.. (ノ-_-)ノ~┻━┻ it makes no sense. i mean.. the porn people call is a woman and man's act. but this is... general. okay we know a man and woman are together, now show us the guys.. -_- we want action hehe :D

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