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So I went out this afternoon in search of the Kai vodka that was the subject of the writing challenge at the uruai community. What I found out was . . . there's a hell of a lot of flavored vodkas out there. Cake flavored, whipped cream, chocolate, cherry, orange, lemon, the works. It all makes getting wasted seem like a trip to the candy store. And no, I didn't find any Kai, alas. I'm very curious about it after writing my Alice Nine and GazettE OTPs getting sloshed on the stuff and having wild, hot sex.

Need to work on my UruKai Valentine's Day fic. I have ideas, but the main one I had for the sex scene is something I did with Shou and Hiroto already. I'm wondering if I'd be repeating myself. (It's something you want to see Uruha doing, though). Then again, different couple, different fandom, even though it's taking place in the Stargazer universe.

Meanwhile, have a screencap from the new Alice Nine PV that I think speaks for itself:


Yep. My OTP is cute. Just sayin.'


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Feb. 5th, 2012 10:40 am (UTC)
... Is that Grace Jones in the background? o.O lol

Aww, no Kai vodka or shochu? That's sad. I can't get my hands on any either. It seems to not be imported into Sweden. Yet. I live in hope, because that lemongrass/ginger is definitely something I'd like to try! :)

I wonder if all the candy flavours is to make people who don't like the taste of alcohol drink anyway?
Feb. 5th, 2012 04:10 pm (UTC)
LO L, I just noticed that! It is! ( Insert comment about the appropriateness of the lyrics to "Pull Up to the Bumper" here . . .)

The funniest thing was, when I went on my fruitless quest for Kai, I did come across a sake called HIRO. And I started laughing my butt off. That was two letters away from being another fanfic.

Oh, that's definitely why they have the candy flavors. And it works - the stuff sells like crazy. One company even has a sub-line of whipped cream flavored vodkas. (I admit I was tempted by the cake-flavored vodka, but nope, have to save my money and my liver for when I finally track down Kai).
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