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That awkward moment when you're writing a fic and writing, and writing . . . and suddenly, you glance down at the word count thing in Microsoft Word and say, "Holy crap, HOW DID I WRITE 14,000 WORDS???"

So, yep. The fic got away from me, length-wise. But I'm pleased with how it came out. I actually didn't plan to do an Uruha-centric fic for Easter - you know, an Easter duck - it just worked out that way. Also, it was funny that I was getting to the part of the fic where I needed the names of Yuuki's pets - or at least one of them - and I was going to post to Tumblr asking if anyone knew what they were. Instead, Yuuki posted a picture of his cats to Twitter that day, giving the name of one of them. Why, thank you very much, fortunate coincidence!

As for the SCREW PV, which I had not yet seen the last time I posted here - I like the song a lot, it has a feel of the Ancient Rain era. I think a lot of fans will be glad to see them shed the dubstep/electronica trappings of Fugly and Cavalcade (which seems to have been a passing/now-passed fad across VK as a whole). And Manabu is looking DAMN fine in that PV - dying his hair blond has turned out to be a damn good decision. (I may have to give that boy a spotlight fic in the near future).


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Apr. 4th, 2015 08:34 am (UTC)
"Holy crap, HOW DID I WRITE 14,000 WORDS???"

Heh, I can safely (sadly?) say that's never happened to me. >_< Then again, I'm not writing much of anything at the mo, so... Maybe one day I'll produce an epic? ;_;
Apr. 4th, 2015 03:41 pm (UTC)
14,000 words?! Man, I feel accomplished when I can get 1 or 2K out of my brain. Suddenly, I feel quite inadequate.

Fortuitous timing on Yuuki's Twitter pics of Kuro (who is frickin' adorable!). Maybe this is a sign that you've got some sort of psychic connection with him.

Yes please, spotlight fic for Manabu! *crosses fingers*
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