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Fic: Drink it Down [Uruha X Kai, NC-17]

Title: Drink it Down
Chapter: One-shot
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, smut, some humor
Warning: Male/male sex (oral), misuse of alcoholic beverages
Pairing: Uruha X Kai
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: When you find an alcohol named after your lover, it’s time to do some creative mixing.
Comments: This was the first fic I did about Kai Vodka, before the formal fanfic challenge was issued on the uruai community. Basically, the discussion started on Sunday morning the weekend I was sick. I left to go to a clinic. While I was there, I got the idea for the fic - and the community, in the meantime, issued the fanfic challenge. I came straight home and wrote this up, then went back on the community to post it and saw that the challenge had been issued. (So I wrote another fic for the actual challenge, Double Shot).

It was not an unusual thing at all for Uruha to come home with a new bottle of something. The man was quite the connoisseur of all things alcoholic, after all. Kai was used to seeing glass containers of all colors and shapes turning up on various surfaces of the apartment.

He wasn’t, however, used to seeing a red bottle with his own name on it.

It was sitting right on the coffee table, conspicuous as could be. With a magazine sitting next to it. Which just happened to be open to an ad for the alcohol in question.

Kai walked over and picked it up. There was the same bottle that was sitting in front of him, only backlit to make it look, well . . . more alluring. Erotic, even. And there was lettering under it, loudly proclaiming, “KAI VODKA - TASTE THE PLEASURE.”

Just when he was wondering if someone had snuck into their apartment and left the items there as a joke, the door to their bedroom opened. There stood Uruha, martini glass in hand, shirt unbuttoned.

“Well, hello, there,” he said in a sensual voice, walking - no, gliding - into the living room. “I see you’ve found my new . . .” He dipped an index finger in the glass, and slowly slid it into his mouth, sucking on it. Kai felt his breath catch in his throat. Uruha knew how to make himself look like something from a porno just about all the time, whether they were onstage or before the cameras.
When they were alone, though, that effect was quadrupled.

He slid his finger out and completed his sentence. “Favorite taste.” And then, he brought the glass to his mouth.

“Uruha,” Kai said, “where did you find . . .” But he lost the power of speech at that moment, because the guitarist was sliding his tongue around the rim of the glass, making a purring sound in his throat. He dipped it in the liquid, before licking the rim again, opening his eyes and looking deep into Kai’s.

Kai swallowed hard. His heart sounded like one of his own drum rolls in his ears. His stomach was flipping around like an Olympic gymnast. And as for parts lower than his stomach. . . He shifted his hands in front of him, instinctively - though that was making it all the more obvious to his lover the effect he was having.

“Mmmm.” Uruha tipped the glass, pouring the liquid in his mouth. He held it in for a moment, savoring it, his eyes closed in pleasure, then swallowed. “I can’t think of anything I’d rather have in my mouth than Kai.” Another drink, sighing deeply.

“You . . . Like that?” Oh, wonderful. All it took was one private porno show to turn the capable Leader-san into a dorky schoolboy. He couldn’t move if he wanted to. He was cemented in place, a living statue.

“Love it,” Uruha said, gliding toward the table, toward his lover. His graceful guitarist’s fingers wrapped around the neck of the bottle and began to slide downward, caressing the glass as he went. Kai’s eyes followed every centimeter, and now his pounding heart was dropping down into his flipping stomach. Together, they careened around his rib cage like a caffeinated jumping bean.

Uruha’s fingers slid back up, as he murmured, “It tastes so, so nice . . . going down.” He reached the top of the neck, and began to rub his thumb over the top.

Kai exhaled a long, long breath, thinking that if he exhaled much longer, he’d completely deflate. He imagined that finding an empty sack of skin at his feet would be a mood-killer for Uruha.

“Tell me,” the guitarist said, rubbing the glass against his lips. “Would you like to . . .” His tongue flicked out and touched the liquid again. “Indulge?”

Would he like to . . . Would he like to . . . And before he knew it. Uruha was right in front of him, one hand holding onto the glass, the other pushing him backward. He found himself stumbling until his back hit the wall. And then, the other man leaned toward him, as if for a kiss . . .

Then, he pulled back, poured some of the booze into his mouth, leaned over and kissed Kai hard, opening his lips, the liquor flowing between them.

Kai gulped. So this was his namesake. He tasted lychee, felt the burn of the liquor as it ran down his throat - and then a burn of another sort as Uruha’s tongue rubbed against his. Now he was tasting both Kai and Uruha.

He’d tasted himself on Uruha’s lips before, but not quite like this.

Those lips left his as Uruha pulled away just long enough to set the glass down on the floor. Then, they were back, only on his neck, kissing their way down as Uruha’s skilled fingers rapidly worked on the buttons of Kai’s shirt. He paused and nipped a little at a sensitive spot, and Kai leaned his head back, a moan escaping his lips.

The fingers finished their work, pushing aside fabric, each one brushing against a nipple, caressing the little buds. Uruha leaned forward, licking at one a little, then looking up at Kai teasingly, then licking again.

One hand stayed on his nipple, rubbing back and forth over it. The other reached down, unbuttoning his pants, toying with the zipper a little. He looked up, gave Kai another naughty smile, licked the nipple again, and began to unzip his pants . . . slowly. Much, much too slowly. (Kai was thinking, however, that it could be moot, because if he got much harder, it would probably just tear through the fabric, and Uruha wouldn’t have to worry about unzipping, would he? However, Kai would have a hell of a time explaining to the tailor why his pants were being repaired.)

The zipper finally reached the bottom, and Uruha slid the pants and underwear down his lover’s legs. He pushed them down, and Kai sighed with relief now that he was finally out of what had become very cramped quarters. He let out a little moan as he felt Uruha kissing his way down his stomach, tensing a little, because he knew what was next . . .

But there was one more surprise in store for him. Uruha didn’t take him in his mouth right away. Instead, once he was kneeling on the floor, he picked up the glass again, taking a sip - and then leaning over to take Kai in his lips.

“Ahh!” Kai cried out. He could feel the warmth of Uruha’s mouth, the wetness and the slight burn of the alcohol. As his lover slid downward, the liquid was enveloping him, and he was sliding through heat and moisture, unlike any blow job he’d ever experienced.

Uruha slid back upward, and Kai moaned again at the familiar feeling of his cock sliding over those plump, luscious lips, and the unfamiliar sensation of the liquor, heating up more the longer it stayed in Uruha’s mouth.

The guitarist purred, his hands grasping Kai’s ass cheeks and giving them a gentle, firm squeeze as he started to bob his head, slowly. “Ooohhh, yes!” Kai cried, tangling his fingers in the other man’s hair, every nerve in his body feeling tingly and alive. He started to buck his hips, slowly, trying to get Uruha to take more of him in.

The whole thing was given even more of a delicious, naughty thrill by the idea that Uruha was tasting Kai and Kai.

One of Uruha’s hands left Kai’s ass and started working up his torso, finding a nipple again and starting to gently brush it. His head bobbed faster, Kai’s erection sliding in and out of his lips, Kai feeling himself slip through velvet and liquid.

He threw his head back, not restraining his moans any longer. They echoed off the walls, long, low sounds of passion as the overwhelming sensations from his cock, his ass, his nipple grew stronger. He heard Uruha moan in his throat, then hum, sending vibrations through Kai’s cock. He cried out, loudly, and Uruha did it again, making the hum louder, longer, more intense this time.

It was all he needed. He thrust forward into Uruha’s mouth, hard, and let out a near-scream as the pleasure released, his entire body shuddering in ecstasy. And Uruha swallowed it eagerly, every drop. Kai and Kai.

Afterward, he leaned against the wall for what seemed like eternity, sweaty and boneless and panting heavily. He was filled with a sweet intoxication, less from the alcohol he’d drank from his lover’s mouth than from that wonderful, intense orgasm. When he finally opened his eyes, he saw Uruha standing before him, naked now, and fully erect, and with the refilled glass in his hand.

He brought it down to his cock, tipped it over, and spilled the full contents over his erection.

It was an invitation Kai wasn’t going to turn down. He got on his knees, leaned over and wrapped his lips around the tip, starting to slide down. He could taste the familiar musky heat of Uruha . . . and the lychee fruit of the drink. He sucked, moving down further, the hot, hard flesh sliding over his lips and tongue, and there was the not-unpleasant burn of the alcohol again.

He was tasting Kai and Uruha together.

By the time he started moving his head up and down, starting a rhythm, Uruha was already moaning loudly, tangling his fingers in Kai’s hair. “Ooh, yes, baby, so good . . .” he said. That kind of thing, of course, only served to encourage Kai, who brought his tongue into play, fluttering and teasing as he moved faster.

His hands slid up Uruha’s body and found his nipples, caressing them as his lover had done to him. The sound of the other man’s panting and moaning grew louder, and rose into a wail as the fingers pinched the buds gently.

“More,” Uruha cried, his fingers tangling in Kai’s hair again. “Please, more . . .”

Kai began to move faster, sucking harder, taking Uruha in as deep as he could. Now he could taste precome along with the alcohol, and it was more delicious than the finest wine he’d ever had.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” Uruha moaned. “Just a little more, I’m so close . . .”

Kai did the same thing Uruha had done to him - he hummed, a long, low, sustained sound, making sure it caused as much vibration as possible. He heard the other man cry out loudly, and felt him thrust forward, and suddenly, his mouth was flooded with his lover’s essence - particularly delicious mixed with the liquor.

He swallowed the mixture of Uruha and Kai. Now, that was a cock-tail.

Uruha sank down to the floor, and Kai pulled him into his arms, the two of them sharing a long kiss, tasting all the flavors of their shared experience - come and liquor. Finally, Uruha dropped his head to Kai’s shoulder, purring in contentment, his arms wrapped around his lover tightly.

“Uruha?” Kai said. “Where did you find that stuff, anyway? The liquor, and the ad?”

The guitarist yawned through his pleasant daze. “Ruki,” he said. “He saw the ad and showed it to me. And then I just asked at the liquor store down the street. They know me well there.” This was definitely one time where his preferred customer status paid off. He raised his head and looked at Kai with a soft smile. “Did you like it?”

“Yes,” he said. “It was delicious.”

“How could it not be?” Uruha said. “You’re delicious.” He stroked his lover’s hair. “We have almost a full bottle left, too. There’s supposed to be all kinds of creative ways you can . . .” He snuggled against him again. “Mix it..”

He couldn’t imagine anything being better than the way they’d mixed it already, but he was willing to give it a try. “Creative?” he said. “I like the sound of that.”

“Mmm,” Uruha said, not budging from his position. “I can be very creative at mixing, you know.”

Kai wasn’t about to deny that. Uruha had proven himself creative in the past, all right, and he couldn’t wait to see what he’d come up with.

Taste the pleasure, indeed.


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May. 27th, 2012 09:42 am (UTC)
Sooo just browsing trough your journal and had to read this...
It was so hot *-* I want an Uruha of my own to.. have _drinks_ with...
(And omg did I laugh at your lovely cock-tail pun xDD)
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