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Title: The Camera Eye: Trophy Boys 2 – These Boots Weren’t Made for Walking [2/2]
Chapter: Eighteenth in The Camera Eye series. Links to previous installments can be found here . Split in two because of LJ’s post length limits; Part 1 is here
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Porn industry AU, drama, smut, romance
Warnings: Male/male sex, polyamory, exhibition/voyeurism (since the characters work in the porn industry), deep throating, mirror sex, bondage, dirty talk
Pairing: Yuuki X Ruki, Byou X Yo-ka, Yo-ka X Yuuki (main), Aoi X Kazuki, Tora X Saga, Byou X Jin, Kai X Shou, Kai X Uruha
Disclaimer: GazettE/SCREW/D=OUT/BORN characters belong to PS Company, Alice Nine characters are now free agents, Lycaon belongs to Vogue Entertainment and Diaura belongs to Ains. I own the story only.
Summary: To their utmost surprise, Yuuki and Yo-ka find themselves nominated for Japan Adult Video Association Male Awards for their first forays into corporate porn. But their night of red carpet glamour is about to run into some serious obstacles – including clueless reporters, jealous actors, Aoi’s ego – and a certain pair of very uncooperative footwear.
Comments: The outfits that the various bands are wearing on the red carpet are from the following PVs: GazettE, Derangement; Alice Nine, Subete E; SCREW, Spiral of Mistrust; Lycaon, Gossip; Diaura, Silent Majority (although Yo-ka has the color/style of hair he’s had most recently).

Finding their lovers-for-the-evening proved an impossible task, though. The two award winners were swarmed with admirers when they arrived at the after-after party – both people they knew and people they’d never seen before in their lives.

One particularly intoxicated actor from Hard Candy leaned on Yuuki’s shoulder and started babbling about a major project he was trying to put together. It would be a gay porn version of an epic Russian novel with fancy costumes and plenty of angst, and Yuuki would be perfect for one of the leads, and they just needed to get some funding together from old buddies, and . . .

Fortunately, Satoshi arrived and pulled on Yuuki’s arm. “Come on,” he said. “There’s some guy from a magazine – a REAL magazine, not a porn one – here to take your picture.” The intoxicated actor fell like a chopped-down tree as Yuuki moved away from him, and he and Satoshi just watched him fall.

“Think we should do something about this?” Yuuki said as he watched the guy lie there in a heap, starting to snore.

“If he doesn’t move in a half-hour we’ll call an ambulance,” Satoshi said.

“You just saved my life,” Yuuki said, knowing damn well there really wasn’t a photographer and his friend was looking out for him. “It’s been one hell of a day.”

“I heard you almost whipped an asshole reporter right before I arrived,” Satoshi said, wrapping an arm around his friend’s shoulders.

“I wasn’t going to WHIP him,” Yuuki said. “You know I wouldn’t use something like that on anyone unless he’d given me full consent, a safeword and a list of his hard and soft limits. And a guy who looked like that?” He shuddered. “I wouldn’t use it at all. I was just trying to put the fear of being whipped into him.”

The two made their way toward the main bar, bobbing and weaving between pairs and groups in various stages of intoxication, undress and copulation. Some people were just chatting and laughing, some were groping each other – and then there was the guy who was blatantly undoing the zipper of a porn blogger. “Someone’s after some free publicity,” Satoshi said, yelling “GET A ROOM!” at the two as they passed.

“I’m sure most of the rooms are taken up already,” Yuuki said. “I heard about last year’s party. There was . . .” And he stopped as soon as his eyes caught sight of Ruki by the bar – still in his blue velvety suit, an Orangina in his hand. Even on occasions like this, Ruki was the only guy in porn who didn’t drink.

Satoshi saw where his friend’s eyes were going. “You see something you like, don’t you? Speaking of getting a room . . .”

“I don’t even know if he’s in that kind of mood,” Yuuki said, trying to sound cool – though he knew damn well Ruki would be.

“With you around? Of course he is.” Satoshi gave Yuuki a shove in Ruki’s direction. “I’ll go amuse myself elsewhere. Get yourself laid, Mr. Award Winner. You’ve earned it.”

Ruki looked up and saw his co-star/part-time lover – and immediately made his way over. “I was wondering when you were going to get here,” he said. “Thank God you ditched those fucking boots. Both pairs of them.”

“I’m determined to learn to walk in them,” Yuuki said. “It’s become personal for me now.” He wrapped his arms around Ruki and kissed him. “What is the boyfriend doing?”

“Took off with Kai,” Ruki said. “Same as last year. And yours?”

“Probably off in search of Byou,” Yuuki said. He didn’t correct Ruki on the use of the B-word, even though he didn’t like it and didn’t use it.

“Well, fuck, not like they don’t both know.” Ruki leaned in for another kiss. “You wore that kimono because it’s easy to get out of, didn’t you?”

“Of course,” Yuuki said. “I knew I’d find you here.”

“Well, then, what the hell are we waiting for?” Ruki headed for the stairs, looking to see if Yuuki was following him.

* * *

When the drunken actor pulled Yuuki away from Yo-ka, the Best Actor winner (though that still hadn’t sunk in with him one little bit) found himself starting to wander through the crowd, listening to the conversations.

“Of course Yuuki won,” he heard one actor from Adonis telling another. “He’s the new wave in this business and the rest of us had better get used to it. Just looking pretty isn’t going to cut it anymore – you’ve got to be unique.”

Yo-ka smiled to himself as he heard that. Yuuki was having even more of an impact than Yo-ka himself ever thought he would – and he recognized his lover’s talent from the moment he met him. Yuuki was a star, through and through. He wasn’t just a beauty and a sexual animal, he had charisma in droves.

“I’m tellin’ ya, there’s something not right about the judging,” a director from Adonis was telling a group of freelance crew members. “Hard Candy wins Best Threesome the last FOUR years in a row? You can’t tell me that’s not fixed. Our guys work as hard as theirs do!”

And then, two more actors from Adonis . . . “Yeah, right, that candy-ass Suicide Boy deserved to win. Sure. Maybe if someone wrote a role for me when all my non-fucking scenes were rolling around on the floor crying, they’d hand me an award, too!” He adopted a mocking tone. “Oh, my wings! I lost my pwetty wings! I’m not an angel anymore, what can I doooo?”

Yo-ka froze. Okay, he knew there’d be backlash – especially among other actors. But that didn’t mean that guy’s words didn’t sting. He’d had ONE scene of rolling on the floor crying, dammit – right after his character’s fall from heaven. That scene had taken a lot out of him, too.

And then, a very familiar voice behind the group of assholes said, “You got a problem with Yo-ka winning that award?” And there was Byou, drink in one hand, cigarette in the other, looking pretty damn pissed.

“Yeah, well, since he was given a drama-lama part that was DESIGNED to get him an award? I got a problem with it,” the asshole said. “Your company swallowed all the hype about those all-makeup-no-talent flash-in-the-pan Suicide Boys like so much crap. They wrote that part for him so they could crow about the Boy of the Moment bringing home the bacon for them.”

“Were you on the set with him?” Byou said. “Did you SEE what he went through making that video? Have you ever acted against him at ALL?”

“I don’t work with Suicide Boys,” the asshole said. “I work with REAL actors.”

“Yeah, well, your loss,” Byou said. “Because I’m going to tell you something – I’ve worked with a lot of guys in my time, and I have NEVER seen an actor as professional as him. He knew his lines every day, he did a lot of thinking about his character, he studied angel mythology – he did everything a REAL actor does. And I wouldn’t talk about other guys being pro when rumor has it the reason your company had to invest in a Teleprompter was because of you.”

“HA!” guffawed the asshole’s friend. “He told you!”

“Shut the fuck up!” the asshole said, threatening to throw his drink at the other guy.

“It’s true, you know,” the asshole’s friend said. “That’s why they call you Telly. Short for Teleprompter.”

“If you don’t shut up, YOUR name is going to be CORPSE!”

Byou walked up to Yo-ka and put his arm around him. “How much of that did you hear?” he said.

“Enough to convince me he’s the biggest asshole in the industry.”

“Actually? Not by a long shot,” Byou said. “But I shut him up.”

“Thanks,” Yo-ka said, reaching up and squeezing the hand on his shoulder. And there went his fluttering heart again. It really was like a high school romance – Byou defending his honor against a bully. Bloody hell, he was regressing into a teenager. He just hoped he wouldn’t have pimples popping out on his face next.

“Let’s get you away from here,” Byou said. “Somewhere quiet.”

“Is there a quiet place in here?” Yo-ka said, looking around him. It certainly didn’t seem like it, with every square inch of floor covered with people drinking, gossiping, necking, groping . . .

“There is,” Byou said. He leaned over and kissed Yo-ka’s lips. “Upstairs – in the bedrooms. Remember what I said to you after I got your award.”

Yo-ka smiled. Oh, he remembered, all right – Byou telling him he was going to make him come hard. “Well, you’re going to have to do what you said now, aren’t you?”

He squeezed Byou’s hand again as the two mounted the stairs. Mr. Teleprompter could fuck off. Yo-ka had the award – and the hottest guy at the party as well.

* * *
Yuuki needed this. He needed this like burning. He didn’t care if he could still feel the soreness in his elbows and knees as Ruki pulled him closer and they kissed hard – as if picking up where they left off with their onstage makeout.

“You’re fucking irresistible, you know that?” Ruki said, already starting on the knots holding Yuuki’s kimono together. Yuuki was all too happy to help him out, and the garment hit the floor quickly after that.

“Nothing underneath?” Ruki said. He sounded a bit surprised.

“I wasn’t planning to wear this thing long anyway,” Yuuki said. “Besides – everyone at this party has seen me naked, onscreen or off.”

He reached for the button of Ruki’s jacket, but Ruki beat him to it, shedding his own clothes quickly. “Too eager,” Yuuki said, giving him a playful smack on the bottom.

“There’s no such thing,” Ruki said, moving over to the bed and pulling the pink-haired man down with him. Yuuki kissed him, running a hand down his body, letting his nails gently scrape over his lover’s chest.

Ruki groaned at the brief shock of pain. “You’re too much,” he said.

“You haven’t seen too much yet,” Yuuki said. He reached for the tie of his discarded kimono and quickly looped it around Ruki’s wrists, tying the other edge to the bedpost. He was very glad the owner of this place conveniently had four-posters – the modern, solid headboards were so annoying when it came to bondage.

“Fuck,” Ruki said, struggling a little – mostly to heighten the sensation, the wonderfully helpless feeling.

“That’s the idea,” said Yuuki, reaching for Ruki’s own jacket. He stroked his fingers across the velvety fabric, feeling the texture . . .

It was perfect. He began to stroke it over Ruki’s chest, down over his stomach, back up again, letting him revel in the soft smoothness. Ruki made a little sound of pleasure and arched toward his lover.

This was Yuuki’s cue to take it up a notch, saying, “You’re going to like this.” And he proceeded to run the soft fabric directly over Ruki’s cock with one hand – while raking the nails of the other up his side. Pleasure and pain shot through Ruki at the same time, in equal amounts, and he cried out.

Satisfied with the results he was getting, Yuuki began to stroke the jacket slowly up and down the hardness, rubbing it back and forth over the tip. “This feels good, right?”

“Fuck, yes,” Ruki gasped. Good God, he was being fucked by his own awards night outfit. How many Hollywood celebrities could say that?

“It’s going to get better,” Yuuki said, as he began to stroke him faster – and raked his nails down his side again, drawing another sharp cry from the other man. He wrapped the jacket around Ruki’s hardness, rubbing him in short strokes designed to make the velvet caress him bottom to top, looking down at his lover’s face – Ruki seemed to be in some sort of sensual trance, his eyes nearly closed, his mouth open and panting. Yuuki leaned over, nipping at his chin, another sudden shock of pain among the pleasure.

“Oh, fuck,” Ruki moaned. “Oh, fuck, Yuuki . . .”

Yuuki leaned over, running his tongue over the tip of his lover’s hardness as his hand continued to work on the lower shaft, letting Ruki feel the contrast of the cool, dry brush of velvety fabric and the hot, wet licking. Ruki’s loud moans told Yuuki he appreciated this – a lot.

There was supposedly lube put in each one of these bedrooms, and Yuuki looked around, trying to find the stuff that was in here – yes, there it was, on the nighttable, along with a box of condoms. How thoughtful. He grabbed the bottle and poured some on his fingers, leaning over to press one against Ruki’s entrance.

“Tell me what it is you want,” he said.

“You know what I want!” Ruki said. “I want you to fuck me!”

“Is that really what you want?” Yuuki said, the finger starting to slide into the other man’s body.

“I’ve never wanted anything more, dammit!” Ruki said. “If I don’t get to come, I’m going to explode.”

“Maybe I’ll decide when you come.” The finger moved in and out, and Ruki moaned.

“Please,” Ruki said. “You had me hot enough to want to take you right in the middle of that damn show.”

Now Yuuki was intrigued. “When?” he said, starting to gently press in a second finger.

“Through the whole thing,” Ruki said. “You were the fucking hottest thing in the room.”

“And what did you think about during the show?” Yuuki said, pushing the fingers in and out, spreading them apart gently.

“Your hot body,” Ruki said. “Watching you fuck me.”

“You want to watch?” Yuuki looked around – there was a closet door with a full-length mirror on the other side of the room. That would do nicely. He slipped a third finger in, sliding them in and out, feeling Ruki arch up toward him again – until he thought he was ready and slid them out, reaching for a tissue to wipe his fingers off.

He untied the end of the kimono tie that was looped around the bedpost, but he kept Ruki’s wrists tied. “Stand up,” he said. “Walk over here.”

Ruki obeyed, and Yuuki positioned him in front of the mirror. “Lean over,” he said. He untied Ruki’s wrists. “You can brace yourself with your hands.”

The older man did as he was told. Sure enough, he was greeted with an eyeful of Yuuki behind him, grabbing his hips, starting to position himself – and he was incredibly beautiful, sensual, dangerous-looking. He was the very incarnation of sin itself. No wonder he’d just won an award for playing a devil.

“Say what you want me to do,” Yuuki said, positioning himself at Ruki’s entrance.

“Fuck me,” Ruki said. “Fuck me and let me watch you do it.”

Yuuki pushed forward, and Ruki felt the hardness pressing into him, filling him. He watched his own face, watched the beautiful man behind him, the blissful look on Yuuki’s face as he felt himself sinking into tight heat.

“You’re delicious,” Yuuki said, pausing, letting Ruki get used to the sensation of being stretched and filled. “Delicious and beautiful. I like watching you, too.”

He pulled his hips back, and started a slow, gentle thrust, while Ruki’s eyes were glued to the mirror, following every movement. He saw his own skin start to take on a flush as Yuuki picked up speed, droplets of sweat start to appear on his skin and roll down.

Ruki had seen himself fucking on video plenty of times – but that was nothing like seeing himself in the mirror, seeing and feeling at the same time, watching Yuuki’s hips move as the hardness slid in and out of him.

Yuuki leaned over, kissing and licking his neck, and Ruki watched the tongue slide over his flesh, Yuuki’s pink hair brushing against him, their two faces so close together, both bearing expressions of pure pleasure.

The two men both began to move harder and faster, Yuuki grabbing Ruki’s hips tighter as Ruki pushed back against them, the reflection showing them both drenched in sweat now, the scratches on Ruki’s side standing out against his skin, a reminder of the earlier pleasure mixed with pain, just making him feel hotter.

Yuuki murmured, “You’re gorgeous. So beautiful when you’re being fucked, it’s like you can never get enough cock, ever.” He wrapped his fingers around his lover’s erection and started stroking. “Moan louder for me.”

“Oh, fuck,” Ruki groaned. “Fuck, Yuuki . . .”

He watched the expert fingers caress his cock, running along the shaft, up and down, slipping over the head – and his body was trembling, heat pooling in his belly, he was getting close, so close . . .

A twist of the fingers along the shaft did it. Ruki cried out, loudly, watching his own come pouring from him, running all over Yuuki’s fingers and toward the floor. Yuuki thrust into him harder, faster, seeking his own ecstasy – and it came after a few thrusts, as he pushed hard into Ruki’s body, crying out loudly.

Ruki sagged against Yuuki, and Yuuki clung tightly to him, not wanting to tumble to the floor for the third time tonight – although this one would be justified, and welcome.

“You’re amazing,” Ruki mumbled.

“You’re even more amazing.” Yuuki guided him back toward the bed, and they both flopped to the mattress, laughing.

“Fuck, this was better than all the damn trophies in the world,” Ruki said, rolling over to bury his head in the juncture of Yuuki’s shoulder and neck.

“You mean that?” Yuuki said.

“Yes.” Ruki nuzzled him again.

“I’m honored,” Yuuki said. “What about a lifetime achievement award? Worth more than that?”

“If they ever give me one of those, I’m not acting like that bastard Aoi did,” Ruki murmured.

“Why?” said Yuuki. “You’d be entitled to it.”

“Nobody’s entitled to act like an egomaniac,” Ruki said. “I don’t need one of them, anyway. I’ve got everything I need right now.”

Yuuki smiled and held him tighter. What Ruki just said meant more to him than all the awards in the world, too.

* * *

Yo-ka wasn’t questioning at the moment why he had his schoolboy crush on Byou.

Not when he was lying on the bed naked with an equally naked Byou on top of him, holding his leather-gloved hands over his head. Byou`s tongue slipped down his neck, moving down to his collarbone, nipping at it.

“You want me to suck you?” Byou said. He leaned over and licked at a nipple, a quick brush of his tongue.

Yo-ka shuddered. “Yes, please!”

“How much?” A flick of the tongue on the other nipple.

“I need it,” Yo-ka moaned. “I need it so much . . . I was thinking about your mouth all night.”

“What will you do to get it?”

“Whatever you want.” Yo-ka tried to keep the needy edge out of his voice – to no avail.

“In that case . . .” Byou released Yo-ka’s wrists. “I want YOU to suck ME first.”

“You do?” Well, that caught Yo-ka a bit by surprise. Byou was the oral specialist here. Yo-ka had given head on camera, of course – it was a requirement for the profession – but he’d never considered it one of his strongest points.

“I want to see what you can do.” Byou perched at the edge of the bed, legs spread. “Kneel on the floor.”

The tone in the other man’s voice made Yo-ka shudder inside. He knew he had a tendency to be a “switch” – a much-valued commodity in the porn industry. He got a thrill both from being a master and from being mastered, and right now, Byou was pushing the latter button, but good.

Yo-ka slid down to the floor, sliding his gloved fingers over the erection in front of him. Byou had a lovely cock, beautifully sculpted, feeling very nice indeed to the touch. He loved making love to the other man with his hands – which was, after all, his specialty.

But that wasn’t what Byou wanted right now. To earn a blow job, he had to give one. And suddenly, the feeling of being a teenager around Byou came back, big-time – as in, Yo-ka didn’t know what to do next. One would have thought he was a virgin, not an award-winning porn actor.

He opened his lips and stroked his tongue along the shaft, slowly. He
licked upward, circling the shaft, then back down again – it was bigger than he thought it was. His lover had a nice, sexy vein running from bottom to top, so Yo-ka let his tongue follow that. He heard Byou moan, felt hands tighten on his head – good, he was doing well.

He reached the tip, and wrapped his lips around it. This felt good – Byou seemed to slide into his mouth easily, filling it nicely. The texture of the skin was lovely, too – smoother than he thought it would be, but still very hard.

The cock slid further in, and Yo-ka noticed the musky scent and taste, sending another shuddering thrill though his body. Sight, smell, feel, taste, and the sound of heavy breathing and moaning . . . he was experiencing Byou on every level.

He began to slide down further, feeling the heat start to grow in his own belly, resisting the urge to reach down and pleasure himself – letting his desire build up would increase the force of his own orgasm when Byou sucked him off.

He reached out and gripped his lover’s thighs, squeezing gently, feeling the firm muscles. And he found himself opening his mouth wider, sucking harder, sliding down further with every thrust.

His position shifted slightly, lifting his upper body up a little so his head and neck would form a straight line, and then he thrust down hard and fast, taking him deep, deeper, deepest, then moving back, down again, further, further . . .

And then he felt something solid in his throat, and heard Byou cry out – and it hit him. He was deep-throating. He’d never done it before, on camera or off. It suddenly filled him with a sensation of pride, of power – and heat. It was so incredibly fucking sexy, knowing he was giving Byou a pleasure that not all his lovers could.

He moved back, then quickly down again, feeling himself being fucked in the throat, hearing Byou’s moans. The hands in his hair were pulling now, the pain adding to his excitement. He sucked with everything he could on the outstroke, wanting Byou to come in his mouth, wanting to swallow him like he couldn’t on-camera.

Yo-ka brought his gloved fingers into play, caressing the base of his lover’s cock as his mouth worked the tip, sucking and licking . . . then slid down, and down, and down again. Byou stiffened, and cried out, and Yo-ka got his wish – there was come pouring into his mouth, down his throat. He pulled away so he could gulp at it, swallowing it, taking the other man’s essence inside him.

He moved up to kiss Byou’s lips. “Was that good?” he said.

Byou was still trembling, eyes closed. “Oh, fuck,” he said. “You didn’t just eat cock – you swallowed it!”

“I’ve never done that before.” Yo-ka still looked flat-out surprised. “It just happened. I was sucking you, and all of a sudden – I was deep-throating. It was incredible.”

“It was incredible for YOU?” Byou said. “I’m going to order you on your knees more often.”

“So . . .” Yo-ka looked at him, his eyes carrying heat. “Do I get my reward now?”

Byou pushed him flat on his back, kissing his lips hard, pressing his tongue into his lover’s mouth as if eager to taste his own essence. His hands moved down the other man’s torso, fingers lightly brushing over the nipples before heading downward, pausing at around the level of his navel.

The older man’s tongue swept down his partner’s neck, headed straight downward, tracing the fine lines of muscles – and Yo-ka did have a very, very nice chest. Just one of the desirable things about him. Byou circled a nipple, feeling the trembling of the younger man under him before he wrapped his lips around it and sucked.

Yo-ka arched upward, letting out a little, strangled sound, opening his legs wider and pushing his hips upward, as if to say, yes, yes, I want that tongue on my cock, I want it now . . .

Byou wasn’t about to do that, though. Not when he could move down Yo-ka’s stomach, slowly, thoroughly exploring the flesh with his tongue, with an occasional nip just to punctuate the longing with a little bit of pain.

Yo-ka gripped the bedclothes under him, thinking his body was going to catch fire, he was going to spontaneously explode. He’d be the first award winner to be found as a pile of smoke and ashes and smoldering hormones the very night of his victory. Cause of death: Byou’s tongue.

That hot, wet thing had finally reached his erection, and started lightly brushing around the tip, then pulling back. Yo-ka shuddered, reaching down with one gloved hand to grip the other man’s hair.

“What is this we have?” Byou said, lightly brushing his tongue over it again. “And what should I do with it?” Another light lick.

Yo-ka moaned loudly. “Suck me. Please . . .”

“Maybe.” Byou lightly flicked his tongue down one side of the hardness. “I’ll have to think about it.” He lightly brushed it up the other side.

Yo-ka was flat-out panting now. The little flashes of pleasure he was getting were just making things worse. “Please, please, I need my cock in your mouth!” He arched up toward him.

“Let’s see.” Byou lightly traced his lover’s balls with the very tip of his tongue, earning a hard shudder. “Well, you DID earn it.” And that was punctuated by a sharp little nip to the inner thigh.

“Yes,” Yo-ka moaned. “Please, I want to come like I made you come.” He didn’t care how shamelessly he was begging. His need had pushed him to that point.

“When you put it that way . . .” Byou licked up the side of Yo-ka’s erection again, this time a long, slow sweep of the tongue that seemed to touch every nerve ending, making the younger man moan loudly. He continued upward to the tip, which he moved back and forth across,

Byou lifted his head. “Edge of the bed, like I was,” he said. “So I can kneel on the floor.”

Yo-ka obeyed, moving to the desired spot, perching on the edge and spreading his legs apart. “Do it,” he panted. “Please, please do it . . .”

Byou knelt on the floor, wrapped his hand lightly around the base – and didn’t play around. He took the head in his lips and sucked hard, making his lover cry out. He moved down quickly, relaxing the muscles in his mouth and throat so he could go deeper with every thrust, moving his head up and down rapidly as Yo-ka murmured his name, hands pulling at his hair.

“So good, you’re so good, you’re incredible . . .”

Byou shifted his position, opened his mouth and relaxed his muscles even more – and gave his lover what he wanted, sweeping down, and down, until he was flat-out devouring him.

Yo-ka gasped. Oh, fuck. Oh, yes, this was what he wanted, what he’d been thinking of all night, being deep-throated, completely eaten, wetness seeming to envelop every part of him. Then, Byou moved back, and he felt his cock slipping through those lips, and cool air on the base, contrasting sharply to the intense heat of before, making him shudder again.

Byou thrust downward again, and Yo-ka was thoroughly fucking his lover’s mouth and throat, moaning loudly and writhing and resisting the urge to thrust his hips – he didn’t want to interfere with Byou’s rhythm.

Yo-ka had his head tipped back now, his eyes closed, his mouth open as he panted and moaned and let out sounds he didn’t think could come from him, his whole body tense and glistening with sweat . . . and when Byou thrust down on him hard, he finally let go, letting out a long, low cry as his body trembled, his come pouring down Byou’s throat like he had done to Byou.

He fell backward to the bed, panting, feeling Byou move up and kiss him, and now both men could taste themselves on each other’s mouths. They wrapped their arms around each other and held on, leaning their heads together.

“Was it worth the wait?” Byou said.

“You’re more than worth the wait,” Yo-ka said. “This is why they gave you an award for oral.”

“Hearing you come like that is all the award I need,” Byou said. “And I want to hear you come like that again.”

Yo-ka snuggled against the other man. He felt wonderful right now. Warm, sated, content. This was worth more than the award for him, too. At moments like this, he really did feel like he was falling in love with his co-star – a different kind of love than he felt for Yuuki. That was a solid, forever kind of love. This was the intense glow of a passionate affair.

For him, right now, that was enough.

* * *

The tabs in Uruha’s browser all contained post-awards write-ups. The headlines were all similar – “Attack of the Suicide Boys! Yo-ka and Yuuki Grab Acting Prizes at JAVAS.” “New Guard Here to Stay? PSC/Eros Collabs Clean Up At Awards.” “Making History: PSC/Eros Sweep of Major JAVAS First of Its Kind in 12 Years.”

He smiled to himself. He was vindicated, all right. His boss had told him it was “on his head” when they stuck the collaboration deal with Eros – well, now his boss was pretending it was his idea all along. Of course.

His phone beeped. He picked it up. “Hello?”

“Okay, it’s a done deal,” his boss told him. “Two solid years of co-productions with Eros. Yuuki and Yo-ka will be the stars. They specified that Saga and Jin should collaborate on the scripts again, but you probably knew that.”

“Good,” Uruha said. “They’ll be glad to hear it.”

“And get the next one going right away!” his boss said. “We have to strike while the iron is hot!”

“Don’t worry,” said Uruha. “I have ideas already. I had a talk with Sparxxx at the after-after party that was very enlightening.”

“That damn porn blogger again,” his boss said. “Whatever. I’m not going to mess with success.”

“I didn’t think you would,” Uruha said, smiling slyly. He hung up and went back to his screen – when he heard a strange sound in the hall. It was . . . clumping. Like someone pacing back and forth, wearing very heavy footwear.

He opened the door, and saw the very person he was supposed to have a meeting with in five minutes - walking up and down the hall in the boots he wore to the JAVAS.

“Yuuki?” Uruha said, looking confused.

“I’m bound and determined to master these things!” Yuuki said. “I’m not going to let them win! I’ve been wearing them everywhere!”

Uruha looked amused. “Everywhere?”

“Well, not to the conbini.” It wouldn’t exactly cut an impressive picture if someone went in to buy bread and green tea wearing high-heeled kinky boots. “But you know what I mean.”

Uruha smiled. “Then we’ll make sure the boots are in your wardrobe for a future video.”

“And I’ll be able to walk in them, too!” Yuuki said. “You watch!”

He continued his clomping up and down the hall. When he’d truly mastered them – when he was able to walk in them gracefully and freely, maybe even snapping his whip as he moved – then awards be damned, that would be the biggest accomplishment of them all.

The ultimate inspiration for this fic was Lycaon's Gossip PV, where it is extremely obvious that Yuuki is having great difficulty with his ultra-high-heeled kinky boots - his movements are much more restricted than they usually are in Lycaon PVs and for half the video, he's holding onto a railing for dear life. (When the boots showed up again, in Akujo no Hohoemi, he'd obviously been practicing with them - he was able to walk around more freely and even snap his whip). Also, his tumble on the way to the stage to get his award was inspired by Jennifer Lawrence's fall at last year's Oscars.


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Mar. 3rd, 2015 03:30 am (UTC)
You've outdone yourself! This is perfect: hot and sweet and sexy. Yuuki and Yo-ka are so perfect together; then you throw Byou and Ruki into the mix the perfection doubles. I'm glad Eros agreed to the 2-year deal. Maybe we'll get lucky, and Jin & Saga will write us something with a foursome!

Incidentally, I have no idea how Yuuki manages to walk in those boots without killing himself.
Mar. 4th, 2015 03:50 pm (UTC)
I have no idea how he walks in those boots, either - he obviously practices in them a LOT! (The boy does have a habit of getting in over his head with his costumes, though - I saw a clip on YouTube the other night of Lycaon doing the New Year's Eve countdown set at this year's Stylish Wave, and Yuuki was in a very elaborate formal kimono with a big, fur collar that was very obviously weighing him down). And a foursome is definitely in the cards - it was very nearly part of this fic, but I ultimately decided to keep the two couples in separate rooms. Thanks so much for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed!
Mar. 4th, 2015 04:42 pm (UTC)
I can't even begin to describe how much I love this! Great update! I can't wait for the next one. ♡
Mar. 4th, 2015 04:57 pm (UTC)
Re: Perfection
Wow, that is a HUGE compliment! Thank you so very much, I am SO glad that you're enjoying the series!
Mar. 4th, 2015 05:28 pm (UTC)

Of course! You have to acknowledge talent- and you're just so talented and worthy of praise!
Yes, I really am enjoying it; so, good luck with the next parts!

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