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So . . . the big Alice Nine comeback. I have to say, I give them credit for having major guts on a LOT of levels. First of all, the crowdfunding campaign. For a band to completely turn their back on any kind of establishment and ask their fans to fund them directly takes chutzpah, not to mention a HUGE amount of trust on both ends. Second, Shou covering his face throughout the entire Phoenix PV and not wearing makeup in his solo project with Tora. That's pretty much saying "I refuse to be a pretty boy anymore" and asking to be judged on the music alone - again, a HUGE step for a band that made their reputation in visual kei (and in the "cute" end of VK, not the "dangerous" end.) And finally, they are facing a massive amount of competition - not only from their old PSC mates, but from other major and established indie bands. They must have an enormous amount of confidence in what they're doing.

As to the music itself? Like I said on Tumblr, I like Tora and Shou's solo project better than the Alice Nine song. The band song is kind of "business as usual," while the solo one goes out on a limb - and that's when Alice Nine was always at their best, when they didn't play it safe and defied expectations. (Yami ni Chiru Sakura, Rainbows, Mugen: Electric Eden, Gemini, Hello World . . .) I'd actually like to see the band as a whole go in the direction of DIAWOLF in the future.

Meanwhile, I've got another Camera Eye fic nearly complete. I'm hoping to have it up over the next day or so. I have to say, I had a lot of fun with this one - much of it at poor Yuuki's expense. (I made it up to the boy at the end of the fic!)


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