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Feb. 21st, 2015

Whee, latest Camera Eye fic done and posted. Another one where my muses surprised the hell out of me - Byou Muse insisted he be paired with Yo-ka, and then further volunteered to be uke when that boy doesn't normally have an uke bone in his body. (So to speak). Again, any writer who says she's the one in charge is lying.

This PV inspired the look of Yo-ka's fallen angel character in the video they were making, BTW, he even appears with angel wings at a couple of points:

It does feel good to get back to that series with two fics in a row after having been away from it for a month or so - I have the next installment planned out already. (It involves . . . well, not saying anything that will give it away, except that I was on YouTube tonight picking out fashions for a couple of key characters to wear).

Speaking of fashions . . . I admit to mixed feelings about GazettE's 13th anniversary look. Pro: the look itself is hot. Gaze Goth fashion? Yes, please! Con: When I first saw them in those costumes, I thought it was a picture of Diaura, and that kind of bothers me. GazettE have never looked like anything but, well, GAZETTE. They've had their own unique look and style from the get-go, and to see them looking like another band is kinda WTF? Other bands should look like GazettE, GazettE shouldn't look like other bands.

But in the end, it's a one-shot look for a live they say is not going to be videotaped, so it's possible that this is a "placeholder" look - an homage to old-school VK for their anniversary while they put together their REAL next look for their next album, and that one will have the unique sense of style we've come to expect from them.


Feb. 22nd, 2015 04:59 pm (UTC)
I have to agree with you on the latest Gaze look. It's hot as f*ck (Kai nearly killed me...not even joking). But GazettE is usually at the forefront of VK fashion, and the goth uniform/S&M military look is so overdone at this point.

It's always nice to hear other writers struggling to corral their characters. Sometimes I feel like the only one with absolutely no control over her muses. Looking forward to the next installment, whomever it may involve!


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