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So it seems while I was writing and posting my latest Stargazer fic, the Alice Nine fandom melted down again. This time, it was over the leadership change. It seems that Nao has voluntarily stepped down and passed the reins to a certain rock-paper-scissors demon. (Insert inevitable joke about Shou threatening him with the Rubber Hammer of Doom here.) This has apparently led to all kinds of wild rumormongering, from "The band is breaking up" (oh, please) to "Nao stepped down because of his health" (probably started by people who remember Mai leaving Kra, put two and two together and came up with 9,345) to "This is going to lead to drastic changes in the band" (Shou already said this isn't the case).

I have to admit I'm kind of surprised. I thought if we were going to hear about an official leadership change in any band, it would be GazettE. Kai himself has said that he pushes the band from behind while Ruki pulls it from the front, so it would not be any kind of a shock at all if Kai were to announce he was stepping down and passing the torch to Ruki. (I'd just have to stop referring to Kai as Leader-san in fics, that's all).

But it was Nao's decision, and Nao started the band and has shepherded it all this way, so he knows what's best for it. (And, honestly, how much weight does the leader position carry in a band like Alice Nine, where every person contributes? Hiroto does the merchandise, Tora is their emcee for TV events, Saga plans fan club stuff, Shou is the art director . . .)

So, anyway . . . about the fic. Last weekend, someone on the uruai community found and posted an ad for a Kai Lychee Vodka, with the slogan, "Taste the Pleasure." This led to all kinds of squeeing and jokes about Uruha "drinking" Kai. From this, a fanfic challenge emerged. I conducted further investigation on this Kai Vodka (hey, I was sick as a dog at the time - I'm doing better now, by the way, although my sinuses are still messed up and probably will be for weeks). I discovered that not only did they have lychee, they had several other Asian-themed flavors - not to mention two types of shochu. You got it, Shou-chu.

Well, my recovery from being sick was aided by my getting two lovely items in my mailbox - my Alice Nine-cover Shoxx and GazettE Shoxx File #2 (which I had ordered back in early December - it was back-ordered at Yes Asia). On top of that, I was looking through a post on the GazettE fan community on Dreamwidth and came across a lovely pictorial tribute to the boys' naughty bits. These included several pictures of Kai with a noticeable bulge and Uruha with those legendary thighs very much parted (including one very slutty pose where he's on a chair with his legs over the arms, which went directly into the fic).

From all this, of course, I was eager to write both ShouPon and UruKai smut. Since I was going to do a challenge fic anyway, they all went into the same story. It also allowed me to use some ideas I'd been carrying around in my head for awhile - like the lovely mental image of Uruha riding Kai while wearing an open yukata. Also, a rimming scene between Shou and Hiroto was something I'd wanted to do almost from the beginning of Stargazer, but I couldn't think of a way to bring it in without seeming OOC - it's kind of kinky for my normally vanilla OTP. Getting them drunk did the trick.

And, yes, I didn't put the identity of the surprise guests at the end of the fic in any of the headers - because I wanted their appearance, and what their role in the proceedings was, to be - yep, a total surprise.

I'm just sorry I didn't hear about Shou becoming Leader-san before I started the fic. That could have been what he and Hiroto were out celebrating.


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Jan. 29th, 2012 09:00 am (UTC)
Awww, A9 fandom had a meltdown again? :( Well, I just know that if it was announced that Kai stepped down as leader in the GazettE, I'd be having a meltdown too! LOL So, I guess I can sympathise with them. I over-worry about things.

Hey, I love hearing about the reasons and thinking and inspiration behind fics! (Especially since I seem to have been an instigator again! *grin*) Finding the pics for that naughty bits post was definitely not hard (Haha!), and if I have to spend another day looking at pretty mens' crotches again, I'd be more than happy to! LOL Too bad one doesn't get paid for it, though. ;)

Oh, and the change of leadership just means that you'll have to get them drunk again!

And I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better! \o/
Jan. 29th, 2012 05:14 pm (UTC)
The meltdown seems to have happened over Twitter and Tumblr - fortunately, the LJ community stayed calm. (In fact, the OP of the news there thanked the LJ people for keeping their heads over this). It was all very sudden and without warning (I got the impression that the band hadn't even planned to announce the news, but a Japanese magazine leaked it, forcing Shou to respond on his blog), which is why I think it shook people up so much. Fortunately, Nao seems to be okay - he's Tweeting about food again, and when Nao talks about food, you know all is normal with him.

I already have plans for a fic stemming from the whole Leader-san thing. My imagination started working on that one yesterday!

That crotch roundup layout most definitely was a factor in this fic. That one picture of Uruha sprawled on the chair! I just staaared at it for the longest time. And all those pictures with Kai Jr. very much on display led directly to the line in the fic where Uruha tells him he's never had a man as big as him. (Oh, dear God, do I have a love-hate relationship with Kai's Guren outfit. On the surface, it's a hideous '70s disco throwback. But then you see that it shows his lovely, lovely bulge like nothing else he's ever worn . . .)

I'd like to see a sequel to the crotch shots roundup sometime. I'm sure it wouldn't be much of a hardship. ~_^
Jan. 29th, 2012 05:00 pm (UTC)
May I have the link of this dreamwidth please o.O ?
Jan. 29th, 2012 05:28 pm (UTC)

Believe me, you will be just staaaring at it for awhile. (And I now see I got Uruha's chair pose wrong. See, that's what happens when a hot boy in a slutty pose totally short-circuits your brain).
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