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My combined birthday fic for Yuuki and Ruki is in the editing stages right now. Hopefully, it will be up tonight or tomorrow. It's the first Camera Eye fic in a few months. (Because, seriously, how could you NOT make Yuuki a porn star?)

I caught most of a documentary on one of the Showtime channels this weekend called "The Twenty Greatest Pornos Ever." I missed the beginning, where they talked about the shot-on-film-shown-in-theaters "Golden Age," but I did see the evolution of the genre in the late '80s and beyond. It was some eye-opening background as far as Camera Eye was concerned (even though it dealt only with the mainstream porn industry, no mention of gay male porn). The industry actually strives to be as innovative as possible within the limitations of the far-less-than-Hollywood budgets they had to work with - there was a sci-fi porno called Latex that set almost all the action against CGI backgrounds that predated similar Hollywood fare like The Matrix. Also, an actress described something happening on the set of one video that parallels something in my new fic (and I wrote the scene before I saw the documentary). They also cover a wide variety of genres - historical, postapocalyptic, urban fantasy, etc. There was even one video where Jenna Jameson played the one female member of a group of firefighters - the producers brought Hollywood SFX guys on set for the fire sequences. (She said she was terrified shooting a dream sequence involving her having bondage sex in front of a wall of fire. Hell, if I was chained up in front of real fire, I'd be terrified too, professional fire wranglers on the set or not).

Another eye-opener? A lot of porn just isn't hot. Many of the brief clips of action scenes they were able to show (since there's only so much you can put on cable) depicted performers going waaay over the top with noises, positions, etc. - so it didn't seem so much like a moment of genuine passion between two people as "LOOK AT MEEEEEEE!!!" Honestly - Aoi in Dim Scene was far sexier, and just as "LOOK AT MEEEEEE!!!!" than anything those performers were doing. (Then again, "LOOK AT MEEEEE!!!!" is Aoi's default mode).

The final interesting thing - the last video they talked about was a BDSM vid made specifically to be the anti-50 Shades of Grey. The writer said she was disgusted by the idea of this bestseller spreading the idea of a woman who's a submissive just to please a man, not to fulfill her own desires - so she made a counter-video that was far more accurate, with performers that have actual BDSM experience.

(Oh, one thing I really didn't want to see clips of? Star Wars, the XXX Parody, featuring Chewbacca gettin' jiggy with it. MY EYES. MY BRAIN. MY CHILDHOOD.)

Finally, and totally unrelated (though not to The Camera Eye): Lycaon's new album, Camera Obscura, is FABULOUS. Seriously, try to get hold of it even if you've never been into the band before. It really is amazing how far they've progressed as a band in a relatively short time - the album even concludes with an acoustic Latin-style song that is perfectly on-point. This band is about much, much more than Yuuki's hotness and Satoshi's Mad Hatter style now.


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Feb. 9th, 2015 07:16 pm (UTC)
Everyone seems to have that album. Except me who paid for cheapo mail. It should be here soon though. *fingers crossed*

That documentary sounds interesting, and if it's inspire you to write I say go and watch the beginning!
Feb. 12th, 2015 03:16 pm (UTC)
I hope you got Camera Obscura, because it really is incredible. Seriously, I want to dropkick those people I see in the comments on YouTube who say, "They haven't done anything good since Plug Into the Socket." This album will shut them up quickly. It's just been astounding listening to their recordings (since I only became a fan recently) and watching them grow artistically. (And if you've paid for an album and am waiting for it impatiently, it's okay to download it from one of those J-rock blogs. You DID buy it, it's just late in arriving. I admit to doing that when my copy of something got stuck in transit.)
Feb. 12th, 2015 09:32 pm (UTC)
Not quite yet. Maybe tomorrow? I don't want to download it. I want the CD which I cherish and then play in my car none stop for a week. I won't download it, not yet.
Feb. 9th, 2015 08:02 pm (UTC)
Please, wookie porn is nothing. The Star Wars Holiday Special features a grandpa wookie very obviously getting off to some virtual idol singing about how she's his fantasy. Oh man, how I wish I could scrub that film from my mind... ;_;
Feb. 12th, 2015 03:21 pm (UTC)
I didn't see the Star Wars Holiday Special when it first aired - I was involved in theater when I was a kid and we had an evening rehearsal for a play that night (and that was before my family had a VCR). I asked my brother about it when I got home and he just went on and on about Boba Fett (since that character had only existed as an action figure until then and the special was his first official appearance). Everything I've heard about the special since has made me want to track down that director and thank her profusely for having rehearsal that night.
Feb. 13th, 2015 10:39 am (UTC)
You should send her flowers! I only watched it because, as a fan of MST3K, I enjoy watching bad movies just for the sheer insanity factor. Hell, I even went to a screening of The Room last week! But this... They made Carrie Fisher sing. To the Star Wars theme. Luckily, she was apparently high as a kite at the time and can't actually remember filming it.
Feb. 9th, 2015 09:06 pm (UTC)
Heh, so much of porn (especially het porn, for me at least) is very very unsexy. Too much of it has had the focus on slutty women, and ugly men that the intended audience can identify with. ;) I watched hundreds of het porn vids with my crazy ex, and I probably OD'd on it. ;)

As for parody porn... omg there is so much weird stuff out there! I think I have blocked most of that out though. *g* Sadly, I can still remember that one where a voluptuous blonde is having sex with one of Santa's elves. (Dwarf porn actor. Can't be unseen!)

And yeah, it's very very exaggerated. One thing that is never shown either is the fact that there's a lot of fluffing going on before the male "actors" go before cameras. Not a job I'd like to have, getting porn actors ready for action. LOL

Big reason why I enjoy Japanese gay porn much more than western gay porn is that so much more focus is put on the bottom and him coming, than on the tops (who are often anonymous). Kind of a welcome change to the usual plowing of arse until it's time to come all over buttocks. ;) Instead they often show the bottom getting teased and pleasured and sometimes the tops don't get to come at all! :D

Porn is fun!

Haven't listened to their new album yet, but I probably should. :D
Feb. 12th, 2015 03:32 pm (UTC)
You hit the contents of the het porn that was in those videos right on the head. Feh. And so many of the women look artificial - it's screamingly obvious that they've had plastic surgery on just about everything (boobs, butt, nose, lips . . .) And the Santa's elf porn? YIKES. Just YIKES. Honestly - WHY do people make that kind of thing? It's not sexy, and it's not funny. It's just ICK.

I LIKE the description of JGV - I'm of the staunch opinion that stuff like that is definitely made with the female audience in mind. (Another thing about the straight porn - there's often virtually NO foreplay. Ghaa. So the woman is ready for action at the mere sight of the Tower of Power, then?) It sounds like those doujinshi that emphasize just one character in an uke role, and the semes with him are frequently faceless (you just see the uke addressing the "camera," and then a faceless body pleasuring him).

You should definitely seek out the Lycaon album! It's definitely a case where the band is evolving past being all about image (and Lycaon has a STRONG image) and really developing artistically. Makes me glad I discovered them when I did. (And I got interested in them mainly through going to their CD release event while I was in Japan!)
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