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Happy Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule/Christmaskkah/Festivus (for the rest of us!) or whatever it is you celebrate! I spent my Sunday running from store to store because my brother decided, with less than a week to go, that he and his girlfriend wanted Android tablets for Christmas. Finding Andriod tabs that cost less than a king's ransom is close to impossible at this point - fortunately, there was a Best Buy (about the fourth place I tried) that had a couple (after the salesman searched the store's computer, and all the in-store displays, and the storage rooms . . .)

I'll be doing the Year-End Writers Meme in the next few days. Doing a preliminary look-over, it seems I wrote a lot less than I thought I did. Or, rather, I posted fewer stories - most of what I did this past year was in the Camera Eye series, and those stories tend to be longer. (Looking back at last year's Year-End Meme, one of the things I wrote was "I really need to get back to The Camera Eye . . ." I guess I did!)

I'm also pleased with the response to my Christmas fic - it seems people really like the pairing of Ruki and Yuuki! They really do go together well, not just because they're shameless exhibitionists, but also because I see something of a sempai/kohai thing there - there's a lot about Lycaon's music that reminds me of mid-period GazettE (roughly Madara to Stacked Rubbish). Yuuki will still be written with other guys, though - he's making me break my plans to keep non-PSC people out of The Camera Eye. (The boy was born to be a porn star, let's face it). Working on some other fic ideas for next year - including Season of Kink's winter challenge (where you can pick 3-5 kinks from the master kink list and work them into a single fic)!


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Dec. 22nd, 2014 07:49 pm (UTC)
Yuuki is the man to lust over this year! I only discovered him like a month ago and I'm obsessed.

I'll be stealing that meme when you do it. Don't you be thinking otherwise!
Dec. 22nd, 2014 09:08 pm (UTC)
Ha, steal away! That's what the meme is for!

I only discovered Lycaon recently myself - I actually found out about them when I was in Japan in October, the friend I was staying with wanted to go to one of their CD release events. So I went, and got my picture taken with them - and only after I was home did I start seriously investigating their music/PVs. Um, yeah, once you experience Yuuki, he tends to be an instant obsession. It's a combination of Lycaon themselves being a damn good band and the fact that he knows the secret of being super-hot without it seeming at all put on or "just an act."
Dec. 22nd, 2014 09:10 pm (UTC)
Yeah. I adore Lycaon without videos. Meaning the music is awesome!

I discovered them because they were appearing everywhere. Once it was Diru/Gazette plagues now Yuuki is suddenly all over the place with them!

Lycaon are one of the best J Rock bands out there. They deserve more love. THE OTHER MEMEBERS DESERVE LOVE TOO!!! Just got to find out their names... I did know "the hot ones name" for a day.
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