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Title: The Camera Eye: Fledgling’s Flight (Part 2 of 2, split because of LJ's post length limits, Part 1 is here)
Chapter: Sixteenth in The Camera Eye series. Links to previous installments can be found here
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Porn industry AU, drama, smut, romance
Warnings: Male/male sex, polyamory, exhibition/voyeurism (since the characters work in the porn industry), threesome, rimming, piercing/tattoo worship, seme/uke role reversal in an established relationship
Pairing: Aoi X Kazuki/Kazuki X Aoi, Byou X Jin X Kazuki, Byou X Jin, hinted Kazuki X Manabu, mentions of Ruki X Shou
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company (except the Alice Nine characters, who are now free agents), I own the story only.
Summary: Kazuki and Aoi have always been together, onscreen and off – but when Kazuki gets a new costar and a new set of friends (and part-time lovers), Aoi finds himself at a crossroads in their relationship.
Comments: Given how much fanservice Kazuki has done with both Byou and Jin – like the notorious X-Rays comment video – it was probably inevitable I’d do a threesome with them.

Aoi stumbled into his apartment the next morning. He could hear the shower running – Kazuki was probably getting ready to go to work. And he was going to go to bed – he’d worked enough.

This shoot had been cursed from the get-go. Equipment malfunctions, badly timed hotel staff (who seemed to be rather baffled at the presence of camera equipment, but at least they didn’t ask them what they were doing), the young soundman they were trying out for this shoot having a sudden attack of vertigo and having to lie down for a moment . . .

Aoi was surprised he stuck it out, because he was tempted to walk off the set more than once. But a superstar was a professional. He stayed until he got the job done.

The shower shut off, and Kazuki stuck his head into the hall. “Welcome home!” he said, cheerfully. “I’d ask how the shoot was – but I can probably guess.”

“I never want to do that again,” Aoi said. “It was brutal. Everything that could go wrong, did. But it’s done, anyway. If Nao wants reshoots he’s using a double.”

“I thought you were irreplaceable,” Kazuki said, going back to the mirror.

“Of course I’m irreplaceable,” Aoi said. “Except when it comes to reshoots after a 26-hour workday.” He walked over and leaned on the doorframe. “How was your night? Did you get along with Byou?”

“Fantastically,” Kazuki said. “I hung with him and his friends all evening. It was like we’d known each other all our lives. The shoot’s going to go great – they’re all involved in the video. And . . .” He suddenly stopped himself.

“And . . . what?” Aoi had a sly smirk on his face.

“Nothing,” Kazuki said quickly, going back to the mirror.

“Something tells me there was a test drive of your new costar involved,” Aoi said. “Am I right?”

“Well, it . . .” Kazuki suddenly seemed very interested in shuffling through the bottles of hair care products.

“It was great?” Aoi said. “Come on, you can tell me. Not like I don’t know what you’re going to be doing with him.”

“It . . . wasn’t just him,” Kazuki said, quickly.

“Oooh?” Aoi looked genuinely surprised. “Who else?”

“His boyfriend,” Kazuki said. “All three of us, together.”

“Well, DAMN.” Aoi said. “I don’t remember the last time you had a threesome ON-camera, babe.” He clapped Kazuki’s shoulder. “My little uke is all grown up.”

“Hey!” Kazuki said. “I’m not a little uke!”

“Not with that, you’re not.” Aoi reached around his lover’s body and playfully grabbed at his crotch. Kazuki squirmed a little and laughed.

“Aoi! I have to work today!”

“You’ll save some for me later, won’t you?”

“I always do,” Kazuki said.

“Good,” Aoi said. “I’m going to get some sleep – I need it.” He gave Kazuki another kiss and headed for the bedroom.

As he lay down, though, he thought about the way Kazuki was smiling from ear to ear. Okay, he got lucky with two hotties – that was to be expected. Aoi may have cheated on the key exchange thing they’d had awhile back so Kazuki wouldn’t be paired with anyone else – but he knew he couldn’t keep him from starring with other guys forever. And “test drives” happened in the industry all the time – usually without a third guy involved, but hey.

No, there was something else about that smile that seemed . . . odd. Almost like Kazuki had some kind of delicious secret.

“I gotta be fucking tired,” Aoi murmured. “Kazuki, a secret? Like that would happen.”

* * *

It was the first time Aoi had ever visited Kazuki on a set. Usually, the two of them were working together on a video – so there was no need to visit.

He was able to find out from the office where they were (not hard, it was one of the houses they usually used) and set out in his car. Mid-afternoon shadows were starting to steal across everything – fuck, he’d slept that long? Well, he needed it.

He just hoped Kazuki’s shoot was going better than his.

Aoi went to the front door and knocked softly. A production assistant opened it a crack – and then wider. “Oh, hi,” he said. “I didn’t know you were in this video, Aoi.”

“I’m not,” he said. “I’m here to visit Kazuki – is he shooting now?”

“They’re between scenes,” the assistant said – and was interrupted by a loud burst of laughter from the next room. Very loud. Like several people laughing at once. “In there,” the assistant said, jerking his thumb in the direction of the noise. “It’s been like that all day.”

Curious, Aoi went in the direction of the other room – a dining room, where many sex-on-the-table scenes had been shot. He peeked in the door. Kazuki was sitting in one of the chairs, Byou next to him, and another guy standing behind Byou leaning on his shoulder – yeah, that was Jin, the new screenwriter. Aoi had heard gossip about him and Byou in the last couple of weeks.

“You write me in a scene like that,” Kazuki was saying to Jin, “and I’ll make sure the next time you’re on-camera they’ll only shoot your feet.”

“And what makes you think you can do that?” Jin said.

“I have influence with a cameraman,” Kazuki said. He leaned across the table, toward the bespectacled man sitting on the other side. “Rui, just shoot his feet.”

“You’re going to have to bribe him to get him to do that,” Byou said. “He doesn’t come cheap.”

“What kind of bribe?” Kazuki said. “Booze? Food? Sex?”

“All of the above, thanks” Rui said.

“Eeeh?” said Kazuki. “Listen to Mr. Greedy over here!” They all laughed.

“Well, then, what would it take to bribe you?” Rui said.

“How about a scene where I get to top?” Kazuki said. He got up, walked around the table and paused behind the only man who hadn’t spoken – Manabu, yes, the uke who’d been hired as part of Byou’s diva deal. “Jin, I want a scene where I top Manabu.” He wrapped his arms around the other man’s neck.

“Eeh?” Manabu said. “Me?”

“Of course, you,” Kazuki said. “You’re a delicious morsel. And very toppable.”

“So . . . he’s like ice cream?” Jin said.

“No, not like ice cream,” Kazuki said. “I’m not sticking my cock into that. I don’t want it falling off.” Everyone laughed uproariously.

Aoi walked away from the room, quietly. He had a sudden urge to go somewhere . . . away from here.

He headed outside, toward his car. He pulled out his keys, unlocked the door, and sat down – but didn’t start it.

Why did what he had just seen bother him so much? Why did it cause a knot in the pit of his stomach? It was just Kazuki joking around with his new co-stars . . .

But he wasn’t just joking around. He was acting like they’d been friends for years. They were relaxed, comfortable – their body language said that. Okay, so Kazuki had fucked Byou and Jin, that would account for some of the intimacy. Then what about the other two? His easy banter with Rui, the way he announced he wanted to do a scene with Manabu – as the seme, yet . . .

And there was the way Kazuki was acting. It was like he was a different person than the Kazuki who was part of Aoi’s usual life. Assertive, making bawdy jokes, openly hitting on someone . . .

It suddenly hit Aoi he’d never really seen Kazuki with friends before. At least not friends who weren’t part of his life, too. They did everything together, their lives were intertwined – they had been since they’d first worked at the strip club.

The joke he’d made to Kazuki at the apartment – “My little uke is all grown up” – came back to him. Suddenly, it seemed appropriate – because Aoi was feeling a bit like an empty nester parent right now. Left behind, and yes, lonely.

He turned the key of the ignition and drove away.

* * *

Ruki was not what you called a bar person.

He normally didn’t drink anything but Orangina. Booze just didn’t sit well with him – and besides, he didn’t like the atmosphere of bars, which inevitably got louder and crasser as the evening wore on. He much preferred coffeehouses.

There was one bar near his house, though, where he occasionally went – because it doubled as a restaurant, and they had a very good to-go menu. He’d been Aoi’s partner in the eternal shoot last night, it was his night to get dinner, and no way in hell was he cooking. (Not that either he or Shou cooked all that much anyway – they went through a lot of conbini bentos and noodle bowls).

When he walked in, a familiar figure caught his eye right away. Aoi on a barstool was nothing unusual. Aoi on a barstool alone WAS unusual, though. He almost always had Kazuki with him, and if not him, it was other friends from the industry – Kai and Uruha, or Tora and Saga.

Furthermore, Aoi looked . . . forlorn. Now, that was REALLY unusual. For Mr. Swagger to be down in the dumps meant that something had to have gone REALLY wrong.

Ruki walked over to him. “And what’s up with you?” he said.

“Hi to you, too,” Aoi mumbled. “What are you doing here?”

“Never mind that, what are YOU doing here without your other half?” Ruki said.

“Yeah,” Aoi said, looking down into his drink. “My other half.”

Well, that told Ruki what was wrong. “You had a fight with him, didn’t you?”

“Fight?” Aoi turned the glass around in his hand. “No. Not quite.”

“Well, then, what the hell is wrong?” And then, he remembered something Aoi had said on the set last night – something about Kazuki making a video without him. “You’re not jealous of Kazuki’s new co-star, are you?”

“You mean, because Kazuki’s fucking him? No.” Pause. “Not that.”

Okay, that was phrased strangely. “You’re not jealous of him fucking him, but you are jealous of . . . something else?”

Aoi took a big drink. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“Try me,” Ruki said. “I understand a lot.”

Aoi put the glass down, hard. “It’s Byou and those friends of his,” he said.

“Oh, yeah,” said Ruki, sitting down on the stool next to Aoi, because why not? He was here for the long haul now. “The so-called Screw Crew. I’m familiar with them.”

“They’ve adopted him,” Aoi said. “I was on that set, and . . . he spent one fucking evening hanging out with them and it was like they were high school buddies. And Kazuki was . . .” He looked down. “I never saw that side of him before.”

“What side?” Ruki said.

“Aggressive. Being the joker. With me, he’s always . . .”

“Submissive?” Ruki said. “That’s because he fucking worships you. He always has. You were the star stripper and then the porn god. He was the newbie. It’s a sempai/kohai situation.”

“But I never thought about it before,” Aoi said. “I always saw us as, well, us. I thought I knew all of Kazuki. But . . .”

“You didn’t,” Ruki said. “And someone else brought out that part you’ve never seen.” Pause. “And you don’t like that, because you’re the superstar.”

“What’s that got to do with anything?” Aoi said.

“Because your fucking ego can’t take the idea of Kazuki sharing a part of himself with other people,” Ruki said. “A part of himself he’s never shared with you.”

“Hey!” Aoi said. “I never said anything like that!”

“You sure as hell implied it,” Ruki said.

“Well, wouldn’t it bother you if it were Shou doing something like that?” Aoi said.

“No,” Ruki said. “Because Shou and I have a lot of freedom in our relationship. I know that I love him and he loves me – no matter what. And even if there were a part of him that he gave just to his friends? I know that’s just PART of him. Part of his heart. Because his WHOLE heart belongs to me.” He pointed a finger at Aoi. “Do you give Kazuki that same freedom? Is he completely secure that you love each other?”

Aoi took another drink. “I’ve never had to think about it before,” he said.

“Well, think about it,” Ruki said. “And get used to the idea of the Screw Crew. They’re a close-knit group, and if they adopt someone, they’re in for life. Best you give Kazuki complete love and complete trust so he comes back no matter what.” He got up from the stool. “I’ve got to order dinner. You should get some food in you too to soak up the booze, if you’re driving.”

“Nah. I’m not drinking anymore,” Aoi said. “I don’t need to.”

“Well, get the food, anyway,” Ruki said. “You’ve drunk enough, and you don’t need anything to happen to you. You need to be there for Kazuki.”

“I do, don’t I?” Aoi said, quietly.

When Ruki left, Aoi was still sitting at the bar, but at least he was munching on yakitori instead of drinking, and he looked thoughtful instead of forlorn. Egomaniacal bastard, Ruki thought. He’s just lucky he has someone like Kazuki. Not everyone would put up with him.

Then again, not everyone was Kazuki.

* * *

Aoi was in the living room, alone, deep in thought, when Kazuki came in, humming to himself.

“I’m home,” he called, tossing his keys on the little table in the entranceway. “Are you recovered from your shooting yesterday yet?”

“Takes more than a day like that to get me down,” Aoi said. The words were as cocky as ever, but anyone who knew Aoi well would know that something was off. There wasn’t the usual fire behind them.

“Good,” Kazuki said, sitting down on the couch beside Aoi. He leaned his head on the other man’s shoulder. “I’m tired and I’m hungry. How do you feel about calling out for pizza?”

“My favorite kind of meal is always one I don’t have to cook,” Aoi said, wrapping an arm around his lover and pulling him close. Closer than normal, in fact. Almost as if it were a possessive grab.

Kazuki frowned a little. “You sure you’re okay?”

“Of course I am,” Aoi said. “Have you ever known me to not be?”

“You seem a little . . .” Kazuki took a deep breath. “Aoi, are you jealous?”

“What?” Aoi said. “Jealous? Of what?”

“Of Byou. Of the fact that I’m co-starring with him. Of, you know . . . what happened with him and Jin.”

Aoi laughed. “If I let a thing like that get me jealous, I’d have no business being in porn, would I?”

“But . . . you seem to be kind of, well . . . not really you,” Kazuki said, looking away. “Aoi, if you don’t want me to make videos with other people . . .”

“What are you talking about?” Aoi said. “You think I’d stomp on your career?”

“No,” Kazuki said. “Never.”

“Then why would I keep you from making videos with other guys if it would make you a bigger star? I don’t want to be the only superstar in this family.”

“But it is bothering you,” Kazuki said. “Or something else is.”

“Kazuki, where are you getting this from?” Aoi dropped the arm that was wrapped around his lover. “I’m same as I’ve always been. I’m me.”

Kazuki looked at the floor. “One of the production assistants told me he saw you on the set . . . and you left.”

“You were busy,” Aoi lied. “I wasn’t going to get in your way.”

“Were you there when Byou and I were filming a scene? You know . . . one of THOSE scenes?”

“No,” Aoi said. “Okay, I was on the set, but not during a sex scene. I would have hung around to watch it if I was.”

“Then what were we doing when you were there?”

“Does it matter?” Aoi said.

“Aoi . . .” Kazuki looked up at his lover. “We’ve never had secrets from each other. Not ever. Not even going back to the strip club. I’ve known about your other men – onscreen and off. And it never bothered me, because, well . . you’re YOU. I know you, I know who you are, what you’re like, what you need. And I love you. All of you. Despite all that.” Pause. “Maybe even because of all that.”

There was silence. Now it was Aoi’s turn to look at the floor. Kazuki suddenly felt very uncomfortable. Had he said the wrong thing at the wrong time?

Then, Aoi raised his head. “You know,” he said, “I saw a side of you I never saw before today. One I didn’t know existed.”

Kazuki looked confused. “Aoi?”

“I didn’t think I’d ever hear you ordering a screenwriter to make you a seme,” Aoi said. “Or saying you wouldn’t stick your cock in someone because it would freeze.” He had a wry smile on his face. “I’m rubbing off on you, it seems.”

Kazuki looked surprised. “You were there for all that?”

“Oh, yes,” Aoi said. “You and the Screw Crew. My little uke really is growing up. Growing up and . . .” He looked away. “Well, you know.”

Kazuki looked confused. “You don’t like my being friends with them?” he said.

Aoi was just silent – and that suddenly touched off fear in Kazuki. Because Aoi was never silent. Hell, he even talked in his sleep – Kazuki had learned not to let it wake him up.

If Aoi was quiet, did that mean . . . he really didn’t want Kazuki to be friends with the Screw Crew? But why? Aoi loved him . . . right? He didn’t say it, true, but . . . he showed it. And if you loved someone, you wanted his happiness. . . . right?

The last words he’d said repeated in Kazuki’s mind – “My little uke is really growing up.” And then, suddenly, recognition dawned. Did he mean growing up and growing away?

“Aoi, are you afraid you’re going to lose me?” Kazuki put a hand on his shoulder. “Because you won’t. You can’t. You’re as much a part of me as the air that I breathe. You’re . . .”

Aoi turned toward him, with a small smile on his face. “You’re a sweet talker, you know that? You’re getting as good at that as me.”

“But do you know what I’m saying?” Kazuki said. “No matter who my friends are – no matter who I am when I’m with them – I’m yours. Every part of me. Even . . . even the parts of me you haven’t met yet.”

Aoi leaned over, wrapping his arms around Kazuki and leaning their foreheads together. “You know I’m going to have to take you up on that.”

“You . . . you’re okay with my being friends with them, right?” Kazuki said. There was a slight edge of fear in his voice, as if he was afraid Aoi would answer in the negative, that he’d be forced to choose between his new friends and the love of his life.

Aoi tightened his arms a little. “You know,” he said, “we’re going to have to have your friends over some night for dinner.”

Kazuki blinked. “Aoi?”

“Maybe sometime next week, when you’re done shooting,” Aoi said. “We’ll order something from one of the fancier places. I’ll even get out the good whiskey for after dinner.” He raised his head and smiled at Kazuki. “And if any of them want to sleep over, that’s okay, too.”

Kazuki raised his head. “You . . . you want to get to know them?”

“Of course. If they’re going to be a part of your life, I should, right?” He kissed Kazuki’s forehead. “And I want to get to know the Kazuki you are when you’re with them. Because I think I kind of like him.”

“Oh, my God.” Kazuki pulled him closer. “Oh, my God . . .” Relief flooded every ounce of him. He didn’t have to choose, or sacrifice, or worry.

“Careful, you’ll squash me,” Aoi said. “I’m not going to be able to do you any good if you’re flat, am I?”

But Kazuki just hugged him harder. Oh, my God, he thought. He loves me. He really does love me as much as I hoped he would . . . maybe even more.

Anyone could throw a jealously fit over a lover, pull a hissy over not being included in his outings with his friends. But to feel that jealousy . . . and then to OWN it, to admit one’s feelings, to want to try to get to know the other people, because they were part of your lover’s life . . .

That was trust. That was real love.

Kazuki leaned over and brought his lips to Aoi’s, kissing him hard, not even thinking that this was unusual, that he wasn’t the aggressor usually, but it didn’t matter, he had to express his love . . .

Aoi eased back, stroking his hair. “You really, really want it bad, don’t you?”

Kazuki blushed a little. “Are you okay with that?”

“Of course I am. Who wouldn’t want a superstar like me?” He was back to his usual self – and they both laughed.

Their lips came together again, and their hands slid up to each other’s clothes, starting to unfasten them. Finally, Kazuki pulled back, gave Aoi a sly smile, and stripped his clothes off, tossing them on the floor in a heap.

“Does that answer your question about how badly I want it?” he said – and turned, walking into the bedroom.

Aoi’s breath caught in his throat. This was definitely not a side Kazuki usually displayed with him – the teaser. He was benefitting from Kazuki’s experiences with his friends. He stripped off his own clothes, tossed them on the floor and walked into the bedroom – where Kazuki was lying on the bed, arm behind his head, legs parted just enough for Aoi to get a good look at everything he had to offer.

“Well?” Kazuki said. “Don’t just stand there.”

Aoi just about took off for the bed at a flying leap. He landed on the mattress, pulled Kazuki into his arms and locked their lips together, his tongue probing his lover’s mouth as his fingers slid up Kauzki’s torso, looking for the nipples.

Kazuki was doing the same thing to him, though – and the men touched each others’s nipples at the same time, stroking them, making them both moan into one another’s mouths.

“Mmmm, that’s fucking good,” Aoi murmured as he lifted his lead, tracing the shape of Kauzki’s lips with his tongue, flicking it over the piercings, then dipping in and out of his lover’s mouth, just barely touching his tongue.

Kazuki shuddered – and then suddenly ran one hand around to Aoi’s back, sliding downward until he reached his ass. He squeezed it, gently, his fingers sliding along the cleft.

This made Aoi jump and gasp. “Kazuki . . .”

“Do you like this?” He was gently pushing between the firm mounds, his finger lightly brushing against the puckered opening . . . and in all the time they’d been together, he hadn’t done this. It was always Aoi taking Kazuki, onscreen and off.

“Like it?” Aoi was flat-out breathless. “Fuck.” He found himself rolling on his back, spreading and raising his legs – and reaching for the bottle of lube. It wasn’t a position he was in often, being the super-seme superstar, the celebrated cocksman.

But he’d always said he’d play for the other side for a good cause. And there was no cause better than Kazuki.

“Here,” Aoi said, breathlessly, pushing the bottle over – and Kazuki suddenly stopped, the reality of what he was doing suddenly crashing in on him. He was about to penetrate Aoi. Not only that – but it had been all Kazuki’s own idea.

He took the bottle, gingerly, saying, “Are you sure?”

“I’ve never been so sure of anything,” Aoi said. “Go on – fuck me. I want to know what that cock feels like in me.”

“But . . . you’ve never . . .”

“I’m not a virgin, Kazuki,” Aoi said. “Believe it or not, other guys have traveled that road before. It doesn’t happen often, mind you.” He looked down and smiled. “Would I let just anyone else do this?”

Kazuki took the bottle, pouring the contents over his fingers, cool and slick. He brought one finger to Aoi’s entrance and gave him the sweetest smile imaginable.

“No,” he said. “No, you wouldn’t.” For all Aoi’s bragging about “switching for the right cause,” there was no doubt in Kazuki’s mind – having Aoi submit to him like this was the highest of honors. An act of love in itself.

He began to probe, pushing the finger in slowly and gently. Oh, Aoi felt good. Tight and hot, and his body seemed to pull Kazuki in, tightening around him automatically. He began to push in and out, slowly.

“Is this good?” he said in a near-whisper.

“Fuck, it’s wonderful,” Aoi said, spreading his legs wider. He meant it. There was a little bit of pain on initial penetration, but he ignored that. He just kept his eyes open, and fastened on Kazuki, and soon, it melted into pleasure. “I can see why you like doing this.”

“You feel so nice . . .” Kazuki moved his finger in and out, slowly. It was even hotter inside Aoi than before, and he could feel how soft it was in there over the firm, clutching muscles. What would this feel like all around him?

“Go on, I’m ready for more,” Aoi said, spreading his legs wider. Kazuki pushed a second finger in, more confident this time, feeling Aoi’s body tense at the invasion, then relax. When he started to gently thrust his fingers in and out, Kazuki’s cock hardened more, anticipating what was to come, the wonderfully uncharted territory for him.

Both men moaned as the third finger penetrated, Aoi clutching at the sheets with one hand, thinking fuck, this felt good, why didn’t they do this before, Kazuki knew just what to do, how fast to push in his fingers, how far in with each thrust, where to caress to bring about little flutters of pleasure.

Of course, he knew what he was doing. Nobody knew how to be a seme more than an experienced uke.

“Now,” Aoi said. “Do it now, I’m so fucking ready . . .”

Kazuki slid his fingers out, missing the tight heat already – but he was going to feel it again, wasn’t he? Except this time, at an even better location. He reached for the canister of baby wipes they kept beside the bed, cleaning his fingers.

“I love you so much,” Kauzki said as he began to slick himself, shivering at the feel of his own fingers, the very idea that Aoi was the one lying there under him, legs open, body trembling in anticipation . . . offering himself up completely as the sweetest gift Kazuki had ever received.

He poured lube into the cleft, then mounted Aoi, starting to push in slowly, and oh, yes, it was so very fucking good, unlike anything else he had ever felt. Hot, tight, fitting him like a glove, seeming to encourage him to push in further and further – but he had to be careful. He couldn’t hurt his lover.

“Oh, my God,” Kazuki gasped as he paused, catching his breath. He needed to get adjusted to this sensation, feeling himself completely encased in the other man’s heat. He lowered his head to Aoi’s chest, kissing his neck.

Aoi had his eyes closed – there was pain on the initial penetration, more than he thought there would be, but fuck, he was going to ride it out, he was going to wait for that pain to turn to ecstasy. His body slowly adjusted as Kazuki kissed his neck, opening up as he relaxed.

“Do it,” he told Kazuki. “Come on – get that cock moving.”

Kazuki reached down and grasped both of Aoi’s hands with his, threading the fingers together and squeezing. The longtime lovers looked into each other’s eyes, both feeling connected on every possible level.

And then, Kazuki did what Aoi asked, and he started to thrust, slowly, letting out a loud moan at the feel of heat sliding all around his cock, so different from being in a lover’s mouth, or having fingers tightly clutched around him. This was truly becoming a part of Aoi, being one with him.

It didn’t hurt that every single fucking nerve ending in his cock was being stroked and caressed at once, sending a tidal wave of hot sensation washing over his body. He ended up breaking the eye contact with Aoi to close his eyes, letting his head fall back as he moaned.

Then he began to thrust faster, encouraged by Aoi spreading his legs wider and lifting his hips. This was delicious, so delicious, he couldn’t get enough of it, he wanted more and more of his lover.

Aoi had his eyes closed also, riding the sensation, because fuck, it was delicious, that hard cock sliding through him, filling him, stroking him . . . the pain was gone now, it was pure pleasure, just nerve endings that hadn’t been stimulated in years coming to life and being set ablaze.

Both of them moaned loudly, their bodies covered with sweat as they writhed together, savoring the new sensations, experiencing each other in a new way. When Kazuki let go of Aoi’s hands, Aoi brought them to Kazuki’s ass, squeezing it, pulling his lover deeper into him.

Kazuki slid a hand between their bodies and wrapped his fingers around Aoi’s cock, starting a rapid stroking, feeling the other man shudder in response. He knew he wasn’t going to last long – neither of them were – but he wanted to make sure that Aoi tumbled into ecstasy with him.

Aoi was raising his hips, thrusting himself onto Kazuki’s cock and into his hand, and Kazuki was moving faster, plunging into his lover, both of them feeling heat building and building in their bodies, threatening to overwhelm them.

Then, Kazuki suddenly let out a cry, feeling pleasure exploding through his body, so intense he thought he was going to catch on fire, pouring himself into Aoi – and keeping his fingers moving, wanting Aoi to tumble over the brink right after him.

Aoi thrust his hips forward, into that tight grasp, and he cried Kazuki’s name out as his release came, come pouring all over the other man’s fingers until he finally relaxed, shuddering.

They both opened their eyes, gazing at each other tenderly again, before Kazuki leaned over to kiss Aoi. Aoi wrapped his arms around the other man, pulling him in, then Kazuki buried his face in Aoi’s shoulder.

For once, Kazuki didn’t say “I love you” after making love. There was no need to. The act they’d just experienced might have been the biggest “I love you” of all.

After a long time just experiencing each other’s warmth, backing in the afterglow, Kazuki raised his head. “How was I?” he said.

“Un-fucking-believable,” Aoi said. “We’re going to have to do this again, you know. But just for command performances.”

Kazuki knew what he meant. No Kazuki-fucking-Aoi on camera, or when they were sharing their bed with other people for the night. This was just for the two of them. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he said.

Aoi kissed Kazuki’s lips. “I wouldn’t let just anyone do that, you know,” he said. “Consider yourself honored.”

Kazuki closed his eyes, a slow smile stealing across his lips. “I know,” he said.

It was the ultimate expression of trust, for Aoi. Putting his trust in Kazuki to be vulnerable with him when there was no way he’d say it to the whole world, trusting Kazuki to be with his new friends – sexually and otherwise – but always come back to him.

It was the biggest, most sincere expression of love Kazuki had ever experienced.

* * *

Aoi kept to his word. He invited Kazuki’s friends over for dinner, and out for drinks – and on at least one occasion, a very private couple’s evening with Byou and Jin that turned into four-way fun. Just another way to share things with friends when you worked in the business.

But what Kazuki liked most of all was that Aoi knew when to involve himself with the Screw Crew – and when to back off, and let Kazuki have time alone with them.

“Why don’t you go out with your friends?” he said after work one night.

“You sure you don’t want to come along?” Kazuki said.

“Nah, I’ll be fine,” Aoi said. “Besides, you’ve all been working, right? You haven’t had much of a chance to get together. Go have fun and laugh.” He gave Kazuki a little push in the direction of the Starbucks they were approaching – the Screw Crew’s favorite meeting place, the one where he had first had coffee with Byou.

Kazuki turned, throwing his arms around Aoi. “If you’re sure,” he said. “I’ll let you know if I’m going to be really late – okay?”

“You can stay out with them all night if you want,” Aoi said. “Just bring back video of any action that results.”

“Aoi!” Kazuki said. He gave him a playful swat. “Okay – I’m going.” He looked around, and when nobody else was looking, he gave Aoi a quick kiss, then darted into the Starbucks.

Byou and Jin were already there, waving to him. He scurried over. “I would have been over here sooner,” he said, “but . . .”

“But?” said Byou.

A broad smile spread over Kauzki’s face. “Aoi was letting me know how much he loves me,” he said.

It was true, of course. This level of trust, this letting Kazuki go, said “I love you” more than a billion Valentine hearts ever would. And Kazuki didn’t mind. It was Aoi – and he wouldn’t have him any other way.


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Dec. 6th, 2014 05:21 am (UTC)
It's so cute! !~ Me loves this so much!!
Dec. 22nd, 2014 02:23 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! I've always loved writing this pairing, so I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Dec. 6th, 2014 10:47 am (UTC)
I love how Aoi gets so jealous in this. :) and how Ruki had to talk some sense into him. :)

It's good for Kazuki to get some independence as well.
Dec. 22nd, 2014 02:27 pm (UTC)
It's something that needed to happen in their relationship, especially the way it's written in the Camera Eye series, where they're together most of the time (as opposed to fics where they're both in bands, where they have long stretches of time apart). Camera Eye Aoi was getting a dangerous tendency to see Kazuki as an extension of himself - this was a reality check for him (and will assure their relationship will be a lot healthier later on). Thanks for reading!
Dec. 6th, 2014 03:58 pm (UTC)
Ruki and Aoi have such an amazing relationship. It's like Ruki is the one person who doesn't give a rat's ass that Aoi is a superstar, and will call him on his sh*t.

And every time Aoi has said he'd switch for the right person, I always hoped that "right person" would be Kazuki. Guess I got my wish!
Dec. 22nd, 2014 02:35 pm (UTC)
Ha, you picked up on the fact that Kazuki was the "right person" all along, for all his expressing desire to make the switch for various costars. He wouldn't. He may be a liberal porn star and they may be in an open relationship, but he knows that only Kazuki has his heart - and thus, only Kazuki can have parts of him that he won't share with other people.

That dynamic is why I love writing Ruki and Aoi together so much - either as a pairing or as friends. Ruki is the only person who can rein in the enormous Aoi ego - and Aoi knows it. It was only appropriate that he be the one here to deliver the reality check! Thanks for reading!
Dec. 6th, 2014 10:11 pm (UTC)
that was... SO hot.... *fans self*
Little Kazuki feeling a bit more free with the Screw Crew; it's good to see~
Tho Aoi's going to have to get used to this. Hell he definitely seems like he enjoys Kazuki's more outgoing side!

Dec. 22nd, 2014 02:44 pm (UTC)
Aoi does enjoy the new Kazuki - it was something he didn't think he needed in his life, really. And it was something that needed to happen, especially in this continuity - they were in danger of getting TOO close, with Kazuki becoming little more than an extension of Aoi. And I have to admit I have fun writing the other side of Kazuki - he really is two different people when he's with his band and when he's with Aoi! (When I saw SCREW live, Kazuki was very much the mischievous one - he was making fun of Byou ALL the time!) Thanks for reading!
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