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Jan. 21st, 2012

This is your brain. This is your brain on heavy-duty cough medication. Any questions?

Yep, I'm sick. Coughing like Souji (for those of you familiar with Hakuouki), which is why I'm taking the meds that make me follow through on ideas like Ruki doing interesting things to Uruha and Kai with toys.

Stayed home from work yesterday, which allowed me to follow the latest PSC kerfluffle in just about real time. Every time that "don't post our stuff" thing gets posted - which they do on a routine basis, but I think this time, someone tipped them off to the "Occupy PSC" post of last week - the fandom goes apeshit. All it means is "Don't post fan club stuff, and don't steal a bandsman's Twitter icon and use it as your own." That's all. (I do think, though, they should give a free pass to the people who took Shou's phallic "eel" icon and modified it in creative ways, because those are awesome).

But there were some interesting points made about how PSC just doesn't understand how the North American market works, and that YouTube = increased CD sales for their bands over here. An excellent suggestion was made that we get up a fan petition asking them to open an official PSC YouTube channel and make a deal to sell reasonably priced CDs and Region 1 DVDs here. There was some question, though, as to how to go about it. (Maybe over Tumblr? A lot of fan organizing seems to be done there nowadays).

That seems to be the key here - build a bridge between North American fans and PSC, so that both sides understand each other, and you'll have no hard feelings on either side, less piracy, and no unauthorized uploading of fan club material.

Meanwhile, on the end of MegaUpload side . . . I was disappointed to see it go, since it's always been my primary way to get anime fansubs (I hate BitTorrent with a purple passion) and it was, of course, also how I got my Alice Nine Channel subs every month. Plus, I must admit, as of late I've been buying CDs, then downloading the uploaded versions. They're already ripped, romanized (for the most part) and, in most cases, have the artwork already added, so it saves me a lot of work. (Plus, no losing the obi. I have a horrible track record of obi loss). One more reason that more of this stuff should be on iTunes.


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