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Okay, I'm going to say something intelligent about the Occupy PSC movement going on at the Alice Nine community, but first . . .

THE NEW PV!!!! *SQUEEEEE* OH, MY GOD, IT'S SO SHOUPON!! *SQUEEEEE* The numerous bits of them leaning against each other! The part at the end where everyone else is on the couch, and Shou and Hiroto are off by themselves, with Shou sitting on the arm of Hiroto's chair . . . I need a clear screencap of one of those leaning-against-each-other shots to be my new Stargazer icon!

*cough* Okay, now that I've got that out of my system . . .

Like I said, we seem to have an Occupy PSC movement going on at the Alice Nine community. Someone posted a bunch of fan club-only videos - a big no-no, of course - but the interesting thing about the post was the comments. There was a LOT of anger about PSC there. Accusations of them not understanding the overseas fandom (one person used the word "xenophobic"), of bilking fans dry, of running the artists ragged and controlling their personal lives . . .

Okay, I'm not going to comment on the last part. (However, I do think that PSC's usual go-go-go schedule was a factor in GazettE's insistence on doing their new album without singles first. Aoi has a very public meltdown during the Venomous Cell tour, and they then decide to do a single album-and-associated-publicity instead of several rounds of singles? Probably not coincidence.) However, I will definitely say something about the comments about how PSC handles the non-Japanese fandom.

I think these comments are definitely a sign that the Global PSC Fan Club needs, at the very least, a severe overhaul. The club is asking an awful lot of money and not delivering what the fans want - and they're also not thinking about the specific needs of North American and European fans. The way I see it, those are:

1. Translations. We don't just want the opportunity to buy the leftover Club Alice and Heresy newsletters after the Japanese fans get them. We want them as part of our membership, and translated into English. (Fans should be able to opt for Alice Nine, GazettE, Kra or all three). We also want English versions of the Web sites. (We can't read GazettE's blogs. They're FC-locked and in Japanese.)
2. Live videos. Japanese fans get first crack at the lives, yes. But us overseas fans can't see the shows unless we're willing to travel to Japan. So why not give us access to live videos that are unavailable elsewhere, like the complete Seventh Theater?
3. Access to the bands. By that I mean in-house translators who can translate short messages from fans wishing them happy birthday, or good luck with their album release or tour final, or congratulations on their band's anniversary - then forward them to the musicians.
4. Travel packages. Fan club group tours for those who do, indeed, want to make the pilgrimage to Japan to see their favorite bands live. They could include accommodations, a Tokyo tour, tickets to the live, a stop at Tower Records and perhaps visits to a couple of the sites associated with the band involved - like the settings for a couple of their PVs.

Also? Different price levels. Single-band memberships for people only interested in one group. Classic PSC memberships for those only interested in Alice Nine, GazettE and Kra. And finally, the full membership encompassing all their bands. Much of the anti-PSC sentiment seems to be tied into the fact that the club is damn expensive and younger fans just plain can't afford it - and even older fans groan at the idea of all that money on top of shipping costs from Japan for our CDs, magazines, etc.

If they restructure the club to offer things like this, you're going to see a lot less anti-PSC sentiment and a lot less uploading of fan club-only materials. And that will just be better for everyone involved.

*steps off soapbox*


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Jan. 17th, 2012 12:14 am (UTC)
What, blogs are still locked even if we pay for Global FC membership??? I thought they said you'd have access to those... :(

One of my big annoyances, should I be able to afford membership (my mum has mumbled about paying for me actually), I can't get it because they only take PAYPAL! With a credit card attached to it. Why not allow credit cards directly??? (Even if I got a PayPal, I have no cc of my own... so... still impossible. *sigh*) So the payment system needs an overhaul!
Jan. 17th, 2012 03:15 am (UTC)
Argh, I think LJ ate my first attempt to reply . . .

The blogs are accessible to people who pay for Global Fan Club. (They gave in on that one after fans pressured them). Alice Nine's blogs, however, have always been free and readily available (and fan-translated), and I've seen people involved in both fandoms annoyed that they have access to one and not the other.

The PayPal thing just baffles me. Especially since most PayPal accounts use, y'know, a credit card. It would just eliminate a step. And, again, a LOT of fans don't have PayPal accounts, especially the younger ones.
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