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So here's what's going on right now, since I haven't posted here in awhile . . .

The best news is that I have a friend who's going to be in Japan for the month of October, so it looks like I'll be able to visit with her! Unfortunately, it's NOT when GazettE is touring. :/ However, it IS when SCREW is touring, so I'm kind of in the position golden_kimono was last year - miss out on Kai, get Byou as a consolation prize. (One hell of a consolation prize, if you ask me).

I'm just hoping my latest pile of family crises are resolved by then - that being my mother's cataract surgery and the small fact that the ol' family home has to have ALL the floors replaced, thanks to an infestation of mold in the crawlspace caused by a leaky pipe. Literally all the furniture is going to have to be moved out and moved back in. Yay! Not.

And this is what's going on otherwise:

WRITING: Four-fifths done with a bingo line on Season of Kink! I've been having a great time with the challenge - the prompts have been truly inspirational. I've also done something for the jrockyaoi summer challenge which is a departure for me - non-porn and with a VERY unusual pairing, at least as far as I'm concerned (not going to give away more)!

WATCHING: Sailor Moon Crystal is actually surpassing my expectations for it. Sailor Moon was my very first Japanese fandom (well, unless you count various cartoons I watched when I was a kid that I didn't know were Japanese) so I was very much looking forward to the remake (especially since the live action version a few years back started out promising and then went off on all kind of weird tangents). The new series follows the manga almost exactly, the animation style is a HUGE improvement and it seems that Tuxedo Mask will be treated as a CHARACTER and not a punching bag this time. Very much looking forward to where it goes from here.

LISTENING: The friend who introduced me to Alice Nine way back in the day managed to get me hooked on D=OUT, one of the few PSC bands I never paid attention to. A big reason I got hooked is because PSC has an evil lab somewhere where they breed and genetically engineer incredibly hot vocalists designed to rob fangirls of their sanity and money. Seriously, I don't think I'm ever going to get through 12 months of my life without developing a crushsession on a PSC vocalist - first Shou, then Ruki (who was my bias before Kai and still is a close second in my heart), then Byou, and now Kouki. So, yes, that's who the tall-blond-who-is-not-Shou all over my Tumblr nowadays is. (Now, if only I could find translated interviews. Fanfiction? Who, me?)


Aug. 4th, 2014 09:17 am (UTC)
OMG what a rant! Sorry!! XD


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