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So here's what's going on right now, since I haven't posted here in awhile . . .

The best news is that I have a friend who's going to be in Japan for the month of October, so it looks like I'll be able to visit with her! Unfortunately, it's NOT when GazettE is touring. :/ However, it IS when SCREW is touring, so I'm kind of in the position golden_kimono was last year - miss out on Kai, get Byou as a consolation prize. (One hell of a consolation prize, if you ask me).

I'm just hoping my latest pile of family crises are resolved by then - that being my mother's cataract surgery and the small fact that the ol' family home has to have ALL the floors replaced, thanks to an infestation of mold in the crawlspace caused by a leaky pipe. Literally all the furniture is going to have to be moved out and moved back in. Yay! Not.

And this is what's going on otherwise:

WRITING: Four-fifths done with a bingo line on Season of Kink! I've been having a great time with the challenge - the prompts have been truly inspirational. I've also done something for the jrockyaoi summer challenge which is a departure for me - non-porn and with a VERY unusual pairing, at least as far as I'm concerned (not going to give away more)!

WATCHING: Sailor Moon Crystal is actually surpassing my expectations for it. Sailor Moon was my very first Japanese fandom (well, unless you count various cartoons I watched when I was a kid that I didn't know were Japanese) so I was very much looking forward to the remake (especially since the live action version a few years back started out promising and then went off on all kind of weird tangents). The new series follows the manga almost exactly, the animation style is a HUGE improvement and it seems that Tuxedo Mask will be treated as a CHARACTER and not a punching bag this time. Very much looking forward to where it goes from here.

LISTENING: The friend who introduced me to Alice Nine way back in the day managed to get me hooked on D=OUT, one of the few PSC bands I never paid attention to. A big reason I got hooked is because PSC has an evil lab somewhere where they breed and genetically engineer incredibly hot vocalists designed to rob fangirls of their sanity and money. Seriously, I don't think I'm ever going to get through 12 months of my life without developing a crushsession on a PSC vocalist - first Shou, then Ruki (who was my bias before Kai and still is a close second in my heart), then Byou, and now Kouki. So, yes, that's who the tall-blond-who-is-not-Shou all over my Tumblr nowadays is. (Now, if only I could find translated interviews. Fanfiction? Who, me?)


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Jul. 31st, 2014 01:01 pm (UTC)
not sure if I have a right to comment on your personal posts (since we have never talked about anything outside of your fanfiction), but YAY for Japan! And huge YAY for dauto! :D Always excited to meet new fans, this band surely deserves all the attention they can get!

As for interviews there are not many of them, here are some that I could recall from the spot

Kouki's R&R Interview

and if you google 'HEVN vol.51 D=Out ~ もう一度翻訳 ・Mou Ichido Translations' you should be able to stumble upon a set of personal interviews.

also MUSIC JAPAN PLUS should have some
Jul. 31st, 2014 04:23 pm (UTC)
By all means, you can reply on my personal posts! That's why my journal's here, after all!

Thank you SO much for the links to the interviews! They're going to be a huge help (I found one other when I was looking through Tumblr). It's hard to do fanfiction when you don't know anything about the band in question, so this will allow me to make sure I do them justice.

And YAY for also being a fan! It took me a long time to discover them, but I'm glad I did. (It was the Music Nippon album that really did it for me. It really shows the band's versatility, and it's a great selection of songs to boot). Heck, I watched the whole Visual Battle 2 and didn't really pay attention to Kouki at the time (mainly because I wasn't taking my eyes off Byou, except when Shou was onscreen. XD).
Aug. 1st, 2014 07:12 am (UTC)
Np, I'll go through my folders and if I find anything else, I'll let you know ;)

Music Nippon is great indeed but in my opinion their earlier works are even better<3 (pre-major debut, pre-PSC ones) loooool I was about to ask how can one not notice this giant tree but if Byou is involved ok, not saying anything XD can totally get it now!

And as for getting to know them, maybe I can make a little introduction for you then? :D I'm totally biased and all and not saying that my assumption are 100% true but here's what I managed to observe over these years (I discovered dauto in 2009 woah! o.o)
Dauto are huge dorks actually. And all of them have lots of attitude (and I don't mean 'I'm a rockstar' attitude, but 'I said it'll be this way' attitude), it might not be aparent from the first sight but once you get to know them you start questioning how does this band even work. They even get into real fights actually when the tension gets high, since they're all very quick to loose their tempers (well were at some point at least, for the last two years they've been pretty calm). But at the same time they're really down to earth guys they can totally laugh at themselves and constantly make fun of each other (poor Hikachu almost always ends up as an object of their bullying and Minase is usually forced to do silly stuff xD)
their bonds as a band are very strong and that's what assures me now that they have faced a crucial point ._. you may or may not know already that Minase is graduating from dauto this fall :c
as for Kouki he's a co-leader along with Reika (who has the official status of a riiiiida), he takes care of lots of band-stuff, has a lot of input when it comes to new ideas, and also is one of the main composers (writing lyrics goes without saying) and he never shuts up xD on TV shows at least. So you can safely assume he has a very strong personality. At the same time he's very caring as well, very considerate of the other people and fans in particular, is always up for new challenges
so yeah, something like that XD
Aug. 2nd, 2014 07:19 pm (UTC)
Thank you SO much! I've watched a few of the making-ofs, so I've definitely seen the dorkiness on display (not to mention the Hikaru abuse - during the Kanden 18 Go making-of, they were supposed to be sumo wrestling, but used it as an excuse to throw around and spank Hikaru. XD)

It sounds like Kouki's co-leader arrangement with Reika works pretty much like the other bands I'm familiar with - Kai is officially the leader, Ruki is the artistic director; ditto Kazuki and Byou; ditto Shou (or, previously, Nao) and Saga. And I find it quite interesting that they're able to compromise and make the band work despite the strong disagreements - you don't see very many bands that are a hundred percent honest about that (GazettE only admitted to serious issues during the Toxic/Division period only after Beautiful Deformity came out).

I watched the DVD that came with their greatest hits set this morning, BTW, which basically consisted of all their Type A single and album PVs. It was definitely interesting seeing the evolution of their sound and style (Hikaru was once a Hizaki clone!) They've had some REALLY nice PVs over the years, too - I was really impressed with Psychedelico Psychidelico, which definitely did NOT look like it was made on an indies budget. (And please, can we talk about Kouki's ability to seduce the camera? WHOA. I'm not going to have to work very hard to convince readers he's a porn star.)
Aug. 4th, 2014 09:15 am (UTC)
lol yes, Hikaru-baby is always getting bullied XD there are lots of commments and offshots where he gets attacked besides Kanden 18 Gou ^^" Ibuki also got his share of harrassment while Minase is usually talked into doing some embarrassing stuff. So the main bullies here, as you have may guessed are Kouki and Reika >:D

Um, no, I don't think so. I don't know about Ruki and the Gazette but as far as I can judge from screw and Alice Nine they're all completely different. Saga is purely technician (if I may call him that) he is in charge of bringning and creating the new sound and other musical aspects of Alice Nine. Shou in the mean time tries hard to take care of every detail but it's not like he's imposing his view on everyone he just doesn't want to let anything fail. Like if there is someone to take care of task he'll leave to them, if not, he'll do it himself.
Screw are on the contrary quite passive about this :'D They're also quite a curious band when it comes to this leadership matters. Well ever since Yuuto left, at least. Byou have admitted himself that he doesn't like to arrange things since he gets too into it and ends up getting frustrated himself and making everyone else frustrated. While Kazuki is not the most responsible leader out there xD
And dauto are something entirely else. Kouki's and Reika's leader skills are all about authority. Idk how to explain this well but once you've read a couple of interviews you'll know ^^ It's like Reika is the king and Kouki is head of the church in medievil times XD They both are ambitious and like to make everything their own way even if it means great inconveniences, like they would use a CO2 in their performances and carry around a whole tank of it (CAN YOU IMAGINE), or sing songs in Chinese while performing in Taiwan, etc. and then get into fights while deciding what to have for dinner lol. What is also perculiar to them is that they do not divide their spheres of management, they both have a say in the matters of music, visual aspects, performance and all other stuff, it's not like Reika is responsible for sound, Kouki is in charge of visual, no. They work together in mutual respect (or they fight together in mutual irritation lol) and it's very hard to tell who is more dominant of these two XD
I guess they are open about these conflicts because it's quite natural for them. They do not keep grudges and they all have strong bonds, it's just something that happens when so many hot heads gathers in one band, I guess? 8D it's not only about Reika and Kouki, Minase, Ibuki and Hikaru are all quite short-tempered. I believe that's just how they let the air out.

Wow, you've watched that DVD already? ** I didn't get my copy yet, but yes, yes! Hikaru wasn't exactly Hizaki's clone but he did get his share of frilly skirts :D and I loved those looks him to bits<3 Minase was also so preeeeeeeety at one point *Q* I'll never get over controversity of the looks and personalities of these guys. Ikr, Psychedelico Psychidelico was really cool, as well as Sunrise and Setelite TV, but my all times favourites are Myojou Orion, Sei ni Shigamitsuku and Chuukyori Renai. And lol no, I don't think it would be very hard for you to make Kouki next superstar seme 8D

also since you have tumblr, please check enchantingmoon for some translations. The ones published there are usually quite short but interesting none the less.
Aug. 4th, 2014 09:17 am (UTC)
OMG what a rant! Sorry!! XD
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