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May. 12th, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend - my brother and his girlfriend decided to come in from Philadelphia a day early. We did a brunch and a dinner for my mother, and my brother helped her replant some plants that were wrecked in our horrible winter. As a result of their early arrival, I didn't get a chance to watch the season finale of My Little Pony yet (though I understand fans have been describing it as "Sailor Dragonball the Last Airbender").

I did, however, watch the GazettE World Tour doc early Saturday - I held out for the subtitled version given that I am extremely Japanese - challenged. It was worth the wait, because it was extremely adorable. You really got a sense that they had fun during the whole thing, that it wasn't just a bunch of stars on a global ego trip - on the contrary, they seemed genuinely surprised and humbled by the reactions of the foreign fans. And, dear God, the Jira-chan scenes were darling! That may be the most charming aspect of the whole thing. Here's Ruki, acting like the King of Sex onstage - in Munich, he was licking his fingers, putting the mike cord in his mouth, performing one of his notorious self-pleasuring dances and doing fanservice with Uruha during Hyena (with Aoi making fun of them in the background - I'd hoped that part would make it into the DVD, but alas, it didn't). And backstage, he's playing with a stuffed giraffe and making it talk in a funny voice. No Western musicians would be caught DEAD doing that.

And, of course, I loved the Kai and Uruha pyramid scene. (When they were trying to climb to the top and Kai was breathing heavily, I admit I was torn between "Kai, you shouldn't smoke, listen to how you're breathing!" and "Um, yeah, it's KAI HEAVY BREATHING with URUHA.") And the scenes of them in instrument stores, acting like kids in a candy shop! (Reita, who's always been my least favorite of the five, gained a lot of points with me with the scene where he was tickled pink by the light-up bass).

They didn't have much footage from Munich at all - in fact, there was less of it than any other stop on the tour. This is probably because their Munich-area hotel was way out in the sticks - rumor had it that it was somewhere in the cow country between Munich proper and Neuschwanstein. They couldn't run around shopping and sightseeing like they did at the other stops - so Munich was represented by just some fan interviews outside the venue. (No, I didn't see myself anywhere).


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