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Apr. 26th, 2014

I just got done doing something I've meant to do for a long time - I uploaded my entire Stargazer series (the loosely-connected set of Shou/Hiroto stories I wrote between 2010 and 2012) to Archive Of Our Own. Most of the series was written before I knew how to do a fake cut, so instead of residing on this journal, it resides directly on various Alice Nine communities. I back up this journal to Dreamwidth on a regular basis - and have crossposted my most recent fanfics to AO3 as well - but because of the circumstances of Stargazer, it was never backed up.

It took awhile - there's a lot of those suckers, 18 in all - and I still need to upload the sidestories (the Tora/Saga fic Losing the Wager - which is probably getting a revise - and the multi-couple series Movie Night). But the core series is done. I did give a few of them slight tweaks - in particular, the later entries that include GazettE but were written before I got into the fandom. Most of them, though, were uploaded just as they were originally posted.

It's actually kind of funny, looking back at my earliest stories and seeing how my writing style has changed. (I think I now write sex scenes that are as long as the earliest Stargazer fics in their entirety). I could also see the progression from my primarily writing Alice Nine to primarily writing GazettE - the Gazemen first poke their heads in about three-quarters of the way through as guest stars, and the next-to-last fic of the series is 50/50 both bands. Stargazer also serves as a time capsule of Alice Nine during that time period, since so many fics deal with Alice Nine Channel episodes, photoshoots, specific lives, etc. It wasn't my intention, but it begins with Budokan and ends with Shou taking over as leader - which seems rather appropriate.

The Stargazer series at AO3 is here.


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