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As of today, it's been exactly six months since I saw GazettE live. The odd thing is that because of this horrendous winter, that stretch of time seems longer, not shorter. But, damn, that was one memorable day. I still remember those earsplitting screams when the SE started - so loud you couldn't hear the SE - and then, those first glimpses of them through the sea of waving arms. Reita was the first one I saw, and then Ruki. And I just stood there, staring at them and thinking, This is real, this is happening!

Ah, memories. It's an experience I hope to have again someday.

I've listened to Alice Nine's Supernova a few times all the way through, and I really like it. I'm not as bothered by the electronica they used as some fans have been - it's not like it's the first time they ever used it (there was blipping and blooping on the Shooting Star single) and it's not like it was a flat-out Nintendofest like Division. Kind of disappointed that the album doesn't seem to be selling as well as their previous works, but that's mostly because of the scarcity of previously unreleased material - the vast majority of it was released on the three singles they put out last winter/spring, plus the "digi-single" that was supposed to be Japan-only but ended up in the hands of Western fans anyway. I have a feeling that an awful lot of people are just downloading the few songs they don't have and assembling the album as a playlist in iTunes, rather than buying the whole thing. (BTW, I fail to hear the difference between the album and single versions of Shadowplay, even though it was supposedly remixed. I've heard many more differences between the album and single versions of Chizuru.)

Also, I kind of surprised myself by really liking SCREW's Fugly, even though it sounds nothing like classic SCREW (other than Kazuki's guitar solo). Maybe it's because the song sounds more like '80s techno than the Division Nintendofest. (That's going to be the gold standard for "misuse of electronic music" from now on, isn't it?) And, my GOD, Byou in drag at the end of the video! Someone needs to stage a Japanese translation of the stage version of Rocky Horror with Byou as Frank.


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