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Writing this in a Panera Bread. (Bits and pieces of various Stargazer fics have been written in Panera Breads, Starbucks, libraries - my favorite winter writing spot is a table in the lobby of my local library - and, in the summer, parks). Had kind of a scary experience on the way in - I miscalculated the height of the curb around the building, caught my foot and went splat on the sidewalk, the tote bag containing my trusty netbook going splat along with me. (None of the people getting into and out of their cars in the parking lot asked if I was okay. Phooey.) Fortunately, the netbook is fine, and as for me . . . well, the back of my left knee's a bit sore, might have twisted it on the way down. Going to ice it when I get home.

Anyway, I posted a fic yesterday (yay for finally learning to do fake cuts). It was inspired by The Notorious Rock-Paper-Scissors incident from June (http://youtu.be/p3x_n9hKcpE - with the chaos with Shou starting at the seven-minute mark), as well as a recent Twitter exchange between Shou and Ruki where the two were playing Twitter R-P-S, and Ruki cheated by throwing "pistol." So I decided to imagine how that incident might have gone down if it happened in the real world, not over Twitter. And speaking of "going down," there's two smut scenes in there, one ShouPon and one UruKai. I blame the former on my receiving the Alice Nine 2012 Calendar - holy HELL, Shou looks sexy, especially on the poster shot - and the latter on the video of GazettE's performance at the Inazuma Rock Festival. (Uruha and Kai originally weren't going to get smut in this one. Fortunately, that didn't happen. ~_^)

I think I have some ideas about where the UruKai plot thread in Stargazer is heading. Watch this space for further details.


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Jan. 10th, 2012 12:30 am (UTC)
OMG yaaaaay~ It's my video~~~~~ (Sorry xD)
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