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Fic Commentary: Another Fairy's Tale

So I FINALLY finished and posted my new fic last night. Wow - it feels like I've been working on it forever, although the reality is that I started working on it Thanksgiving week. Real life kept getting in the way. (Also, y'know, Thanksgiving, which is an American holiday basically devoted to cooking, cooking, cooking, eating, eating and eating, followed by crashing flat for about 10 years.)

It's the longest fic I've done in awhile, the longest I've ever done that has a central character who's not a member of Alice Nine or GazettE, and . . . well, I'm not quite sure where it came from. I'd wanted to do a Manabu-centric fic for awhile, ever since I stumbled across a long series, written by a fangirl who supposedly loved him, that consisted of him being repeatedly raped and abused by all his bandmates. It made me want to write something nice about the poor boy. (Seriously - I never understood why fangirls like to write torture porn about boys/characters they love. Not angst, I mean real torture. That's just me, though, YMMV.) This wasn't the idea I had for him, though - my first thought was a Disney parody (which may still get used).

I do know that I'd had it in the back of my head to do another story in the A Fairy's Tale universe, which got pushed to the front of my head by the season premiere of My Little Pony - AFT was inspired by the whole Princess Twilight brouhaha. in addition, I knew I wanted to do something involving both Manabu and Kai, since they were hair twins for awhile this year - Manabu's Red Thread look is almost identical to Kai's Division one. I'd also had a half-formed idea about the atmosphere on the Gather Roses PV set leading to dressing room sex. Somehow, all these streams ended up flowing together in my head and resulting in a fic where Manabu is a second fairy who was inspired to come to the human world by hearing about Kai.

The pairing, though, REALLY came out of nowhere. I had NEVER thought of Kazuki as a potential partner for Manabu. I don't ship guitarcest pairings, I have never shipped Kazuki with anyone but Aoi (though I ship Aoi with other people) and I always liked the idea of Manabu with Byou (though my Byou muse keeps running off toward Ruki instead). The pairing just sort of - happened, and became the heart of the fic, to the point where I ended up dropping plans for Manabu to end up in bed with Kai. (Yes, that might still happen, too. Remember, fairies are polyamorous.)

I ultimately decided not to post it in any GazettE fic communities because while Kai is in it, his part is significant, but small (and Aoi's part is even smaller). I didn't want people saying, "Hey, I wanted GazettE fic! This is about SCREW!" (I remember coming across fics on Alice Nine communities that were three-quarters about another band, and my reaction was usually, "Um, who are these people?") So I put it on the general J-rock yaoi and SCREW yaoi communities, plus AO3. (One good thing about AO3 - you can post a longer fic in one chunk without splitting it!)

So, yes, that's finally up. And now, I take a deep breath, and it's on to the next fic . . .


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