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Title: Another Fairy’s Tale (Part 2)
Chapter: Part 2 of 2 due to LJ post limits (Part 1 is here); sequel to A Fairy’s Tale
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fantasy AU, urban fantasy, romance, smut
Warnings: Male/male sex, piercing worship/play, frottage
Pairing: Kazuki X Manabu (main), Aoi X Kai
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Manabu is a fairy who decides to come to the human world to emulate his idol, Prince Kai of the Seelie Kingdom (aka Kai of the GazettE). He hooks up with SCREW and begins his journey to achieve his musical dreams – until he encounters the one thing he didn’t expect to find in the human world.
Comments: This is a sequel to A Fairy’s Tale, which was about Kai’s adventures in the human world. While it’s not absolutely necessary to have read the first fic to read this one, you’ll probably get more out of this if you have.

Three days into 2009, Manabu found himself facing two of his dreams coming true. Well, sort of.

PS Company was having a huge showcase for all its bands at Nippon Budokan. It was, officially, to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary. Unofficially, it was Miyavi’s swan song before leaving them.

It seemed almost ironic that Manabu would be standing on the stage at Budokan, just like he’d dreamed before he left the fairy world. Okay, they were far from being the headliners.

SCREW and another new PSC addition, SuG, were officially going to be “opening” the show for the company’s main acts. One of which was GazettE. Meaning he’d finally get a chance to be in close proximity to His Royal Highness, Prince Kai of the Seelie Court.

He had been waiting for this moment ever since he came here. No, even before – when he’d first heard about the prince from the old man in the field back home.

Suddenly, he was facing what had the potential to be one of the most important days of his life.

* * *

Nobody had warned them about how chaotic it was going to be backstage. Seven acts plus their staffs and a bunch of video cameras made for a scene resembling Black Friday in an American shopping mall.

“If we breathe too hard, we’ll probably knock someone over,” Kazuki observed as they pushed and shoved their way toward the wings, preparing to go on. SuG, the first band, was finishing up, and they were next.

“If we knock someone over, we’ll probably start a domino effect,” Byou replied, turning sideways in an attempt to squeeze between two people – since they were in the Gather Roses costumes, he had additional bulk in the form of the fur coat. “You’ll have people falling all over the place.”

“We could climb all over them,” Jin suggested as the band started to wedge themselves, one by one, between two crates filled with somebody-or-other’s equipment. “Of course, then we run the risk of messing up someone’s costume.”

“Most of these people have more money than we do,” Kazuki reminded him as they finally made it to an area where they could make it from the wings to the stage without killing themselves – or anyone around them. “They can afford to replace their costumes.”

Manabu was quiet through all this, pulling his abbreviated top down as far as it would go. Wearing this costume just reminded him of what had happened the day the PV was shot – and, despite Kazuki’s words, hadn’t been repeated yet. It just didn’t fit into the schedule.

And then, suddenly, they were being announced, and they were making their way out to the stage of stages. Even though they were only going to be up there for the briefest of times – two songs – it was an instant adrenaline rush. Your feet were walking the same paths trod by innumerable music legends, Japanese and Western. Your instruments were ringing out in the same space that had been occupied by X Japan, Luna Sea, Malice Mizer.

To Manabu, it was like being at a fairy festival and standing among the princes and princesses, their wings gleaming in the sunlight. It was a glimpse of what you could attain someday.

They raced through Death’s Door and then, after a short MC by Byou, began VEGAS, the members running along the side aisles, close enough that they could see the audience – and their reactions to them.

They loved the band. They were on their wavelength. They were screaming and fist-pumping. If they had never heard of SCREW before, they weren’t going to easily forget them now.

All too soon, it was over, and they were racing off the stage to thunderous applause – and the sound of their Gather Roses PV being played on the huge screens at either side of the stage. This crowd was going to see Byou getting a blow job at movie-theater size.

Well, they’d wanted to reinforce their impact, right?

“I want to go back out there,” Kazuki said as soon as they were pushing and shoving their way backstage again. “Let’s go out and push Kagrrra off the stage. Hey, they won’t mind if it’s just for one or two more . . .”

And then, Manabu heard nothing else, because he was suddenly frozen in his tracks. His eyes had detected a male figure, medium-to-low-side-of-tall in height, slender build, dark brown hair. He was talking to a much shorter blond, and was clad in a very traditional hakama outfit.

It was His Royal Highness Prince Kai of the Seelie Court, otherwise known as Kai, leader of the GazettE.

Manabu’s heart was pounding - and since it had also jumped into his throat, it gave him the uncomfortable impression of having swallowed a bass drum. He swallowed hard, trying to put it back in its proper place.

Kai was right in front of him. Right. In. Front. Of. Him. It was the moment he’d waited for all this time. He started to move toward him, slowly . . .

Only to see the other man turn away from his bandmate, headed for the back doors. Out for a smoke, if he did that, or to get a breath of fresh air, or just to escape this crowd for a moment.

Oh, no, Manabu wasn’t letting this chance get away. He took off after him, bumping into a couple of staff members, zig-zagging around three-fifths of Alice Nine, shouting “Sumimasen!” the whole time. He lost sight of Kai for a moment, and felt something close to panic . .

And finally, the prince was slipping out a back door, and Manabu was right behind him. He took a deep breath, trying to figure out what to say . . .

What came out was, “Your Highness!” Only it was in the fairy language.

He saw Kai suddenly stop, as if he were a character on a DVD that had been paused. He stayed there for a long moment, which made Manabu wonder if he’d accidentally pronounced an immobilization spell instead (but then, how could that work, since he was in human form? Spells that strong only worked when one was a fairy).

Finally, Kai turned around, slowly, and looked at him . . . and Manabu suddenly realized he was freaking freezing out here in the January night in his abbreviated costume and no coat. He wrapped his arms around himself, staring hopefully up at Kai.

“You are one of us?” Kai said, also in the fairy language.

And at that, Manabu dropped to one knee, the proper position of respect toward fairy royalty. He just hoped nobody would come outside, because this would look like one kinky scene, between himself in the crop top and Kai in the traditional dress.

“My name is Manabu,” he said – like Kai, he had used his real fairy name as his visual kei stage name. “I am of the line of King Oberon. I came here three years ago, because of you. I heard about you, and how you were a success in the music industry and became a prince to boot and . . .”

There were suddenly hands on his shoulders, strong and warm, the latter quality being especially welcome in the frigid temperatures.

“Call me Kai,” he said. “I don’t like to be called Your Highness – even back home.” He added, with a wide, beautiful smile, “Especially back home. And you can stand up.”

Manabu quickly scrambled to his feet. “Sorry, Your High- I mean, Kai.”

“You’ve got to be freezing in that costume,” Kai said. “We’re going to go back inside. Are you going to the afterparty?”

He’d been planning to anyway, but now, he wouldn’t miss it for the world. “Yes,” he said.

“We’ll talk there,” he said. “I know the place where it’s being held, we should be able to get a quiet corner. It’ll be better than trying to talk in the middle of that –“ he gestured toward the door – “or shivering out here.” He headed for the entrance back into Budokan, and gave Manabu another smile. “You’re with SCREW, aren’t you? The second band tonight?”

This time, Manabu’s heart nearly leapt out of his mouth. It was certainly getting around tonight. “Yes,” he said. “I’m the left guitarist.”

“You were really good,” he said. “I was impressed.”

“Thank you!” The door opened, and the two of them headed back in – and Manabu quickly switched back to Japanese. “I’m so glad you liked it – you have no idea.”

“Kai!” a voice called from across the room. “The stage director needs to talk to you.”

“Coming,” Kai called, and then turned back to Manabu. “Leader duty,” he said. “But I do want to talk to you later.” He gave him a respectful bow. “See you at the afterparty?”

“Yes!” Manabu bowed back. “Go, well, do what you have to do.”

As he watched Kai go, he was practically hopping with excitement. He’d met Kai. He’d finally talked to the prince. And he was going to meet him again later. Suddenly, it felt like the culmination of everything he’d come here for.

* * *

The rest of the event seemed to take an eternity. He watched GazettE’s performance from the wings – along with almost all the other performers – and was mesmerized. It was obvious why they were at the top of their game – all the elements for a band came together in a perfect mix. Musicianship, songwriting, charisma, stage presence and that extra magic element of band chemistry came together to create something incredible.

This was a band that didn’t just deserve to be on the stage of Budokan, they OWNED Budokan.

The crowd stayed in the wings to watch Miyavi’s swan song as a PSC artist, and then they were all streaming out onto the stage for the grand finale – which involved the bandleaders breaking a sake keg filled with glitter and streamers that spilled out onto the audience. Kai even looked graceful and charismatic as he was swinging his traditional mallet with his bright smile.

Finally, performers were jamming into every square inch of private space they could get – dressing rooms, men’s rooms, you name it – to change back into street clothes for the afterparty. The bands were leaving in a caravan of vans, one for each act.

“We get a full van to ourselves!” Jin said happily as they piled in. “No taking the subway!”

“We’ll know we’ve really made it when they send a whole van for just one person,” Byou said as he climbed in after him.

“Van?” Kazuki said. “I want to travel in something cooler than that. I want them to send a Ferrari for me!”

“They don’t even send a Ferrari for Miyavi,” Manabu reminded him as he entered the vehicle himself.

“Well, of course they don’t,” Kazuki said, settling into his seat. “He’s leaving!”

Manabu just looked out the window as they drove the fairly short distance to the restaurant. How was he going to explain his absence at the party to the others? Not that there was a rule that a band had to stick together, especially during a “mix and mingle” event. But they’d probably wonder (make that, Kazuki might wonder, at least he hoped he would) why he was disappearing into a quiet corner with a member of another band.

Fortunately, he didn’t have to worry about that aspect too much. Almost as soon as they got there, they were besieged by people who’d seen the act (or, more likely, the erotic PV) and wanted to get to know “the new guys” better. They were pulled away from their group one by one like dangos from a skewer.

When Kai entered the room, then, it was no problem for Manabu to go straight over to him. “I’m here, Your – Kai.”

“Over here,” Kai said, taking his arm and leading him to a corner table, apart from the main crowd. Manabu took one quick glance around, trying to see if they were attracting attention – he might not be a magnet for gossip, but Kai sure as hell was. Then again, he wondered if it would be only a good thing for SCREW if everyone thought he was dating Kai.

When they were settled in with drinks, Kai said, “So tell me something about how you came here. You were influenced by me, you said? I mean, if it’s true – I’m flattered. I’m flattered as hell.” He had one of those smiles on his face that made him look like the sun itself, like all the light in the world was radiating from him.

“It’s true,” Manabu said. “I was just sort of hanging around back home – I liked to play and study music, and I knew I was good at it, but, well, I didn’t quite know what to do with it. My mother kept reminding me I could qualify to be a prince if I proved myself, but . . .”

“You didn’t think the traditional route was for you,” Kai said.

Manabu shook his head. “I wanted to be a prince, but I wanted to be a musician more. So I was just sort of going around in circles. And then, I met this old man in a field . . .”

It all came pouring out of him as if a faucet had been opened. His meeting with the old man, his time spent living with a group of other fairies and playing in bands that didn’t make it, his introduction to SCREW, their growing success, his relationship with the other band members . . .

And oh, how his voice faltered and stumbled whenever he talked about Kazuki. He’d look away from Kai, blush, fidget with his glass, fidget with the tablecloth, heck, he’d fidget with the table itself if he could.

When he got up to the making of their most recent PV, he blushed and rubbed the back of his head, looking down at the table. “We . . . well, there was an actress there who was playing a stripper, and she was giving us all lap dances, and thing got kind of, um . . .”

Kai reached over and put his hand over the one that wasn’t on the back of Manabu’s head – which was busy playing with a napkin. “Manabu,” he said, “you don’t have to say anything else. I understand.”

“You do?” He looked at the other man.

“Yes. That was your first time with him, wasn’t it?”

He really did understand. Manabu slowly removed his hand from his head. “It shouldn’t be a big deal,” he said. “That kind of thing never was at home. But here . . .”

“You’re with humans,” Kai said. “You have to follow their rules, and you find yourself thinking like them a lot more than you’d imagine.”

“Was it like that for you, too?” Manabu eased the other hand away from Kai’s. “What was it like, when you first came here?”

Kai gazed away for a moment, and said, “I was sent here on a mission. King Oberon decided I needed to learn about leadership. I had been in the human world before, as a visitor – but I didn’t know how well I’d fit in. I joined my first band, and that didn’t work out. I thought that I wasn’t going to make it, wasn’t going to be able to do what was expected of me. And then . . .”

“You met the GazettE?” Manabu said.

Kai nodded. “They were rehearsing in this dumpy place in the middle of nowhere. They didn’t really know where they were going, what they were doing. But as soon as I got there? I knew that’s why I was there, what I came for. It was like I was meant to perform with them my whole life.”

Manabu nodded. “It’s been the same thing for me. The moment I met my bandmates, I knew I belonged there. That I had a reason to stay here in the human world. That . . .” He stopped, suddenly.

“That you felt like more of a human than a fairy?”

How did he hit the nail on the head like that? No wonder he was a prince. “Yes,” he said. “Especially when we were all on stage together. It felt . . . more magic than magic, you know? But . . . I shouldn’t feel like that, should I?”

“Why not?” Kai picked up his glass and drank from it.

“Because . . . it’s not what I’m supposed to be. I’m of the line of King Oberon. I’m supposed to want to be a prince. That’s why I came here. Because . . . because you did it, and I wanted to be like you.”

“Supposed to want to be a prince?” Kai said. “But . . . do you really want to be?”

Did he? Being a prince meant . . . leadership, like Kai said. Manabu had never exactly been an aggressive leader type. He was content to just play his music and let other people make the decisions.

“I want to be . . . what I am now,” he said. “I mean, I know I can’t do this forever. I’m going to have to go back home eventually. But while I’m here, I want to be a musician.”

“You said you came here because you wanted to be like me?” Kai said. “Because I was a prince, or because I was with the GazettE? Did you want to be a prince because other people said you should be one?”

He just nodded. The “prince” part was always his mother talking, wasn’t it?

“Something I learned very quickly when I came here,” Kai said, “is that you have to follow your heart. Do whatever feels right, what feels like you. In the end, what you are isn’t as important as who you are.” He gave the other man one of those brilliant smiles. “So I guess what I’m saying is if you want to be like me? The best thing you can do is be yourself.”

“But . . . what if my heart is trying to take me somewhere where, well, it really shouldn’t go?” And, whoops, he shouldn’t have said that.

“What do you mean?” Kai said. “There’s no such thing as your heart taking you to a bad . . .” And then, a light came on behind Kai’s eyes, as the pieces came together in his head. “Manabu, are you in love with Kazuki?”

“I . . . I . . .” Oh, hell. Well, he hadn’t exactly hidden it before, had he, with all that fumbling and mumbling when he talked about him? He dropped his head. “I’m scared,” he said, softly.

“Of what?” Kai leaned over toward him, putting his hand on Manabu’s again.

“He’s a human,” he said. “He’s . . . he’s only going to live about 70, 80 years. He’s going to start aging in about 20 years, and I, well . . .”

Fairies in human bodies didn’t age like humans. They could alter their appearance so they seemed to be aging at the same rate as the people around them, if they chose to live in the human world for a longer period of time – but even that illusion could only be maintained, for a younger fairy, until the person they were supposed to be portraying was in middle age.

“I’d have to leave him,” he said, looking away. “And I’d spend the rest of my life without him . . . and that’s a long, long time.”

Kai’s hand tightened on the other fairy’s. “Manabu, you’re still young, right? How old are you – 96, 97?”

“I’m 98,” he said. Given the lifespan of a fairy, that was young indeed.

“I’m going to tell you something,” Kai said. “I fell in love with a human, too, when I was the same age you are now. And I had a lot of the same doubts, too. But you know what I decided? Four hundred years may be a long time to live with the pain of having loved and lost, that’s true . . . but it would be an even longer time to live with regret. You don’t want to worry about what could have been.”

“What happened with the person?” Manabu said. “Are you still together?”

Kai nodded. “It’s Aoi, my bandmate. We couldn’t be happier. We have the best relationship you could imagine. We both take other lovers – he’s very happy with the way our people deal with love and sex – but we always come back to each other. And I cherish every moment that we’re together. So when the time comes where we’ll have to part, I’ll know that part of him will always be with me.”

Manabu thought that over. Yes, he’d have to go back to the fairy world someday. He’d probably become romantically involved with others then to boot. But as long as he held onto the memories of being with Kazuki, they’d never really be parted.

“Besides,” Kai said, “I’m going to tell you something King Oberon said to me about humans. Human souls are reborn, over and over. If the love between you and this person is strong enough? If you decide to return to the human world about 50 or 60 years after you have to leave, you and your lover’s next incarnation will find each other again. He might not look like he does now, he won’t have the same name , he might even be a she – but you’ll know it’s him.”

Manabu looked Kai in the eyes. “Is this true? Really true? Or just something people made up?”

“King Oberon wouldn’t be repeating rumors, would he?” Kai said. “Manabu . . . if you love Kazuki, tell him. And then make the most of every moment you have together. You won’t regret it. Trust me.”

Manabu swallowed hard. He’d expected that meeting Kai would have an impact – this was the moment he’d waited for since he’d gotten here – but he didn’t expect the impact to be this hard, or this deep.

“Thank you,” he said, quietly. “What you just said . . . it means a lot. You can’t imagine how much.”

“I’ve been there,” Kai said. “I think I know.” He leaned back with a smile. “From what you’ve told me, your Kazuki sounds an awful lot like my Aoi. Maybe we should get the two of them together. I think they’d get along.”

And then, there was the sound of rambunctious laughter behind them – and a drunken Aoi stumbled toward the table, arm around an equally drunk Kazuki. “Hey, babe,” he said, leaning over to give Kai a kiss. “I just met this guy – he’s the greatest guy ever.”

“Hi!” Kazuki said – and then noticed Manabu at the table. “Oh, good, you’re here, too!” He plunked next to his bandmate. “Aoi and I were just talking.”

“Just talking, mind you,” Aoi said, sitting next to Kai and wrapping an arm around him. “Wouldn’t want to do anything else in public!”

“You two just had one drink each?” said Kazuki, leaning over and picking up Manabu’s one beer bottle. “You’ve got some catching up to do!”

“We’re fine, thanks,” Manabu said.

“Oh, you THINK you are,” said Kazuki. “Come on, another round!”

Kai leaned over and whispered to Manabu – in fairy language, so the other two couldn’t understand - “You know the hangover spell, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Manabu whispered back.

“You’re going to need it tomorrow morning.”

Manabu laughed, suddenly feeling light all over. Yes, he really was lighter all over – his talk with Kai had removed more burdens than he thought.

He didn’t need wings to feel like he could fly.

* * *

Manabu woke up on the couch of his own apartment the next morning. He yawned, looking around him. Everything was pretty much like it was when he and Kazuki had stumbled in sometime in the wee smalls. Coats tossed about, an ashtray spilled. He quickly shifted into fairy form and whispered a spell to make the ashes dissipate.

Things had been pretty standard for a J-rock party after Aoi and Kazuki had come to the table – the two of them had drank a lot, he and Kai drank a little, and they stayed until the bar owner announced he had to close the place down. The only thing that was unusual came just before they left, when he and Kai went to the men’s room together.

Kai looked behind them, threw the lock of the door and said, “Take your real form – just for a second.” Manabu looked confused, but did what his prince asked. Kai did the same – though Manabu was a bit disappointed that he couldn’t see the wings, they were folded at Kai’s side.

Kai put both hands on Manabu’s shoulders and whispered a quick spell. Manabu felt a shiver pass through his body, then go as quickly as it came.

“Okay, change back,” Kai said. “I just gave you the ability to use one particular spell even when you’re in human form.”

“I can do that?” Manabu said, looking surprised as he shifted back into a human.

“When you’ve had a little royal magic transferred to you, you can,” Kai said. “Let me tell you what I did . .”

Manabu was thinking about what Kai told him as he walked into the bedroom, Kazuki was lying across his bed, literally passed out. Manabu knelt next to him, putting his fingertips on the other man’s temples.

He murmured the hangover spell that he and Kai had discussed the night before. Kazuki stirred and mumbled a little, but didn’t awaken. The spell would remove all the ill effects of the alcohol he’d consumed the night before; he’d awake feeling like nothing had happened.

Good thing, because Manabu needed him to be sober. It was time for the talk he’d been putting off.

He shifted back into human form and lay down next to Kazuki, prepared to wait for the other man to wake up. As it turned out, he didn’t have to wait very long before the other guitarist sat up, yawning and stretching.

“Wow,” he said. “I guess I didn’t drink as much as I thought I did.” He looked over at Manabu. “Did anything happen last night?”

Manabu shook his head. “We’re both dressed, remember?”

“Oh. Yeah,” Kazuki said, “we’re going to have to make up for that.”

“Kazuki . . .” Manabu took his hand in his. “I need to talk to you first.”

“About what?” Kazuki said. “If it’s about you being a fairy, don’t worry. I’m okay with that. I think it’s pretty hot, actually.”

“No,” he said. “I mean – I’m glad you’re okay with that, but . . .” He took a deep breath. Okay, here it comes. He suddenly realized that this was the real moment that all his time in the human world was leading up to. Not being on the Budokan stage, not meeting Kai . . . this.

“Since I’ve been in this band,” he said, “I’ve, well . . . you’re always the person I’ve come to, over and over. For friendship, companionship, and, well . . .” Another deep breath. “I know we both enjoyed that, and we want to do it again, but I don’t want our relationship to be just that. You . . . you mean too much to me to have a relationship that’s just sex.”

He raised his head and looked the other man in the eyes. “Kazuki, I . . . I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I met you. And I know this is weird circumstances, with you being human and me being a fairy, but . . . I want to make it work, for as long as we can be together. I want us to be part of each other’s lives. I . . .”

He was interrupted by a pair of arms suddenly wrapping around him and pulling him close, and his face was suddenly muffled in a chest. He couldn’t have said anything if he wanted to.

“Why didn’t you just ask me to be your boyfriend, dummy?” Kazuki said. “No need for a speech.”

“Mmmph mmmph mmmph.” Manabu wriggled around, but Kazuki was holding him tight.

“Of course I want to go out with you,” he said. “Do you know how long I’ve waited to hear you say you love me?”

“Then you love me back?” Manabu finally managed to free his head enough to raise it and talk back.

“Of course I do,” Kazuki said. “I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t know if there were rules against that kind of thing. You know, fairies and humans together.”

“There aren’t,” Manabu said. “Well, I mean, just that you have to keep an open mind. The way fairies conduct relationships, we usually take other lovers when we want or need to, with our partner’s permission.”

“Does that mean we can double-team a hot guy together?” Kazuki said. “Or have a foursome with another couple?”

“Well . . . yes,” Manabu said.

“Then I’m all for it,” Kazuki said. “Only . . . not yet.”

“No?” Manabu suddenly looked shocked. Was he postponing the official start of their relationship?

“I meant no other guys yet.” Kazuki tipped Manabu’s head back with his fingers, gently. “For now, I want it to be just you and me.”

And then, their lips were coming together in a kiss, and Manabu’s heart was taking off and flying again.

He wrapped his arms around Kazuki, pulling him close, wanting to melt into him. Cherish every moment they were together, Kai said? He was going to do that – starting with these moments, here and now. He dove into the kiss aggressively, pushing his tongue toward Kazuki’s, gently stroking it. He felt the other man writhe against him and make a sound of appreciation in his throat.

Kazuki reached for the buttons of the other man’s shirt and started to unfasten them, one by one, reaching inside to caress the flesh beneath. “Why did we fall asleep with so many clothes on?” he murmured between kisses – before running his tongue along Manabu’s neck, making the fairy shiver with pleasure.

“We didn’t know we were going to do this?” Manabu said, breathlessly, reaching for the hem of Kazuki’s T-shirt and pulling it upwards.

“Well, we’re not going to be making that mistake again, are we?” Kazuki yanked the shirt off and flung it in the corner. “When we’re alone like this, we’re going to have to be naked as much as possible.”

“I like that idea,” Manabu said, sliding his fingers down to that navel piercing. That was as much of an erogenous zone as his lover’s nipples or thighs, as far as he was concerned. He circled the ornament, brushing his fingers over the strands before tugging on them very lightly.

“Oh, fuck, you know what I like,” Kazuki moaned. “Keep going.” He stretched out on the bed, encouraging his lover to rid him of his pants.

Manabu got the hint very quickly. He unzipped the jeans with one swift motion and yanked them down his lover’s legs, along with his underwear. When he dropped them on the floor, he slid off the end of the bed long enough to strip off his own clothing.

He didn’t take the most direct route to Kazuki’s cock, though. He began to kiss his way slowly up his lover’s legs, lips touching the flesh lightly before pulling away, letting his teeth nip here and there – and Kazuki turned his head, letting out a deep, delicious sound of pleasure.

“God, I can’t believe you,” he moaned. “You’re so shy and blushy in public, and then someone gets you in bed and you become an animal.” He raised his head. “Are all fairy boys like you?”

He smiled, looking up long enough for his eyes to meet Kazuki’s. “Does it matter?” he said.

“Fuck, no,” Kazuki said, hands reaching down for the other man’s head. “All that matters is . . .” And that was swallowed up in another moan as Manabu reached Kazuki’s thighs and started to run his tongue along the right one, very slowly.

Kazuki parted his legs, and Manabu shifted to the sensitive, inner part of the thigh, licking along it, then stopping to kiss, sucking hard on the skin, as if to cause a hickey. Nobody would see these marks but the two of them. He followed that by nipping, then kissing, then licking back and forth over the area.

Finally, he swept his tongue up, and up, until he was licking Kazuki’s balls, bringing another moan. He traced their shape gently, before moving up to the shaft, following the path of a vein to the tip.

“Oh, oh, YES,” Kazuki gasped as Manabu began to slowly lick over the head, covering every inch of it with a long sweep of his tongue. He felt Kazuki grab his head and hold it in place for a moment – and then release.

“You have to stop,” Kazuki panted. “If you don’t I’ll come, and . . .”

Reluctantly, Manabu lifted his head and moved back up to Kazuki’s lips, kissing them – and finding himself rolled over on his back, Kazuki’s fingers reaching for his nipples, pinching them both gently, thumbs rubbing over them.

“I want you to ride me,” Kazuki murmured, his lips trailing down Manabu’s jawline to his neck, the piercings scraping against his skin deliciously. “I want to feel my cock in you and watch you at the same time.”

And then it was Manabu’s turn to moan as Kazuki encircled one of those nipples with his lips, brushing the piercing against the hardened bud. Oh, that thing was so damn sexy, the way its cool smoothness ran over his skin, followed by the wet heat of the rest of his tongue.

Kazuki raised his head. “You like this, don’t you?” He paused to lick the peak slowly, making sure Manabu felt flesh, then metal, then flesh again. “They sell vibrating tongue rings at sex shops. I’ll have to get one.”

He saw Kazuki make a move toward the nighttable drawer, as if to look for lube – and he put out a hand, stopping him. “No need,” he said.

Kazuki looked puzzled. “What do you mean? Baby, if you’re going to ride me, we need lube.”

Manabu started to sit up, and Kazuki moved away so he could do so. He reached for the nighttable, but it was to gently remove a leaf from the plant that was growing there (fairies always had several examples of nature within their homes).

“I have one bit of magic that I can do in this form,” he said, “that will take care of that.” He turned around and reached back with the hand holding the leaf, pressing it against his entrance.

It was time to put the spell he’d gotten from Kai into practice. He took a deep breath, concentrated, and began to chant in an archaic fairy tongue. Instantly, he felt a warmth start to fill him, a pleasant buzzing, a soft, wet feeling.

He removed his fingers and turned back around. “There,” he said. “I just opened and lubed myself. The plant matter converts into a gel. And I can do that to you, too, if I top.” Or to anyone else they were to bring into their bed later on, if it was someone he’d shared his secret with - but he wasn’t going to say that yet.

“Just like that?” Kazuki said, eyes nearly falling out of his head from that little display.

“Just like that.” Manabu leaned over to kiss his lover before throwing a leg over his body, straddling him.

“Why the hell haven’t I dated a fairy before?” Kazuki murmured as Manabu began to lower himself, slowly, the penetration eased considerably by the magic. Good thing, because Kazuki was bigger than average.

He moved down on him slowly – even with the magic, he had to be careful not to hurt himself, to let his body adjust to being filled. He paused, breathing hard, and looked down at his lover.

No, his boyfriend now, wasn’t it? They were official. He reached down and took Kazuki’s hands in his, and they both squeezed tightly.

“Never mind, I know why I never dated one of you before,” Kazuki said. “I was waiting all this time for you.”

The words went straight to Manabu’s heart. They were so sweet, so loving – especially coming from a guy who wasn’t exactly known for drippy sentiment. Now he knew he’d made the right decision in moving forward with this relationship.

If they’d only be together for a tiny portion of his long fairy life, then he’d savor every moment of that portion like drops of the finest wine.

He started to move, slowly, feeling his lover’s erection slide through him in the most delicious way. The position allowed him to move hips this way and that, until he got the most sensation, the most stimulation where he needed it.

But most importantly, it allowed him to look down and see his lover’s face with a blissful expression, eyes half-closed, lips half-pursed and moaning. He was absolutely beautiful.

Manabu started to move faster, harder, taking Kazuki’s hands and putting them on his chest. His lover took the cue, moving his hands to the fairy’s nipples, rubbing his fingers over them, just sending another rush of heat through Manabu’s body.

He was thrusting down on Kazuki steadily now, every downward stroke hitting little bundles of nerves inside him, tiny showers of sparks running through his consciousness. His head fell back, his eyes closed as he lost himself totally in bliss, his whole world reduced to that one spot that was being invaded again and again in the most delicious way.

The other man’s moans were like the sweetest of music to his ears, and he moaned in return, reaching down to caress Kazuki’s nipples like Kazuki had done to him . . . and that that moment, the men’s eyes met, and held, and it was like a window into each other’s souls.

Kazuki reached out and wrapped his fingers around Manabu’s erection, stroking him quickly, making Manabu thrust harder, faster, his breathing ragged and tinged with moans, his consciousness rapidly dissolving into pure lust.

And then, there was a hard downstroke that hit his prostate directly. He threw his head back again, crying Kazuki’s name out as his body trembled, come pouring from him onto his lover’s hand. He leaned forward, bracing his hands on the other guitarist’s chest as wave after wave of sensation engulfed him.

When he got enough bearings to be able to move again, he thrust down hard and fast, wanting to bring Kazuki over the edge as well, and he was rewarded with a hoarse cry, Kazuki arching upward sharply as he was engulfed in pleasure.

Manabu tumbled atop Kazuki, and they wrapped their arms around one another, as if not wanting to let go of this moment. They lay together in a heap, panting, and finally, their lips came together in a last, gentle kiss.

“That was unbelievable,” Kazuki said.

Manabu just purred in contentment. Unbelievable wasn’t the word. It wasn’t like any other sex he’d ever had – precisely because it was infused with love.

“That . . . that finger thing you did,” Kazuki said. “Can you really do that all the time? When you’re in this form, I mean?”

“Yes,” Manabu said.

“Wow,” Kazuki said. “As if I needed another reason to love a fairy boy. I mean, can you all do that?”

“No,” Manabu said. “I had, well, help. And a special gift.”

“What kind?” Kazuki said. “The kind you’re born with?”

Manabu smiled to himself. This was a secret he was going to keep to himself. “The kind you get from a special friend,” he said.

He’d just had the most incredible 24 hours of his life. He’d earned Kai’s friendship and Kazuki’s love. Peace and Smile Carnival itself was just a bonus.

He didn’t need to be a prince. He had his own version of wings.

* * *

Kazuki and Manabu moved in together a few weeks later. Manabu warned his lover that there were challenges involved in being with a fairy. “I’m going to need time alone by myself sometimes. And I mean, going out to a park for a few hours to renew myself – we need to be in touch with nature. Plus, I may need to go in the bedroom by myself when . . .”

Kazuki waved his hand. “It’s all good. Take all the space you need, baby. You think I’m the kind to put chains on you?” Pause. “Unless, of course, you’re into that, in which case . . .”

He was true to his word. He let Manabu have all the time and space he needed, and their relationship only grew and deepened with time, carrying them past challenges (including a band lineup change).

It time, Manabu came to accept that his band wasn’t about to march right into Budokan (he was holding onto the dream of being major at that point). But that was okay. As long as he could be with this group of guys, it didn’t matter if they were on a huge stage or a tiny one. They had each other, and their devoted group of fans, and that was enough.

He had his friendship with Kai, too, and they’d get together sometimes to talk about the challenges of being a fairy living and loving in the human world, as well as the typical music business stuff.

One day, the subject of how Manabu came to the human world came up again. “I do sometimes wonder about that old man,” Manabu said. “I never saw him before, and, well, it seems kind of weird for an old guy to be popping up in a field for no reason. It’s almost like he was meant to be there.”

Kai looked thoughtful for a moment. “Was there anything that looked familiar about him?” he said.

“Well, he was from my branch of the family,” Manabu said, “because he had our clan markings. Which only makes it twice as strange that I’d never seen him before.”

“And he specifically told you about me?” Kai said. “Including the name of my band?”

Manabu nodded. “It wasn’t the exact name, but he came close.”

“I never told anyone in the fairy world the name of my band,” Kai said. “Nobody but King Oberon – and you’d know if it was him.”

“Then . . . how did . . . “

A smile started to spread over Kai’s face. “Manabu, you know there’s elders who master different types of very complex magic, don’t you? Like, the kind that usually only royalty can do?”

“Yes,” Manabu said, looking confused. “But what does that have to do with this guy?”

“One of those types of magic is time travel,” Kai said. “They can’t travel back as far or as long as royalty can, of course – but they could go back a few hundred years for a brief time.” Pause. “Just long enough to make sure their younger self takes the right path in life.”

It took a moment for it to sink in – but when it did, it hit Manabu’s mind like a bomb. “Me?” he said. “The old man was . . . ME? But he didn’t talk like me. He . . .”

“Was probably disguising his way of talking so you wouldn’t know who he was,” Kai said. “If you knew, it would create a paradox, wouldn’t it? But he wanted to make sure you went to Tokyo, and met SCREW, and Kazuki, and me. So if there were any doubts that you’re doing the right thing . . .”

Manabu smiled. “None,” he said. “None at all.” That was true before – and it went double now.

He had only himself to thank for the happiness he’d found in life.


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Aug. 16th, 2014 06:07 pm (UTC)
Love it! So sweet and perfect and just... Lovely! I really love Kazuki in this. He seems so cute! And I love reading Manabu's POV.
Kai was amazing here, really amazing. You described his smile perfectly! ^_^ And the little moment with Aoi and Kazuki! Lol, I really ship them together so I was on my "fangirl mode"! XD
The ending was surprising, indeed. I can't believe the old man was Manabu himself! You are a genius at ideas! ^_^
Please write more like this one. I really loved reading it. :)
Aug. 20th, 2014 03:49 am (UTC)
You are the first person to EVER comment on this fic in the year since I wrote it, so I am thrilled to death that you liked it! It was fun playing with the fairy universe again, and also having a couple in there that was completely different from what I usually write (given that I am a die/hard Aoi/Kazuki shipper!) I'm especially glad that you liked the ending, that was meant to be a huge twist, since the old man's message was the catalyst for the entire fic. (He was sending him off on a wild goose chase - trying to be like Kai - in order to find what he really wanted and needed). Thank you so much again for commenting!
Aug. 20th, 2014 04:39 pm (UTC)
You're most welcome. I really loved this fic. It just made my day. ^_^ I really, really love Kaz/Man (even though at first I used to hate this pairing lol). So I'm always searching new fics about them. And this one was such a good piece. So many twist and turns, describing Manabu's life with Screw in another way. Loved it!
Don't worry. I really love Aoi/Kazuki too! I'll be waiting for more amazing works from you! :D
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