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Title: Another Fairy’s Tale (Part 1)
Chapter: Part 1 of 2 due to LJ post limits; sequel to A Fairy’s Tale
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fantasy AU, urban fantasy, romance, smut
Warnings: Male/male sex, piercing worship/play, frottage
Pairing: Kazuki X Manabu (main), Aoi X Kai
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Manabu is a fairy who decides to come to the human world to emulate his idol, Prince Kai of the Seelie Kingdom (aka Kai of the GazettE). He hooks up with SCREW and begins his journey to achieve his musical dreams – until he encounters the one thing he didn’t expect to find in the human world.
Comments: This is a sequel to A Fairy’s Tale, which was about Kai’s adventures in the human world. While it’s not absolutely necessary to have read the first fic to read this one, you’ll probably get more out of this if you have.

Once upon a time, there was a place called the Seelie Kingdom that was the home of the fairies. These gentle creatures had peacefully coexisted with humans since the beginning of time, maintaining the balance of nature with magic, usually unseen by those they shared the planet with. If a fairy was of the bloodline of King Oberon and was found especially worthy, he or she could become a prince or princess and be given wings. But sometimes, fairies grew bored of their long, magically-enhanced lifestyles, and went to live as humans for a period of time, gladly giving up use of magic – except when they were away from prying human eyes – to experience the other side. You may have heard the story of one such fairy, Kai, who came to the human world to learn about leadership. But he was not the only one to make such a trip, and to land in the Japanese music industry. And it is here that our story begins . . .

Most young fairies who left the Seelie Kingdom to come to earth did so because they’d been given a specific mission by King Oberon, or they were bored and wanted a change for a few decades, or they had friends who were doing it.

Manabu did it because of hearing about another fairy.

From the time he was small, he’d been fascinated with human music and culture. He started to play guitar and practiced transforming into a human shape again and again. He spent a lot more time practicing his music than practicing spells – much to the chagrin of his mother.

“You’re of the bloodline of King Oberon,” she said. “You have talent. You have potential to become a prince. Don’t you want to have wings someday?”

Well, of course he did – it was the goal of every fairy to be one of the elite few to have wings and a title. But he also wanted to master his instrument someday, too.

And so, day after day, he’d work on his spells until his mother was satisfied – and then he’d take his guitar and escape, going into the fields at the edge of the fairy villages, sitting down to play, and play, and play. He didn’t dare use magic to make any of the playing easier, either. That would be cheating. These instruments were made by humans, and he was going to use them the way the humans would.

On one such day, an older man was crossing the field in front of him. He paused to hear the music for a moment, cocking his head to the side. Well, that was encouraging to the novice musician, at least. If he could attract the attention of an older man – someone who normally didn’t like this kind of music – then he must be doing something right.

There was something rather strange about this man, though. Manabu didn’t remember ever seeing him around before – even though his face bore the same clan markings Manabu’s did.

“What is it with you people and this kinda music?” the man said. “Prince Kai was the same way.”

Manabu’s head suddenly snapped up. Another fairy who was a musician? And not just any fairy – a prince? “Prince Kai?”

“Oh, c’mon, you know who I mean,” the old man said. “Came back here ‘bout a year ago for his coronation, then went back to the human world. He’s a real successful musician there, they say. Leads some group that played at Budokan.”

“Really?” Manabu leapt to his feet, his heart pounding. It was as if this old man was bringing him a high holy truth, information that would finally bring some direction into what seemed, right now, to be a meaningless life. “Tell me more!”

The man shrugged. “He went to the human world, lived there a few years and turned into a prince. Then he turned down an opportunity to live here and went back to the humans. Don’t know why he likes it there so much, but . . .”

“Where does he live?” Manabu said. “Do you know the name of his group?”

“Dunno,” the old man said. “Gazelle, or something like that. Gaz- something. And he lives in Tokyo.”

“Thank you!” Manabu ran toward home, the guitar floating behind him on a stream of teleportation magic.

“Hey!” the old man shouted. “You can’t just barge in on a prince! He’s a prince, after all!”

Manabu ignored him and just kept running. He’d run all the way to Tokyo if he had to. Finally, his life had a compass. There was another fairy who’d done it – lived in the human world and become a musican. He didn’t even care as much about the “Prince” part as the “Budokan” part.

He was going to find out all he could about this Kai, and how he made it. And then, he was going to do the same.

* * *

Information on the prince wasn’t hard to come by. Fairies could use magic to tap into the human Internet. Through that, Manabu found out that the name of the band Kai belonged to was GazettE, not Gazelle. They had, indeed, played Budokan, and were still gaining in popularity.

Furthermore, this Kai had joined an already existing group when their drummer left and taken over as their leader. He looked like an ordinary human in photos – albeit a very attractive one, with both a sweet, innocent smile and eyes that could burn like coal.

And there was something about him that definitely telegraphed that he was a prince. It was in his whole bearing. He seemed, well, sure of himself. Happy and comfortable with every aspect of his life. Completely in control.

In short, every single thing that Manabu wanted to be.

He found himself spending more and more time researching the prince – finding and studying all of GazettE’s music tracks and videos. And the more he found out, the more he wanted to go follow the other fairy’s path.

Through asking around, he found a group of other young fairies who were living together somewhere in the Tokyo area. They had a roommate returning to the Seelie Kingdom, so he took the spot.

He was going to the human world. He was going to live as one of them, and be a success in music, like Kai was.

Hell, he could even end up a prince like the other fairy – right?

* * *

It didn’t go smoothly at first. Two bands came and went before Manabu was asked to be the support guitarist for a four-man band called SCREW. Right away, he knew this was a group he felt comfortable with. They were on his wavelength musically, they were genuinely nice guys, and, well . . .

They were prone to bouts of random craziness. Quite often, in fact. For example, a recording session would be interrupted by chair races up and down the hall, or a visit to a coffeeshop would result in a swordfight utilizing drinking straws. And it was this that, ultimately, Manabu found most endearing about them. Even though he was normally shy and reserved – except when he was playing – he gladly joined in with the pranks.

It seemed almost inevitable, then, that they would ask him to be their permanent second guitarist, and he eagerly accepted.

It was, of course, far from the superstar scenario than he envisioned. the members all lived at home, or in group living situations – two of his bandmates, Kazuki and Byou, shared an apartment.

“Does that mean you’re, um, well . . .” Manabu asked Kazuki one night after practice, when the two guitarists were putting away their instruments. They were in one of those tiny, dingy places in a not-so-great part of town that were typical for indie bands trying to get a foothold in the business.

At least this one had minimal holes in the walls, unlike the last place they used. They would play rock-paper-scissors to determine whose night it was to stop up the drafts with his coat.

“Um, well, what?” Kazuki said, looking rather amused. There was something, well, a bit different about Manabu. He’d noticed it from the first day he’d played with the band. He could be just as silly as the rest of them, but he had sort of, well, a pure quality you just didn’t see in visual kei that often.

“You know,” Manabu said, looking down at his instrument and seeming very interested in fitting it into the case perfectly.

“Oh, that?” Kazuki said. His smile grew wider. “You bet we are. Every night. Sometimes in the morning, too.”

“Ah.” And he looked twice as interested in his guitar. Fairies were very liberal about love and sex – they were all, by their very nature, bisexual and polyamorous – but that didn’t stop him from blushing when the topic came up. Especially when it came up from Kazuki teasing him.

“You WERE asking about us brushing our teeth at the same time, weren’t you?” Kazuki said, a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

“Kazuki!” Now he was blushing twice as fast, twice as hard and twice as red.

“Why are you so interested in the idea of us being together, anyway?” Kazuki said. “Would you like to watch?”

“No!” Manabu said. “I mean, not that I wouldn’t want to . . . I mean . . .”

“You’re really cute, you know that?” Kazuki wrapped an arm around him. “I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone quite like you.”

You probably haven’t, Manabu thought. He knew of quite a few fairies living in this sector of the human world, but he didn’t know of many who were in visual kei. Other than, of course, his idol, Prince Kai.

“I, well . . . I just am what I am.” Brilliant answer.

“Yeah, well, I don’t want you to change that,” Kazuki said. “We need more people like you in this industry.”

And why did him saying that make Manabu blush a little – again?

* * *

Not too long after that, a rather important-looking man arrived backstage at one of their lives – or, rather, after their set in a small and cramped live house, shared with several other bands.

“My company is very interested in you,” he told them. “We’re expanding our indies division, signing up new acts – and we think you’d be perfect.”

The members of SCREW looked at each other. “We?” Byou said. “Who is ‘we?’”

“Oh, I’m sorry for not fully introducing myself,” the man said. “I’m with Peace and Smile Company – PSC. We represent a number of name acts – Miyavi, Kagrra, the GazettE . .”

Manabu’s eyes opened wide at that. “GazettE?” he said. “THE GazettE?” Kai’s band. This man was with Kai’s management company.

“Yes,” the man said. “We’re very proud of them, too. They started out an indies band just like you, and now? They’ve played Budokan. They may even end up at Tokyo Dome someday.”

Manabu’s eyes widened even more. They were going to pop out and roll across the floor. Which wouldn’t be a good thing, He’d have to use magic to retrieve them, and that would be a hell of a way of telling his secret to his bandmates.

The other members of the band were kind of looking at each other – clearly, they didn’t trust this guy. “Maybe we should think it over,” said Yuuto – their leader. “We need to talk among ourselves, and . . .”

“I think we should go with him,” Manabu said.

And that brought about a great chorus of shocked expressions from his bandmates. “Why do you say that?” said Kazuki.

“If they manage GazettE . . .” They had to go with these people. They just had to. It would bring them closer to their goal of becoming a major band. And besides, it would put Manabu in close proximity to Kai, and . . .

“We don’t know for sure this guy is who he says he is,” Byou said.

But Manabu knew. Fairies had the ability to look at a human and see if they were sincere – and this man was. He was trustworthy, he had the best of intentions – and he really did manage GazettE.

Telling the others this, however . . .

“Trust him,” he said. “Just talk to him, Yuuto. Please.”

“Hey,” Kazuki said. “Manabu, maybe Yuuto’s right. We need to talk among ourselves first, and . . .”

Manabu just gently pushed him away. “Talk to him,” he begged Yuuto. “Find out what he has to say. Just find out. Then we’ll talk among ourselves.”

There was a long pause, during which Yuuto stared at him in half-disbelief – that Manabu was being so bold and forward, and that he’d be so, well, passionate about this. Finally, he waved his hand and said, “Fine, fine. I’ll talk to him.”

“You won’t regret it,” Manabu said – and then caught himself. “I mean – I’m confident it will work out.”

By the end of the evening, they had a handshake deal with PSC, which was a full contract by the end of the week. And Manabu had to wonder if it were the same for Kai when GazettE signed with the company.

* * *

He had hoped that when they were in the same company as his idol, he’d be able to meet Kai quickly and easily.

It didn’t happen that way, though. Once they were officially installed with PSC, their life became a whirlwind – tours, recording, meetings, promos, repeat, repeat, repeat. They even found themselves playing a couple of lives in Germany. They didn’t even have time to breathe, let alone socialize with other bands.

“It’ll be different once we’re major, right?” Kazuki said to Manabu as they were in the van going to yet another live in yet another remote corner of Japan. “We’ve got to get some downtime – eventually.”

“I don’t even think major bands have downtime,” Manabu said, looking up from the trade he was reading. Yes, it was yet another article about GazettE. He followed Kai’s career as closely as possible.

“You’re really interested in these guys, aren’t you?” Kazuki said, looking over his shoulder.

“I just, well . . .” Manabu half-closed the magazine. “I want us to be like them, that’s all.”

“Play Budokan, you mean?” Kazuki said. “Who doesn’t want to do that?” Then, leaning closer to Manabu, he said, “Sure the reason you like them so much isn’t that you find one of them hot?”

“No!” Manabu said, quickly – too quickly. Because, on top of the fact that he was a Fairy Who Made It In The Human Music Industry And Became A Prince To Boot, there was no denying that Kai was very, very, very attractive.

“Come on, you don’t have to be shy about that. I’d get it on with a couple of those guys anytime.” Kazuki pointed to Aoi, one of the guitarists. “Especially him.”

Manabu didn’t reply on that one – he just turned a brighter red. And was that a slight pang of envy toward Aoi that he felt?

* * *

Throughout it all, Manabu was very good at keeping his secret. He did no magic in front of his bandmates, since that would mean transforming back into fairy form (though he was severely tempted to during equipment malfunctions). He didn’t really talk about his background all that much. When he did, he talked about a normal Japanese upbringing in Osaka – the cover story he’d made up when he decided to live as a human.

But one time, when they were on the road, he slipped up, and just like that, the cat was out of the bag. Or, rather, the fairy.

He was rooming with Kazuki when they stopped in Hokkaido – a rather cold area. Furthermore, the hotel they were staying in seemed to want to conserve electricity at all costs – which meant turning the heat down to “deep chill” levels.

Kazuki decided to deal with this situation by going to the bar with a couple of their staff. “It’s warmer down there. Coming with?”

Manabu shook his head. “Not really up to that,” he said.

“You need to join us sometime,” Kazuki replied. “You know what they say about all work and no play.” And off he went, leaving Manabu alone.

He took a deep breath – he knew how to deal with the cold problem. If he cast the spell now, the room would be nicely warmed for the evening by the time Kazuki came back – with no indication of how the warmth got there.

He stood up in the middle of the room and concentrated . . . and he felt a curious warmth flood his body, like a hot liquid running through him. There was a feeling of things shifting around both inside and outside his body – not painful, but a bit odd.

He opened his eyes and looked at the mirror, and there before him was his true form. His skin was blue, his hair a lovely share of indigo. On his cheeks were a pattern of colors that resembled the wings of butterflies – the clan markings that indicated he was directly descended from the line of King Oberon. His ears came to graceful points.

How strange to see himself that way – it had been a long time since he’d worn this form.

He sat cross-legged on the bed, raising his hands above his head and concentrating again. A small orange ball appeared between them, like a tiny sun. He focused on it, making it glow brightly, and the temperature in the room began to rise . . .

And then, the door opened. “What the hell kind of bar closes at this hour?” Kazuki said, as he walked in – and then froze. What the hell was he seeing? He hadn’t drank that much! He should NOT be seeing a Smurf where his bandmate should be. Did someone slip him some kind of drugs in what he DID manage to drink?

Manabu froze as well. Ironic that trying to get warm would lead to all this freezing. Oh, my God. Oh, my GOD. Discovery was never something he’d ever planned on. When Kauziki drank, he was serious about it – nobody saw him for hours. Who would have thought he’d walk in on him when . . .

“I can explain,” he said, jumping off the bed, the little ball of warming magic disappearing at the same time. Right now, cold was the least of Manabu’s problems.

“Explain?” All Kazuki could do was repeat, and stare. Blue. He was BLUE. No uneven tone, either. He should have told them he was so good at makeup, it would save them a lot of dealing with stylists. Because it WAS makeup, right?

“I’m, well . . .” What would Kai do in this situation? Manabu thought. Tell him straightforward, dance around the issue, just try to escape? He took a deep breath and said, “I’m a fairy. What you would call a fairy, anyway.”

Kazuki blinked, and blinked again. Um, well, okay, he told himself. Sometimes that happened. Your night of drinking was interrupted, and your bandmate told you he was something out of Disney. “You’re a . . .”

“Fairy. I’m from the Seelie Kingdom. I decided to live as a human, because, well .. . I’d been exposed to a lot of your musicians. I loved what they did, and I wanted to be like them. And then, I found out about . . .” He stopped himself. He shouldn’t out Kai as well, should he? “Another fairy who had come to the human world, and was successful. And he became a prince, to boot. In our world, princes aren’t born into it – they have to earn the honor.”

The words were hitting Kazuki’s ears and brain and kind of bouncing off. Fairy? Sure. Princes? Why not? Other fairies in the music business? Hey, the more the merrier! This was a dream. This was a fucking dream, or else he was insane.

“I can prove to you I am what I say I am.” He held his hands above his head. “I was starting to do this spell when you walked in. It’s to warm the room . . .”

Kazuki watched as Manabu began to form the little ball of light, like a tiny sun. It grew bigger, and brighter, and the temperature in the room started to rise, all right . . . okay, so his delusions were vivid enough to include temperature changes. Nobody could say he lacked imagination.

Except the more he watched, the warmer the room got, the more he began to think this wasn’t a delusion. It was just too . . . real. Holy shit.

Eventually, Manabu lowered his arms, and the ball shrank and faded – though the room was still warm. “There,” he said. “That should hold all night.”

“Holy shit. Just . . .” Kazuki sat down in a chair, rubbing his head. “I can’t believe these things exist. I can’t believe one is sitting right across from me.”

“We usually keep quiet about our existence,” Manabu said. “We just help maintain the earth’s balance from behind the scenes.” He got up and walked over to the other man. “Hey . . . don’t tell anyone, okay? This is between us.”

“Oh, sure,” Kazuki said. “I won’t tell anybody.” He was in no rush to get locked up as a loon, anyway. But also . . . there was something sweet and delicious about having a crazy secret like this. Especially when it involved a guy like him . . . and um, okay, where did THAT thought come from?

“Now, watch this . . .” Manabu whispered a few words in an arcane tongue, and Kazuki saw his body quickly enveloped in light. When it faded, the human Manabu he knew was standing there.

“Is this just a disguise?” Kazuki said.

Manabu shook his head. “It’s a real human body. We can shift between human and fairy forms. I can do only minimal magic when I’m like this.”

“Then . . . why do you people choose to live as humans?”

“Because fairy life can get boring after awhile,” Manabu headed for his suitcase, because they never really fully unpacked when they were nearly constantly on the road. “We usually live to be around 600. That’s a long time for magic-assisted peace and harmony.”

“Well, you’re never going to get bored here,” Kazuki said. “That I can promise you.”

They both went to bed shortly afterward, in the warmest room in the hotel – and with a feeling that something of a bond had just been forged between them.

* * *

They were finally starting to make enough money that everyone was able to move into his own place. Manabu had to admit it was something of a relief to not have roommates around anymore. While it was good to have people to talk to about the condition of being a fairy living in the human world, it was better to not have four people sharing a single bathroom.

His new apartment was small, but it was all he needed – living room with attached kitchen area, bedroom, washroom and WC. The one extravagance he purchased was a full, queen-sized Western-style bed (although he did ask himself who all that bed space was going to be used for).

He had all the items brought to his apartment by movers, then shifted them into their final spaces with magic. No use being an urban fairy if you couldn’t use your powers for things like moving, right?

Around this time, the band started work on production of a single they expected to put them fully over the top. Gather Roses was, to put it mildly, a sexually charged song, and the PV was going to match it, starting with their very costumes - lots of red, animal prints, some bare flesh and, in Byou’s case, fur.

There was the usual amount of silliness during production of the video – Jin miming everyone’s parts in the song, Byou pretending to fall asleep on his feet while being interviewed, and Manabu himself repeatedly getting the English title of the song wrong. (Hey, when you had to keep two languages straight in your head – Japanese and the tongue of the fairies – just adding a third complicated things).

But there was also an undeniable erotic undercurrent. During the interview for that making-of, Yuuto and Kazuki both just randomly kissed Manabu - not that band members grabbing and kissing each other in front of the cameras was that unusual, mind you. And then, Kazuki put an arm around Manabu for a nice, long time afterward. (Why did that feel just plain, well, right?)

That was only doubled when the actresses were brought in. There was one woman who was supposed to be performing, well, heavy making out with Byou, and another who was playing a stripper giving the other four lap dances.

Stripping and prostitution was still a bizarre concept to Manabu. The fairy world didn’t have such things – didn’t need them, really, with their free sexuality. He actually found it sad that humans had to exchange money for something that should be given entirely of the person’s free will.

And again, he found himself wondering if his idol ever had to do anything like this on the way up. He didn’t think so – of all the GazettE PVs he’d seen, all of the sexuality had been provided by the band members themselves with occasional aid of a microphone or instrument, no actresses touching them needed.

“Bet you didn’t think you’d be performing in a porno when you decided to live as a human,” Kazuki whispered to him before the take proper began.

And there was another strange human concept – porn. Filming sex for others to view. “Is this a porno?” he whispered back.

“As far as I’m concerned, if there’s no penetration, it isn’t porn,” Kazuki replied. “Of course, there could be if you asked her nicely enough.”

“Kazuki!” Okay, this was NOT the time for him to be feeling embarrassed.

However, when it came time for the actress to perform with him, so to speak, he was feeling strangely relaxed. He allowed the woman to settle into his lap and grind against him – and the fact that his costume had the biggest ratio of bare skin (his stomach and arms were completely uncovered) meant that he felt it, too.

And, yes, it felt good. Fairies were pansexual, he could be just as easily turned on by a man as a woman, and vice versa.

So why were his thoughts wandering . . . next to him? Why was he wondering if Kazuki was watching, and if he was getting turned on, and if he’d be thinking of him when the time came for him to get filmed doing this . . .

And when the woman moved on to Kazuki – he watched. He couldn’t help himself. And he was imagining himself being the one in his lap, moving against him and . . . okay, where were these thoughts coming from? It had to do with the PV itself, right? And what Kazuki just said to him?

When the director called “Cut,” the four of them scurried back to the dressing area – Byou was going to be filming with the other actress now. Manabu suddenly felt that he couldn’t get out of this skin-exposing costume fast enough. He wished he could just use his powers to make them vanish and his street clothes appear on his body.

“We need to get more assignments like that,” Kazuki said, wrapping an arm around Manabu’s shoulders again – which was the last thing he needed. He was more aware than ever of the other man’s nearness, of his warmth and scent . . .

“At least this costume will be cool on stage?” Okay, that was out of nowhere. Sure proof that his mind had ceased to function. Any more PVs like this and it would explode altogether.

“You just had a cute woman dry-humping you, and that’s what you think about?” Kazuki said. “Although I wouldn’t mind seeing you in more costumes like that.” He reached down and began to tickle his bandmate’s bare stomach.

Manabu began to laugh, leaning over a little. “Stop!”

“Hey, you’re sensitive there.” More tickling, and more laughs. “I could use this to my advan-“

And at that moment, an assistant director stomped into the backstage area like Godzilla, beady eyes ablaze behind owl-like spectacles. Even his ill-fitting cardigan seemed to be bristling with indignation.

“We need QUIET,” he said. “We’re filming a SENSITIVE scene out here!” And then he stomped back out, as blustery as he came, his heavy footfalls flying in the face of his own request for silence.

Kazuki leaned over toward Manabu and whispered, “Sensitive? In a PV like this? Okay, I want to take a look.” He began to sneak out toward the set, glancing over his shoulder for Manabu to follow.

Manabu snuck after Kazuki, both of them keeping close to the wall so they would be less noticeable. Not that the crew was exactly looking at what was going on behind them. No, all attention was focused on Byou, and the blindfolded actress who was in front of him.

Not to mention what said actress was doing. She had her face very much buried in his crotch, as if she were giving him a blow job.

Holy mother of Oberon – so that’s what they meant by “sensitive.” The woman seemed to be very much into what she was doing – so much that Manabu began to wonder if it was real, if she really had her mouth wrapped around his . . .

Oh, no, he wasn’t getting turned on by that thought, was he? He quickly turned his head away from the action, toward Kazuki . . . which was probably the worst thing he could have done.

He could see the look on his bandmate’s face, the eyes at half-mast, the gently parted lips, all indicating this was affecting him as well. He was so beautiful, so sexy, so . . .

And then Kazuki’s head turned toward Manabu. Their gazes held for a moment – before they headed back into the dressing area, rapidly.

The other two had changed and gone. Most of the staff who weren’t directly involved in the current shoot were gone as well, with a couple of them sticking around to clean up. There was one side room off the main changing area, intended as a sort of break room, with a couch and a few chairs. The two men ducked into there, Kazuki kicking the door shut behind them.

He put his fingers under Manabu’s chin, tipping his head upward, and their eyes met and held again before their lips came together. The kiss didn’t even pretend to be soft and sweet – it went for “hot” right away, lips pressing against each other and parting, tongues coming together urgently.

And that part was hotter than any other French kiss Manabu had ever experienced, because Kazuki had a tongue piercing, which rubbed against the surfaces of his mouth in a delicious way, the hard and cold contrasting with all that soft and warm. What would that feel like on other parts of him . . .

Kazuki was working on rapidly getting rid of his costume from the PV. The red jacket hit the floor, his fingers working on the buttons of his shirt as his tongue continued to caress Manabu’s. And after he finished that, he started to work on Manabu’s little half-shirt as well.

“How did you get this on?” he said. “I can’t seem to figure out how . . .

“Like this.” Manabu quickly undid the fastenings of the elaborate little scrap, tossing it on the floor. Kazuki gave him a lovely smile, and then leaned over.

The next thing Manabu felt was that bit of metal stroking his nipple. He let out a gasp (struggling not to make it too loud, because there were still people out there) and pressed his knuckles against his mouth.

There was the familiar sensation of hot and wet stroking him, and then the sudden cool hardness of the little ornament, creating a different kind of friction, a different kind of erotic shivers . . . and then the hot wetness again.

He grabbed the back of his bandmate’s head, pulling it against him as he leaned his head back, mouth opening in a gasp. Kazuki’s lips were surrounding the bud now, sucking at him, intensifying the feeling.

“Oh, yes,” Manabu gasped as Kazuki raised his head, moving to the other nipple, stroking it with his tongue, the piercing caressing him in its deliciously cold way. Manabu wasn’t holding back his sounds now – he was breathing loudly, letting out soft, low noises that became longer and louder as Kazuki sucked at him.

Dimly, he became aware of his new lover’s hands unfastening his pants, and he pushed them down, along with his underwear, freeing his erection. This made Kazuki look up with a sly smile.

There was a dim thud as Kazuki’s knees hit the floor, and the next sound was a full-throated moan from Manabu, as that piercing began to stroke the head of his cock.

Kazuki licked all around the tip at a slow pace, making sure the metal made contact with flesh. He swept it around, looking for sensitive spots, and when he found one – right under the head – he stroked it slowly, so the other man felt tongue, then metal, then tongue again.

Manabu now had his fist pressed against his mouth, so he wouldn’t openly cry out. He gasped a few words of passion – he didn’t even know if they were in Japanese or fairy language. And when Kazuki started to lick slowly down the underside of his cock, he let out a full-throated moan.

He wasn’t going to last long if Kazuki kept that up . . .

As if reading his mind, the other guitarist got to his feet, kissing Manabu’s lips again, then taking his hand and leading him across the room, to the couch. He paused just long enough to shed his own pants and underwear, then lay down on the couch, arms open, inviting Manabu to pleasure him as he’d just been pleasured.

He did so gladly, leaning over to kiss Kazuki’s neck, moving downward, running his tongue over the skin. He had no tongue piercing, just the one under his mouth, but he took full advantage of that. He moved down to a nipple and brushed his own piercing over it, letting Kazuki feel the coolness of a metal-and-jewel piece just like he had.

His lips surrounded the bud, and he sucked hard, letting his fingers trail down over Kazuki’s stomach . . . and he encountered more metal. Of course, his bandmate had a navel piercing, too.

He raised his head and trailed his tongue along Kazuki’s stomach, stretching one hand up to caress a nipple. When he reached the piercing – and it was beautiful, looking like a glittery central crystal with equally shiny strands hanging from it – he stroked it with his tongue, then licked the skin around it, which was extra-sensitive from the piercing.

“Aaah, yes!” Kazuki cried as Manabu took the ornament in his teeth and gently tugged at it, his fingers still dancing over the nipple, rubbing and caressing. He nipped just above the jewel, and was rewarded with a little shudder.

He leaned over and kissed the tip of Kazuki’s cock, running his tongue up and down the shaft quickly – as much as he wanted to do to his new lover what that woman was seemingly doing to Byou, he knew that they both needed to come as soon as possible - together.

Manabu lay atop Kazuki, so their cocks were pressing together. He heard the other man moan, “Oh, FUCK yes” and felt him wrap his arms around him, hook a leg over his hip. The two men started to move their hips, grinding against each other, cock rubbing against cock . . . ironically, almost the same thing the actress had been doing to them earlier.

This was much nicer. For one thing, it was bare skin on bare skin. Oh, was it ever. Manabu felt like they were melting into each other, the way their chests pressed together, writhing against one another as that little navel piercing pushed into his stomach.

And then Kazuki’s hands were gripping his ass, caressing it, just making Manabu move harder and faster, their cocks brushing and caressing one another, hardness sliding on hardness, slicked by the drops of precome sliding from both.

“Fuck,” Kazuki gasped, squeezing Manabu’s ass harder. “Fuck, that’s so good . . .” His hips were rising all the way off the couch now as the two men ground together, panting and moaning, not caring who the hell heard them.

And then, Kazuki arched upward, letting out a small cry as his body shuddered hard, Manabu looking down at his expression of pure lustful bliss – and nothing they could come up with for that PV could possibly be as erotic as that.

The sight of it sent him over the edge into his own ecstasy, letting out a long moan, then a shuddering gasp as hot sensations more delicious than anything he’d felt with any lover – male or female, human or fairy.

He fell down on top of Kazuki and they clung to each other, both still panting and shivering, until they managed to return to reality – somewhat. Kazuki raised his head, and the two men kissed, softly.

“Why the hell didn’t we do that sooner?” Kazuki said.

Manabu kissed him again. “I don’t know,” he said.

“Well, we have to make up for lost time now, don’t we?” Kazuki wrapped his arms around his new lover, pulling him closer. “You fairy boys are wilder than I thought. You blush all the time when someone talks about sex, but then get you on a bed, or a couch . . . .”

And that just made Manabu blush. “You liked it?”

“I loved it. Nobody plays with my navel piercing, you know that? It’s like you knew what I’d like.” He kissed his lips softly. “We need to get out of here. I’ll put my pants back on and find our clothes.” Meaning, their street clothes, which were in the next room. Plus, they’d need the hangers for their stage costumes. Fortunately, those were far enough away from the main action so there was no come on them.

Manabu gently touched the sticky mess on his stomach – and yes, when he was in this form, his come was white, like normal human come. Just like that, it had happened between them, and it was amazing. It was an experience he wanted to repeat. It was . . .

The beginning of something bigger, maybe?

And suddenly, he found the idea as frightening as it was thrilling. Fairies lived 600 years. Human lives were less than a sixth of that. If he fell in love with a human, was he risking heartbreak like he’d never known before?

* * *

It was a very good thing that they began to be very busy in the wake of the single’s impending release, because it kept Manabu from thinking too much.

When he came here, his ideas and ambitions were extremely simple – be like Kai. Join a band, become famous, and maybe, just maybe, become a prince to boot.

He didn’t expect to be so, well, entangled with humans.

He’d come to feel like he belonged with SCREW more than he ever belonged with any fairy community. When he was playing guitar with them, it was like he was communicating on the highest of high levels, a plane of shared experience that didn’t need words – it was souls talking to souls.

And offstage, they were a match for him in every way – humor, interests, general mindset. They were just as likely to be sitting around a late-night coffee shop laughing and blowing straw wrappers at each other as they were to be drinking in a bar.

It was the kind of place where he had wanted to be all his life. He missed his magic, to be sure, but . . . this was a very good tradeoff.

And then, there was the small matter of Kazuki. Since that rendezvous on the PV set, his emotions were, well . . .

He didn’t confuse sex with love. That wasn’t something fairies did – the two concepts were thought of as especially good together, but equally valid when separate. And yet, he couldn’t shake the feeling that what had happened between them had changed things somehow. That when they were together, well . . .

It felt like there wasn’t anyone else in the world. When they talked, it seemed like not just a conversation, but a sharing – even if they were just joking about the particularly overdramatic faces Byou was pulling, or pointing out how Jin was imitating the facial expressions of a crew member who was being very thorough at tuning a guitar.

And that was the part he most wanted to avoid thinking about. When he came to the human world, the last thing he expected was that he’d fall in love with a human.

Part 2 is here


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Aug. 16th, 2014 05:19 pm (UTC)
Oh God... This is so good! Kaz/Man was always my biggest OTP and I just love reading about them. It feels like I lost myself in your story... It was such a bliss.
Of course, Manabu as a fairy would be perfect. I really want to see him in that blue skin! XD
Kazuki is beautiful as usual. There are no words that can describe him. Whenever I read about him, I feel like I can imagine him in front of my eyes.
And you included the PV of Gather Roses! XD God... I was squealing from Byou's amazingness! Love that PV! Yeah, we all have perverted sides, I'll admit it... Lol!
There are not much stories about this pairing, so I'm really happy that you wrote this. I love long stories like this. You left me anxious with the ending. I'm gonna read part 2 now!
Great job! ^_^
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