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Dec. 4th, 2013

A woman in my office just got tickets to take her daughter and a friend to see One Direction at a football stadium this August (her daughter's Christmas present). They're in the nosebleed seats - waaaay in an upper deck. Price: One hundred bucks a ticket. ONE. HUNDRED. BUCKS. For seats where the band members are going to look like ants. I asked her what the floor seats were going for - and she said up to $600. I am not making this up. AND PEOPLE WERE PAYING IT. She said that when she went to get the tickets - and she logged on to Ticketmaster the moment they went on sale - New York was already sold out, and Philadelphia had only said nosebleed seats.

Good grief, this kind of thing is why I stopped going to Western music concerts. In the West, the CDs are cheap ($20 or less at Best Buy), but do they ever get you when it comes to live performances. YIKES. (And yes, I know this is coming from the woman who went all the way to Germany to see GazettE, but I got to meet an online friend and experience a foreign culture as well as see the band. My roundtrip airfare wasn't that much more than a pair of floor-level One Direction seats).


Jan. 8th, 2014 06:24 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the late reply! LJ sucks at giving me notifications sometimes, haha~

When you buy "general sales" (through eplus, conbinis, etc), the list price, so to speak, is anywhere from $35-50 for indie bands/event lives, and $60-80 for special lives and more major bands. But that all gets thrown out the window with mbok/yahoo auctions because people list the ticket number (order of entry for standing lives) in a range on the listing, and people are paying for the better ticket number that they are otherwise unable to get through general sales (the server crashes and it's almost impossible to get a "good" ticket number yourself. Believe me, I just tried last weekend. xD) Hence the markup~

Buying tickets for lives is such a complicated and sometimes confusing process here, that I almost want to write a guide on it or something from my experience. xD


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