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I noticed that since Tumblr updated its iPhone app (again), when you go to type in tags, it pops up suggestions based on what you're typing - and if you don't use one of their suggestions, the tags don't appear. Now, I've been using tags the same way a lot of other people have - as a place to put my own comments on an image or tweet without having it become part of the actual post (causing people to have to delete it before reblogging). So how are we supposed to add our own comments? Do we have to follow a reblog with a text post to our own blog with a link back to whatever we're commenting on? That seems . . . kinda pointless.

Tumblr needs to add something where you can add your comments and have them show up when you reblog something, but they don't show when the next person reblogs the post from you. Since Tumblr is allegedly a social network, we should be able to be, you know, social. Talk about what's being posted.

Meanwhile, I finally got around to watching the Type A DVD from SCREW's Cavalcade last night - and I think it's by far the band's strongest single since Deep Six, and definitely their best major label single - in terms of both music and visuals. (I'm still trying to figure out all the symbolism. I got that Byou is supposed to be a Kira figure who causes the others to commit suicide - but what's with the traditional costumes that come and go, and the magic act?) It's a bit of a shame that it was released two weeks after Beautiful Deformity, because it kind of stole SCREW's thunder (heck, BD is the reason I'm just now getting around to the SCREW release, and I'm a fan). PSC should space these things out a bit better. Also, I'm hoping that little scrap of Under the SCREW footage at the end of the DVD is a teaser for a full live video to follow, like what PSC did with Alice Nine's Countdown Live. (As for that "SCREW's Greatest Challenge" teaser that was reported to have been put on the screen at the end of the tour final? At first, I thought it was for Budokan, but I gave it more thought, and I'm wondering - does that mean an American tour instead? As far as I know, no PSC band has TOURED America - just done a few shows here and there - and that would count as a "great challenge," all right.)

I'm still plugging away at my new fanfic. I didn't get as much time to write this weekend as I'd hoped (between family Thansgiving stuff and sporadic Internet outages - as in, my writing time was going to getting the damn connection to work instead), but at least I made progress!

And finally, two weeks into the new season of My Little Pony, I'm very impressed with the direction it's going in. They put all the fans' fears about Twilight's new princess status to rest very quickly, the writing is very sharp, the quasi-reboot of the series and continuing storyline are very clever, and they seem to have returned to the Season 1 structure of having all six major characters in every episode, instead of the more recent "spotlight pony of the week with two or three other characters as support." So I'm expecting good things. (Hey, it's like Beautiful Deformity - they realized they went astray, and got back to basics).


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