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Nov. 10th, 2013

i usually don't dream vividly that often, but when I do . . . it can be epic weird. Like last night. I dreamed I was at an anime con of some sort and forgot to bring my luggage with me. I don't think even Kai would manage to lose his luggage on a trip. So I was lying down on a couch in the lobby, because apparently I couldn't go up to my room in the hotel without luggage, and I was approached by ldybastet, misumaru and one_short_fuse. Granted, I've never met any of them in-person, but my mind conjured up an impression of what they would look like. They seemed concerned that I didn't have my luggage and offered to go shopping with m to find essentials and a couple of cheap changes of clothes.

So suddenly the dream shifts abruptly, and this time I'm no longer at a con, I'm going for a job interview for an assistant director position on Avengers 2, which has, for some reason, become a Harry Potter crossover. Yes, Harry Potter and the Avengers in the same movie. And the movie studio where I was being interviewed was located in a mall. (I usually remember my dreams only in fragments, but malls and restaurants show up quite frequently). It was a mall, by the way, designed to cater to the film industry - upscale stores, shops where people could buy movie props, etc. And half of one floor was the studio itself. I was interviewed by the head director, who was a very nice British lady who didn't seem concerned at all that I had no film experience. And then I woke up with a huge headache.

Okay, I think I can figure out where some of the pieces of the dream came from. Harry Potter was from Ruki saying on Twitter that he didn't like the Harry Potter films and me imagining the fan crapstorm that might result (given that most Sixth Guns were probably at least partially in the Potter fandom at some point). The assistant director thing comes from my latest fanfic, where Uruha was trying to get assistant director jobs on TV shows in order to break into the industry before ending up directing porn. ldybastet, misumaru and one_short_fuse are the co-mods of gazettefanworks along with yours truly (plus, I really would like to meet them in-person someday!). But the missing luggage? The Avengers? I haven't a clue. No wonder I woke up with a headache.


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Nov. 11th, 2013 09:29 am (UTC)
How very odd! XD I'm actually kind of curious to hear what your subconscious thinks we look like; after all, I'd be lucky if I looked even vaguely like my usual icon! :P

Also, I'm actually more amused by the fact that Ruki seems to be a Jason Statham fan than the HP revelation. Oh dear, oh dear... XD
Nov. 11th, 2013 04:34 pm (UTC)
Hey, at least he didn't say he was a supporter of Cucumberpatch. XD

Well, let's see. My subconscious figured that one_short_fuse would look like a real-world version of the icon she uses, so that's pretty much what she came out looking like. Also, she was wearing one of those World Tour shirts they were selling at the Gaze lives and had a tote bag full of yarn slung over her shoulder.

ldybastet came out as having long, straight (halfway down her back) hair that was dyed black-black, with bangs, and she had small glasses that were sort of cat eye-shaped. She was wearing a GAZEROCK IS NOT DEAD baseball shirt, like the one I wore to the Munich live, with a longish black skirt and black suede boots. Also, she had elaborate purple nails with sparkly crystals on them, and eyeshadow and lipstick that matched her nails.

You were the only one that wasn't wearing a GazettE shirt - I remember you were wearing some kind of Middle Earth-type thing covered in Elvish rules with Ent-like trees, plus blue jeans. You were very tall and thin and had sort of chin-length, curly dark brown hair. Also, you had a blue denim purse that had a bunch of pins from various fandoms on it (mostly J-rock).
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