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Nov. 2nd, 2013

My Kai muse seems to be on a mission to flog everyone. First Uruha, then Ruki, and now, it's Aoi's turn. The Aoi one was with a double purpose, though. Bingo-type writing challenges have something called a Single Line Extra - that's when you write one fic encompassing all the kinks on a bingo line. That's a challenge I'd wanted to try to meet since I did Kink Bingo last year. Unfortunately, I never did, because pesky squares like "Plushie or Furry Kink" kept getting in my way, and with lines that didn't have pesky squares, the kinks didn't match up well.

This year, instead of the regular Kink Bingo (which had changed a lot of the prompts because they claimed the original ones were "too penis-y" while retaining many that leaned heavily toward female characters, making things harder for yaoi writers), I participated in the Penisy Kinks Bingo challenge started by the wonderful ldybastet. (It is open to all and casual, so you can still participate if you want!) And fortunately, my card produced a line with squares that could be combined to make a fic! Put that together with my ongoing Kai Flog All The Things obsession, and you got this. So now I've done one fic with Kai flogging each of the bandmates I ship him with. XD (I didn't plan it this way, but it turned out that each flogging scene was written from a different POV - the Uruha scene from an outside observer, the Ruki scene from the flogger and the Aoi scene from the flogee.)

Meanwhile, I'm working on a writeup of my other-than-the-GazettE-live adventures in Munich, and that should be up in the next day or so! (With pictures!)


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