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Title: The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Chapter: Standalone for now, but there’s probably going to be a sequel
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Pure PWP Smut
Warnings: Male/male sex, plaster casting of a sensitive body part
Pairing: Aoi X Kazuki
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Facing a long separation because of their respective tours, Aoi decides to give Kazuki a very unique birthday gift – one that only he can give him.
Comments:Written for the sex toys square of my Penisy Kinks Bingo card, and my birthday fic for Kazuki! And, yes, the kit that they use to make the toy here is a real thing (you can even buy it through Amazon)! The story that Aoi relates about Jimi Hendrix is real, too – artist/groupie Cynthia Plaster Caster immortalized the guitarist’s member using plaster and a substance used to mold dentures, and later made a bronze copy of her work.

Ruki Aoi knew he had something unique in the bag he was carrying when he knocked on Kazuki’s door. Any guy could give his loved one jewelry (though he’d done that on several occasions) or electronic devices (even though he’d been the one who bought Kazuki’s iPod) or nice clothes (and, yes, Kazuki’s favorite spring jacket had come from him, too).

Nobody else in the world, though, could give his lover what he planned to give him. Nobody.

He was greeted at the door by a huge hug and lingering kiss. “I just got home,” Kazuki said. “We’re all set for the tour. I’m excited about it.” His eyes, however, told another story of mixed emotions. He was excited about the tour, all right – but at the same time, he wasn’t exactly looking forward to a lengthy separation from Aoi. Between his own tour and GazettE’s jaunt to South America and Europe, they wouldn’t see each other face-to-face for nearly two months.

Aoi read that expression, all right. All the more reason to be giving Kazuki this.

“We’re just about set, too.” He put the bag down on the floor, wrapping both arms around the other man. “But that’s not what’s important tonight.”

“No?” Kazuki said, giving him mischievous eyes.

“Oh, no.” Aoi picked up the bag. “Tonight is about your birthday. Okay, early birthday.” Because, of course, he’d be off in Russia on Kazuki’s actual birthday. Such was rock and roll.

“Aoi!” Kazuki reached out to take the package from him. “You’re too sweet!”

“Uh-uh, not yet.” Aoi pulled it back. “This isn’t just any present, you know. This is something you’re going to treasure. Something unique.”

“You had something made for me?” Kazuki said, trying to figure out what it was from the shape and size. No markings on the bag at all – that was unusual. It didn’t look big enough to be clothes, or small enough to be jewelry. Shoes? No, it was the wrong shape for a shoebox, too.

“Sort of,” Aoi said. “Well, actually, we’re going to make something for you. Right here, right now.”

“You’re . . . going to cook?” Uh-oh. Kazuki was actually worried about that. He’d pointedly avoided letting his lover use the kitchen for anything but tea and toast – and he’s managed to burn the latter, too.

“No,” Aoi said. “Okay, might as well let you in on it. It’s something to remember me by when we’re separated. Something that will assure you’ll never have a lonely night. Something you’re going to love – in more ways than one.”

Kazuki was baffled. The description sounded like . . . some kind of communication device? But he already had a perfectly good phone. And computer. And iPad. “What is it?”

Aoi didn’t say a word. He just reached into the bag and withdrew a long, cylindrical box with English writing on it from the bag. Kazuki squinted at it, trying to sound out the words . . . “Ku-lonu a weeree . . . .”

Sure enough, the box said, in huge, bold letters, “CLONE-A-WILLY.”

“We’re going to make our own sex toy,” Aoi said. “A toy of my cock.”

Kazuki blinked at the box. He’d never heard of such a thing – and in his band, he’d heard about all kinds of dirty, smutty things on a regular basis. Hell, he’d even talked about a lot of them. “How?”

“It’s easy,” Aoi said. “We mix up this molding stuff and pour it in this tube – here. We put Mt. Fuji in there, give it a couple of minutes, pull it out . . .”

Kazuki winced. “Isn’t that going to hurt?”

“Nah, I shaved for the occasion. There will be nothing for it to catch on. And then, after it dries a bit, we pour the latex in there, let it harden overnight, pop the mold open, and, voila! Mt. Fuji is immortalized! See, there’s even a little vibrating thing to put in it for extra fun!”

Kazuki just looked at the tube, then at Aoi, then back at the tube. He was seeing this, wasn’t he? This was a real product? This wasn’t some gag Aoi had made up?

“And, hey, it’ll be fun doing it,” Aoi said. “So we get a hot night and you get a replica of me in the process. Everyone wins!” (Not to mention Aoi himself, since he’d get to see his cock immortalized.)

Kazuki opened the tube, starting to pull out the components. A bag of white powder. A bottle of liquid rubber. Oh, yes, this was a hundred percent serious. “Well, all right,” he said, “as long as nobody’s going to get hurt.”

“Trust me,” Aoi said. “Would I hand my cock over to you if I thought it wasn’t completely safe?” He wrapped his arms around Kazuki. “And you’re overdressed for this occasion. For that matter, so am I. Why don’t we take this into the bedroom?”

Kazuki picked up the tube, carrying it into his room, feeling a little like an Olympic runner bearing the torch. He still couldn’t believe such a thing existed. He could only imagine how his bandmates would react to that. (Well, Byou would probably want one of his own right off the bat – though he’d probably be more likely to hide it in his bandmates’ instrument bags to see the reactions than use it with Manabu).

He set it on the nightstand and quickly stripped down, lying across his bed and waiting for an equally naked Aoi to join him. The two men kissed slowly and hotly, tongues brushing against one another lightly, then harder, fingers tangling in each other’s hair.

Kazuki trailed his fingers over Aoi’s chest as they kissed, toying lightly with a nipple, squeezing it a bit – and feeling the other man arch toward him. He responded by rubbing his thumb over the bud, making a slow circle.

“We have to do something to get you ready to make that mold, don’t we?” Kazuki murmured against his lover’s lips.

“Mmmm,” Aoi answered, arching toward Kazuki again.

“Like this?” Kazuki murmured, letting his hand slide downward until his fingers were brushing Aoi’s cock. He quickly began to stroke, fingers running up and down the shaft, feeling it start to harden at his touch.

“Oooh, yes,” Aoi moaned. “Get me hard, baby. Get me as hard as you possibly can.”

“I know you like this.” Kazuki tightened his fingers a bit right under the head, pumping it, making his lover start to writhe and moan. Kazuki might take the receiving role most of the time, but that didn’t mean he was a passive lover. Quite the contrary. He got as much excitement out of seeing Aoi’s reactions to him as he did out of his lover’s touch.

“Mmm, you’re good,” Aoi purred. “You’ve always been good.” He let out another moan as his lover started to kiss his way down his stomach. “You’re going to suck me the way I like, aren’t you?”

Kazuki raised his head with a sly smile. “What do you think?”

“I think I may end up even harder than I planned,” Aoi murmured.

Kazuki knew he was going to have to be very careful – he couldn’t afford to take Aoi too far. While it would be nice to have him come all over his face, it would also defeat the purpose of what they were doing.

So he leaned over, took the head of Aoi’s cock in his lips and started to suck, opening wider, sliding it in slowly. This was something he loved, feeling the texture of cock going from “stiffening” to “rock-hard” in his mouth, hearing the other man groan in pleasure and murmur his name, the feel of firm muscles under his fingers as he caressed Aoi’s thighs, adding another layer of pleasure.

“Oh, that’s it,” Aoi moaned. “Take it all in, baby. Take in as much as you can.” Kazuki pressed down harder, taking it almost all the way into his throat, sucking harder, moaning, oh, yes, it was so good, the feel of hardness, the musky smell and taste, the sound of Aoi’s moans . . .

And he had to stop now if they were going to make the mold. Much as he didn’t want to.

He went into the bathroom quickly, taking the kit with him. He needed water to mix the paste. He read the directions . . . yikes, he had only about 30 seconds to do this? And he had to make sure Aoi was still rock-hard throughout the process? This was going to be one hell of a juggling act.

Fortunately, Kazuki loved a good challenge.

He poured the water in the paste and rushed back into the bedroom, mixing all the way. “How are you doing?” he asked Aoi. Good, he was still hard. He leaned over – while still mixing – and gave it a few quick strokes of his tongue for good measure.

Aoi let out a small moan. “I’m fine as long as you keep doing that.”

So Kazuki kept licking, and kept mixing, and kept stealing small glances over at the concoction. It was just about mixed and ready.

“All right,” he said, pouring it into the tube. “I’m going to lay on the bed, and hold this thing up, and you’re going to lean over and thrust downward. And we have to do this fast.” He stretched out on his back, tube held up and at an angle, waiting for Aoi to kneel astride him.

“They don’t make this awkward or anything,” Aoi said, bending over and fitting his erection to the end of the tube. “Okay, here goes nothing . . .”

He thrust into the molding substance and instantly got a shock of cold. Good thing Kazuki had gotten him rocklike, or else he’d be looking at instant shrinkage here, and that would end the whole project really fast, wouldn’t it?

“What’s it like?” Kazuki said.

“Let’s just say I’m not going to do this every day. I like fucking you a lot better.”

“I’m going to take that as a compliment,” Kazuki said.

Aoi glanced over at the clock. He could definitely feel the stuff around him changing texture, going from soft and wet to hard and dry. “Wow,” he said. “This is a bit like having my cock in a cast. I don’t know if I like it.”

“I’ll have to be careful not to injure it, then – so you never have to wear a cast on it for real.” Kazuki raised his head. “How are you going to get out of it?”

“Just back out – quickly.” Okay, Aoi hadn’t thought this part out all that well. But, hey, other guys had done this without injury, right? There was even a story that a couple of groupies had done this to Jimi Hendrix and immortalized his member in bronze. Well, if it was good enough for a superstar like Jimi, it was good enough for a superstar like him. (Mt. Fuji, he thought, should definitely be immortalized in bronze. Gold, even.)

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and pulled back. Fortunately, he exited the mold a lot more quickly than he thought he was going to. Yeah, he definitely made the right decision to shave. He flopped back on the bed with a sigh of relief.

Kazuki sat up, looking concerned. “Aoi? Are you all right?”

“I may have to have you give me therapy later.” He gave Kazuki a look of mock agony. “Hot, wet thearapy. Followed by immersion in a nice, tight ass.”

“I can arrange that,” Kazuki said. “But first . . .” He took the mold and poured the liquid rubber into it – he’d push in the vibrator motor after it set a little. “There! Now we just have to let it set overnight, and . . .” He hopped back on the bed next to Aoi.

“And we have fun in the meantime,” Aoi said, pulling his lover toward him. “You deserve something for getting me ready that well.”

“Like what?” Kazuki said, snuggling against him.

“Maybe this.” Aoi ran his fingers along Kazuki’s cock, softly. “Or maybe this.” He began to rub his thumb over the head in circles.

“Mmmm,” Kazuki purred. “What else?”

“Well, of course, there’s this . . .” Aoi turned around, shifting his body so he could get at Kazuki with his mouth, leaning toward the other man’s erection. His tongue touched the underside, sliding up rapidly.

“Oh!” Kazuki gasped. “Yes, I like that.”

“And this?” Aoi started to kiss the tip, tonguing it, then kissing again.

“Aoi!” Kazuki writhed beneath him.

“Mmm, you seem to like this, don’t you?” A teasing flick. “What if I did more?”

“Yes!” Kazuki gasped, reaching down for his head.

“Maybe this?” He ran his tongue top to bottom, then up again.

“Oh, yes, baby!” Kazuki moaned.

“Of course, I could always . . .” Aoi wrapped his lips around the tip, sucking for one second – then pulled away. “Naaah.”

“Please!” Kazuki cried. “Aoi!”

“Hmm.” Aoi kissed the tip, leisurely. “Have to think about it.” He rubbed his cheek against the shaft. “Now, is that something that I really want to do?” Another teasing flick.

“Yes!” Kazuki said, writhing beneath his lover again, pushing his hips forward, trying to push into his mouth.

“Decisions, decisions . . .” And Aoi licked top to bottom again, drawing a long moan from his lover. “What to do . . .” He licked upward again.

“Suck me!” Kazuki moaned. “I need you to suck me . . .”

“Oh, what the hell.” Aoi suddenly pulled him in, moving down right away, sucking hard, tonguing it, then sucking again. He began to move up and down, sliding almost all the way out, then down again, then back . . .

Kazuki let out a long, low sound, closing his eyes and letting his head fall back. Oh. My. God. Aoi was SO good at this – he knew just how much pressure to apply while sucking, how fast to bob his head, and, dear God, his tongue, the way it flicked rapidly here and there while his lips did their magic. . .

Aoi moved down harder, faster, taking in as much of it as he could without gagging, wanting his lover to feel like he was being thoroughly mouth-fucked. God, he tasted good, and he filled his mouth in a luscious way.

Going down on him was a pure pleasure in every sense of the word.

He eased his mouth away before Kazuki could go too far, though. “Turn over,” he said, pulling away.

Kazuki did, quickly pulling his knees up, offering his bottom to his lover. “Like this?”

“Perfect,” Aoi said, reaching for the lube. He slicked his fingers, pushing one into that tight, hot, waiting ass.

And all the way, he kept stealing glances over to the tube sitting on the nightstand. He couldn’t wait until the thing was done. He wanted to see Kazuki’s face when he realized he had a perfect replica of Aoi’s cock in his hands, that he could pleasure himself with it whenever and wherever he wished.

It was the next best thing to being there, right?

He slid in a second finger, as Kazuki purred in appreciation. “I need you in me,” he murmured.

“You’re very eager,” Aoi said, sliding the fingers in and out. “Did making the copy of my cock turn you on?”

“Yes,” Kazuki moaned.

“Mmmm,” Aoi said, pushing in a third finger. “You really like the idea of having that thing. You can never get enough, dirty boy that you are. You want to have me all the time.”

“Oh, yes,” Kazuki murmured, thrusting back against the fingers.

“I’m going to watch you do it on the webcam, when we’re apart.” Aoi slid his fingers out and started slicking his cock. “I want you to point the cam right at your sweet ass, and get yourself ready. I want to watch those fingers going in and out, and I want to hear you moan . . .”

“Aoi . . .” Kazuki raised his hips as his lover’s cock started to gently push against his entrance, encouraging him to fill him.

“And then I want to see you slide the toy in. Slowly at first, just the tip . . .” He pushed the tip of his cock to his lover, starting to fill him gradually. “I want to watch it disappear into you. I want to know you’re feeling it in you, feeling it hit all the places in you that I do . . .”

He paused, now that he was sheathed inside Kazuki. “Yeah, take all of it that you want to. It’s all yours and yours alone, every inch of it.” He bent over, kissing the other man’s lips. “You’re thinking about it already, aren’t you? Letting me see you do that?”

“Oh, yes,” Kazuki murmured.

Aoi began to move, pulling his hips back slowly. “And then, I want to see you start to thrust it in and out of you. As fast or as slow as you want, baby, it’s all for you. However you want it. And I’ll watch every bit of it, watch how your skin starts to get sweaty, and your body starts to tremble a little . . . watch you start to move faster on it, because you can’t get enough . . .”

Kazuki was moaning now, starting to raise his hips with each thrust, his head filled with both the sensation of his lover fucking him – the hardness sliding through him, the tingles running from his ass to every part of his body – and the fantasy. He could see himself performing for Aoi, thrusting against that copy of him, putting on a very private porno show, feeling so sexy and beautiful . . .

“And I’m going to be touching myself while I watch,” Aoi moaned, started to thrust harder and faster. “I’m going to be imagining it’s my cock going into that ass instead of the toy, that I’m fucking you just like this. Oh, yes, your ass is so tight . . . I love how it feels . . .”

Kazuki just thrust his hips harder, trying to take in more of that cock, that glorious cock. He was filling him so much, thrusting in so deep, but he wanted it, he needed it, he didn’t care if he felt like he was going to burst, because it was so, so good . . .

“My cock,” he gasped. “Touch my cock, Aoi . . ,”

Aoi obeyed, wrapping his fingers around the hard length and starting to stroke. “You’re close now . . . I can feel it. You want to come hard for me, Kazuki?”

“Oh, my God . . .” He thrust upward again. “Please, Aoi, make me come . . .”

He ran his thumb over the tip of Kazuki’s hardness. “That’s it, baby, relax, just give into it . . .”

Kazuki drew a deep breath, thrusting forward again, and finally, the pleasure exploded, and he let out a loud yell as the come poured over Aoi’s fingers, as his ass clenched hard around his lover’s erection . . .

Aoi yelled out in response, thrusting hard into Kazuki, and he let go as well, shuddering in ecstasy over and over, until he finally collapsed atop him, gasping. The lovers wrapped their arms around each other, kissing gently.

“So good,” Kazuki murmured. “I can’t believe how good it is with you.”

Aoi raised his head. “But, of course,” he said, voice still a bit harsh from crying out. “Did you expect anything else?”

“I love you,” Kazuki said, snuggling against him. “Thank you for the present. It’s something really unique, you know?”

“I wouldn’t get you anything else,” Aoi said. “Besides, it’s the gift that keeps giving, right?”

Kazuki chuckled and snuggled against him again. The “I wouldn’t get you anything else” was probably as close as a return declaration of love as he was going to get. That was okay – he knew.

Not every guy would get his lover something this insane – and at the same time, so strangely sweet and intimate. It really was, in many ways, the perfect gift for the two of them.

* * *

The toy came out of the mold the next night, when Kazuki had just gotten back from doing their NicoNico show (they’d celebrated his birthday on-camera) and Aoi was still at rehearsal for the festival in Russia.

Kazuki turned the finished product over in his hand – it was sporting a button for the vibrator and a special wide base supplied to Aoi by the sex toy store, since he’d told him it was going to be primarily for anal use.

It was a lot . . . pinker than Aoi. Screaming bubblegum pink, in fact. Why did toy manufacturers always think that colors not found in nature were sexy?

But otherwise? It was a perfect replica, all right. The shape and size were exact. It even preserved a couple of nice ridges and textures.

Kazuki sat on his bed, running his fingers over it. Oh, he knew how this felt – the way the shape of the tip made it easy to push into him, the contours here and there that rubbed against his sensitive spots . . .

He held it up to his lips, kissing it lightly. It was firm enough that he’d be able to give himself a good fucking, all right. He’d be enjoying having this around on tour – especially knowing that Manabu and Byou would be across the hall from him, and probably getting it on with each other every night. (What was lonelier than a bandleader with two bandmates in a relationship? A bandleader who was separated from his boyfriend in another band).

Aoi understood him, of course. Aoi always understood. (Then again, Aoi had Kai and Uruha in his band – so he was in the same boat Kazuki was). As silly as it seemed, this make-your-own toy was more romantic a gift than jewelry or clothes could ever be.

He reached for the snap of his pants, ready to give the thing a test run . . , and then, his phone rang.

“It’s me,” Aoi said. “I’m done, and I’ll be over in a few.”

“Good,” Kazuki said. “I’ll be ready.”

“How’s my gift?” Aoi said. “Did it come out yet?”

“Yes, it did,” Kazuki replied, “and it’s beautiful. It really does look just like you.”

“I want to see it,” Aoi said. “But I want to see your body more. I can see Mt. Fuji at any time.”

Kazuki laughed. “You’ll see it,” he said. “See it, and more.”

“I’ll take you up on that,” Aoi said. “Okay, see you in a few.”

Kazuki looked at the toy again, and then gently put it down on the nightstand. Time to get ready for his lover – strip down and put on a yukata. Aoi liked seeing him like that.

They’d look at the toy, of course, and play with it a little – but use it fully? No, not tonight. There’d be a time for that, when they were separated. Then, they’d make the most of it - he was very much looking forward to putting on a show for Aoi in front of the webcam.

But for now? A replica might be nice, but it wasn’t the original. He had the real thing, if only for a few more precious days. And he was going to take advantage of that.


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Aug. 5th, 2013 05:10 am (UTC)
omfg that was fucking phenomenal!!!

I can't imagine how awkward it would be to make one of those things!!

And you HAD to say Mt. Fuji.

sssssexcuse me while I LKASDNFL;AKJSDFLAKJFGL;ASKJDF;LAJ all over the fucking floor.

Aug. 5th, 2013 08:32 am (UTC)
AHHHHHHHH that was interesting! XD i never knew a thing like that existed and it would've been awkward if it wasn't Aoi suggesting it haha. i also just realized that Aoi won't be in Japan on Kazuki's birthday aw ;u; too bad. I remember the live report about Byou reading Aoi's letter to Kazuki on his birthday live and i bet it was the cutest thing ever <3

I LOVED THIS OKAY AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL :3 I can feel their love for each other and it's so precious *sobs* i also love how you always put the part about Kazuki saying I love you but Aoi doesn't say it back c: It's sweet somehow hehe. Aoi pls say i love you too so Kazuki will be very happy but shocked XD
Aug. 5th, 2013 09:33 am (UTC)
How Aoi explained the process really was the most interesting thing ever! Oh I just can't stop laughing now haha XD
Aug. 5th, 2013 11:49 am (UTC)
I even didn't know that there was something like this!
wow aoi, you're the superstar king! xD
Aug. 5th, 2013 07:47 pm (UTC)
oh my god i can`t xD that was awesome ! d^-^b
Aug. 12th, 2013 12:03 am (UTC)
Just wanted to say that this was very hot!! I can't wait to see what happens next!!
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