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Nov. 13th, 2011

Secret confession time! This fic is by me. I wrote it under another pen name (yay, my old and no-longer-used RP journals are good for something!) because this pen name/journal name are so very associated with ShouPon.

This isn't a ShouPon - it's Ruki X Shou, set several years before Stargazer. It's actually a different universe than my Boots fics. (My Hiroto muse insisted on it - it's the only way he let me get away with this. Whenever I've tried to write about Shou's previous affairs in the Stargazer verse, Hiroto has blocked me, insisting Shou is HIS. Oh, and I had to put a tag at the end of this fic indicating that Shou eventually ends up with Hiroto).

The inspiration for the fic was the way I've always perceived the relationship between Ruki and Shou. Shou seems to have Ruki up on a high pedestal (insert joke about Ruki needing the pedestal because of him being vertically challenged here). It's not a far stretch to imagine he has a crush on him, or had one during Alice Nine's earlier days.

There's a picture that was on the cover of Shoxx for the 2005 Peace and Smile Carnival - which, unfortunately, I can't seem to find anywhere online - of all the PSC vocalists. Shou looks like he's literally trying to hide behind Ruki - which says to me that 1) He has insecurity issues at this point (watch some of Alice Nine's videos from around then - he's trying TOO HARD and he doesn't look as comfortable as he does now) and 2) He's very dependent on Sempai (which, I've noticed, he still calls him). So that was the basis of the fic.
Here is another picture of the two of them around the time the fic takes place; Shou, again, looks like he wants to fade into the wallpaper.

May do some more with this pairing, we'll see. I still also want to write the fic involving Hiroto helping Aoi out with a certain life problem, but that one is going to be time-consuming.


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