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Title: The Hunger-For-Ramen Games
Chapter: Second of two parts (split up because of LJ’s post limits), Part 1 is here
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17 (the smut’s in this part!)
Genre: Romance, smut, humor
Warnings: Male/male sex, rimming, 69
Pairing: Byou X Shou, appearances by Tora X Saga and Aoi X Kazuki, mention of past Ruki X Shou
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: There is an annual ritual run by the company known as PSC, in which select bands are obligated to send two tributes to a brutal battle of ultimate humiliation known as Visual Battle Royale. The insane stunts are surreal enough, but when one of the hosts and one of the contestants have wanted each other from afar for a long time, things could get VERY interesting.
Comments: My birthday fic for Shou! And, yes, this is a VERY unusual pairing, but with all the things that happened in the actual 2012 Visual Battle Royale, I couldn’t resist. Dialogue in this fic from the actual show is from jaeho_x3’s translation. And finally – I’m very new to the SCREW fandom, but I heard a little bit about Byou and Minase having something of a Twitter war. I tried to include a little bit of that in this story – apologies if it’s not entirely accurate (like I said, I’m new here! ~_^)

If someone had told Shou a week ago – hell, even yesterday – that he’d go to the T.M. Revolution live and barely pay attention through the whole thing, he’d have told them they were crazy.

Oh, he bounced around and did the appropriate furi. (He’d been to enough of the man’s shows to be able to do the moves in his sleep). But every time he tried to focus on what was going on in front of him, another image would appear in his mind’s eye.

Byou looking like a complete dork, and somehow completely adorable at the same time, when he tripped over the jump rope. (Was he really staring at Shou beforehand?) Byou sitting quietly in the front row of musicians between events, looking like he was posing for a magazine even if he was just waiting to do another silly stunt.

And again and again, the moment when the other vocalist poked him in a sensitive spot, then thew his arms around him from behind.

He had to talk to him again. He could wait until they were both back in the office – but there was no guarantee of that, was there? All the bands were on different schedules – it was a crapshoot who was going to be in the office when you went in. Well, who would have his number? Ruki? Ruki could have Aoi get it from Kazuki, and . . .

And he’d seem like a stalker, right?

He heaved a heavy sigh between encores – and then, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He pulled it out – a text message from Nao.

“When you’re done at the live, come to the afterparty for the Battle. You won’t regret it.” And then, the address of the restaurant where it was being held.

Shou swallowed hard, putting the phone back. Afterparty? Would everyone who’d participated be there? There was only one way to find out.

* * *

The group gathered in the back room of one of the trendy, Western-style restaurants favored by PSC artists looked a bit different than they had when they were onstage before the cameras. For one thing, Minase had shed his cosplay and now looked like your typical off-duty J-rocker instead of an anime character.

Most of them had showered and changed. Byou, who’d felt perfectly comfortable in his track suit, had just put on another track suit. (He had several of them at home). Those who wore contacts had switched to their glasses.

“This had better be worth it,” Saga said, picking up his glass of whiskey on the rocks. “I’m missing a very important game for this party.”

“You’ll have it on the DVR,” Tora reminded him.

“That’s not the same as watching it live,” Saga retorted.

“I think it’ll be worth it,” Nao said as he entered the room carrying a box, which he set down on the table.

“What’s that?” Hiroto peeked in.

“Props from the Battle,” Nao said. “Hiroto-kun, you and I talked about this, remember?”

“What is it?” Tora said, leaning over as well.

“You can’t look yet,” Nao said. “Oh, look, I think the guest of honor is arriving.”

At the other end of the table, Byou looked up from his own drink, craning his neck. Sure enough, there was a Lincoln Town Car pulling up in front of the restaurant, and a figure in a blue suit getting out, bowing politely to the driver.

Byou took a drink and swallowed. Whoops, his heart went down with the liquid, because it was in his throat. Good thing he wasn’t trying to sing tonight.

“Byou-kun, are you okay?” Manabu asked him. “You’ve been awfully quiet tonight.”

“Yes, I’m all right,” he said, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it. “Just something on my mind.”

“Do you need to talk about it?” Manbu said this as the something on Byou’s mind made his way into the restaurant and was shown into the back room by the staff.

It was showtime.

“Maybe later,” Byou said, as he watched Shou entering the room, breathless and flushed and just plain gorgeous.

“Did I miss much?” Shou said, looking around the room.

“We haven’t even gotten started, Shou-kun,” called Kouki from the far side of the table.

“No, we haven’t,” Nao said, standing up in front of the room. For now, he was going to resume the mantle of Leader-san that he had handed over to Shou earlier in the year. “Everyone, thank you for coming. I hope you had a good time today. We did, even though the three of us were pretty useless. It was Shou-kun who saved the day.”

“No, no, it was all of you!” Shou said, waving his hands in front of him – and pointedly avoiding looking directly over at Byou. “You all supported me!”

“Nevertheless,” Nao continued, “other than Shou-kun winning the last event, it seems that he and Tora-kun were spared what that rest of us went through. So therefore . . .”

He reached in the box and withdrew some items. Two pans and a pink rubber hammer. A pair of pedometers.

“We don’t have enough room to do the jump rope or baseball challenges,” Nao said. “But we can have them do the headbanging and rock-paper-scissors challenges.”

“Eeeehhh?” Tora said. “Not fair! I have to do these things on Alice Nine Channel every single month!”

“It is fair,” Nao said. “We had to do all these things today. Now, you two sit on opposite sides of the table . . .” He set down the two pans at two of the chairs and put the rubber hammer between them.

Tora and Shou sat down by the pans, getting set to play rock-paper-scissors – when Nao broke in again. “Oh, and one more think. I’m adding a twist to the game.”

Both men looked at him. “What kind of twist?” said Tora.

With the kind of broad grin Nao usually displayed in Akihibara, he said, “There’s a penalty. Whichever of you loses each challenge has to do whatever I say.”

“Can’t we just put on the animal masks?” Shou said.

“We don’t have them with us,” Nao said. “I’ll referee the game. Okay, get set . . .”

There were two things Nao knew about Shou – that he was a grand master at hit-or-cover rock-paper-scissors, and that he was a complete dork when it came to headbanging. Good thing he wasn’t in GazettE.

He was counting on the second to bring the evening to a happy ending.

* * *

As expected, Shou had readily defeated Tora in straight sets. Tora’s penalty was to sing an enka song in front of the group a capella, although he insisted that repeatedly getting whacked in the noggin by Shou – who hit HARD – was punishment enough.

“And now, the headbanging challenge,” Nao said. “Please take the pedometer in your hand and on my signal, headbang for 30 seconds.”

Shou picked up the device, taking a deep breath. He just hoped he had the super-sensitive one ViViD had used, not the it’s-got-to-be-broken one SCREW had. He didn’t want to have to do a penalty in from of Byou.

But if it happened, he had to just take it like a good sport, right?

“All right,” Nao said, holding up his phone, which was displaying a stopwatch. “Ready, set . . .”

He dropped his arm, and both men started headbanging frantically, the crowd cheering them on. Shou flailed around as fast as he could, trying to shake his hand at the same time, to drive the number up and win this thing . . .

He heard Nao yell “Stop, stop!” He leaned over, panting, the pedometer still clutched in his hand, as the others whooped and cheered.

“All right,” Nao said. “Both of you hand them over to me.” He took them in his hand, looked at them . . .

Perfect. Just as he’d expected.

“Tora-kun,” he said, “you have 38 points. Shou-kun . . .” A pause for emphasis. “You have three.”

“THREE?” Shou said. “Are you sure?”

“Positive.” Nao held it out to Shou. “See?”

“Oh,” Shou said, feeling himself start to turn red. Crap.

“And your penalty . . .” Nao had the broad grin again. He glanced over at the crowd, who had fallen silent.

“You have to kiss someone in this room on the lips,” Nao said. “And it can’t be a member of your own band.”

Shou just stood there, thunderstruck. He couldn’t. He didn’t. Nao didn’t just say . . . but he did, didn’t he?

He glanced around the room. Everyone was looking at him, eyes wide with expectation. Kouki was shooting video with his phone. So was Manabu.

And oh, no, why did he look at Manabu, because that meant he’d look at the person NEXT to Manabu, and . . .

He glanced over at Nao. Was it his imagination, or was his bandmate looking over in Byou’s direction as well, with that broad smile?

Nao, Shou thought, do you know?

And suddenly, he heard Ruki’s voice in his head, as clear as if a little version (well, more little than normal) of his mentor were sitting on his shoulder, saying, “There is only one person in this entire world that your success depends on, and that's you. That applies to love as well as career. Maybe more about love than anything else.”

Shou suddenly marched across the room with determination and purpose, a man on a mission. He stopped only when he came to the chair where Byou was sitting.

Byou sat there, utterly frozen – as he had ever since Nao had announced the penalty. When Shou began to move, he wondered if he was going to stop in front of someone else.

The two men just stared at each other for a split second. And then, Shou reached down and grabbed the front of Byou’s track suit, hauling his kohai to his feet. He pulled the other vocalist toward him, wrapped his arms around him, and kissed him, hard.

He heard Manabu’s sharp intake of breath. He heard someone’s glass hit the table, hard. Somewhere, there was a small smattering of applause.

But none of it registered, because all he was aware of were the lips he’d dreamed of for so long against his, so soft and moist and warm. And responding. Yes, Byou was kissing him back, as passionately as Shou was kissing him.

This was a dream, wasn’t it? It couldn’t really be happening – but it was. And the two men melted into each other, turning their heads a bit so they could kiss fully, opening their lips so they could explore each other’s mouths with their tongues.

Byou went for it aggressively, moving his lips firmly against Shou’s, wrapping his arms around him tighter. Now that the initial “But he’s a SEMPAI” was out of the way, it felt as natural as breathing. Dammit, why didn’t he do this sooner?

They eased apart for air, but didn’t really break contact. Their foreheads were resting against each other, their arms still around each other’s waists.

And the rest of the group was quietly moving out into the main part of the bar. They’d reclaim the back room when the couple left – which they inevitably would. That much was pretty obvious.

Once they were alone, the two men kissed again with the hunger they’d held back all this time, pulling their arms tighter around one another, drinking one another in. Shou moved back, slowly, and said, with a shaky laugh, “I guess you know now I’ve wanted to do this for awhile.”

“So have I,” Byou said.

“And I think we both know we’ve wanted to do more than kiss.” Shou looked around. “Which we can’t do here. So . . .”

“Is your car still outside?” Byou said.

Shou shook his head. “I didn’t know how long the party was going to be. We’ll just get a cab. I don’t live far from here.”

“I’ll pay for it,” Byou said. “Let’s go.”

They walked past the group at the bar quietly, not wanting to alert them of their departure – but they were watched by many eyes, and many smiling faces.

* * *

Kazuki was dozing when the message from Manabu came over his phone. He and Aoi had watched the battle on Aoi’s computer, then they’d gone out for dinner and drinks, then they’d come back to Aoi’s place. His lover had been writing songs, Kazuki had laid down on the couch.

“Eeehh?” he said, fumbling on the coffee table. He came up with the phone, blinking at its light. “A video?” He pushed play, and saw . . .

He suddenly sat bolt upright. “HOLY SHIT!” he shouted.

That brought Aoi running from the next room, guitar still in hand. “What is it? Someone hurt?”

“No!” said Kazuki. “It’s a good holy shit! Byou-kun’s finally getting nasty with the guy he likes! FINALLY!”

“He sent you video?” Aoi said, grabbing the phone. “He’s kinkier than I thought.” He pressed play, and a huge smile spread over his face. “I’m sending this to my phone. This has to go to Ruki.”

“Why Ruki?” said Kazuki, as Aoi forwarded it to his own device, then sent it to his own vocalist.

“He and Shou are tight,” Aoi said. “Always have been. He’ll be happy to know Shou’s getting some cock. Well, other than Ruki’s.”

His phone dinged with a message a few seconds later. “Oh, ho, listen to this,” Aoi said. ‘Don’t you go sending this to the whole planet. That goes for Kazuki, too. Shou has wanted this for a long time, I’ll not have the two of you fucking it up.’”

“Wait a minute,” Kazuki said. “Did he say SHOU has wanted this for a long time?”

“That’s what it says.” Aoi turned the phone around and showed it to him.

Kazuki laughed. “You mean the whole time Byou has been worried about hitting on a sempai, the sempai he wanted also wanted him? Oh, my GOD!” He grabbed his phone. Okay, he wasn’t supposed to tell the whole world. He could reply to Manabu, right? And send this to Jin. And Rui. And maybe a couple of friends of theirs from Sadie. But that was it. Well, maybe one or two other people . . .

* * *

Shou unlocked the door, and had a speech all prepared in his head about how he didn't have any pets (he would have had cats, but he was allergic), and how there were a few kinds of beverages in the fridge (other than soymilk), and how the bathroom was down the hall, across from his bedroom . . .

Except he didn't get a chance for any of the above, because he was kissed hard and shoved against the wall. Oh, sweet merciful J-rock gods. Byou was picking up where they'd left off at the party, and then some.

For instance, now that they no longer had an audience, he was being a lot more liberal with the famous tongue, running it slowly along Shou's lower lip, tracing the shape of it, trying to memorize it. And then, he darted it in and out of his sempai's mouth, rubbing along Shou's own, pulling away, then rubbing again.

He somehow found enough active brainpower to kiss back, to rub his tongue along Byou's, curving it here and there. He could feel the other vocalist's breath on his face, mixing with his own.

Shou was trembling. Literally, his whole body was shaking. He couldn't remember a kiss having this much impact on him since he was a teenager. Maybe it was wanting this man for so long, or maybe it was just his technique, but he thought if this went on much longer, he'd go up in flames. Poof, a blob of hormones and makeup melted on the floor.

The lips left his, only to find his ear, kissing it and tonguing it and coming close to flat-out devouring it. Shou found himself reaching over to put his hand on the other man's head, stroking the long, brown hair . . .

"Is that any way for a kohai to treat a sempai?" Shou said, in a breathless, teasing voice. Because, let's face it, sempai/kohai protocol was straight out the window right now. Gone. Adios. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Byou pulled back, his face bearing an exaggerated expression of deep thought. "No," he said, "It isn't." Pause. "This is."

And before Shou knew it, he was taken by the hand, dragged across the room and gently pushed down, so he was leaning over, hands against the back of his couch and bottom pointed outward. Before he got a chance to ask his new lover what he was doing, he found out, big-time.

Byou wrapped his arms around Shou from behind and leaned over him, pressing his face into his back - just like he did during that moment onstage, the one that neither of them could get out of his mind afterward.

They both paused, feeling the closeness of each other - the moment as it should have been, without the interference of the others. No cameras, no screaming fangirls, just man pressed against man. Then, Byou began to take it further, kissing his way down his back, his lips touching Shou through the fabric of his shirt - feeling like they were miles and miles away.

Which, of course, just made Shou feel all the hotter. He gripped the back of the couch, breathing heavily, pushing his ass back toward the other vocalist.

He looked over his shoulder and panted, "You were the one poking my bottom, weren't you? Right before everyone grabbed me?" And finally, they were talking about it. Not exactly the circumstances Shou planned on bringing it up under, but hey.

Byou closed his eyes and exhaled. "I couldn't resist," he replied. And there was the truth, simple and direct. And he was very, very glad they were having this conversation now, because he wouldn't have been able to admit it in front of everyone, before they'd publicly stated their desire for one another.

"I'm glad you didn't," Shou panted, as Byou moved lower, and lower still. Glad he didn't resist? Good heavens, could he have been more obvious? He was only just about pushing his butt into the other guy's face.

Byou suddenly let go of Shou's waist, and he dropped down further, until he was on his knees. "I'll do you one better," he said, in a seductive whisper.

And in a flash, there were hands moving around Shou's body, undoing his pants and pushing them down. Byou leaned over, bracing his hands on Shou's bottom, and pressed his lips right against the firm flesh, kissing, then nipping, then kissing again.

Shou let out a little cry, his head falling forward. He was NOT expecting that. Oh, no. He was not expecting to feel a series of little kisses over the curve of his ass. Or, for that matter, the teasing, wicked tongue that came out to slide with maddening slowness along the cleft, promising other, naughtier delights before slipping along the right cheek.

The hands grabbed at the flesh, pinching, kneading, and then there was another nip, the shock of pain making Shou moan. And just when he thought it couldn't get any hotter, one hand slid around his body, the fingers very lightly brushing over his cock.

He found himself gasping, "Eat me out." He didn't know where the term came from (other than the pornos Saga insisted on showing to newbie members of their crew to freak them out). He didn't even know if men used that term with other men - he'd only been rimmed by Ruki before, and his mentor had taken complete control of that act.

All he knew is that's what he wanted right now, and he was going to get it any way he could.

Byou pulled back from him, with that sly smile - he'd heard exactly what he wanted to. "You're overdressed."

"I'll take care of that while you get the plastic. It's in the second drawer down next to the sink. And the lube . . ." Oh, great, it was all the way in the bedroom. Unlike some people (Aoi), he didn't feel the need to stash lube all over the apartment.

Byou stood up, reaching up to unfasten his track suit as he did so. "I have some."

Shou looked baffled. "You go everywhere with lube?" Including to a ridiculous, sadistic "sports carnival" that was their management's idea of selling CDs? He didn't imagine very many people thought in terms of "Hey, I have to do a game show where I might get injured, what an ideal time to get laid!"

"I'm a gentleman pervert, aren't I?" He bent over and kissed Shou, heading for the kitchen.

Shou pushed himself up from his previous position - a hard task, considering his wobbly knees - and made short work of his clothes. At least the pants were unfastened already. They ended up on the floor, his shirt and jacket next to them. And then came the moment of insecurity when he wondered what a new lover would think of his body, the one he didn't show to the cameras . . .

Unlike his companion, who took his shirt off in public all the time. With good reason.

Shou got on all fours on the couch, starting to lean over so his bottom would be as high in the air as possible - although he stopped short at the sight of the other man coming back in the room. Byou had rid himself of every single stich while in the kitchen, and what he had on display right now was the kind of body that made one thank any deity that might be listening for the design of the human male form.

Shou somehow managed to tear his eyes away from the muscled torso to lower his head, getting into the proper position. He felt a hand run over his bottom, slowly, caressing it as if it were something rare and precious. The fingers teased his cleft, spreading it apart little by little . . .

He let out a small moan when he felt lube being poured down, down, down, running over sensitive nerve endings, teasing him, making him moan and squirm and long for what was coming next.

There was the feeling of plastic being spread over his entrance, and hands pushing him apart again, and the feel of hot breath on him . . .

The first touch of his lover's tongue made Shou grip at the couch, exhaling a long breath. He inhaled it in a gasp when it started to move - pushing into him a little, moving to the left, then the right before pulling out. He circled the outside of the little hole, flicking here and there to find the spots that would make Shou shudder.

"Oh, God, oh, GOD" Shou moaned as the wonderful thing pushed further into him, curling a little, flicking from spot to spot, pressing upward against one little bundle of nerves that turned his whole body to fire.

So hot and soft yet strong, so very agile . . . Of course, Byou would be an expert at this. Of course, he'd know just how hard to push in, just when to curve his tongue so Shou would feel an extra little thrill, where to dart lightly and where to linger, rubbing softly.

There were hands on his ass again, squeezing the cheeks as Byou fully buried his face between them, lost in what he was doing, starting to tongue-fuck Shou hard, thrusting in, stroking, pulling out. It was so, so naughty, a forbidden indulgence for both, just making it all the more exciting.

And Shou was excited, all right. As in, moaning loudly, thrusting his hips backward, feeling rivulets of sweat drip down his face and body. He was completely lost in the passion, the sensation, in the movement of that wicked tongue inside him.

Then, it was easing away, and Shou was sagging forward, panting, still rock-hard. Byou had stopped before he could come.

Just as well. Neither one wanted this experience to end.

The mouth moved away from him, and Shou flopped over on his back, opening his eyes, looking up at this beautiful man leaning over him, just as hard as he was.

He reached up, letting his hand run over the well-muscled chest, caressing a nipple. He watched Byou close his eyes, shivering a little.

"You're so beautiful," Shou murmured. "I've wanted to touch you from the moment I laid eyes on you."

"Then touch me," Byou said. He slid off the couch, sitting on the floor, then stretching out on it - offering himself as a gift to the other vocalist.

He held his arms out to Shou, and Shou lay next to him, leaning over for a kiss, pushing his tongue into the mouth that had just so thoroughly pleasured him. His hands began to move over the body beneath him, over that sculpted chest, squeezing the nipples. He felt the other man shudder a little, arching upward.

Shou leaned his head down, letting his tongue take the same path, rubbing back and forth over a hard bud. He sucked, hard, hearing the answering moan (and, my God, Byou had such a sexy voice . . .)

He began to slide downward, licking down over his belly . . . my, what a little navel he had. Almost cute - if anything on such a deeply erotic body could be described as cute. He nibbled at it, pressing his cheek to the flat belly - this was most definitely a manly physique. He wasn't fragile and willowy like a lot of visual kei men.

Shou's hand slid downward, until it encountered what he was seeking most. Oh, and it was nice. Impressively sized? Yes, indeed. Beautifully formed? Just like the rest of him. Nicely textured, hot and throbbing? Like an erotic dream.

He began to stroke the wonderful thing, hearing Byou moan, "Oh, yes, Shou . . ." The sound was just another layer of sensuality. As if Shou needed it to be burning hot.

Shou bent over, running his tongue over the tip. Delicious. He shifted his position, putting his legs on either side of his lover's head, and leaned over, taking more of it in his mouth. He was no stranger to giving blow jobs, of course - but this one felt different. Extraordinary.

"Oh, yes," Byou moaned, and Shou could feel hands in his hair, stroking him, petting him. This made Shou suck all the harder, moving his head up and down, fucking Byou with his mouth the way the other vocalist had fucked him with his tongue.

And now, the favor was starting to be returned. Shou felt a practiced tongue start to stroke his own cock - yes, his position had put him in range of Byou's own mouth. Oh, God, oh, God yes . . . Shou shifted his hips some more, leaning forward so that Byou could get at him and return the pleasure he was being given.

Shou began to suck faster, harder, and felt Byou sucking him in return, that tongue darting around his erection, finding every last little sensitive spot and flicking on it. This just made Shou moan around the wonderful hardness in his mouth, moving down on it even more, reaching down with his hand to stroke the base as his mouth worked on the tip.

Byou brought his hands into play, too, running up and down Shou's shaft , all the way down to his balls and back again. He explored, discovering textures and sensitive points. His tongue swept around and around the head before his mouth enclosed it.

The room was filled with the sounds of muffled moans and sucking. If anyone was looking in at the scene, they'd see two beautiful men intimately locked, thrusting in and out of each other's mouths, their bodies starting to tremble a little as they grew closer and closer to ecstasy.

Shou felt Byou suddenly thrust forward, hard, and pull his mouth away from Shou's cock. He let out a loud cry, and Shou felt hot, white fluid splattering onto his face. Oh, yes, he gladly let himself be bathed in this man's come, his tongue flicking out to catch drops.

He felt Byou's mouth encircle the head of his cock again, and that marvelous tongue began to stroke him, running around the head. He paused, and rubbed the underside - the softer, wetter part - back and forth over one particularly sensitive zone, causing Shou to arch forward, letting out a feral growl, his whole body tense and quivering and needing just that little bit more . . .

It happened with a tongue-flick along the bottom of the head. Shou let out a loud cry, his body trembling with one burst of sensation after another, feeling overwhelmed in an incredibly delicious way. He came on and on, feeling like he was pouring his very soul out of his cock.

He sagged to the floor, panting and trembling. Oh, God. Oh, oh, yes, he felt completely drained - but happy. Oh, so happy.

He'd gotten what he wanted for so long. Responsible for his own success, indeed.

When he turned around so he could kiss Byou, he saw that his come had landed on the other vocalist's face as well. They kissed, and then both reached out to smear their fingers in the stickiness on each other's faces, licking them off and laughing.

"That was amazing," Shou said. He leaned over and put his fingers gently on Byou's lips, and Byou kissed them, licking the tip.

"Amazing isn't the word," Byou said. "It's been a long time since I just let myself go like that."

"You should do it more often," Shou said, stretching. "We both should."

"Together?" Byou said, snuggling closer to his sempai.

Shou reached out, stroking the other man's hair. Whoops, he was probably getting come on it. Big deal. They'd probably shower later. (Besides, all the nutrients in come could only be beneficial to over-dyed, over-treated visual kei hair).

"Of course," Shou said. "Definitely together."

And with those words, they had reached an agreement - they were going to do this again. And again. And it was going to go beyond tonight.

"There's one thing we need to do first, though," Byou said.

Shou turned his head toward him. "What is it?"

"Go somewhere that's more comfortable," Byou said. "I don't think we want to spend all night on the floor."

The two of them laughed again, got up and kissed. "Let me show you my bedroom," Shou said.

And that would be the setting for the rest of the night.

* * *

Was it dawn yet? Shou didn't care. All he cared was he currently had his legs spread wide with Byou settled between them, tip of his cock pressing against Shou's entrance.

Which round was this? Three? Four? The night was a blur of ecstasy, bouts of lovemaking interspersed with periods of exhausted sleep. He didn't want it to end, ever.

"So damn good," Byou murmured as he slid into the other man's body, leaning over to bury his face in his shoulder, heavily panting. "It's like I was made to fit you."

"Maybe you were," Shou said, softly, reaching up and wrapping his arms around the other man, lifting his legs higher and wider, trying to ease the penetration for both of them.

"I couldn't have asked for a sexier man to fit," Byou murmured. "You have such a hot ass."

"What about the rest of me?" Shou said, teasingly.

Byou raised his head, moved down to a nipple and kissed it. "That's pretty hot, too."

"Then show me just how hot," Shou purred, running his nails lightly down Byou's back as his lover started to thrust, filling him, feeling so good that Shou thought he was melting from the inside out.

The two men began to move together, hips churning, eyes locked on each other, taking in one another's beauty. Byou looked like a panther or a cougar, wild and beautiful and just a little bit dangerous, the way his body was bathed in sweat, his muscles flexing with every thrust.

Shou ran his nails down the other man's back again as Byou moved faster, harder, almost pounding into Shou's body, bringing fresh shivers of ecstasy with every movement. Byou cried out in pleasure at the little bit of pain, making Shou do it again, a little harder this time.

The two men were totally lost in each other by now, making no sounds but panting and moaning, hips churning, ecstasy close, so close . . .

A hit directly to the sweetest spot deep inside him made Shou arch upward, crying out, and the sudden throbbing of his shaft sent Byou over the edge as well, crying Shou's name out, pushing deep in as he released . . .

And finally, he collapsed atop Shou, and they clung to each other, both letting out long exhales.

"I don't think I want to move," Byou murmured.

"You're going to have to eventually," Shou said, snuggling closer to him.

"I know," Byou said. "But I'm not moving now."

Shou closed his eyes. The sentiment was mutual. When they both had to move in the morning and go back to reality, it wouldn't be easy.

But there would be tomorrow, right? And maybe even more days after that. It was far too early to tell where this relationship was going to go, of course - but Shou was hopeful. Very hopeful.

If this worked out, if a real relationship came out of this night, then the two of them would be the REAL winners of the Battle Royale.

* * *


It was the same setting as the last Battle Royale. The place seemed frozen in time, Shou thought as he glanced through the printout he’d been given outlining the day’s event. Minimal description. Typical.

“Is it all the same people as last time?” Tora asked him as he walked over, his own minimal printout in hand.

“For the most part,” Shou said. “Same bands, at least. And I think it’s all the same people.”

“Wonder if Minase will show up as Piccolo again?” Tora said.

“No, apparently he’s going to have another cosplay,” Shou said. “Change it up a little.”

“You know, this show is totally not fair,” Saga said, ambling over, glass of water in hand.

“Why do you say that?” said Shou.

“It’s Nico Nico,” Tora said. “They’re always not fair. It’s in their nature.”

“Well, it’s not fair because SCREW has an advantage,” Saga said. “It seems that one of the hosts” – he looked pointedly over at Shou – “is the boyfriend of one of their competitors.”

“Saga,” Shou said, “your boyfriend is the OTHER host.”

“That’s different,” Saga said in a cool tone.

“Who has an unfair advangage?” said a voice behind them. Shou felt arms wrapping around him from behind, a body pressing against his back. Just like at that last Battle.

“You do, Byou-kun,” Saga said. “It shouldn’t be fair for a competitor to be dating one of the hosts.”

“Well, then, if it’s unfair for me to date him, I’ll just have to marry him, won’t I?” Byou said. “Besides, we need all the advantage we can get. We got only one point last time, remember?” Minase certainly hadn’t let him forget it.

“Hope you do better,” Saga said. “Because there’s no way you can possibly do worse.”

There was a hubbub at the door – apparently, Minase had arrived in his latest getup. Tora and Saga left to check out what was going on, leaving Shou and Byou to themselves.

Shou turned around, wrapping his arms around his lover’s waist. “Not going to say something to Minase about his new outfit?” he said.

“I’m saving that for later, on Twitter,” Byou said. “I want as many people to see it as possible.”

Shou leaned his head against Byou’s. “You sure you want to do this?” he said. “We could call one of the other guys in your band and have him pinch-hit if you’d rather not.”

“I have an album to promote,” Byou said. “Besides, I’d like to redeem myself from last time. Especially if there’s a jump rope contest.” Both of them laughed.

“You’re sticking around to watch our show afterward, aren’t you?” Shou said. “We’re debuting the PV. The last one for awhile.” Of course, completing their run of three singles idn’t mean they got a break. Alice Nine would be off on tour after the release of their third single, just as SCREW was gearing up to release their first major label album.

The challenges of maintaining a two-band, two-schedule relationship. But they were determined to make it work. What had grown between them since that last Battle was too precious not to.

“Of course,” Byou said. “If you make sure you watch ours.”

“How could I not?” Shou said. He leaned his head against his lover’s, hands coming up to play in Byou’s hair. It was a lot shorter than it was when they did the last Battle, but he was no less beautiful.

“I’m so glad I ended up co-hosting this thing last time,” he said. “It led to . . . us. I can’t believe that tomorrow is our first anniversary already. I love you so much, baby.”

“I love you, too,” Byou replied.

Shou pulled back. “Enough to have to wear a monkey mask again?”

Byou grabbed Shou’s noise between his fingers and pinched it, playfully. “That’s not going to happen,” he said. “We’re going to kill it this time.”

“Or get killed,” said Saga, coming up behind them. “Come on, lovebirds, it’s time go to out there.”

Shou gave his lover’s hand a squeeze and walked over to where Tora was waiting in the wings. Visual Battle Royale was about to begin again.

But the winning and losing didn’t matter. The story already had a happy ending.


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Jul. 4th, 2013 10:13 pm (UTC)
This is epic!! ^^ Visual Battle Royale is the perfect setting for this story. Great fic. I love it. ^^
Jul. 7th, 2013 12:58 am (UTC)
Thank you! The Battle just lends itself to something like this, because there was just SO much craziness - the Shoupile at the end (which, by the way, was most definitely instigated by Byou) was just the icing on the cake. (I think Tora was completely baffled by the Shoupile - they hadn't intended things to go that far - and his "What the hell?" was genuine). There will probably be a sequel, by the way, if the most recent Battle gets translated. Thank you for reading - I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
Jul. 5th, 2013 09:05 am (UTC)
oh my god such an unusual pairing! first time to read this pairing tbh and i was even asking myself if i should read it XD but yep, I did since you're a really great writer + alice nine and screw are my favorite bands ♡

well, I'M GLAD I READ THIS AHHH. if that wasn't hot i don't know what is XD and aww cute rukishou moments ♡ i love that pairing too so it's a plus in this story. the way you wrote it is really amazing :3 from the moment they saw each other until the time they started dating is perf. it made it easier for me to imagine since i can recall the events from the visual battle royale c:

thank you so much for this fic!! :3 i'm looking forward to a lot of your stories ♡ and i hope you enjoy being in the screw fandom *u*
Jul. 7th, 2013 01:13 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! It's a strange pairing, all right, but going on what went on during the Battle? Hey, it's as plausible as any other J-rock yaoi pairing. ~_^ (Actually, I think what was really going on there is the two of them are friends and are comfortable with each other - hence calling Byou "-chan" and the butt-poking).

The Ruki/Shou parts were fun to write, and yes, I definitely enjoy writing those two together - whether as a couple or just a sempai/kohai relationship. And it was also fun fitting the actual events to the story! Nao's role as matchmaker was entirely dictated by the fact that he exchanges that little hug with Byou right before the jumprope fiasco. (You can't see what Byou is doing before that - the camera was entirely on Manabu jumping rope - so I had license to make up my own version of why Tora said he was "acting stragely." ~_^). Also, there were several references during the broadcast to Shou going to see T.M. Revolution afterward, so I had to work that into the story, too! Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed (and I'm definitely enjoying SCREW fandom!)

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Sep. 29th, 2014 07:09 am (UTC)
*fans self* I died LOL Nice job! :D
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