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So thanks to ldybastet, I found out the new Kink Bingo prompt list was out. She wasn't happy about it. I took a look at it, and I wasn't happy about it either.

My biggest problem with KB last year was there were far too many Vague Prompts Are Vague. Well, this year they just put in more of them, and took out some very specific and very write-able kinks - like Collars and Oral Fixation. (I have a Byou muse now. I kind of was hoping to get that square). But the worst thing of all is they said they took out any kinks that were "too penis-y" - like Double Penetration (another one I was hoping to get, dammit!) - and yet, they kept Pegging/Strap-Ons, which is a kink specifically geared to f/f and f/m pairings.

Too penis-y? Really? On a community that claims to be open and tolerant of all forms of sexuality and all kinks? Sounds to me like they're kink-shaming penises. Not a very good thing for those of us who write exclusively yaoi.

So, yeah, I am very strongly considering giving this thing a miss this year. I had a lot of fun with it last year - the prompts inspired me to write a lot of things I wouldn't have otherwise (like a fractured fairy tale take on Cinderella). But this year? If I have to struggle to come up with things to fit a lot of vague and "not my bag" kinks, that's not really FUN, is it?

Hopefully, some alternate kink/porn challenge community will come along that would be more along the lines of what I'm looking for.

(Also, I've started a new fic tonight, and it will be released on a specific day next week. I would have started it last night, except I kind of had a slight adware problem with my laptop. Took something like five programs to remove all the junk. Word to the wise, never download HJSplit from anywhere but its own web site).


Jun. 30th, 2013 10:30 am (UTC)
Ahahaha yeah. But tbh I think of fanfiction somehow as some sort of cultivated porn for women. Of cause this is not for every piece of writing (my boyfriend loves to read War Hammer fanfiction, he loves the Space Marine Solidier from that universe and apparently there are a lot of well written fanfiction in russian language (he is half-russian) that sometimes turn into books) So even fanfiction about hetero pairings, most lovestories are written for women! Even a Twighlight fanfiction will sooner or later be about Edwards Penis XDDDDDDD
And especially in this fandom I can imagine double penetration very well, cause hasn't she been torn between two boys? lol


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