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Fanfiction Dilemna

I'm really trying to decide what to do with my fanfiction series post-earthquake. The very nature of Stargazer is it has always been something of a real-time series. Every fic except the first is based around an actual event, holiday, Nico Nico or Twitter/blog post. That's been the fun of writing it - grabbing something out of a Tweet or video and spinning a whole story out of it.

I had decided to put the brakes on Stargazer: for a couple of weeks when Shou announced his grandmother's passing - in other words, not include anything that was on their blogs and Twitter until a decent period of mourning had passed. It was only fair to him (not that he's aware of stories some random fangirl in the States is writing in English), and I sure as hell aren't going to exploit someone's tragedy for the sake of hurt/comfort fanfic.

Then the earthquake and tsunami hit, and it became a whole different ballgame.

Even though the boys themselves have been trying to keep their spirits up after the first couple of posts expressing pain at the horrible tragedy, even though they've gone back to work and Hiroto has even returned to posting doggie pictures (perhaps as a deliberate attempt to cheer up fangirls shell-shocked by the quake and tsunami), I really have a problem with writing a story set in post-quake Japan, in a Tokyo still coping with rolling blackouts and depressing images on the news - especially the kind of light, humorous, smut/fluff that Stargazer has evolved into (after its initial AAAANGST).

The thing is, I did get a cute idea from one of Hiroto's tweets the other day (the one about Saga staying in his apartment). And I really want to write it. But . . . baah, it's too soon to do a true Stargazer story. I think it'll be "too soon" for a couple of months, at least.

One idea I'm considering is creating a second, parallel timeline that has pretty much the same setup as Stargazer - Shou and Hiroto are together, Tora and Saga are together, and Hiroto pined for Shou for a long time before Shou came around - just that Shou stopped being an idiot a lot sooner. And it would be set about a year and a half before the Stargazer series started - thus, in a happier time for everyone.

This is really hammering home the difference between doing fictional person and real person fanfic. If a storyline like this showed up in D. Gray-Man, or FMA, or Sailor Moon, I would have NO qualms whatsoever about writing a story where Lavi and Allen/Ed and Russell/Usagi and Mamoru dealt with the aftermath of the quake and comforted each other. Now? I can't do it. Not when there's real people and real suffering involved - even if it's not the characters themselves, it's all around them.


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Mar. 23rd, 2011 10:05 am (UTC)
just write what you want
although the parallel world idea does sound better (^-^)
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