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Title: Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Chapter: Standalone
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, smut, some humor
Warnings: Male/male sex, biting, scratching, spanking, begging, rimming, deep-throating
Pairing: Byou X Ruki (and vice versa), Aoi X Kazuki (though the action is only between the first couple)
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Kazuki and Aoi know a secret about their respective vocalists, and they hatch a plan to get them in bed together – even if it means Aoi doing something a little drastic.
Comments: This was inspired by a prompt on the GazettE Kink Meme about Byou masturbating over Ruki, but I wouldn’t call it a true fill, since the masturbation isn’t the main thrust of the story (and, indeed, isn’t written out explicitly). And, yes, Cointreau is a real thing.

Like so many incidents, it began innocently enough. SCREW had just finished a photoshoot in pretty much the same studio they’d used since their beginnings at PSC. It had a shower room, a dressing room, a pretty nice-sized refrigerator and enough electrical outlets for the usual electronic bric-a-brac that visual kei musicians traveled with. (Macs, video games, iPods, iPads, more video games . . . and, yeah, a few instruments here and there).

It was the shower that was most significant on this particular day, however. Kazuki had used it first, and he just happened to have left his watch in there. This wasn’t just any watch, either – Aoi had given it to him, which automatically elevated it to the level of a Very Special Thing.

He didn’t know that one of his bandmates was in there when he entered. The sound of the running water was a dead giveaway. Okay, he’d be fast about it, grab the watch and scram before the person even had a chance to know he was . . .

And then, he heard the heavy breathing, and the moans.

Well, then. Whoever was in there was having himself one heck of a time. Kazuki couldn’t help but smile a little. (Not that he was a stranger to such pleasures himself. Those things happened when you and your lover were in two different bands, on two different schedules.)

The moaning got louder, and he could identify the voice now. It was definitely Byou. He’d have something to tease their vocalist about later. He’d leave him to his fun for now. He crossed the room, grabbing the watch, heading for the door . . .

He heard the other man moaning a name. An unmistakable one. Kazuki paused for a moment, wondering if he’d misheard – but yes, there it was again.

Kazuki suddenly shot out of the room like a rocket, making a beeline for his phone. Oh, my God, this was too good. Too rich. He couldn’t keep it to himself. And he knew just who to share it with.

He couldn’t call up a message to Aoi fast enough. His fingers practically tripped over each other as he typed, “Guess who our vocalist is jerking off to?”

* * *
“I don’t believe it,” Aoi said later, as he sat across from Kazuki in their favorite bar. “I just don’t fucking believe it.”

“It’s true,” Kazuki said. “I heard the name, clear as day. We don’t know any other guys named Ruki.”

“Yeah, and you want to know what’s even funnier about it?” Aoi took a drag from his cigarette. “Guess who OUR vocalist is jerking off to?”

Kazuki’s eyes widened. “No way!”

“Yes, way,” Aoi said. “Same situation – him in the shower, not knowing I was there. We were sharing a room on the road.” Which was a common scenario – he and Reita took turns rooming with Ruki. Kai, meanwhile, always roomed with Uruha, because when you were Leader-san, you always got to stay with your boyfriend. “And I came in earlier than he was expecting. He was going at it good, and he kept calling out Byou’s name. Gotta admit, I was kind of surprised.”

“Surprised isn’t the word,” Kazuki said. “I mean, I figured he had a crush on him, but I didn’t know it was, um, to that extent.”

“I didn’t even know he had a crush on him,” Aoi said. “Hell, I can’t remember the last time I saw them talk to each other. At the Christmas party, maybe?”

“Definitely the Christmas party,” Kazuki said. “Which just makes it more bizarre. Almost like a long-distance crush. Like . . . like our fans feel about us.”

Aoi laughed. “You know what’s the best thing of all about this?”

“That we both found out about it from them jerking off in the shower?” Kazuki said, lighting a cigarette of his own.

“No. That it’s those two. The two least shy guys in the world – at least on stage. Ruki licks and humps everything he can get his hands on. Byou gets filmed in the shower and having a model pretending to blow him. And yet, offstage, they can’t say to each other, ‘You’re hot and I want to fuck you.’”

“Not everybody just goes up to someone and says that,” Kazuki reminded him.

“Not everybody has their tongues photographed as often as those two, either,” Aoi said. Leaning toward his lover, he said, “Besides . . .you didn’t mind it when I did that.”

Oh, didn’t Kazuki know it. Aoi had cornered him at the party PSC had thrown way back when to welcome both SUG and SCREW to the company. They’d left and gone to Aoi’s place less than an hour later.

“So . . . what are we going to do about it?” Kazuki said.

Aoi gave him a broad grin. “Thinking of a conspiracy to get them in bed together already? “

“I just wanted to know if you had any thoughts,” Kazuki said, quickly, picking up his drink and taking a gulp.

Aoi thought for a moment. “Tomorrow night, isn’t Byou doing that Visual Battle Royale thing again?” Now, that was something Aoi was very glad GazettE didn’t have to participate in. Being the biggest group in the company meant you were spared Nico Nico’s sadistic publicity stunts. He wondered sometimes why all the members of Alice Nine, who had to do that on a monthly basis, weren’t in and out of the hospital.

Kazuki nodded. “He and Jin – why?”

“Let’s say you decided to take him out for a drink afterward,” Aoi said. “After dealing with all that horrible crap, he’s going to need one, right? And it would just happen to be in the same place where I just happen to drag Ruki after our DVD-editing session.”

Kazuki frowned. “You said Ruki doesn’t drink.”

“He lets me drag him out sometimes, he just drinks Orangina,” Aoi said. “I’ll tell him there’s something I want to ask him about away from the other guys. He’ll probably think I’m having problems with you, so he’ll agree to it. And then, when they’re both at the table, we sneak away and leave them alone.”

Of course, there was another component to Aoi’s plan, but he wasn’t telling Kazuki about it – yet.

“You think it will work?” Kazuki said.

“Trust me,” Aoi said. “They’ll be all over each other by the time the night is over.”

“All right.” Kazuki finished his drink, and gave Aoi a big smile. “Let’s do it.”

“By the time we’re done,” Aoi said, “THEY will be the ones who are doing it.”

The two men looked at each other a moment, and then laughed. It was really happening. They were actually going through with this crazy scheme to get their vocalists in bed together.

Manipulation? They weren’t manipulating anything. They were just bringing on the inevitable, right?

* * *
Ruki lit a cigarette and poured his bottle of Orangina into the ice-filled glass. He still had no idea what the fuck he was doing here. Aoi had said he wanted to talk to him after the editing session – fine, they came here to talk. Why it had to be in a bar instead of one of their apartments was beyond him – it was like Aoi was some weird kind of fish that would suffocate if taken away from his natural element, alcohol.

“Sure you don’t want anything stronger?” Aoi said. “They make great sake cocktails here.”

“You know how I am with alcohol,” Ruki said. “One tiny drink and I’m done for. I don’t plan on spending the evening staggering around.”

“Yeah, yeah, sure,” Aoi said. “You could still change your mind later.”

Like hell he would. “So what is it you wanted to talk about?” And why was Aoi looking nervously at the clock above the door? He didn’t have somewhere else to go, did he? If he’d dragged Ruki here for five minutes, only to dump him and run off with his kohai buddies, he’d break this bottle over his head.

“I really wanted to talk about the band,” Aoi said. “You know, where we’re going.”

“We’re going fine,” Ruki said. “What, are you having second thoughts about the world tour?”

“No, it’s not that,” Aoi said. “It’s just, well . . . I kinda wish we’d do another Peace and Smile Carnival. You know, session bands.”

What kind of a statement was that? “If you want to do a side project with Kazuki when you both have downtime, nobody’s stopping you,” Ruki said. “Other guys do side bands. Tora and Saga have that project with Keiyuu. It’s no big deal.”

“You ever want to do something like that?” Aoi said.

“Like what?” Ruki said. “I did a session band too, you know. With Saga, and Hiroto, and . . .”

“Yeah, yeah, I know about that. We shared Hiroto, remember? He went from your band to mine. No, I mean, ever thought about doing another side project? Like, maybe, with another vocalist?”

What kind of a fucked-up question was that? “Why would I do that? I’m a vocalist myself, remember?”

“You never thought of, well . . . singing a duet with anyone? Someone in particular?”

“Aoi, what the hell are you getting at? You’re making no sense. And if you keep up like that, I’m going home.”

What the fuck was he doing, anyway? Aoi was acting strange tonight. Well, strange even for him. He was obviously planning something – but what?

* * *
“Okay, we’re here,” Kazuki said, leading Byou into the room. “We’ll just have one drink and then we’ll go home.”

Byou looked around - he’d been here before. It was the place where Kazuki liked to hang out with Aoi – as in, the two of them had probably put down roots around one of the barstools. “I still don’t know why Jin didn’t come with us,” he said.

“He was going out with the guys from ViViD,” Kazuki sid in a breezy, casual tone. (As in, he’d talked to them beforehand and secured their cooperation). “I just figured you’d appreciate winding down after that ordeal.”

“And you just happened to be in the vicinity?” There was something odd about this. Kazuki hadn’t been dragging his bandmates out for one-on-one partying as of late – especially since he’d started spending every free minute with Aoi.

“Was meeting someone in Harajuku,” Kazuki said. “I knew the Nico Nico studios were nearby, so I dropped by. So how was it?”

“Pretty much the same as last year,” Byou said. “Weird stunts. Dragon Ball cosplay. Shou and Tora being the hosts.” And he couldn’t figure out what the hell they were supposed to be promoting this time – last time, it was for Peace and Smile Carnival – but he went ahead with it anyway.

They had their first major label album coming out – the moment he’d waited for since he’d spent four grueling years as a roadie, building up his music business connections. He’d do whatever it took for that album to be a success. Even if it meant rock-paper-scissors games involving rubber hammers.

“Sounds like fun – not,” Kazuki said. “Oh, look, Aoi’s here.” And before his bandmate had anything to say about it, he’d grabbed his arm and physically dragged him across the room, to the table where Aoi sat with Ruki.

The two contestants were in the ring. Let the games begin.

“Well, hi there,” Aoi called. “And you brought a guest.”

“Thought I’d take this guy out for a drink after he escaped from Nico Nico hell,” Kazuki said. “And you have company too, I see.”

“If you’d call it that,” Ruki said – and then, he looked up, saw who was with Kazuki, and his eyes grew larger. Kazuki could have clapped with glee, except that would be a dead giveaway of their plan.

“So you don’t know why you’re here, either?” Byou said, sitting across from Ruki – and not noticing the secret smile that passed between Aoi and Kazuki.

“He’s been asking me silly questions about session bands,” Ruki said.

“Hey!” said Kazuki. “Our session band wasn’t silly! We put on a quality show!”

“With my vocals,” Aoi said. “I showed them a side of me they didn’t know was there.”

“Attention whore?” Ruki said. “I think they’re familiar with that.”

“Like you’re anyone to talk,” Aoi said, signaling the waitress to get them drinks. “Byou, did you survive Nico Nico without injuries this time?”

“Well, nobody went to the hospital.” He took out a cigarette, fumbling for his lighter. “I guess you could say that.”

“I’m buying for everyone,” Aoi proclaimed. “Whatever you want, it’s on me!”

“I’m just having another Orangina,” Ruki said.

“But . . .” Aoi said.

“Orangina,” Ruki said, firmly.

“Fine,” Aoi said, smiling broadly. “Orangina it is.”

Fortunately, he’d planned for this. He just happened to have in his pocket a tiny little bottle of something he’d kept around awhile, waiting for just the right occasion. All he’d need was the perfect opportunity to, well, give Ruki an Orangina Plus.

The “plus” being Cointreau, a very fine orange liqueur.

* * *

The conversation for the next hour or so pretty much revolved around the things musicians usually talked about – songwriting, their respective bands’ plans for the next year, maybe a little gossip here and there about their fellow musicians. Byou happened to mention that two guys from a non-PSC band they all knew had started a relationship.

“’Bout fucking time,” Aoi said. “They’ve been flirting with each other since their band was formed.”

“Why didn’t they get together before?” Kazuki said. “Not like they had scheduling problems.”

“Maybe they didn’t want to create problems in their band,” Byou said. “You know – get into a fight right before a tour. That happened with Joker” – his band before SCREW – “and it wasn’t pretty.”

“You can’t think like that,” said Ruki. “You have to be willing to put personal problems aside for the sake of your band. You have to realize that your heart is with your loved one, but your soul is with the group. And they both have to stay in balance.”

“Whoa,” Aoi said. “Even for you, that’s deep.”

“Deep nothing, that’s the way things are,” Ruki said. “When something is important to you, you have to commit to it with everything you’ve got. And the two most important things in your life should be your relationship and your band.”

“And your dog,” Aoi added. He knew damn well that Ruki treated Koron like the child he didn’t have.

“Well, yes, if you have a pet,” Ruki said. “But otherwise? Band and relationship are all.”

“You . . . aren’t in a relationship now, are you?” Byou said, quietly.

Ruki shook his head, quickly looking down into his Orangina. “Kai and I were together for awhile,” he said. “But then, we realized we were better off as friends, and he and Uruha fell in love. Very, very much in love. I’m happy for them.”

“Same here,” Byou said. “No relationship for awhile. I kind of miss it.”

“So do I,” Ruki said, quietly.

There was a long silence. Kazuki happened to notice the two vocalists were kind of, well, looking at each other. Not staring, just sort of making eye contact. It was time for him and Aoi to make their move. He leaned over and tapped his lover’s arm.

“We’ll be back in a moment,” Aoi said.

“Where are you going?” Ruki said.

“We saw someone we know across the room,” Aoi said. “Wait a second . . .” And he sprinted to the bar, quickly, ordering one drink each for Byou and Ruki.

The moment of truth was here. He got the Orangina, poured most of it into a glass, and dumped in the liqueur. Ruki would thank him in the morning. Or maybe later tonight.

“Parting gift – one for the road,” he said, plunking the drinks down on the table. “We’ll be back!” He grabbed Kazuki by the arm and dragged him away.

Ruki watched them go. “I don’t know what the fuck is with those two,” he said.

“I don’t know, either,” Byou said. Well, at least they left him with a fresh drink – even though his last one was still half-full. “I’m just glad they took me out.”

“Why?” Ruki said, picking up his Orangina and taking a swallow. Huh, that was strange. It tasted . . . stronger than usual. Bad batch, maybe? What the hell – Orangina was Orangina. There was no way it could go bad in those bottles.

“Because I got to talk to you,” Byou said. “We haven’t had much chance to lately.”

Oh, crap. Ruki looked down at his drink. “Everything’s been fucking nuts,” he said. “You guys with your major debut, us with Decade and Division and the tour and Melt . . .”

“Maybe we need to make it a little less nuts sometimes,” Byou said. “Maybe we just need to get together and talk about lyrics – like we used to.”

Ruki remembered those days well. When SCREW had first started with the company, Ruki had taken Byou under his wing as a mentor – as he’d done with Shou and Ryoga as well. But as the band got busy, that had faded away . . .

No, not as the band got busy, Ruki thought. When he realized he liked Byou. He should fucking man up and admit it to himself.

“Are you sure you have time?: he said. “Now that you’re a major label band and all?”

“Why should that make a difference?” Byou gave him a rather amused smile. “If anything, we may have to work less now – we’ll have the label to promote us. Less time on tour.”

“And more time for you to flirt with guys on Twitter?” And where did that come from? Fuck, it almost sounded . . . jealous.

“You read my Twitter that closely?” And that came out fast. Almost . . . too fast.

“You’re on my follow list, you know,” Ruki said, taking another swallow of his drink.

“You don’t reply that often.”

“That’s because I don’t want to get in the way of your conversations with . . .” He stopped himself from saying “your harem.” Instead, he said, “Your friends.”

“I’d like to talk to you, too.” Byou leaned over toward Ruki, and their eyes locked, and, oh, hell, what was with this burning in Ruki’s stomach? Like someone was putting out a cigarette there?

“Just on Twitter?” he said.

“No. In person.”

“Is that what you want?” Ruki said. “To get together and talk?” And why did this conversation keep going in circles? It was as if they were both trying to avoid what they really wanted to say.

“Did you have something else in mind?” Byou said.

“Did you?” Oh, fuck, where was this going, and why was it going there, and why was Ruki’s head spinning?

“I’ve got plenty of things in mind,” Byou said. “But I’d like to know if you do, too.”

“We could get together for drinks,” Ruki said. “We can go out shopping in Harajuku. Or we could go back to my place and . . .”

Fuck, where did that last part come from? And why was his head spinning even more? And why was he taking a bigger gulp of the Orangina? And why was Byou looking at him with . . . shocked? Surprised? Delighted? What was the proper word for that expression?

“And?” Byou said.

“Never mind,” Ruki said, quickly, taking yet another swallow. Damn glass was almost empty now.

Byou took a big swallow of his own drink. Well, if Ruki meant what he’d just said, he’d opened up a big door of opportunity, hadn’t he? Now or never.

“I’m going to tell you something,” Byou said. “I’ve thought about your and. A lot. Almost as long as I’ve known you. I’ve wondered what you’d be like. You always seemed so . . .” Another drink. “Like you were sex itself, sometimes.”

“This coming from somebody whose live performances feel like sex shows?” And why the hell was Ruki saying these things? It was like they were falling out of his brain down to his mouth with no filter. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say he was drunk.

“So you’ve thought about me, too?”

Well, now he was cornered. He had to admit it. And dammit all to hell, he didn’t mind the idea of being cornered at all.

“Maybe we should go back to my place,” he said, “and I’ll let you know.” Well, hello there, Ruki the Manslut! Fancy seeing you here. You usually aren’t seen offstage, are you?

“Maybe we should.” Byou took the last swallow of his own drink and crushed out his cigarette. “How far is it?”

“We’ll get a cab,” Ruki said. “Aoi drove me tonight.” He got up and reached for his coat. “Oh, fuck, I have to tell . . .”

“They’ll probably figure it out,” Byou said. If he knew Kazuki, he was probably watching this from across the room and giving it his approval.

Not that he needed approval from Kazuki – or anyone. He was finally going to get in Ruki’s bed. Finally. It was like some great deity of fate had orchestrated it . . ,

* * *
Kazuki just happened to be on his way to the men’s room when he saw the two head for the door. Fortunately, it was the best vantage point possible for the event. Yes, they were going out together, and hailing a cab, and . . .

He did his business as fast as possible and rushed back to the table, flashing Aoi a V sign for victory. “They’re gone,” he said. “Together.”

“Nice work,” he said. “Now we just have to wait for them to give us the report tomorrow.” He reached out and wrapped an arm around his lover. “And now, we’ll go home, and do the same thing they’re going to do.”

“With cameras?” Kazuki said.

“If you want,” Aoi said. “We’re getting a real collection of videos. If the rock thing ever falls through for us, we could be in the porn industry.”

“I’m not planning on that happening,” Kazuki said, leaning his head against Aoi’s.

“I’m not, either,” Aoi said. “But it’s nice to have other options.”

The two men laughed, and headed for the same door that Ruki and Byou had just left through.

* * *
As soon as his apartment door opened, Ruki found himself hoping that Koron wouldn’t come running toward them, yapping. Hell of a thing to be thinking when you had the person you’d been fantasizing about forever next to you.

The cab ride had been filled with tension. They’d talked as casually as they could, but Byou had grasped hold of Ruki’s hand, holding it tightly, and Ruki’s eyes kept slipping toward the other man’s mouth, thinking about what it would feel like on his lips, and his neck, and his . . .

They arrived a seeming decade later. Fortunately, they were not greeted by an over-excited ball of fur – Koron was on his doggie bed in the kitchen, fast asleep.

Ruki dropped his keys by the door, his coat on a chair. He gestured for his guest to do the same. “I didn’t get a chance to straighten up,” he said, eyes moving over the used glass on the table, the newspapers and magazines on the floor. “I didn’t think I’d have company.”

“Like I’m going to care about a mess?” Byou said. “You should see our tour bus sometimes.”

“It can’t be any worse than ours.” Great, and they were discussing something like this. Hell of a seduction. He was just glad their fans couldn’t see this – that would mean a lot of shattered dreams. Ruki gets the person of his dreams in his apartment, and starts talking about finding Aoi’s T-shirts thrown across the back of his bus seat.

Fortunately, Byou seemed to still remember what they were there for. He moved closer to Ruki, putting his hand on his shoulder. “What about your bedroom? What kind of shape is that in?”

“Only one way to find out, isn’t there?” Ruki said. And things were back on track. He led the way across the hall, opening the second door. Thank God he’d made his bed today – and put clean sheets on it.

The two of them walked toward the bed – one step, two, three . . . and then, the pent-up passion exploded. They tumbled onto the mattress like unseen hands were pushing them, reaching for each other, mouths coming together with heat. Ruki found himself clenching the other man's shirt, scrunching it in a ball, as they kissed hard, lips moving against each other, exploring brand-new territory.

Each of them was thinking that kissing the other was hotter than they’d ever dreamed. Their tongues pushed toward one another, mingling, tasting each other’s cigarettes and drinks, discovering textures and tricks, the way they moved against one another to give pleasure.

Sharp teeth nipped at his bottom lip, and Ruki cried out. Oh, fuck, he was a biter. Oh, FUCK. As if this couldn’t get any hotter.

“You like that?” Byou murmured, before doing it again, making Ruki let out another yelp. How the hell did this man know what turned him on?

“What does it look like?” Ruki panted, tongue coming out to lap at the other man’s mouth again.

“Then you’ll like this, too.” And Byou lowered his head to Ruki’s neck, sinking his teeth into the skin like a vampire. The shock of pain went right to Ruki’s cock, making it so goddamn hard he thought it was going to shatter.

He arched up against his new lover, grabbing a fistful of hair and pulling it, trying to give back some of the delicious pain he’d just been given – and was rewarded with a moan. Good. He was just as kinky as Ruki was. His bragging about being a pervert was no idle boast.

“You’re going to get out of those clothes,” Ruki said in a low growl. “Right now.”

“And what about you?” Byou said. “You’re way overdressed.”

“Not for long.” And Ruki pulled away, shucking off his shirt and tossing it on the floor, his pants and underwear following. He knew he was big for a man of his height, and he proudly showed it off.

Except before he could say anything to his companion, his brain short-circuited at the sight of his body. Fuck, he was ripped. Finely sculpted from hours in the gym. No wonder he took his shirt off onstage – he had good reason to.

“So, is this what you were looking for?” Byou said, stretching out on the bed on his back, arms over his head. He looked like a feline predator luxuriating in the sun, all sensuality and beauty and a bit of danger, knowing you were looking at and admiring him – and reveling in it.

Ruki wasn’t going to answer that with words. Instead, he pounced the other vocalist. Literally, he sprung at him like an animal, raking his nails lightly down Byou’s chest and stomach as he leaned in for another fierce kiss. His new lover arched upward, and Ruki repeated the scratching, running down his sides this time.

He felt hands gripping his ass, hard, squeezing it, and he responded by moving down to his new lover’s neck, sucking on it hard, scraping lightly with his teeth. He raised his head, dragging his tongue slowly up Byou’s throat, bottom to top, making sure he gave attention to the spot he’d just been biting.

“You can’t put that body in front of me,” Ruki murmured, “and not expect me to do this.” He moved down further, closing his mouth over a nipple and sucking hard, reaching over for its twin, squeezing it between his thumb and forefinger.

Byou even had delicious nipples, Ruki thought, as he ran his tongue over the bud. The shape and texture were just right for pleasure, and invited him to keep licking, to circle the areole over and over before flicking over the bud. He closed his lips around it tightly, sucking, listening to the other man’s moans.

Ruki raised his head, brushing his cheek, his hair against the nipple, letting Byou feel the textures on sensitive skin, the contrast of warm flesh and cool strands. He blew on it as well, adding another layer of sensation, feeling the man under him shudder in delight.

He raised his head, moving back up to kiss him – and found himself flipped over, and over, landing on his stomach. There were hands on his ass, encouraging him to get up on his knees, to raise it up in the air . . .

And that was followed to a sharp smack to his left cheek, then his right. “And you didn’t expect to do that without me doing this, did you?” Byou said.

Ruki’s mind was whirling. He’d gone from predator to prey, just like that. From dominant to submissive. And fuck, was that ever hot. Byou gave as good as he got. Ruki clutched the sheets, arching his ass up higher, expecting to feel more spanking.

Instead, he heard his nighttable drawer opening, things being moved around. He was going to fuck him already? He knew the other vocalist would find condoms in there, and lube, and a few other things . . .

It was one of those “other things” that Byou discovered – though Ruki didn’t realize that at first when he felt lube being drizzled into the cleft of his ass. Okay, he was right, he was going to be fucked. He waited for the fingers to invade him.

He felt something else instead. Plastic . . . a sheet of plastic being smoothed over his flesh. A dental dam. Oh, oh, oh, he’d forgotten he had those in there.

And suddenly, excitement gripped Ruki like never before, and he arched backward, moaning, “Please.” He’d never had this done to him before. He’d done it to other lovers quite a bit – hell, he got the impression they flat-out expected it from him – but the favor hadn’t been returned.

“You know what I’m doing, then?” Byou leaned over, nipping at Ruki’s bottom, and the smaller man let out a moan.

“Yes,” Ruki said. “Fuck, yes.”

“Then tell me what it is.” Another nip, another moan from Ruki.

“I want your tongue in me,” Ruki said.

“Do you?” And Byou drew his tongue slowly up Ruki’s ass, next to where the dental dam was spread, running from where it joined his leg over the curve, stopping only at the top of his hip. “Ask again,” he said, planting a kiss there.

“Dammit, I need you to rim me!” Ruki panted. “Please!”

“Again?” Byou said, moving down so he could brush his tongue a tiny bit against the cleft, just enough for Ruki to feel it.

“Please!” Ruki said. “Please, please . . .” Oh, hell, he’d been reduced to a begging, gibbering mess, clutching at the bedding with both hands, hair hanging in his face, ass pushed upward, every muscle taut . . .

And then there was something soft and wet and strong pressing against his entrance, moving around, starting to explore. Just a tiny bit in, wriggling about, seeking the sensitive spots. It pushed in a little further, curving wickedly.

“Oh, FUCK!” Ruki cried. No wonder his lovers wanted this all the time. It was . . . amazing. It didn’t feel like fingers or cocks or anything else. It was both soft and firm, hot and flexible. It moved, constantly moving, thrusting and darting here and there, never lingering in the same spot for more than a few seconds.

Byou responded to his cries, pushing it in deeper, then pulling it out, tongue-fucking him hard, curving it when he had it all the way in, pressing against his walls – against hot bundles of nerve endings that sent crazy sensations rocketing through Ruki’s body.

He thrust backward, pushing the tongue further into him, fucking himself on it. He could just imagine what it looked like, Byou’s beautiful face buried in his ass, Ruki on all fours, trembling and moaning and writhing in ecstasy.

And then, oh, fuck, there were fingers wrapping around his cock, and starting to stroke him – to the same rhythm the tongue inside him was moving. Now there were sensations overwhelming him everywhere, the hot thing wriggling and darting in his ass, the hand on his erection sliding over heated skin, brushing and rubbing, the thumb circling and circling the tip . . .

Ruki moaned, and panted, and moved his hips over and over, thrusting against the tongue, the fingers, and the pleasure was building, and building, he couldn’t stand it, but it was delicious, he was . . .

And suddenly, there was a huge explosion of ecstasy, and he threw his head back, almost screaming, coming and coming until he thought he’d been wrung dry, his essence pouring over Byou’s fingers.

He sank to the bed, a spent, panting mess. He’d come from being rimmed. By Byou, yet. Oh, fuck. This experience was to ordinary sex what standing on the stage at Tokyo Dome was to playing a dingy little live house.

The plastic was removed from his ass, and he felt Byou’s lips on his neck, his face. “How was that?”

Oh, he was going to answer that, all right. Not with words – with actions. He was going to make this man come at least as hard as he did.

He slid across the bedding, like a serpent in search of a small animal to devour, and kept sliding until he was at the edge of the bed, then over it, down to the floor. He got on his knees, and looked up.

“Sit at the edge of the bed,” he told Byou.

The other vocalist obeyed, moving to the edge, his legs on either side of Ruki. Perfect, Ruki thought.

He leaned over, touching his tongue to the head of the other man’s erection, stroking it lightly, caressing it. He kissed, then licked again, then kissed.

And then, he moved down to the base of Byou’s hardness, and pressed his tongue on it, sliding it very slowly along the shaft, memorizing the new textures and sensations as he went. It was the same thing he’d done countless times in front of crowds, to microphones and canes, inspiring countless fantasies among observers of both genders.

Ruki took his time, both to draw out Byou’s pleasure and take his own. Cock was a wonderful thing to him, and it gave him almost as much pleasure to touch and taste and play as what he was doing gave to his lovers.

He reached the tip, circled it with his lips, and licked at it again, hearing Byou moan, feeling hands moving over his hair. He wanted those hands to start pulling.

He got his wish as he moved down, sucking all the way, filling his mouth with delicious hardness. The little bit of pain as his hair was tugged just sparked more pleasure in him, and it made him suck harder, starting to move his head back, then forward.

Byou’s erection slid through Ruki’s lips, over his tongue, and he devoured his lover with utmost delight. He moved down a little more, with every thrust, hearing Byou moan, feeling those hands in his hair tug more.

Time to bring out his ultimate sexual weapon. He pulled his head back, cock slipping out of his mouth, and looked up at Byou – panting, flushed, skin covered in sweat. Possibly the sexiest damn thing Ruki had ever seen in his life.

He gave his lover a smile, swallowed hard, and opened his lips, wrapping them around the tip again . . . and he began to move down. And down. And down.

Ruki heard the gasp of surprise when Byou realized just how much Ruki had taken in, that he was being deep-throated. And then he heard a husky cry of his name, and felt those hands tugging in his hair again.

He began to suck hard, moving his head back, then thrusting downward again, taking him in as deep as he could. He was completely surrounding his lover with hot and wet, making him feel like his mouth and throat were an endless chasm.

Byou’s hips were starting to move, and Ruki stayed with him, letting his lover fuck his mouth, reaching out with his hands and raking his nails down his thighs, adding that little bit of pain to spike the pleasure. It was all Byou needed – he started to gasp, and moan deeper, indicating he was going to come . . .

Ruki pulled back quickly, so the come splattered all over his face, bathing it in white. His tongue flicked out to catch a few drops.

He moved up to kiss Byou, smearing the fluid over both their faces, and they laughed, tongues coming out to lick it off one another. Finally, they flopped to the bed together, arms wrapped around each other.

“You’re pretty incredible,” Byou said. “Where did you learn to do that?”

“Never mind me,” Ruki said. “Where the fuck did YOU learn to do what YOU did? I thought my head was going to explode.”

“Just something I like to do,” Byou said, kissing Ruki and holding him tighter. “Plus, you have such a great ass, it was instinct.”

Ruki sighed, closing his eyes. “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

“I don’t know,” Byou said. “I just didn’t want to hit on a sempai. I didn’t think it was right.”

Good Lord, Ruki thought, by those terms, that would put every band on the PSC roster except one on Byou’s “no hit on” list. The only kohais SCREW had were BORN.

“Same here,” Ruki said. “I mean, I didn’t want to be one of those sempais who takes advantage of a kohai – unlike some people.” Read, mostly Aoi – though there were a couple of other guys who were just as bad in that department, if not worse.

“You know what?” Byou said. “We should have just said the hell with the rules.”

“I don’t want to hear any would have, could have, should haves,” Ruki said. “What we did doesn’t matter. Just what we’re going to do from now on.”

“And that is?” Byou said.

“First, we’re going to sleep for awhile, because I can’t fucking move right now,” Ruki said. “And then, we’re going to go at it again, and just keep going.”

“I like how you think,” Byou said, snuggling against Ruki.

Ruki sighed, wrapping his arms tighter around the other man. If this was a one-night stand, well, it was the best one he ever had. If it was more? Then letting Aoi drag him out for drinks was the best move he’d ever made.

* * *
“He’s coming,” Kazuki said to Aoi, darting back into the conference rooms. Both groups were scheduled for meetings today. Kazuki had stayed a little later after his, Aoi had come a bit early. Byou had arrived just as the meeting had started, and left right after, so Kazuki didn’t have a chance to talk to him about the night before.

Ruki, on the other hand . . .

The GazettE’s vocalist came into the room slowly. Very slowly. He was wearing dark glasses – nothing unusual for him, except they were now thicker and darker than usual.

“Hi, there,” Aoi said. “What happened last night? You guys were gone when we got back to the table.”

Ruki turned his head toward Kazuki – and grabbed it, wincing. “What’s he doing here?” he said.

“I just had a meeting,” Kazuki said. “I thought I’d hang around and talk to him.” He pointed at Aoi.

“In answer to your question,” Ruki said, “we left when you didn’t come back.”

“Separtately?” Aoi said. “Or together?”

“Like I’d give you the fucking details?” Ruki said.

Aoi and Kazuki smiled at each other. Definite confirmation – there had been vocalcest last night.

“Christ, my head hurts,” Ruki said. Which had been annoying this morning. He and Byou had wanted to get in one more bout of lovemaking, but he’d woken up feeling like crap. They were going to see each other again tonight – hopefully, he’d feel better.

“I have some pills for that,” Aoi said, reaching into his pocket. “You’ll feel better in no time.”

“It feels like a hangover,” Ruki said. “But that’s impossible. All I drank was Orangina. I . . .” And suddenly, a thought popped into his mind. That last drink, the Orangina that tasted a bit off . . .

He looked at Aoi. “You didn’t doctor my drink, did you?”

“Me?” Aoi said. “I wouldn’t do anything like that.” He handed over the hangover pills. “Maybe you were just drunk on love.” Kazuki suddenly laughed, his hand flying up to his face to stifle it.

“Drunk on love?” Ruki said, looking around for some water. “Where did you get that shit from?”

“Never mind,” Aoi said. “I’m just glad you had fun.”

“Both of us are,” Kazuki said, with his biggest, most innocent smile.

And Aoi was just going to keep the secret of the bottle of Cointreau. But he’d keep the bottle itself – as the months went by, it became a sentimental souvenir of the night when Ruki and Byou became a couple.

Not to mention it was a proud trophy for Aoi. Not every superstar could count successful matchmaking among his accomplishments.


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Jun. 15th, 2013 07:49 pm (UTC)
This was a pleasure to read ( ̄▽ ̄) that was very hot between byou & ruki especially the tongue thing ^//^° aoi & kazuki are sweet as always (︶▽︶)
Jun. 25th, 2013 04:32 pm (UTC)
Thank you! The tongue thing HAD to be done, considering the two guys involved. (Hell, that was half the reason I wanted to pair them - the extreme oral fixation. The other reason being, of course, that they're both just plain hot). And I've come to LOVE writing the Aoi/Kazuki pairing - there's just SO much chemistry there, and they're also the type to get into all kinds of mischief. Glad you enjoyed!
Jun. 16th, 2013 07:53 pm (UTC)
You do know that this is like the extreme of the extreme? Putting two certified sex gods and perverts together are just... lsfjierjlkjfwlwkrjnv. I tried avoiding imagining this two together and then you wrote this fic and I just can't help myself and now, I think I'm on the verge of dying, going to heaven and hope to have a personal harem composed of hot androgynous men in there. klsdjfiwerjrgrhgdkjfghei

This is a gem. It's so hot and rawrrrrr.... so cute too. I've never really liked Aoi and Kazuki together, but you made them so adorable together and Byou and Ruki having this long time crush and all.

Now, I'm gonna shut up now and revel in the perfection of this fic. I wish the next time you write this pairing there would be *coughpenetrationcough* XDD

Jun. 25th, 2013 04:38 pm (UTC)
You know, the fact that you liked Aoi and Kazuki in this fic despite not really liking the pairing is the highest compliment of all. Thank you! And as for the main pairing? How could one NOT want to put two gorgeous, orally fixated perverts together? XD (That's why the action in this fic was almost entirely oral - because I wanted to capitalize on the *cough* special talents of the two involved.) I'm so glad you enjoyed this!
Jun. 22nd, 2013 12:13 am (UTC)
Aaw, gawd, that was amazing!

It's so realistic sorta to imagine Aoi and Kazuki planning that!
(And convincing ViViD to take Jin with them, haha).

And then Byou and Ruki, oh - my - gaaawd!, that was epic. Both doing their typical very hot thingies to each other. It should be forbidden to imagine that but ... well, you did anyway and I loved reading it!!
Jun. 25th, 2013 04:43 pm (UTC)
Aoi and Kazuki strike me as being mischief-makers to the point where they WOULD orchestrate something like this. Plus, they genuinely care about their bandmates and their hearts are in the right place - even if Aoi's heart manifests in the form of spiking Ruki's drink. XD

As for putting the two of them together? It's sort of a big, fat "It HAD to happen." Watch Invisible Wall and Duality back-to-back, you'll have seen more tongue action than a year's worth of pornos. Thus, their specialties got a LOT of play here. XD

Thanks for reading, I'm so glad you enjoyed!
Jul. 2nd, 2013 05:46 pm (UTC)
Yes, I agree (:

I know but it's just too hot, lol. xD

You're welcome!
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