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Just when I thought I was done with unpleasant surprises, I got a summons the other day for jury duty. Now, the way jury duty usually works in the county where I live is this: You're summoned for a week of service. You're assigned a juror number. Every day of your service, you log onto the court system web site to see if your number has been randomly picked to come in. If it's picked, you go to court for possible selection to a jury. (You only find out how long the case you're possibly going to be serving on is after they start the jury interviews). If your number isn't picked, you go to work that day as usual, and if it doesn't come up at any time by Wednesday, your service is declared complete and you're dismissed. (So far, I've only had to actually go to court once, and never been put on a jury. They usually throw you out as soon as they hear you're a journalist).

This summons was different, though. It said, "You are summoned for a three-month trial beginning July 14 and running through October 4." Guess when I'm supposed to go to Munich? Yep, right at the tail end of that.

Fortunately, one of the valid excuses they said they will accept is travel during the trial period if the reservations were made before you received the summons, if you can supply proof of the booking. Also fortunately, I have my reservation confirmation, dated in April, in my "saved messages" box, and I double-checked the booking can be easily retrieved on the web sites of both the online travel agency I bought it from and Air Berlin. (And I say "fortunately" because my boss was no help at all when I told her about it yesterday. She pretty much told me that if I had to do the case, they'd put me on leave and hire a temp. Um, thanks, nice to know I'm so needed. >.<) I also looked on a few travel advice web sites, and they said, yep, jury boards accept prebooked travel with proof as grounds to at least postpone your service.

So I should be able to get out of this fairly easily. And if this works out, I will have a unique story to tell for all those fan "How has the GazettE affected your life?" polls. "Can YOU say that the GazettE helped get you out of a three-month jury service?"

And in an unrelated matter, I'm wondering if there's ANY band in the world whose YouTube videos don't bear lots of "OMG THEY ARE TEH SUXXORS NOW THEY WERE SOOOO MUCH BETTER BEFORE!!111!!!111!!" comments. I've pretty much gotten used to "EVERYTHING THEY'VE DONE SINCE ALPHA HAS SUCKED!1!1!!!!!1!!!!" and "EVERYTHING THEY'VE DONE SINCE DIM HAS SUCKED!!11!!!!11!!!!111!!!" (Though some people move the yardsticks to the Vandalize album and the Before I Decay single, respectively). Now, it seems, the SCREW version is "EVERYTHING THEY'VE DONE SINCE ANCIENT RAIN HAS SUCKED!!11111!!!!!!1111!!!!!11!!" Really? Then why are you leaving a comment a video made AFTER that? (Um, not like I've spent a lot of time over the last couple of weekends watching SCREW videos or anything. Nope. *cough*) Seriously, does everyone just like these bands for a year or too and then decide they're OH JUST TOO COOL to listen to them anymore - but then continue to hang around the fandom so they can hate on the band's newer material? Why not just hang around the fandom of a band you LIKE now?


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Jun. 4th, 2013 05:14 pm (UTC)
That last paragraph.

/praises you forever

Ahh those comments annoy the hell out of me. It's best if they would shut up about it but nope, they'll leave a comment and welcome the hate. AND WHAT. PEOPLE SAY THAT ABOUT SCREW? SCREW IMPROVED BIG TIME. Rui joining them is absolutely a blessing (saying this since Rui's a member ever since Ancient Rain)and their latest one, Red Thread? I was pretty much a mess when I heard and watched the PV. I just wanted to hug tokuma for giving them their major debut so they could explore the music scene more. I don't see how they suck now. Same goes for Alice Nine and the GazettE. Their music is still amazing and beautiful in my opinion. Sigh, fans really do leave the fandom when the band changes huh.
Jun. 4th, 2013 07:23 pm (UTC)
Here here! You tell them! Agree with 100%
Jun. 5th, 2013 02:11 am (UTC)
Rui is the dividing line between "suxxors" and "not suxxors" for these people? Figures. Poor Rui - and he brings so much to the band's sound, too! Totally agreed about Red Thread - the song is just WOW. If the rest of the album is as good as that song, it's going to be even better than Biran, and I LOVED that album. All of those bands - Alice Nine, GazettE and SCREW - are growing, developing and maturing, daring to try new things - like Alice Nine's 13-minute prog rock song and GazettE's experiments with dubstep. Would anyone REALLY want a band to just sound the same year after year and never develop? They'd get bored, I think.
Jun. 8th, 2013 12:24 am (UTC)
Rui's my favorite member so ... dumb people srsly o_o

He's just amazing! I'd even say that if I didn't know anything about him except having listened to some SCREW songs!

I agree with y'all.
Jun. 10th, 2013 12:39 pm (UTC)
The thing is: if a band's music style changes, people complain that their music sucks now. If their style remains mostly the same, people complain that they're boring and don't dare to try anything new. I DON'T GET IT! It's as Ruki once said: if you hate the new stuff, then listen to the old songs instead.
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