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I'm feeling a lot more like myself now. It's a one day at a time process, recovering from the death of a parent. It's an even harder process for my mother, who's still not eating and sleeping right. I'm trying to give her all the support I can. I offered to bow out of Anime North next week if she still needed me close by, but she insisted I still go. (I'm leaving next Wednesday).

I'm starting to get a few story ideas, which is good.Another way I'm feeling like me again. Unfortunately, I came back to fandom to find two of my three current active fandoms in a meltdown. Number Sixes were wanking over Alice Nine putting out a complete DVD of the Countdown Live tour finale after releasing it piecemeal on their last three singles - which has "PSC money-grubbing dirty trick" written all over it, admittedly. And the Bronies were in a rage over Equestria Girls, a My Little Pony feature film - but instead of being about the canon characters, it's a ponies-turned-into-humans high school AU, complete with a contrived love interest for Twilight Sparkle, which just looks like they filmed someone's bad fanfic. The latter wank got UGLY - including jerks harassing the show's staff over Twitter. Ugh. Between that and the fans giving Aoi and Ruki a hard time over the not-quite-world tour, I want to just blow up Twitter sometimes. (Of course, I'd lose the world's biggest source of fanfic ideas then).

And meanwile, it seems that goods from Japan are becoming more affordable. Yay! I preordered Melt and Countdown Live already, but I've yet to preorder SCREW's album and live DVD, and we also have Beautiful Deformity and its accompanying single (which I've forgotten the name of - ghaa, bad Sixth Gun!) coming up, plus BORN is releasing three singles, plus there will inevitably be an Alice Nine album by the end of the year. Good move, Japan! Fangirls worldwide raise their battered wallets to you in salute!


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May. 18th, 2013 10:08 am (UTC)
Oh! I like the article you linked very much. I am usually not very much interested in economics and stuff and I might not afford any more goods from Japan anyway (as a student) but it is interesting to read how things work with dropping currencies.
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