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Title: Backstage Pass
Chapter: Standalone
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Pure PWP Smut
Warnings: Male/male sex, dirty talk, slight D/s
Pairing: Aoi X Kazuki
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Aoi is facing an evening alone, so he decides to take Kazuki up on his invitation to visit him backstage. Fortunately, there’s a closet there that offers some privacy.
Comments: A fill for the GazettE Kink/Porn meme. Prompt: Aoi/Kazuki - Aoi is in a lonely mood, until he gets the idea to show up backstage at a Screw gig and drag Kazuki into a closet (or other private area) to fuck him. Also inspired by this interview, which was so damn adorable that I had to make my first-ever attempt at writing this pairing.

Aoi unlocked the door of his apartment, dropping his guitar case on the floor. The rehearsal had gone well – they were going to be more than ready for their string of lives starting a few days from now. Even Kai had been pleased – and Leader-san was a notoriously tough customer.

Of course, now he had all this pent-up energy that he couldn’t get rid of. Any kind of music-making got his blood going, made him feel wound up like a coiled spring – and he needed something to take the pressure off that spring before it snapped.

He sat down, taking out his phone and opening Twitter. Damn, nobody interesting was on tonight. Where the hell were they all? He knew there were some other bands who had lives tonight – in fact, he’d been invited to one.

“You know where the place is, right?” Kazuki had said to him. “Not really all that far from you. It’s going to be our last live in Tokyo before the tour finale.”

He always got invited to these things, didn’t he? Kazuki wanted him to come to every live they did that was within a 100-mile radius of Tokyo. Was he fucking crazy? Aoi had his own schedule.

He scrolled through the pages, continuing to see nothing interesting. Well, except for one guy he and Kazuki had gone drinking with awhile back. A long while back. The guy probably didn’t even remember the night – they’d drunk him under the table. Literally. The two of them had watched, laughing, as the man slid off his seat and onto the floor.

Nah, the guy probably wouldn’t remember him. And if he did, he probably wouldn’t want to be reminded of the nasty hangover he’d inevitably had the next day.

He switched to the main part of the phone, debating calling one of his bandmates. Fat chance of him getting hold of Uruha or Kai, though. They were joined at the hip since they’d moved in together. They’d probably gone home and hit the bed right away, Reita had mentioned something about a date, and Ruki had said he was going home to write songs – which meant disturbing him got your head bitten off.

Aoi sighed, dropping the phone. Well, fuck. The party boy was all alone tonight. How ironic was that? If Kazuki hadn’t had a live, he’d definitely be able to drag him out. All he had to do was say the word, and his kohai came running.

They could go to a lot of places, couldn’t they? There was a real nice bar not too far from where they’d rehearsed today, very modern and American looking. Tons of neon light. His friend would look really cute, sitting there with his skin painted pinks and oranges by the reflected glow.

A few doors down there was a more traditional izakaya where the drunken salarymen were always vastly amused by the strange-looking young men who’d invaded their suit-and-tie space and kept buying them food and drinks. They’d never had to pay for a single thing there – many an evening he’d sat watching his friend with a glass of whiskey in one hand and a skewer of yakitori in the other, swapping stories with other transplants from the Kansai region.

And then they’d finish out the evening in a real rock and roll place, a basement bar that was a hangout for superstars and up and comers alike, where nobody made a fuss over him. Nobody but the cute guitarist next to him, who by this time, was usually drunk enough to end up in Aoi’s lap, openly kissing him between the two of them taking sips from the same glass. (Not that it was a big deal, since there were men kissing each other all around them).

And finally, the evening would end up at Aoi’s place, with Kazuki bent over, gripping the back of the couch as Aoi fucked him hard and deep, listening for those little purring sounds he made, those delicious moans of pleasure, feeling the other man thrust back against him, as if he couldn’t get enough. . .

It was only after he heard his own moan that Aoi realized that his hand was cupping his crotch, starting to rub as he imagined the feel, the scent of the other man’s body. He eased it away, chuckling to himself.

Hell with the drinking – it was obvious what part of the evening he wanted to skip right to.

He glanced at the time on his phone. By the time he got to the live house, they’d just be finishing up. Nice timing.

He was going to take Kazuki up on his offer after all.

* * *

It was an unspoken, unwritten law at PSC that any member of their bands got automatically admitted backstage to any shows by their other bands. That went double for GazettE, who had their own set of special perks and privileges, being the company’s highest-selling band. (Like, for instance, being able to set their own recording schedules, and not having to do embarrassing streaming cable shows filled with what Aoi considered ridiculous and dangerous stunts).

So it stood to reason that the security guards just nodded at Aoi as he approached the stage door and let him right in. “You’re kind of late,” one of them said. “They’re just about done.”

“I know,” Aoi said, casually. “I had somewhere I needed to be. I just told Kazuki I’d meet him back here after the show.”

Once he was backstage, he was hit by a wave of memories. GazettE had played here, sometime during the Disorder/Nameless Liberty Six Guns days. Fuck, that felt like forever ago. He just hoped that someday, Kazuki would know the kind of heights his band had. (Hey, they had made their major label debut, that was a start!)

He looked around, slowly, sifting through his memories of the place. Okay, the dressing area was pretty small – that wasn’t useful for their purposes. The shower room? It was a one-person-at-a-time shower, and his bandmates wouldn’t take kindly to it being used as a love hotel.

But there was a storage closet right over THERE, which seemed to be almost completely empty. It had a door, too.

Aoi smiled to himself. Bingo. Just what he was looking for.

He heard the screaming of the crowd as the band left the stage. The members were starting to come into this room, accompanied by their staff, looking pretty much like how most band members look after this sort of thing – sweaty, disheveled, but happy.

No, more than happy. Their eyes had a particular glow, an expression that said they had just known the pure joy of connecting with an audience, of knowing their music was truly reaching them. It was something only another musician could understand.

Aoi spotted Kazuki, wrapping a towel around his head, smiling in the sunshine-from-within way only he could . . .

And walking right past Aoi, making a beeline for the shower. Well, shit. He was going to have to wait a few more minutes to get some. He reached into his pocket and fingered the items he’d brought with him . . .

Just as the vocalist of Kazuki’s band walked over to him, spotting him among the post-live chaos. “Aoi-kun?” Byou said. “You actually made it?”

“Surprise, surprise,” Aoi said. “What can I say, I just can’t stay away.”

“Kazuki will be thrilled as hell,” Byou replied. “He was checking his phone every two minutes before we went on. I think he was afraid he missed a text from you.”

“Idiot,” Aoi said. “Text messages don’t disappear into thin air once they’re sent. His phone would have held onto it.” Kazuki could be a bit over-enthusiastic about their relationship sometimes. Just a bit.

And, dammit, thinking about that just made Aoi all the hotter. Because he knew Kazuki wanted this backstage rendezvous as badly as he did.

The shower door opened – fortunately, Kazuki was quick about it (unlike Uruha, who put down roots in showers). He stepped out, wearing just a towel around his waist – oh, great, that really helped Aoi’s current hormonal state. The entire room now probably knew he was horny as hell. Just make way for the intruding Mt. Fuji, everyone.

Kazuki’s eyes suddenly lit on Aoi, and they became wide as saucers and lit up like fireworks. “Aoi!” he said. “You made it!”

“Did you think I wasn’t going to?” Aoi said, smoothly, walking over to him. (Yes, that closet was just a few steps away now). “So, did you wear that on stage tonight?”

“No,” Kazuki said. “That would be a bit risky, don’t you think?”

“Risky?” Aoi was next to his friend now, leaning over him. “It would be worth the risk. Give the fangirls a look at that body? They’d be passing out from nosebleeds all over the place.”

‘But . . .the towel could fall off.” Oh, yes, the other guitarist was giving Aoi that heated gaze now. That look that was reserved only for him, full of passion and devotion, one that offered his heart as well as his body. It said volumes of very complex things, while Kazuki’s words were deceptively simple.

Aoi wrapped his arms around the other man’s waist. “We can’t have everyone seeing that, can we?” he said. “Maybe you should just let the tower fall off in private.”

And with that, he propelled the other man into the closet before Kazuki had any chance to ask questions, or even think about it deeply, and shut the door.

“Aoi!’ Kazuki said. “What are you doing?”

“What do you think?” Aoi said, pulling the other man closer and reaching for the knot on the towel.

“Everyone’s right outside,” Kazuki said. “They’re going to . . .”

“Hear us?” Aoi said. “Let them. Are you afraid of your band knowing you’re getting a nice, hard fucking?” He leaned over, so their lips were centimeters apart. “It’s not unleaderly, you know.” (Because God only knew Aoi had fucked Kai backstage a few times).

And with that, he closed the distance and kissed Kazuki hard, feeling the other man stiffen at first – and then ease into it, his arms coming up around him. Oh, yes, he was going to get into it quickly. His words of protest were just that, words.

Kazuki could be just as inventive and experimental as Aoi himself.

Aoi pushed his tongue into his lover’s mouth, feeling him push back, the two of them tongue-battling as Aoi ran his fingers over bare skin. This was actually pretty damn hot, having one of them clothed, the other naked. It kind of added an extra layer of the forbidden. As if they needed it.

Aoi moved his lips to Kazuki’s ear, kissing the lobe and tonguing it lightly. “This is a first for you, isn’t it?” he murmured. “You’ve never been fucked in a backstage closet before.”

“Yes,” Kazuki breathed, hands sliding down Aoi’s back, all the way to the bottom of his shirt, so he could slip under it.

“You want me to, though, don’t you?” Aoi said. “You want me to lube up and turn you around and fuck you hard and deep. You want to feel me moving in you. . .”

Kazuki moaned. “Aoi . . .”

“But what do you want me to do first?” he said. “Tell me. I won’t do it until you say it.”

“I want to feel your mouth on me,” Kazuki murmured.

“Like this?” Aoi said, starting to kiss down the other guitarist’s neck slowly. “Is this what you want?”

“Yes, but . . . I want more . . .”

“This?” Aoi began to nip at his collarbone, tracing it with his tongue. He felt the other man shudder, heard him try to stifle a moan.

“Lower . . .” Kazuki gasped.

“Ah,” said Aoi. “You mean this.” And this time, he leaned over, his lips closing over a nipple, and he started to suck right away, rubbing the bud with his tongue. He reached across to the other and pinched it for good measure.

Kazuki didn’t even try to stifle his noise this time. He gripped the back of Aoi’s head, letting out a cry.

Aoi smiled to himself, dragging his tongue over the nipple slowly, making Kazuki moan again. Those noises went straight to his cock, and then some. He was going to have to rid himself of his pants, much as he liked the idea of staying dressed – because they were getting tight as hell.

Discomfort wouldn’t do in a situation like this. Not when it was fully about the giving and receiving of pleasure.

“Oh,” Kazuki moaned as Aoi licked around the nipple. “Aoi, please . . .”

Aoi raised his head. “Please, what?”

“Suck me. Suck my cock.”

Aoi dropped down on his knees, as if he were a supplicant kneeling before a master – except he was very much in control right now, and he knew it.

“Are you going to let me fuck you, Kazuki?” he said, bending over and kissing the tip of his lover’s erection. “Are you going to bend over for me and let me push my cock deep in you?”

“Yes!” Kazuki panted.

“Because I’ll suck you, but I’m not going to take you all the way,” Aoi said. “I want to feel you coming when your sweet ass is wrapped all around me.” He tongued the tip in front of him. “Now, tell me again what you want.”

“I want you to suck my cock, and then I want you to fuck me.” Kazuki’s whole body was trembling with need now. Amazing how a confident bandleader could turn so submissive when sexed up properly.

Without another word, Aoi wrapped his lips around the head and started moving down, sucking. Delicious. The man’s cock seemed shaped just for his mouth – he loved sucking Kazuki. Unlike some of the lover’s he’d had, he didn’t shove his hips forward, ramming his cock down his throat and choking Aoi.

With the two of them, it just happened, a natural rhythm, an almost telepathic reading of each other’s needs and desires. Aoi applied pressure in just the right spots, flicking his tongue as he moved faster, feeling the hardness gliding over his lips and tongue. He reached out and squeezed Kazuki’s thighs, drawing a moan and ragged breathing.

He slid back until only the head was in his lips, running his tongue around and around it, tasting a few drops of precome. He eased away, giving it one last kiss.

“Bend over,” he told Kazuki. “Hands on wall.”

Aoi unzipped his pants as he watched his lover get into position – and wasn’t that a beautiful sight, that ass offered up to him? He gave it a light swat before reaching in his pocket, pulling out the condoms and lube.

He slicked his fingers quickly, and pushed the first one into Kazuki, leaning over to nip his ear again. “Not caring about people hearing you anymore?” he said as the other man moaned. “You shouldn’t. You should let everyone out there know that their Leader-san is the hottest fuck on the planet.” He moved the finger in and out, slowly. “And the most beautiful, too.”

When he pushed the second finger in, Kazuki started moving his hips along with his strokes, fucking himself on Aoi’s fingers. “That’s it,” Aoi murmured. “Make yourself feel good, baby.” He bent over and nipped his lover’s back, and Kazuki let out a yelp.

“Almost there,” Aoi said, pushing the third finger in, curving his fingers a little to stroke sensitive places. He moved them in and out, feeling his lover loosen, getting more and more ready. His cock was practically twitching in anticipation.

“Now, tell me what you want next.”

“Fuck me,” Kazuki moaned. “Please, Aoi.”

“That’s what I want to hear,” Aoi murmured. He slipped the fingers out, reaching in his pocket for a tissue to wipe them off – and then stripped off his shirt, pushing his pants the rest of the way down and stepping out of them. If he was going to fuck this beauty, might as well take things all the way.

He rolled the condom on, slicked it and positioned himself, gripping his hips. He pushed forward, feeling himself being slowly enveloped, enclosed in tight heat. Dear God, no matter how many times they did this, Kazuki still felt tight as a virgin.

“So good,” Aoi moaned. “Baby, I’ve never had a lover like you.”

“Oh. God . . .” Kazuki had his face resting against his hands, which were propped against the wall. He was lost in that void of mixed pleasure and pain that accompanied initial penetration. It was up to Aoi to make that all pleasure.

Fortunately, he was very good at that.

He began to move slowly, a gentle thrust. “This is only the beginning,” he murmured. “I want to fuck you all night. I want us to give each other pleasure every way we know how. I want you on your knees, sucking me. I want you to ride me so I can lie under you and look up at your pretty face as you’re moaning. I want to sit in a chair and have you sit in my lap, and grind your hot ass against my cock, real slow . . .”

“Aaaahh,” Kazuki moaned. “Aoi . . . “

Aoi was fucking him harder, faster, a full thrust, that tight heat seeming to throb and pulse around him. He could smell the sweat of both of them now, feel the small room getting damp and hot and close with the passion between them, and, yes, he could faintly hear the sounds of the others outside . . .

He wished they could see them. He wished the goddamn closet would become transparent right now, so everyone in Kazuki’s band could see the two of them thrusting against each other hard, panting and sweating and totally wrapped up in each other.

Aoi leaned over, kissing his neck, his fingers reaching around Kazuki’s body to wrap around his cock, stroking it just as the other man liked it. A few caresses under the head, a flick of the fingers at the very bottom, and, oh, yes, a gentle rub over the very tip, smearing the drops of precome around . . .

“Close,” Kazuki panted. “Oh, my God, Aoi, I’m so close . . .”

“Come, baby,” Aoi murmured. “Just let go.”

Kazuki thrust backward, crying out so loud that anyone outside doubtlessly heard them, his hot essence pouring over Aoi’s fingers in a hot flow – and that tight channel clutched around Aoi as he thrust hard, and thrust faster, wanting to send himself over the edge as well. He leaned over, letting out a loud moan as the pleasure flooded and flooded him, until he sagged against his lover, groaning.

He lifted his head long enough for Kazuki to lean back and kiss him, stroking his hair. “I love you,” he murmured.

It was something Kazuki said to him a lot, and not just when they had sex. He meant it, Aoi was sure.

But he had never said it back to him. He usually answered it with some sort of quip, like the one he said now . . . “Bet you say that to guys in closets all the time.”

Both men laughed, and Kazuki reached down for the towel he’d been wearing. “At least I don’t need to look for my clothes,” he said. “I’m going to have to take another shower when we get back to your place.”

“Want company?” Aoi said. He did have to find clothes and put them on, and it was proving to be a challenge in this confined space. He briefly considered just walking out there in the alltogether – not that everyone didn’t know they were fucking, and besides, he’d be giving everyone a treat, letting them see his naked glory like that.

“I’d be surprised if you didn’t ask that,” Kazuki said, leaning over to give Aoi another kiss. “Okay, I need to find my clothes. I’ll meet you by the back door.”

Aoi managed to get his pants zipped, and his shirt went on fairly easily. Okay, so much for giving everyone out there a treat. He’d save his treats for his lover, once they got back to his place.

He’d meant everything he’d said he wanted to do to him. And he had some other ideas as well.

* * *

Kazuki sat quietly beside Aoi in the car as they drove back to Aoi’s place. It had been one hell of an evening. The live had been fantastic, and then to find Aoi there afterward . . . well, that just made the night go from “excellent” to “perfect.”

He always did things like this, didn’t he? This wasn’t the first time he’d shown up backstage at one of Kazuki’s lives when he’d had something of his own to do earlier in the evening.

And when they got back to his place, he’d pour Kazuki a drink, and ask if there were anything he needed, and make sure his side of the bed would have the pillows the way he wanted. Then, they would make love, sleep a bit, then go at it again, and Aoi would always look out for Kazuki’s pleasure first.

He said “I love you” to Aoi all the time, and Aoi never said it back. But that didn’t bother Kazuki – because Aoi didn’t have to say it.

His love showed in a hundred little actions – and to Kazuki, that meant more than a million sweet words.


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May. 4th, 2013 05:19 pm (UTC)
Aaw I love how this story is cute and hot! <3
You should write more stories including SCREW members ^-^
May. 4th, 2013 05:49 pm (UTC)
Oh how I love it
Inspiration for the Aoixkazuki itnterview love it even more
Oh and thank u for the link to the interview
((>人<;) still waiting for a reita fic lol)

Edited at 2013-05-04 05:51 pm (UTC)
May. 4th, 2013 06:01 pm (UTC)
Ugh, this was real cute and hot. <3 This brain appreciates.
May. 4th, 2013 11:37 pm (UTC)
Oh my, totally knew this was coming after your last entry, and may I just say you did deliver.
You do some amazing writing! Thank you~!
AoixKazuki is a very interesting ship just as interesting as the RukixTakeru ship I hear about.
May. 5th, 2013 12:36 am (UTC)
I love this ^^ thank you for sharing :3
May. 5th, 2013 03:18 pm (UTC)
After this interview between the two i have been waiting for this!! \(*T▽T*)/ It was so amazing & so good ! ( ・ω・) i can`t get enough of them xD
May. 5th, 2013 03:41 pm (UTC)
Ahh, i'm so happy that you wrote this! I really love this pairing and i really didn't expect you to write about them :3

AND OH MY GOD WAS THAT HOT. I'm really, really amused that the other members could hear them having sex XD so it would've been better if you pushed in a little conversation of the members while the two were going at it. but not that i'm complaining XD it's still perfect the way it is. :3 I was kinda hoping that Aoi would say 'I love you too' back to Kazuki but then i was like 'Eh??' but then i read that last part which was too sweet ♥ You know, it may only be me, but i really think Aoi really does care a lot for Kazuki irl c: (i even think he's Aoi's favorite kouhai)I really do love their friendship (or more, who knows)

I also liked how you squeezed in the part about SCREW having their major debut and having potential or something like that because seriously, they really do ;u; it makes me cry how they are now after 7 years. i mean they deserve more right? (i just ranted in this omg i'm sorry)

Anyway, i really really loved this! I hope you write more of this pairing ♥ This is easily now one of my faves + your RukixShou fics *u* you really are a great writer, you know? :3

Edited at 2013-05-05 03:42 pm (UTC)
May. 5th, 2013 05:10 pm (UTC)
They are so cute together! And that interview was just priceless!
I love how Kazuki still acts like a fanboy, but we all know Aoi sees more than that in Kazuki!
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