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Title: Catch a Falling Star (1/2)
Chapter: Part 1 of 2 due to LJ post limits
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fantasy/sci-fi AU, urban fantasy, romance, smut
Warnings: Male/male sex, rimming
Pairing: Shou X Kai/Kai X Shou
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Kai has been plagued by strange dreams of an alien spaceship crash and its aftermath ever since he was a teenager. Why do they keep coming back, and why do they get stronger after his romantic encounters with Shou?
Comments: Literally, this idea came to me in a dream and demanded to be written up. (And that’s two Kai/Shou pieces in a row for me. Still feeling the effects of aleksiina_26’s delicious vampire smut fic with these two). Split in two because of LJ’s post limits.

The night was about as dark as nights get, just the tiniest sliver of moon, only a few stars peeking out through clouds. Yutaka was pretty much making his way home by pure instinct. Good thing he’d traveled this route from the restaurant where he worked part-time to the home where he lived with his mother a hundred times before.

He shoved his hands in his pockets, his breath misting a bit in the chilly air. He’d warm his hands up before practicing his drums. Okay, he didn’t have a full kit at home – just practice pads. But he’d have one someday.

Yutaka had quit school a year ago for a reason. No, for a MISSION. He was bound and determined to no longer be just another kid sitting in his room listening to Luna Sea. He wanted to be on those stages himself.

He was currently undertaking a serious independent study of music. When he felt he’d learned all that he could, he was going to form his own band. And then, ultimately . . .

He was lost in a fantasy of himself playing drums before a huge, cheering crowd when a light streaked across the sky. Given the darkness, it was more visible than it would have been otherwise – a huge, glowing ball, white at the end, fading to golden toward the back, which then gave way to a blazing tail. It came lower, and lower, bigger, and bigger . . .

And for a horrifying moment, Yutaka thought he was never going to see that dream come true.

Oh, crap, he thought. Oh, CRAP. A meteor. Something out of a bad sci-fi movie. And it was going to hit the earth. No, not just the earth, Japan. No, not just Japan, it was going to hit right . . .

The thing flew right over his head, letting out a screaming noise that sounded like the wail of a thousand banshees. It sailed into a wooded area next to him, where it hit the ground with a BOOM that made everything shake. There was a flare of light, a sudden wind . . .

And then nothing but stillness, and quiet, and a faint glow from where the thing had landed.

Yutaka found himself running toward it, breath coming in short gasps, heart pounding. What the hell? What had just happened? Did he really see . . . was that a .  . .

He approached the glowing thing slowly. It was in an area that had once been a cluster of trees, but was now stumps and shredded branches. And sitting in the midst of them was what looked like a giant, cracked egg, emitting a soft yellow light.

“Holy shit,” the boy whispered to himself. A UFO. He was looking at a freaking ALIEN SPACECRAFT. There was no denying it. A meteor wouldn’t be so perfectly shaped, wouldn’t look like it was made of . . . plastic? Metal? No, this was some substance somewhere in between, like nothing found on this planet.

And then, there was the fact that there was some kind of living thing hanging out of the “crack” in the egg. Not quite humanoid . . . it seemed to be made up of soft, ivory-colored tubes. Like a stick figure constructed from socks.

“Oh . . . my . . .” Yutaka came closer, and saw that the thing definitely had a face on the uppermost tube. Two eyes that were not quite round, but not quite your standard Asian almond shape, either. Two small openings in the middle that he assumed were nostrils. And then, under that, a mouth, with no visible teeth, opening and closing . . .

The creature was struggling. It seemed to be . . . in pain? No, trapped. Had it tried to get out of the spacecraft, and the doorway collapsed in on it?

The opening was about level with Yutaka’s shoulders. He found himself reaching out, putting his hands along the edges. If I push upward, hard, he thought, maybe I can help this thing . . .

He saw the creature flinch. “Don’t worry,” Yutaka said. “I won’t hurt you. I’m trying to help.” He was sure the alien didn’t understand any Japanese, but he hoped at least the tone of his voice would be reassuring. At least it stopped struggling, and kind of looked at him.

He pushed upward – sure enough, it seemed to be some kind of jammed doorway, he could feel hinges move just a little. Well, here’s where all the hours spent practicing drums and lifting weights to strengthen his arms were going to pay off. The movement stopped – and he took a deep breath and pushed harder.

There was a loud creaking, the doorway gave a little more, and the creature slid out, turning a somersault in the air and landing on its . . . well, it didn’t really have feet, did it? Ironic for something that seemed to be made entirely of socks. It gave a little hop and clapped its  . . . well, it didn’t really have hands, either . . . as if to thank him.

“You’re safe now,” Yutaka said. “As safe as anyone could be under these circumstances, anyway.”

The thing just hopped again, tilting its head at him. It reached out its . . . hand? Arm? Foreleg? Top sock? . . . as if in greeting.

Yutaka tentatively reached out, gingerly touching his fingers to it – and felt something pass through him. Not like a shock, more like a mild, gentle flow of current. It suddenly made him feel warm inside – and drowsy.

“Look,” he said, “I’m no expert in this kind of thing. I don’t know where you can go from here, what you can . . .” He yawned. “What you can . . .”

And he was sliding into a lovely, velvet-wrapped darkness, the forest fading around him.

He awoke sitting straight up in his bed, rubbing his temples. Good Lord, that was one hell of a dream. Where the hell did it come from? He wasn’t exactly the kind of person who usually got into UFO-type stuff.

He turned his head and looked out the window. He could see the forest where the dream took place from here. All the trees seemed to be intact. Well, of course they were – it was a dream, right? He’d left work last night, and . . . well, he was fuzzy about what happened between then and now. But if he couldn’t remember, it was a sure sign he’d been exhausted.

Just a dream. He lay back down, ready to go back to sleep.

. . . but then, why did his arms and shoulders feel so sore?

* * *


“We’re probably going to see the new kohais today,” Aoi told the man next to him as they trooped down the hall toward their management company’s main meeting room. These all-act meetings were more than a little reminiscent of a school assembly.

“You sound like you’re glad to finally be a sempai,” said Yutaka, now called Kai. His band, the GazettE, had been the last act to join this company, a little over a year ago. They’d been preceded by Miyavi, Kagrra and Kra.

“Aren’t you?” said Aoi. “We have people who will be looking up to us now! If they’re hot, we can hit on them!”

“You have a one-track mind, don’t you?” said Ruki, walking on Aoi’s other side.

“I wouldn’t call it one-track,” Aoi said. “I’d just like to say I have social interests.”

“Social interests being that you’d fuck the crack of dawn,” Ruki retorted.

“You don’t seem to mind my being experienced,” Aoi replied, draping an arm over Ruki’s shoulders.

“Hmmph,” Ruki replied, looking away from him.

Kai just chuckled to himself. Like a lot of bands, GazettE maintained casual friends-with-benefits relationships with each other. It was certainly easier – and safer – than a one-night stand with a groupie, and less likely to get them into trouble with their new management.

He’d been with both Aoi and Ruki on different occasions, and found the experiences very satisfying. But part of him longed, someday, to find something more.

Reita and Uruha were already waiting for them inside the meeting room. Reita waved at them. “Hey, guys,” he said. “Look what I managed to drag in here with me.”

“He just about dumped me out of my bed,” Uruha mumbled, pushing his dark glasses further up his face.

“I didn’t dump you,” Reita said. “Just pushed you a little. And then picked you up off the floor.”

“Any sign of the new talent yet?” Aoi asked them.

Reita shook his head. “Just the usual cast of characters.” He nodded toward the stablemates they were already familiar with, scattered about the room talking in small groups.

“Huh,” Aoi said. “Maybe their signing isn’t official, then.”

“You’ll have to go take a cold shower, then,” Ruki said.

“Now, why would I do a thing like that?” Aoi said. “I might need those hormones for . . .”

At that moment, five young men they had never seem before entered the room. They were all pretty much in the uniform of off-duty visual kei musicians – dark glasses, jeans, T-shirts with English slogans on them. However, even in that state, and without makeup, their level of attractiveness was apparent.

“I might need those hormones for that,” Aoi said. “Dibs on the little one.”

“Oh, no, you don’t,” Ruki said. “No hitting on them during the meeting.”

“You’re right,” Aoi replied. “That’s bad form. I’ll invite them out and hit on them afterward.”

“Wrong,” Ruki said.

“Come on, if it’s not on PSC property, they’re fair game, right?” Aoi said. “What do you think, Kai?” A pause. “Kai? Earth to Kai!”

Kai’s eyes were fixed on one of the newcomers. He was tall, thin, graceful, elegant. He had tawny-colored hair, eyes much wider than the standard Asian shape, And when one of his bandmates said something amusing to him, and he flashed a smile . . .

It lit up the entire room. Kai was always being told how beautiful his own smile was. This man’s was just as beautiful, if not more so.

“I think he sees something he likes,” Aoi whispered to the others, but Kai couldn’t hear it. He wouldn’t have heard a bomb falling directly in front of him.

There was just something about the man, about his entire aura, that was absolutely mesmerizing.

(And why did he feel like he’d seen him somewhere before?)

The beautiful kohai looked over at Kai. Their eyes locked and held, just for a moment. Kai felt like he couldn’t breathe . . .

And then, the president of the company had to enter the room like a schoolmistress. “Everyone, we’re going to get started now,” she said. “As you all know, we have just signed a new act, Alice Nine. We are expecting big things from them, and we hope you’re as excited about them as we are. Now, let me introduce them. This is the drummer and bandleader, Nao . . .the two guitarists, Hiroto and Tora . . .” (Well, now Kai knew the name of “the little one” Aoi wanted to hit on so he could warn him to stay away), “the bassist, Saga, and the vocalist, Shou.”

Shou. The General. So that’s what the beautiful creature was called. The name seemed to suit him.

“Oh, boy,” Aoi whispered to Ruki. “I don’t think we’ll be able to talk to him for the rest of the day.”

Kai didn’t hear that. He did make an effort to listen to the rest of the meeting, but that’s because he had to. He was the bandleader..

How ironic was it, he thought, that it was Aoi who had wanted to hit on someone, but it had been Kai who found something – rather, someone – he liked?

* * *

He was back in the place where he grew up, on that road between the restaurant where he worked ad his home. He was headed toward those woods, the same woods he’d seen before.

The cracked, glowing egg was still there. The sock creature was standing beside it, looking up at him with a smile – it was half Kai’s height.

“You found me,” the creature said. It wasn’t quite like a human voice – more like what an animal would sound like if it tried to speak. Maybe a wolf.

“I had to,” Kai replied.

“You’re doing the right thing,” said the alien. “You have your part to play.”

“Part . . . in what?” Kai said.

But the alien just held out its upper arm and said, “You will know.”

“Know what? Why am I here? Tell me, please! Tell . . .”

He woke up, sitting bolt upright, gasping. A cold sweat covered his body.

What was going on? Why THAT dream? He hadn’t had it in a long time – why had it suddenly come back again?

And why was it different this time?

He got out of bed on shaky legs and headed to the tiny kitchenette of his equally tiny apartment for a glass of water. He clung to the counter, as if for support.

He felt like he’d drank too much, even though he’d only had one beer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t with the new kohais. They had to go straight into the studio after the meeting, so Kai hadn’t had a chance to get to know Shou.

He wanted that chance, though. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d burned to meet someone so badly – not even when he was a hormonal teenager. Maybe he’d catch up to him in the corridors one of these days, or if nothing else, meet up with him backstage at that multi-band festival that was being planned . . .

Kai finished the water and dropped the glass in the sink. And he couldn’t let himself get too distracted by a potential love interest. The band was his first priority, now and always.

So why, when he fell back to sleep, were the two things running through his head a vision of Shou’s face, and an echo of the words, “You’re doing the right thing?”

* * *


The scene backstage at Peace and Smile Carnival was, to put it charitably, chaos. There were bands everywhere, video cameras everywhere, and two rather suspicious characters dressed in big-nose glasses everywhere. (Okay, Kai knew damn well that the suspicious characters were Miyavi and Keiyuu. He certainly couldn’t mistake Miyavi planting a big kiss on him when there were cameras right in his face).

Kai managed to escape out the back door a moment. He needed a couple of seconds to breathe before going back in there. GazettE had already done their set, Kra was onstage right now. Probably his band wouldn’t be needed again until the finale.

He stepped into the night, the cool air blissful against his heated skin, and leaned against the wall, looking up at the sky. At least there were stars and a moon tonight, unlike the night when That Dream took place, when everything was darker than dark . . .

And why the hell was he thinking of that now?

He was suddenly startled out of his thoughts by a voice saying “Hey,” making him jump a little. He’d thought he was alone. He whirled around, and there was . . .

“Oh,” Kai said. “Sorry, Shou, you scared me.”

There he was, taller than life and just as gorgeous, still wearing the white shorts with some sort of print he’d worn onstage. So he didn’t exactly have thighs like Uruha. That face distracted from it.

“It’s okay,” Shou replied. “I’m actually glad I found you out here.”

“You are?” Kai said.

“Yes,” Shou replied. “I’ve wanted to, um, talk to you for awhile, but – we don’t get the chance, do we?”

“No,” Kai said. “We don’t.” He smiled, rubbing the side of his head. “Things are a little crazy with us lately. We just did a full album, and . . .”

“I know,” Shou said. “I’ve listened to it. A lot. You guys really have it together.”

“Not as much as we’d like to,” Kai said. “We’re going in a different musical direction now. A lot softer.” Disorder had primarily showcased the loud, raucous side of GazettE. The material that Ruki, Aoi and Uruha was writing now was a lot more nuanced.

“I’m sure it will be good,” Shou said. “I hope we’re that good someday.”

“What are you talking about?” Kai said. “You guys sound great! You’re a lot more together than we were at the one-year mark.” In fact, the GazettE’s one-year mark was when Kai had joined the band. They’d been a shambles then, in danger of being sunk altogether by bad management. Kai had quickly stepped up as leader, and several months later, they were signed to PSC.

Shou shook his head. “I want to do something that shakes things up. Something that forces people to listen. I want to change someone’s life like Luna Sea changed mine.”

Kai gave him a wide smile. “You, too? That’s what made me get into music. Well, what made me get into visual kei, actually. My mother’s the one who got me into music in general. She took me to jazz clubs when I was in elementary school.”

“Really?” Shou said. “Your mother sounds like she was really cool.”

“I wouldn’t be here without her,” Kai said. “She stuck by me even when I wanted to quit school to devote myself to music.” His father, however, had been another matter, but Kai preferred not to think about him.

“You quit school?” Shou said. “I didn’t have that luxury.” There was the sound of thunderous cheering from inside the arena. “I think they’re switching acts.”

“That means Miyavi’s on,” Kai said, “and we’ll be expected back on stage after that.” Dammit. He finally, finally got a chance to be alone with this guy . . .

“Hey,” Shou said, “are you going to the afterparty?”

Kai kind of had to, since he was the bandleader. “Yes,” he said.

“Great!” A bright smile crossed Shou’s face. “You and I could talk there!”

And what was that warm flip-flopping in Kai’s stomach, like a teenager being approached by his crush? “I’d love it,” he said.

When he went back through that door, the heat and chaos of backstage didn’t bother him anymore. He felt like he was floating on air.

* * *

They managed to settle in at a corner table for awhile after both did the necessary gladhanding – Kai as Leader Of A Band About To Go Major, But They Weren’t Allowed To Talk About That Yet, and Shou as Member of PSC’s Newest Band Who Had To Make Necessary Professional Connections.

Both of them nursed a single drink, since neither was a big boozehound (as opposed to their respective bandmates Saga and Aoi, who between them were managing to keep the Japanese alcohol industry afloat for the next decade or so). They talked about their bands, about their music, about where they’d been and where they’d like to go.

“I have dreams about Budokan,” Shou said. “Literally, dreams, at night, where we’re on the stage and the place is full and every one of them is there to see us.”

And Kai couldn’t tell him that Budokan was also in his own band’s long-range plans. Yet another thing they weren’t officially allowed to talk about yet, since it was still in the preliminary talk stages – plus, he felt almost guilty, making Budokan years before Shou’s band did.

Instead, he said, “I think every one of us imagines ourselves there every day of our lives.”

“What about you?” Shou said. “What do you dream about at night?”

Well, THAT made him take a big swallow of his neglected drink. Yeah, he didn’t want to say to this guy he’d just met and wanted to impress, “I dream all the time about a crash-landing UFO. Different variations on the same thing. And there’s an alien that looks like your sock drawer.”  He’d sound crazy.

Instead, he said, “The same kind of dreams most people have, I guess. Random odd things.”

“Odd?” Shou said, with a smile. “Well, they say that sometimes our odd dreams really are our mind trying to tell us something important.”

He didn’t know what his mind would be trying to tell him with that particular dream, other than, “You probably need to sort your socks a bit better.” So he said, “If I ever figure some of this stuff out, I’ll probably be the richest and smartest man on the face of the earth.”

They both laughed, and that was the end of the conversation about dreams.

* * *

He was on that same road, running toward that same site, looking for that same alien. The sock-creature was standing next to its ship, looking up at Kai with – was that a smile?

“You’re doing well,” the alien said.

Kai looked at it, puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“You’re on the right path,” the creature replied. “You will save them.”

“Save them?” Kai said. “Save who? Who am I going to save? And how?”

“You do not need to know,” said the alien. “At least, not yet.”

“Wait a minute,” Kai said. “Is it my band? Is my band in danger? Please, if they are, tell me, I have to know!”

But the creature just looked away from him and said, “Everything that is important isn’t necessarily right in front of you.”

“Wait!” Kai cried. “What does that mean?”

And then, he was waking up bolt upright again, gasping and trembling as he always did.

Oh, God. It had gone away for a while. Why was it back now? Why, when he’d just had such a lovely evening . . .

As he got out of bed on shaky legs, it occurred to him that the dream had suddenly developed a new feature. Off in the distance, he could see a faint blue glow.

* * *


“Kai!” Shou raced toward the other man like a schoolboy trying to catch up to a friend in the playground. “Wait up!’

Kai quickly moved next to the wall, out of the stream of traffic, because stopping short in the middle of the PSC headquarters hallway – more like highway – meant you ran the risk of being run over like some animal in the middle of the road. He saw who it was, and smiled. “Oh, hi!”

“Hi,” Shou said. “I just wanted to say that your Budokan show blew me away. It was amazing. Everything . . . everything I want for myself someday.”

Kai smiled. “Thank you. We worked hard for that, believe me.” As in, an endless, grueling tour, with video cameras following them every step of the way (and capturing embarrassing moments like Kai repeatedly losing things). “And congratulations on the full album. You’re going on tour for that, aren’t you?”

Shou nodded, vigorously. “Actually, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. You’re done with your tour, and I’ve got a little time before the start of mine, so I was wondering if you had time for, um, having lunch or something?” He added, quickly, blushing bright pink, “Because it’s been so long since we got together.”

They’d managed to meet up one-on-one in bars a few times after Peace and Smile Carnival, but not as much as Kai would have liked. He wanted to get to know this man better. A lot better.

As in, Shou was usually the star of his masturbation fantasies. But as that adorable blush signified, Shou wasn’t the kind of guy you just dragged into bed – and, quite frankly, Kai wasn’t the kind of guy who usually did that kind of dragging.

“All right,” Kai said. “Maybe tomorrow? I have a meeting first thing in the morning, but I’m free after that.”

“Great!” Shou said. “Around 12:30? I’ll make the reservations, we can meet up here. Um, do you have a preference? Sushi, Italian, yakiniku . . .”

Anything, as long as I’m eating with you, Kai thought. My God, if Shou had been beautiful before, he was absolutely stunning now. He’d lost the facial piercing that never really suited him, toned down the eye makeup and hair gel, and seemed to be carrying himself with more confidence now that his band was a success.

“Italian is fine,” he said.

“All right!” Shou said, flashing him one of those gorgeous smiles. “I’ll see you tomorrow, then.” And he rushed off, leaving Kai to stand there, eyes fastened on him until he was out of sight.

A date. No two ways around it, Shou had just asked him on a bonafide date. And there was that flip-flopping in Kai’s stomach that was all too often associated with this man.

He was going to make sure he was freshly showered and shaved before he left tomorrow. He wanted to be impressive, on all levels.

What magic did Shou possess to turn a grown man into a teenager?

* * *

The restaurant was sunny and bright, with an entire wall of glass making the need for electric light minimal. The tables were covered with fine white linen and set in china edged in gold. It was the sort of restaurant one would imagine being used for an American businessman’s lunch.

Fortunately, their visual kei finery didn’t look too awfully out of place, because there was a table of forward-fashion types – Lolis and Goths – not too far from them, providing contrast to the primly-eating, severe-suited salarymen on their lunch hours.

Kai had been relating tales from the road to Shou as they made their way through plates of pasta and a bottle of wine. Shou, in return, had told him about their PV shoot in a hostess club.

“The guys were daring each other to try on the skimpy dresses,” he said. “I thought that Saga was going to do it.”

“So, would you have put it in the video?” Kai said.

“Why not?” Shou replied. “He has a slender form, he’d look good in a dress.”

Both men laughed, and Kai found himself just devouring his companion with his eyes. He wondered if anyone was glancing in their direction and thinking, “Who is this incredibly lucky man sitting there with the most gorgeous creature on the planet?” (More likely, though, they were probably thinking, “Who are these laughing idiots with the dyed hair and the makeup?”)

“Shou,” Kai said, “I’m really glad we took this time. We don’t get to see each other that often, and, well . . .” He looked down at his plate. “I do like spending time with you.”

“I like spending time with you, too,” Shou said. “Maybe . . . maybe we could make time for each other. You know, coordinate schedules. Maybe if you have a day off when I’m touring, and I’m not somewhere too-too far away, you can take a train to where I am.”

“Shou . . .” Kai said.

“Or I could take a train to you, if you’re touring,” Shou said. “It’s just that I, well . . .” He took a big drink of his wine.

Kai suddenly found his heart pounding. Was he looking to expand this beyond one date? Take it beyond friendship? No, wait, he was reading too much into this, wasn’t he? Silly him. This whole thing was just friendly, wasn’t it? Including this date.

“We could do that,” Kai said. “We could definitely do that.”

“Good.” Shou stood up, blushing a bit. “I’ll be back.” And he headed for the men’s room.

Kai finished the last bites of his food and swallowed the last of his wine. The waiter arrived with the bill, and Kai pulled his wallet out – he’d pay for this. He’d just played freaking Budokan, you know.

When Shou plays Budokan, he thought, putting the folder on the table, he can buy me lunch.

The waiter took the money – and Shou still wasn’t coming back. Was there something wrong? Maybe he should go check on him . . .

Kai headed for the men’s room. He pushed the door open, thinking that the thing tried to be elegant – red-painted walls, gold trim on the sinks and mirrors – despite the very NOT-elegant row of urinals.

It was empty – except for Shou, who was standing by the sink. He was looking at Kai with an expression that was far from his usual innocence. “I’ve been waiting,” he said in a soft, sultry voice.

Does . . . Kai thought. Does he want me to . . .

In the very back of his mind, there was a strange image. A blue glow, faint, over some horizon in the middle of the woods . . .

He crossed the room to the other man, his hand held out in front of him, as if he were feeling his way in the darkness. And when he got close to Shou, his companion grabbed him and pulled him in, their mouths coming together.

Kai suddenly felt hot, hotter than he’d ever been in his life. Oh. My. God. Shou was kissing him. He was pulling him close, arms wrapping around Kai, holding their bodies together.

Oh, his lips were soft, and lush, and strong. His tongue was wet and teasing, the way it flickered against Kai’s own . . .

Kai found himself pulling away, head falling back, gasping, as Shou kissed his way down his neck. “I’ve . . . I’ve never done this before,” Kai panted.

Shou raised his head, looking curious. “Done what?”

“Made out with another guy in a men’s room.”

“There’s a first time for everything,” Shou murmured, before bringing his lips to Kai’s again.

The next kiss was as hot and intense as the first, and Kai moaned as his lips opened, tongue reaching for Shou’s, as if to claim it, claim the whole man. Good Lord, the door could open right now, and one of those salarymen could walk in, and it wouldn’t matter, would it, because right now, he wished the whole world could see him kissing Shou.

He found his hands starting to slide down the other man’s back, caressing the skin through the layers of fabric, wondering how far this was going to go, how far they were going to take the danger.

Shou raised his head, and whispered in a rough voice, “My place,” and Kai nodded. He was never so glad he’d paid a restaurant check already in his life.

* * *

They got a cab, because there was no way in hell they were taking the subway. They sat close together in the back, hands stealthily roaming over each other, Kai squeezing Shou’s thigh, rubbing his fingers back and forth over the firm flesh.

He found himself breathing a little harder as the vocalist’s fingers traced his collarbone through his shirt, lightly, gently, offering the hint of pleasures to come. “How much longer?” Kai said, breathlessly.

“A few blocks,” Shou replied, fingers moving up the side of Kai’s neck, the light little touches just going straight to his cock. He’d have a full erection by the time they got out of the car. If he turned the wrong way, he’d probably end up knocking Shou off the sidewalk.

The car finally pulled up in front of an apartment building – one of those little boxes with little box apartments inside. “You do live alone, don’t you?” Kai said.

“Yes,” Shou said. “I wouldn’t have asked you home if I didn’t.”

Kai wanted to tell him he’d gladly have sex with Shou with a roommate watching. Hell, he’d gladly do him with his whole band watching. Both their bands. Plus a couple of live houses worth of fans to boot.

The two walked into the lobby, nearly tripping over their own shoes in their haste to get them off and leave them in the cubbyhole designated for Shou’s unit. Shou grabbed Kai’s hand, nearly dragging him up the stairs to the second floor.

A fumble of a key in a lock, and the two were inside an apartment barely big enough for the two of them to fit in. Kai happened to glimpse out of the corner of his eye that Shou hadn’t rolled up his futon. Good, they were going to need it.

Shou grabbed Kai by the shoulders and pushed him against the wall, and the two grabbed for each other, mouths pressing together in a kiss even more urgent than the one back in the restaurant.

Kai opened his lips, pushing his tongue toward Shou’s, wanting to taste him right away, to be a part of him, to absorb his essence every way possible. He was dimly aware of his hands gripping the other man’s shirt, crumpling the stylish fabric, as if one yank would strip him naked and leave him totally open to Kai.

They broke apart, panting, staring in each other’s eyes, and Kai brought a shaky hand up to stroke Shou’s hair. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite this way before,” he murmured. “I’ve never wanted someone so damn hard . . .”

“Sssshh,” Shou whispered, hands running down Kai’s shoulders, and then they were kissing again. Shou’s long, graceful fingers were moving down Kai’s shirtfront, easily unfastening buttons, and Kai was trying to do the same, except his hands were shaking so badly he could barely hold onto a button, much less push it through a hole.

They seemed to tumble out of their clothing, leaving it on the floor piece by piece, and then kept tumbling all the way to the mattress, Kai finding himself on his back, Shou on his hands and knees above him, holding him in, trapping him like a spider with its prey.

At this point, Kai would very willingly let himself be devoured.

The taller man leaned over, bringing his lips to Kai’s again for a brief, hot kiss. He raised his head, giving Kai a boyish, adorable smile . . .

Then he moved down so his face was level to Kai’s navel, pressed his tongue to his skin, and began a long, slow lick up his stomach.

“Ahh!” Kai cried. It was sexy, and sensual, but at the same time, it was damn frustrating, because it offered the promise of more. The wet tongue felt so good on his stomach, and then chest (oh, and he was avoiding his nipples, all right), but Kai wanted to feel it other places, more sensitive places . . .

“Shou . . .” Kai moaned as the tongue slid up his neck, lingering there, rubbing along his pulse line, making little circles.

Shou kissd where he had just been licking, raised his head, and said, “Tell me what you want, Kai.” His voice was sweet, soft, innocent, and yet with a wickedly teasing edge..

“More,” Kai gasped.

“More of this?” And Shou began to lick downward again, tongue taking a slightly different route, but still avoiding his nipples.

“Yes, but . . .” Kai moaned.

“But?” Shou raised his head.

“Somewhere else,” Kai murmured.

Shou suddenly sat up. “Turn over,” he said.

“But . . .” Kai said.

“Turn over, knees up.”

Kai gladly obeyed. Well, look at this, the leader was being perfectly obedient. That was what made this extra-exciting, though. The one always in perfect control was surrendering that control. He was at Shou’s mercy – and it was delicious.

What was going to happen now? Was Shou going to start prepping him to be fucked? Was he going to spank him – and why did THAT idea send a delicious thrill through him?

He felt lube poured into the cleft of his ass, and he thought, yes, I was right the first time . . . but he didn’t feel fingers. Not right away.

What he felt was plastic being stretched over his ass. There was a moment of confusion – and then, the meaning of what was happening sank in.

“Oh, my God . . .” he gasped, and then felt hands gripping his bottom, hot breath through the plastic . . .

Shou’s tongue brushed against him, lightly flicking against the opening, pulling away, then flicking again. It began to wriggle around the entrance, teasing the sensitive nerves, circling it, tickling it.

And Kai could only moan, feeling like he was melting from the inside. How did Shou know this was one of his biggest turn-ons, that it was one of the things he thought about when he masturbated, an act that was sexy and forbidden and delicious and . . .

Shou’s tongue pushed inside him, invading him with wriggling wet heat, and Kai lost the ability for coherent thought. It was all sensation now, the feeling of his new lover exploring him in a manner that was beyond intimate.

The lovely thing inside Kai curled to touch sensitive spots, and thrust in and out of him hard, feeling almost like it was dancing within him. Kai pushed his hips backward, trying to take more of that tongue in, to feel it everywhere.

He had his head pressed against the futon now, letting out sounds that he wasn’t even sure were human anymore, sweat rolling down his skin, his body seeming to burn up from within . . . his mind was filled with a vision of Shou with his perfect face buried in Kai’s ass, tongue working, and it just made him hotter.

Oh, God, he was going to come, he was going to come so hard if this went on much longer . . .

Shou raised his head, pulling the plastic away, and Kai moaned in disappointment – only to feel a lubed finger push inside him, easily. He’d been loosened up by the tongue play, of course. A second slid in almost right away, and why not? At this point, Kai wouldn’t mind if Shou put his whole hand up there.

He stopped at three, though, pushing them inside Kai, stretching him gently, opening him up, and Kai thrust backward, taking as much of them in as he could.

“Kai,” Shou said, “do you want it with you on all fours like this, or . .. “

Kai looked back over his shoulder. “I want to be able to see you,” he said. “But I want it deep and hard, too.”

“On your back,” Shou said, and Kai obeyed, again, lifting his legs in the air. Shou reached over for a condom and slid it on, then grabbed the legs and pulled them over his shoulders, reaching down to lube his erection, then bringing it to the other man’s entrance.

And then, he was pushing inside. Oh, dear merciful whoever-was-listening. He was big, and he was hard, and the initial entrance was causing Kai some pain – but he didn’t care.

When the pain gave way to pleasure, he moaned. “So good, so damn good . . .”

“Kai .  .” Shou ran his hands along his new lover’s thighs, pulled him closer, and sank into him more, and more . . .

Kai had wanted it deep, and he was getting it. The position was allowing him to be filled, and filled, until he thought he was going to burst. He gripped the futon, feeling like someone at the pinnacle of a roller coaster, danger imminent, but totally lost in the thrill of it all.

There was a long pause, during which the room was filled with only the sound of the men’s breathing, and then Shou started to move, pulling back, cock sliding through Kai, over places made hot and sensitive by his tongue.

“Oooh, yes,” Kai moaned as Shou started to thrust deep again, so very deep. He opened his eyes and raised his head, to see the beauty framed by his own legs, face bearing a look of concentration as he pushed into his new lover’s body. So gorgeous, like a god making love to a mortal.

The position made him feel trapped, possessed completely by his lover, and it was a luscious act of surrender. “Fuck me,” he gasped. “Fuck me hard.”

Shou began to thrust faster, his hips churning, and Kai let his head fall back, moaning, so lost in pleasure he thought he’d never be found again. Every push inside was harder and deeper than the one before, and Kai found himself thrusting with him, wanting him deeper still, not wanting to stop until Shou struck the very core of him.

“Beautiful,” Shou panted. “So beautiful . . .” He reached down with one hand, wrapping it around Kai’s cock, and Kai let out a strangled cry, thinking this was now beautiful torture, his whole body was burning, writhing, glistening with sweat . . .

And then, Shou’s cock hit Kai’s prostate, and Kai let out a loud cry, arching against him, trembling. Oh, my God, what was that? He’d had prostate pleasure before, of course, but not like that – it was so intense, one would think a small current of electricity had passed between them.

The next thrust brought another direct hit, and Kai pushed down hard against him, letting out a noise that was close to a growl. And then, a prostate hit with a brush of Shou’s thumb across the tip of his cock . . .

Kai arched forward, screaming, coming harder than he ever had n his life, the shudders of pleasure so intense that he barely noticed Shou crying out in his own ecstasy, thrusting harder into him, just bringing on a few more shudders for Kai.

Finally, he felt Shou ease away from him, and his legs dropped back to the futon with a thud. His new lover lay next to him, pulling him close, arms encircling him, and Kai snuggled against him, feeling himself sliding rapidly toward unconsciousness.

If there were any doubts about him being in love with Shou, they had just been thoroughly blown away. He felt like he’d found something he’d been looking for his whole life .  . . or at least most of it.

* * *

The spaceship wasn’t there this time. No, he was walking in the woods beyond the crash site. Toward the horizon in the distance, toward the blue glow, which was getting brighter as he moved toward it.

“Good, good,” said the voice of the alien, from everywhere and nowhere at once. “We have begun.”

“Begun what?” Kai said. He was focused only on getting to that glow, to whatever was behind it.

“You must know,” said the alien. “You’re moving toward it.”

“I don’t know what it is I’m moving toward!” Kai said. “All I know is I’m supposed to save something, or someone!”

“Then you do know,” the alien said.

“I don’t know everything!” Kai said. “I don’t know much of anything, really.”

“It’s there,” the alien said. “Trust me.”

“What is there?” Kai said. “Who am I supposed to save? What am I walking toward? Tell me!”

And he was sitting bolt upright again, panting, leaning way forward. Alone in bed, thank God, the dream happened only after Shou had left for his tour.

He clasped his head in his hands. They were getting more vivid, and more disturbing. The alien was telling him less and less. If only he knew something, anything, about who he was supposed to save . . .

Of course, there was one troubling thing. The dreams always seemed to come about nowadays when he’d been with Shou, even if it was just for a few minutes. What if he was the person that Kai had to save?

To Part 2


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