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So, about the Daybreak DVD . . .

It's REGION FREE. Whoa, NICE move there - this means fans ANYWHERE in the world can watch it on any DVD player, without having to jump through region-killing hoops. Usually, I can only watch Japanese DVDs on my (PC) laptop, because that's what has the region-killer.

However, I'm glad I DID watch it on my laptop, because that's my most high-definition device, and HOLY HELL, IS THIS DVD HIGH DEFINITION. I've never seen a music video look that clear and sharp. (Also, this may be a silly fangirl thing, but I was impressed at hell that there was a FULL UNIVERSAL LOGO at the beginning, complete with theme music. MY BOYS HAVE MADE THE BIG TIME).

And the live footage makes me forgive them for the lack of a making-of, though I feel it's a tease for a full live DVD we're not going to get. (Come on, PSC, now that they're at a new label, let's have one! Ws haven't had a full live DVD since BUDOKAN, for crying out loud!) Still, I got a huge kick out of the role reversal for Hello World (Saga on lead vocal! Tora on bass! Shou on guitar! SOMEONE SWITCHED ALICE NINE'S CUTIE MARKS! QUICK, GET TWILIGHT SPARKLE!).

And The Beautiful Name - HOW COME SHOU IS SO FREAKING ADORABLE??? How come when he talks in Engrish, it's darling, and when Ruki does it, it's a hilarious trainweck? How come we can't clone him about nine billion times? That's it, I need Pinkie Pie's cloning pool. I'm throwing both Shou and Kai in it, repeatedly.

So, anyway, this is making me look forward to the next two months, big-time. (By the way, is it just me, or did the rear projections for Hello World look rather GazettE-esque?)

Oh, as to the actual songs? WONDERFUL. Their biggest leap forward as a band since they did the Gemini suite. A nice mix of their traditional sound with modern flourishes, and a GREAT balance of styles on Himitsu. (Also, Shou's spoken part in Himitsu, which I wouldn't quite call rapping, is FREAKING SEXY AS ALL HELL).


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Mar. 28th, 2013 10:02 pm (UTC)
I use a program called DVD Fab Passkey, which scrubs the region encoding from the DVD. You put the disc in, the program processes it and Windows Media pops up to play it. It's PC-only, which is why I don't have itmon my desktop machine, a Mac.
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