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Title: A Fairy’s Tale, Part 3 (Finale)
Chapter: 3 of 3 (Part 1 and Part 2)
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fantasy AU, urban fantasy, some romance and smut
Warnings: Male/male sex, with one partner a (humanoid) fantasy creature and use of magic
Pairing: Aoi X Kai/Kai X Aoi
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a fairy who was sent into the human world by his king to learn about leadership. But those lessons were to come in a very un-fairy-like fashion – by spearheading a rock band.
Comments: This story is based on one of my very favorite Kai photoshoots, the one where he is some sort of elf- or fairy-like supernatural creature. I decided to go with fairy here, and I chose the blue skin tint out of the three he sports during the shoot (he also seems to have pink and green skin in other photos). Some elements of this story are also inspired by various episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, created by Lauren Faust and property of Hasbro.

Kai leaned against the wall, very glad he’d managed to get out to a park earlier – Osaka at least still had some pockets of greenery here and there. He had most definitely needed to absorb the energies of nature. He was going to need them.

Another technical crisis. The tour had been plagued with them, of course, but he had hoped once the band started performing in the bigger livehouses, with more proficient staff, that they wouldn’t happen anymore.

Twenty-nine lives in. So close to Budokan they could taste it. And then, the sound board had to malfunction. Again.

“Is it down?” he asked the staffer who was poking at levers and twisting knobs, hoping for a miracle.

“It’s down,” came the reply he didn’t want to hear.

He headed for the elevator, groaning, camera crew in tow. He could only imagine what the reaction of the band was going to be when they heard this. They’d put up with so much so far . . .

Mechanical breakdowns. People tripping and falling during performances. Indifferent audiences who didn’t even cheer enough to warrant an encore – always a tough decision for Kai to make.

“Man, I’m beat,” he said to everyone and no one in particular. He knew it was up to him to keep things calm, keep things moving . . . that was what a leader did, wasn’t it?

But all the leadership in the world wasn’t keeping these breakdowns from happening. And he feared the band was going to get discouraged.

We can’t, he thought. Not when we’ve come this far.

He heard a staff member saying, “Are you going to fix it now?”

“I guess I have no other choice,” Kai said as the elevator arrived at the upstairs artists’ suite, where he knew his bandmates were currently waiting to hear the results of the equipment testing.

“We’re just going to have to do it my way from here,” he thought aloud as he moved down the hall, camera crew in tow. “If I can change the way I usually do it . . .”

When he reached the green room, he bowed to the cameraman and said, “Please turn that off for a few minutes when I talk to my bandmates.” He knew what their reactions would be – and it wasn’t the kind of thing he wanted their fans seeing.

Taking a deep breath, he pushed the door open. Four heads swiveled toward him as one, their eyes open in anticipation.

I’ve been through this so many times, Kai thought. I’ve been the bearer of good news and of bad news. The trick is knowing how to present it.

“The sound board is being worked on,” he said.

The others looked at each other. “So, is it down or isn’t it?” Ruki said.

Well, the breaking it to them easy approach was gone now. Time to go for simple and direct. “It’s down,” he said.

Everyone groaned, and there were scattered “fucks” and phrases like “piece of shit.” And Kai’s heart fell.

It was times like this that he didn’t feel like much of a leader at all. They could work to be the best band in the world, he could negotiate brilliantly with higher-ups, but in the end, they were still at the mercy of machines.

“But it is being worked on!” Kai said, raising his hands. “It will be ready for the show! We need to have faith in these people, right?”

He was rewarded with a bunch of glum faces. Great, he thought. Now they’re not listening to me. They’re tired, they’re frustrated. Well, I am, too. What does a leader do in a situation like . . .

And then, suddenly, he had an epiphany. What a leader does in a situation where they are at the mercy of the machines . . . is making the band feel they could rise above the machines, right? And the way to do that is to make them feel comfortable. Make them feel happy.

A leader had to know when to be firm . . . and when to apply kindness.

“I’ll be back!” he said. There was a kitchen next to the green room, wasn’t there? He’d seen it when they first arrived at the live house. Surely, they had to have it stocked with basic staples, they’d have what he needed . . .

He nodded at the cameraman as he passed, as if to say, yes, you can start filming me again. He walked into the little room and headed right for the fridge. Yes, there were eggs there, and milk, and butter, and over there was bread . . .

He began cutting the bread into little squares. Cooking was a human activity he’d come to enjoy very much. It was really the closest thing their world had to magic, really, the transformation of raw ingredients into something wonderful through blending flavors and applying heat.

Doing this was as much about calming himself down as much as it was about making the others happy. And that was another part of being a leader, wasn’t it? Staying calm under pressure.

He broke the eggs into a dishl, added a little milk and began to mix them, saying to the camera, “I’m thinking of making French toast right now.”

Kai continued to cheerfully explain to the future viewers of the documentary that everyone was down, and he wanted to make them smile again, as he dipped the pieces of bread in the egg mixture one by one. “Think of this as my kindness,” he said. “And put a lot of butter in it!”

As he began to transfer the pieces of bread into the frying pan, he actually found himself getting excited at the idea of bringing the food in and seeing everyone cheer up. It was almost like the anticipation before going onstage, the feeling that he was going to connect with other people, spread happiness, make others feel good . . .

Well, in a way, in reaching out to his bandmates, he was reaching out to the audience, wasn’t he? If he could make his bandmates smile again, then they’d collectively make the audience smile. (Okay, there was the small matter of the broken sound board, but . . . that was going to be fixed, wasn’t it? They’d rise above it! He was going to think positive.)

By the time he brought the tray of French toast into the green room, he had a broad smile on his face again. “Look!” he said to the others as he walked through the door.

He was met with exclamations of happiness. “Oh, it’s good, it’s good!” Uruha said as he grabbed a piece.

“I wanted to see everyone’s happy faces, so I made this!” Kai said, cheerfully.

“We’ve all had the same faces,” Uruha said – meaning unhappy. But they didn’t look unhappy now.

Kai watched with pride as his bandmates devoured the little squares of bread. They were chatting happily, laughing and joking again. They were, well, themselves.

Mission accomplished, Kai thought, and started to walk out of the room, back down the hall, wanting to go down the elevator and check on the sound board situation . . .

Except those words kept echoing in his head. Mission accomplished, mission accomplished, mission accomplished, like a voice yelling in an echo chamber. And there was a funny chill running through his body. And the walls were . . . shifting. Earthquake? No, an earthquake wouldn’t make the walls move like . . .

In that moment, everything went black for him. Fortunately, there was nobody else around, because if there were, they’d report that Kai simply vanished from sight.

* * *

”Mother,” little Kai said as he and his mother flew through the air, him cradled in her arms, “why doesn’t everyone have wings like you do?”

They were on their way to a holiday festival on the grounds of the royal palace, flying close enough to the ground that he could see other fairies – both those who were flying, like they were, and the ones without wings, who walked or rode in little carts propelled by magic.

“I have wings because I’m a princess,” his mother replied. “Only princes and princesses can fly.”

“Oh,” Kai said, looking down at the ground. “So why aren’t the people down there princes and princesses, too?”

“Only a few people get that honor,” his mother replied. “You have to be related to King Oberon, and then you have to be chosen by him. You know, have him pick you out because you’re special.”

“Am I going to be a prince someday?” the fairy child said, looking back at his mother’s wings – like those of a huge butterly, patterned in blues and silvers and gleaming in the sunlight as they flapped slowly.

“Maybe,” his mother said. “If the king finds you worthy, you might. But even if he doesn’t?” Her arms tightened around him. “You’ll always be special to me.”

* * *

Kai stirred, groaning. What happened? The last thing he remembered was leaving the green room, heading back toward the elevator . . . and then he felt funny and blacked out.

He raised his head, bracing his hands on the floor. It wasn’t the floor of the live house, that was for sure. It didn’t seem like a floor at all. It was . . . a solid field of stars?

Where was he? Human world? Fairy world? Both? Neither?

And then, he noticed his hand. It was blue. He held it in front of his face, then ran it over his head . . .yes, the pointed ears were back, and he could feel the faint outlines of the clan markings around his eyes. He was in his true form.

“Hello?” he called. He sat up – but he could see nothing around him but the same field of stars. It was like being encased in a bowl of night, and it was very frightening.

A voice boomed out at him, from everywhere and nowhere. “You have done well.” And then, the form of King Oberon was emerging from the stars, like someone surfacing from underwater.

Good Lord, Kai thought. This isn’t happening. I’m dreaming. But it felt too real to be a dream – as unreal as it was. He somehow managed to scramble into a kneeling position.

“I told you there’s no need to kneel to me.” The king was standing above him now, fully materialized. “Stand up.”

Kai complied. “Your majesty,” he said, “where am I?”

“Somewhere outside of time and space,” the king replied. “I’ve brought you here for a reason, Kai.”

Oh, hell – had he failed his mission? “And the reason is?”

“You should know,” the king said. “You just learned the biggest lesson of all, didn’t you?”

“I did?” Kai looked baffled. “All I did was make French toast.”

“Think about why you made it,” the king said, “and then think about your mission.”

“I made it so everyone would smile again,” Kai said. “Because they were upset over technical problems . . .”

He saw himself standing in that kitchen, mixing up those eggs, saying, “Think of this as my kindness.”

Kindness . . .

“Being a leader isn’t just about having a firm hand and making decisions,” he said. “It’s also about having a kind heart, and caring about the people under you.”

The king nodded. “Go on.”

“And . . .” Kai said. “And ultimately, a leader is someone with the wisdom to know when to be soft, when to be firm, and when to find the balance between the two.”

“Wonderful!” The king clapped his huge hands on Kai’s shoulders, nearly knocking him over. “I knew you would do it. I always had the highest expectations of you. You see, I have been monitoring your progress since you came to the human world . . .”

He waved his hand, and suddenly, it was as if Kai were surrounded by dozens of flat-panel monitors, each one displaying a different scene from GazettE’s career. His first meeting with them, the night they were discovered by PSC, their first oneman tour final, recording their first full-length album, the day Kai announced to them that they were going major . . .

And for some reason, the thought that ran through his head at that moment was, Man, we’ve had some unfortunate hairstyles, haven’t we? Why not? It was just as surreal as everything else.

“You guided that group from one height to another and overcame obstacles every time,” the king said. “You’ve become what I always knew what you could be. And now, it’s time to fulfill your ultimate destiny . . .”

The king waved his hand, and Kai found himself being enveloped by a golden light. There was a curious feeling inside him, like he was on fire, burning up from the inside out, and the feeling of something about to burst, almost like the moment before orgasm . . .

And then, the light became a shower of sparks, and something did burst, shooting out of his back, unfolding behind him . . .

When the light faded, he was bearing a pair of huge, beautiful butterfly-like wings, seemingly made of blue and silver stained glass, gleaming in the starlight.

* * *

“Where’s Kai?” Aoi rushed into the main stage area, where Uruha and Reita were tuning their instruments. Ruki was over at the sound board, turning knobs.

“I don’t know,” Ruki said. “I thought he was with you.”

“No, no!” Aoi said. “Nobody seems to know where he is or where he went, and I can’t get him on his phone . . .

“He probably left it back at the hotel again,” Uruha said.

“No, he had it with him,” Reita said. “I saw it in his pocket when he was giving us the French toast.”

“Crap,” Aoi said. “I just came from upstairs, he’s not there, either.”

“Look, don’t panic yet,” Ruki said. “There’s a few more rooms downstairs, okay? We’ll look around in there.”

* * *

Less than ten percent of fairies who carry royal blood are chosen to be princes and princesses. It’s the highest honor in the kingdom . . .

Kai flexed his new wings. They fanned out gracefully behind him. They felt like they’d been a part of him all along.

“Congratulations, Prince Kai,” the king said. “You’ve earned your honor. You can return to the kingdom now, and take your spot at my council.”

A spot at the royal council . . . my destiny . . . my destiny all along . . .

He looked back over his shoulder at the wings, flexing them again. Other fairies would have to pay him respect now, wouldn’t he? They’d call him Your Highness. They’d have to bow to him on special occasions. He’d be able to hire his own household staff to work for him. It was what every fairy dreamed of. It . . .

And then, he caught a glimpse, in one of the reflective panels on his wing, of what was still on the screens around him. It was an image of the day he told his bandmates about Budokan. He saw the surprise and joy on their faces, Aoi leaping into his arms . . .

My destiny . . .

Being a fairy prince is what he had been working toward all along, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it?

My destiny . . .

He came to the human world specifically to do this, didn’t he? But then . . . but then . .

My destiny. . . is what I decide it is.

“Well, Kai?” the king said.

Kai looked at the monarch, slowly. He took a deep breath.

And then, he said, “There’s one more lesson about leadership, Your Majesty. And I think this might be the most important one of all.”

The king looked surprised. “Oh? What is that?”

Kai gathered his arms around him and concentrated . . . he’d be able to do this, right? Yes, his magic was stronger, he could feel it.

He shot his memories out toward the screens. And suddenly, every one of them was showing a scene reflecting the friendships within the band. Here, they were running around in circles and clowning around on the set of a PV. There, he was bringing Aoi in a cake with lit candles, singing Happy Birthday. On another one, there were Ruki, Reita and Uruha, playfully pretending to beat him up, while Kai laughed the whole time.

“A leader is only as good as the people he is leading,” he said. “They bring their individual strengths to the whole, and it’s the leader’s job to decide how those are used. They wouldn’t be where they are without him – but he wouldn’t be where he was without them, either. They support each other, help each other. Need each other.”

He walked closer to the king, looked him in the eye, and said, “And a leader doesn’t abandon those under his charge. Not for anything. Even if he has to make sacrifices. Even . . . even if he has to turn down honors and titles.”

The king looked at him, as if in disbelief. “Kai . . . are you saying you’d turn down being a prince for these humans?”

“They’re not just humans,” Kai said. “They’re my friends. My bandmates. My companions. Back when I was living home, and I used to go back and forth into the human world for fun, I used to wonder why anyone would live there full-time. But now, I know that . . you form bonds. And, well, human lives aren’t as long as ours, so when we find people we bond with . . . we want to spend as much time with them as we can. And that’s why I’m staying.”

“You mean this?” the king said. “You really would put your bond with these . . . this band over . . .”

“Yes,” Kai said. “I have never meant anything more in my life.”

The king studied him for a moment, silently. Then, he said, “It seems, Kai, that you are even more of a leader than I thought you were. And your destiny lies along a slightly different path than I imagined.”

Kai wanted to let out a breath of relief. There was actually a moment when he’d wondered if he was going to be incinerated. Openly defying the king, turning down his offer of royalty, wasn’t exactly something commonly done.

Instead, he bowed. “Thank you for understanding, Your Majesty. And thank you for the offer of the title, and the wings, though I must decline . . .”

The king shook his head, raising his hand. “No, Kai. You’re keeping the title. You’ve earned it. The wings as well. You may show and use them proudly when you come back to our kingdom.”

“I . . . I can?” Kai looked surprised, then delighted. “Thank you!”

“You will come back, though?” the king said. “After you’ve completed what you have to do with those in your charge?”

“Yes,” Kai said. “And please, let me decide when that is. I feel that, well, I still have a lot to do. And a lot to learn.”

Then, Kai realized the king seemed to be looking over his shoulder, with a rather bemused look on his face.

“Kai,” King Oberon said, “is there one human in particular that you want to stay here for?”

Uh-oh. “N-no,” Kai said. “Why do you ask?”

“Because,” the king said, “there seems to be a distinct whiff of hollyhock around you.”

“Ack!” Kai said. The king had said the word in the fairy language, but there was no mistaking its meaning. Had he read his mind, or . . .

He turned around, to see what the king had been looking at, and let out a louder “ACK.” There was a screen showing himself and Aoi making out, hotly. And, yes, the king had managed to divine what Aoi’s name was by looking at him. Kai quickly threw himself in front of the image, blushing bright red under his clan marks, covering the screen with his wings.

The king laughed. “Come on, I will return you to your friends.”

“Don’t put me back in the place you took me from,” Kai said. “People will be walking around there. There’s a back room in the live house, kind of a warehouse . . .”

* * *

“Look, we haven’t tried this room yet,” Uruha said, pushing open a sliding door. The rest of the band followed him in.

“This?” Ruki said. “This looks like a storage area. Why would Kai be in here?”

“Well, it’s the only place where we haven’t looked, “ Uruha said. “We went over the rest of the live house twice.”

“Why don’t we just go back out and try calling him again?” Reita said.

“We’ve already called him four . . .” said Ruki, just as there was an enormous flash at the other side of the room. The band members all took a step back, shielding their faces with their hands.

“What the hell was that?” Aoi said. “Explosion?”

“Like gunpowder going off,” Ruki said. “I hope someone isn’t fucking trying to blow . . .”

And then, he caught sight of something. Or rather, someone. Two someones. One of whom looked familiar . . .

He blinked. “KAI?”

Kai blinked back. Oh, no, he thought. Oh, no, oh, no, oh no. . .

“Um, hi,” he said, rubbing the back of his still-blue-and-clan-marked head with his still-blue hand.

“What the fuck are you wearing?” Ruki said. “And what’s with the blue paint?”

“And the wings?” Aoi added. “You think you can play drums wearing these?”

“It’s, um . . . not paint,” Kai said in a tiny voice. “I wanted to tell you a different way than this, but . . .”

“Tell us what?” said Ruki. “That you’re an alien?”

“No, no, I’m not an alien. Um, that is, not the way you think of an alien.”

Reita, meanwhile, crept close to Kai and tentatively dragged a finger down his forearm. “Guys, he’s not kidding about this not being paint.”

The king suddenly intervened, gently pushing Kai away from his bandmate. “Gentlemen,” he said, “may I present my nephew, Prince Kai of the Seelie Court. Although you know him as just Kai.”

“PRINCE?” the others chorused, with Ruki adding, “What the fuck is a Seelie Court?”

“But I haven’t introduced myself. I am King Oberon of the people you commonly refer to as fairies.”

The band looked at each other, mouths open. Then, they turned their heads so they could look at who they didn’t look at before. Then, they looked back at Kai.

“Kai, what did you put in that French toast?” Aoi said.

“Oh, you must be Hollyhock,” the king said – saying the word in the fairy language again.

“Aoi,” Kai corrected. “And this is Ruki, Uruha and Reita.”

The four of them bowed, tentatively. Well, what the hell else was one to do when faced with a fairy king.? “We’re going to have Godzilla stomping the live house next,” Ruki muttered under his breath.

“My nephew came into the human world with a mission,” the king said. “He was to lean about leadership so he could claim his place as a prince and earn his wings – and he did so by leading your band.”

“But don’t think I did it just for that!” Kai said, raising his hands. “I mean, when I first came to the human world, that was my goal – just earning my princehood. But then, I joined the band, and I met all of you, and . . .”

“Back up a minute,” Reita said. “You’re saying you’re a FAIRY? Like, Tinkerbell?”

Kai looked down, dragging a toe on the floor. “Not like Tinkerbell,” he said. “My people were kind of embarrassed by that book.”

“We seem to have made our way into a lot of your human lore and legends,” the king said. “That’s because we’ve peacefully coexisted with you since the dawn of your race. We mean you no harm – and, in fact, we find you quite educational. We can learn a lot about solving problems from those with no magic – which is why we send our young people among you when they have to learn things.”

“And I learned a lot,” Kai said. “Not just about solving problems.”

There was a moment of silence, as all of them tried to process what the hell as going on here. Finally, Uruha said, “So . . . does this mean you’re leaving us? Going back to your, um . . .”

“Fairy kingdom?” Kai said. “No.” And, as if to emphasize his point, he concentrated . . .

There was another flash of light, and when it vanished, Prince Kai of the Seelie Court was gone. In his place stood Kai, leader of the GazettE – Japanese skin tone, rounded ears, no facial markings or wings.

“My place is here,” he said. “With you.” With a small smile, he said. “Did you think I’d go away just a few shows before Bukokan?”

There was a pause, and they all converged on him, pulling him into a group hug. Reita mussed his hair. “Prince? They’ll make anyone a prince these days.”

“You’re still going to have to explain to us what this Seelie thing is,” Ruki said.

And as they were having their reunion, the king pulled Aoi aside. “Tell me,” he said, “have you been able to smell the scent of nature coming from Kai?”

“Um . . . yes?” Aoi said, looking confused.

The king clapped him on the back. “Take care of him,” he said. “He’s very special to me. To all of us.”

Aoi blinked. Well, that was surreal. No more surreal than the rest of the last few minutes, though.

The king glanced back at his grand-nephew and friends one last time. Something his powers allowed him to see, which nobody else could, was threads of destiny which connected souls. He could see a red thread between Kai and the one called Hollyhock. Their hearts were joined – though they might not be fully aware of it yet. Knowing that Aoi could smell Kai’s fairy scent double-confirmed that – a human could only do that if he was a particular fairy’s soul mate.

But the king could also see a gold thread bonding all four human band members together – and to Kai. He knew that this particular group of human souls was meant to be together incarnation after incarnation – always seeking each other out, always finding each other, always helping each other to grow and develop.

And Kai’s role was to be the steward of these souls. He’d come back to the fairy world for sure, when his time with the band was through – but he’d come back to earth when these four souls incarnated again, because it was his destiny to always lead them.

The king thought Kai would be a leader among fairies. As it turned out, he was leader of a very specific group of humans – and in a way, that was just as important, if not more so.

He quietly vanished back to his own kingdom, leaving his grand-nephew with his bandmates.

* * *

Kai spent some time after that answering questions. Could he just shift back and forth between human and fairy forms whenever he wanted? (Well, yes, but it wasn’t something one would particularly want to do when in the human world. People tended to freak out a little at the sight of blue people walking around).

Could he use magic when in human form? (A very limited amount – like the magic he used to tune the drums the very first day he was with the band).

Did he teach himself to play the drums with magic? (No, he studied them like anyone else).

If he was a fairy, why was he human-sized? (It was a myth that fairies were tiny – most just used invisibility magic to move about the human world in fairy form, although higher-end magic users could transform into butterflies. It was one of the king’s favorite ways to visit the human world, in fact).

And finally, they went back into the main showroom, to find the technician turning knobs on the soundboard and shaking his head.

“It’s the damnedest thing. It seems to have fixed itself. It’s better than new. It’s like, well . . . magic.”

Kai smiled to himself. His great-uncle had given the band a parting gift.

He was in good spirits as he headed toward the stage that night – the camera caught him throwing mock punches like a boxer. Why shouldn’t he be? He’d fulfilled his mission, and he had Budokan to look forward to. And who knew what after that?

After the performance, in the dressing room, Aoi caught him from behind and wrapped his arms around his waist. “Hey, baby,” he said. “Got a few minutes to talk?”

“You know I do,” Kai said. “Should we go to the bar, or . . .”

“Nah, the room is fine,” Aoi said. “And yes, I do mean talk. At least at first.”

As they rode back to the hotel, it hit Kai that Aoi had just called him “baby” out of bed for the first time. He smiled, quietly. Another milestone.

When they got up to the room, Aoi reached for a bottle on the dressing table. “A fan sent me whiskey,” he said. He got out two glasses, poured a little in each and handed one to Kai.

“Just like the first night we spent together,” Kai said, holding his glass out toward Aoi. “Kampaii.”

“Kampaii,” Aoi repeated, and they clinked their glasses together, Kai choking a little on the liquid.

Three years in the human world hadn’t made that stuff taste any smoother.

“Aoi,” Kai said, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. About who I really am, I mean. I shouldn’t have kept it from you.” He took another sip. “You must have been shocked.”

Aoi put his hand on Kai’s, squeezing. “Who you really are is our drummer and our leader. And one hell of a hot guy. That fairy stuff? Okay, I admit, it shocked the fuck out of me. And, yeah, you’d think that would be something you’d discuss early on in a relationship. Whether you have any diseases, if you’ve been with another guy before, whether you’re a legendary creature, that sort of thing. But, you know what? I’m not going to hold it against you.”

Kai looked surprised. “You’re not?”

“No,” Aoi said. “And you know why? Because, in a way, I always knew. Not that you were a fairy. But that you weren’t like anyone else I ever knew. I couldn’t stop thinking about you from the moment I . . .”

“Opened the door, saw me and ran off screaming?” Kai said.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting to see you there!” Aoi said.

“I was afraid I’d accidentally slipped into fairy form then,” Kai said, “and that you were looking at a blue guy.”

“Yeah, then I really would have run away,” Aoi said. “Probably knocked the walls down. Wouldn’t have taken much effort. That place was a piece of shit.”

Kai laughed. “We’ve come a long way since then, haven’t we?”

“We sure have,” Aoi said. “Worked our asses off, too.” He looked over at Kai. “Your human body really is human, isn’t it? There were nights I thought you were going to pass out on us after the live.”

Kai knew those nights well – stumbling down the stairs of the live house, sometimes having to be assisted by the staff, exhausted and dehydrated, sore all over . . . and finally collapsing, literally, on the floor, plunging his right arm into a bucket of ice.

And yet, he felt a sense of immense satisfaction, even as he cursed the limits of his human body.

“Yes,” Kai said. “I wanted to be as much like one of you as possible. If I helped myself along with magic, or special abilities, I wouldn't have felt I earned it. Any of it. My wings, our success, Budokan, or . . .” His hand tightened on his bandmate’s, and he suddenly had an urge to take another swallow of his drink.

“Or . . . us?” Aoi said, eyes gleaming with mischief.

Kai looked up at him, and smiled. Was Aoi looking to take their relationship the next step, beyond friends-with-benefits?

He’d have to discuss with him the way relationships were conducted where he came from, of course. Fairies didn’t believe in exclusive one-on-one partnerships for life. Oh, you could choose to stay absolutely loyal to your mate if you wanted, but the option was always there to take other lovers, with your partner’s knowledge and consent. Having a mutual friend, or another couple, over for a night of three- or four-way fun was definitely not uncommon.

He imagined Aoi wouldn’t exactly mind that. Especially the three-way part.

That talk would come later. For now, Kai gave Aoi his sweetest smile and said, “Yes. Or us.”

They leaned toward each other, and kissed, tenderly, sealing the step their relationship had taken. Kai leaned his head on Aoi’s shoulder, their arms wrapping around each other.

“Hey,” Aoi said. “You think that something would happen to me if we did it in your real form? I mean, I wouldn’t explode or turn into a frog or break out in purple spots, would I?”

Now, that was an interesting question. Kai had never slept with a human while in fairy form before. He didn’t think his seed would be harmful to him, though, and he wasn’t young and inexperienced enough to lose control of his powers.

“You’d be all right,” Kai said. “But . . . why do you want to?”

Aoi put his hand on top of Kai’s head. “Because, let’s face it – your real form is pretty damn hot.”

Kai blushed. “You think so?”

“I know so.”

Kai eased away from Aoi and began sliding out of his clothes. “I’m going to have to be on top, you know,” he said. “Because of, well, the wings.” He could make the wings appear and disappear at will, of course, but he imagined Aoi wanted them to be part of the visual.

“It’s okay,” Aoi said. “And I wouldn’t expect a prince to bottom, anyway.”

They looked at each other, then laughed, leaning their foreheads against each other.

Kai pulled back and finished the job of undressing. He watched Aoi remove his clothes as well, and go to sit on the bed.

He stood in his lover’s line of view, concentrated, and felt the change start to come over his body, the rush of magic into his veins . . . and then, the wings materializing.

And he stood there, naked and beautiful, his body still looking mostly human in shape, save for the coloring and makings – and the wings. He could feel Aoi’s gaze moving over him, taking him in little by little, and he reveled in it. He couldn’t remember feeling more beautiful.

On impulse, he raised his hands, concentrating . . . and the lights in the hotel room winked off. They were replaced by numerous little balls of light that suddenly sprung up around the room, illuminating everything with a soft, romantic glow, making it look like they were about to make love in a field of stars.

Aoi looked around him. “Holy shit,” he said.

“Do you like it?” Kai moved closer to him, wings fanning out gently behind him as he moved.

“I love it,” Aoi said. “Beats the hell out of candles. No waxy mess to clean up afterward.”

Kai leaned toward him, softly touching his lips to the other man’s. Aoi put his arms around Kai’s waist, under the wings, pulling him closer, and they let their lips part slowly, experiencing the feel, scent and taste of each other.

He felt his lover’s hands move upward, brushing the wings – and suddenly stopping. Kai leaned out of the kiss, bending over to kiss Aoi’s ear, and whispered, “It’s okay. You can touch them.”

“I can?” Aoi stroked his fingers over one, gently. “They’re . . .smooth. Almost like glass. Really thin glass. But warm.”

Kai, meanwhile, had his eyes closed, drinking in the new sensation. Since the wings were brand new, this was the first time they’d been touched. He didn’t know what to expect.

They weren’t overly sensitive – they couldn’t be. They were strong limbs, designed to lift and propel the fairy – even though they had the aid of magic. But the touch felt good, nonetheless – it wasn’t like being touched anywhere else on his body.

Aoi stroked up the side of the wing, callused fingers moving along the shining surface gently, delicately. He moved closer to Kai, Kai leaning back into the touch . . .

And then, his fingers brushed the point right where the wings joined the body, and Kai let out a little shudder. “There . . . that’s sensitive . . .”

“In a good way, or a bad way?” Aoi said.

“Good . . . so good . . .” The more he stroked, the better it felt. The little shivery sensations were beginning to feel erotic, the sensations running from his back to his nipples, his cock.

Kai leaned toward Aoi, kissing him with hunger, tongue roughly pushing into his mouth as the other man’s hands continued to caress the base of the wings. Oh, God, this was a side benefit of being a prince Kai hadn’t been told about.
“Ohh,” he moaned, burying his face in Aoi’s shoulder. “So good . . .”

Aoi nuzzled a pointed ear. “What about these?” he murmured. “Are these sensitive, too?” He ran his tongue up the blue peak, and Kai let out a moan – yes, they were more sensitive than his human ears. Aoi picked up on that fast, and gently nibbled at it, running his tongue along it again.

“Fairies were built for pleasure,” Aoi whispered, fingers stroking Kai faster. Kai could only reciprocate by kissing Aoi’s neck, nibbling at the flesh gently.

And then, he got an idea. He leaned back from Aoi a little, pressing his hands together – and willing a small current of magic to build up between them. It was like a very low-level electric charge, just enough to create a pleasant tingling.

He brought the hands to Aoi’s chest and began to stroke downward, gently, the magical charge sending little jolts of stimulation into his skin. “Oooh!” Aoi cried. “What the . . .”

“Sssh,” Kai said. “Just enjoy it.” And he brought his hands to his lover’s nipples, increasing the charge a tiny bit as he started to rub.

“Oh, FUCK!” Aoi leaned back as a strange warm, pulsing, vibrating sensation caressed the buds, sending shocks of pleasure screaming through him, making his cock harden so much he thought it was going to fall off.

Kai smiled to himself as he brought his hands closer, increasing the tingling; then further away; then closer again, listening to his lover’s moans get louder with every touch. It was a sensation of power in every sense of the word – and it was hot.

He was sharing with his lover in a way nobody else could.

Kai trailed his hand down Aoi’s stomach, letting him feel the little current on the way, hearing the other man’s breathing get heavier with anticipation. Oh, he knew what was coming, all right.

And Kai gave it to him. He paused, fingers stroking his lower belly for a moment, building up the anticipation. He looked at Aoi’s face, the expectation in his eyes, the way his lover was trembling slightly.

Then, he ran his hand slowly up the other man’s shaft, increasing the current of magic the tiniest bit.

“AAAHH!” Aoi cried. “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck, Kai!” And his lover just gave him a sweet, innocent smile as he wrapped his fingers around him and started to stroke, pulses of magic vibrating, buzzing and tingling, warming and stimulating the sensitive flesh like never before.

He rubbed his hand back and forth, watching the other man’s face and body as he fell back against the hotel coverlet, writhing on it, totally lost in a kind of pleasure not even a man as experienced as him had ever felt. It wasn’t like a toy, wasn’t like a normal touch . . .

It was heaven and hell at the same time, the sweetest possible agony.

Kai eased his hand away, not wanting Aoi to come too soon, and slid his fingers downward, toward Aoi’s entrance.

Aoi raised his head, panting. “Why did you stop?”

“Because I have another plan for you,” Kai said, teasingly, index finger pressing gently against the little opening.

Aoi frowned a little. “Didn’t you forget something, baby?” They were getting carried away in the moment, to be sure – but that didn’t mean that sex without lube would be a good idea.

But Kai gave him another smile, closed his eyes, concentrated and whispered an arcane word . . .

And suddenly, Aoi felt a strange warmth filling him, penetrating his entrance like . . . sunbeams? It was the only way he could explain it, being filled with warmth and light, a strange sensation to be sure, but also very, very pleasant. He found himself sucking in a deep breath, holding it . . .

Kai eased his finger away. “There,” he said. “You’re ready.”

Aoi raised his head. “What do you mean? You didn’t put your fingers in there, and . . .”

Kai put a finger back to Aoi’s entrance, touching it gently, and held it up for his lover to see. There was a little amount of a slick gel on there.

“Fairies can manifest plant matter,” he said. “One form that matter can make is a gel like this – a natural lube. And I opened you up and relaxed your inner muscles with magic, too.”

Oh, wow. As if Aoi didn’t feel like the luckiest man in the world before. Kai was a sex-prep machine. He felt the other man – no, he wasn’t a man, was he, he was whatever-they-were, though right now, Aoi felt he was a damn god – lie on top of him, bringing his lips to Aoi’s.

“Trust me,” Kai said, softly. “Just relax.”

And he pushed in, easier than any entrance Aoi had ever experienced. Good. Lord. He’d worked a miracle. A fucking miracle. Literally. There wasn’t the pain of initial entry, just the pure pleasure of being penetrated, and penetrated some more (because it was a damn big cock).

“Why didn’t we do it like this before?” Aoi moaned, raising his hips.

“I have to be in this form to do it,” Kai replied. “I hadn’t told you . . .”

“I wouldn’t care if you were in the form of a turtle,” Aoi moaned. “Oh, fuck, this feels amazing!”

“It’s nice, isn’t it?” Kai pushed in further, waiting for a cue from Aoi that he’d taken all he could handle – but the cue wasn’t coming. Not until Kai brushed right up against the other man’s prostate.

“There,” Aoi cried. “Oh, yes . . .”

Kai began to move his hips – he knew where to aim now, but he wasn’t going to do it with every thrust. He wanted to make it last for both of them. And oh, was he loving the sight of the other man laid out under him, skin flushed, body covered in sweat . . .

Kai activated the magic in his hand again, and gently ran it along his lover’s belly, letting Aoi feel the tingles, moving up to his nipple . . . he felt the other man arch up against him and cry out as the jolt of pleasure hit, and the sight made Kai moan as much as the clench of his lover’s shaft around his cock.

He began to thrust fast and hard now, filling his lover, his wings moving slowly up and down, fanning the air about them, cooling heated skin. The woodland scent that had filled the air before, subtly, when they made love, was back, but now much stronger, as if nature itself had invaded their bedroom.

Aoi let out groans every time his hips snapped upward, taking in more and more of Kai, being totally possessed and taken in a way he didn’t normally allow, but the surrender was worth it.

He was going mad from pleasure in every possible way, every sense overloaded – the feel of a huge cock stroking him from the inside, the sight of the soft magic lights casting shadows on Kai’s blue skin, the feel of the breeze from those magnificent wings . . .

Aoi’s fingers reached up and stroked the base of those wings again, drawing a moan from Kai, the sensation almost as strong now as having his nipples caressed.

“Don’t stop,” he moaned. “Please . . .” He thrust hard in response, hitting Aoi’s prostate, making his lover arch up toward him again, the two men’s cries of pleasure harmonizing as they moved together, again and again and again . . .

And then, a hard, direct hit made Aoi lift his hips all the way off the bed, crying out hoarsely as he came in long, hard, intense waves, feeling like he might explode from it all, not caring.

Kai thrust a few more times, and felt his own pleasure start to peak – and pulled out of Aoi’s body, some tiny shred of his brain that still remained logical realizing it might not be best to come inside him. He cried his lover’s name out as his body shuddered, come pouring onto Aoi’s belly in long lines . . .

Yes, it was blue when he was in that form. It could have been rainbow sparkles for all either of them cared.

Kai collapsed atop Aoi, panting, his wings folded and limp against his body. He managed to murmur two spells – one to clean them up, one to re-tighten the muscles within his lover he’d loosened for their lovemaking. Finally, he made the wings vanish, so he could nestle next to Aoi in bed.

They stayed snuggled together for a long time, breathing in the mixture of sexual scents and the forest smell, feeling each other’s warmth.

Then, Aoi said, “Hey. Is there something I have to do to, you know, make it official?”

Kai turned his head toward him. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, us being together. Is there some kind of initiation ritual I have to do? Get the approval of your king and queen?”

“You already have the king’s approval, remember?” Kai said. “He told you to take care of me. No, there’s nothing you have to do. My people are very liberal about love.”

“They don’t care if fairies date humans?” Aoi said.

“Not at all,” Kai replied. “The only time that’s an issue is if a fairy and a human were going to reproduce together, and I don’t think that’s going to happen with us. We can date who we want, marry who we want – though our marriage concept is very loose.”

“What do you mean?” Aoi said.

“Fairies believe you love who you want, when you want, for as long as you want, and then when both parties agree it’s over? They just walk away, peacefully. Also, we believe in open relationships. You can love someone, but have lovers on the side – well, if your partner agrees. Nobody gives anyone a hard time over whether they love men or women, either.”

Aoi let out a low whistle. “Where do I sign up?”

Kai looked confused. “For what?”

“For this fairy thing. I want in on it.”

Kai laughed. “You can’t sign up! You have to be born to it! It’s like being Japanese.”

“Can I be an honorary fairy, then? Since I’m dating you?”

Kai snuggled closer. “You already are.”

“Good.” He tipped Kai’s chin up for a kiss. “Because I really do want in on all that. But later. Right now, I just want you.”

“Same here,” Kai said. “I just want you, I mean.”

He figured Aoi would be open to the idea of the fairy concept of love. Maybe down the line, they’d each take other lovers, bring their friends into bed for threesomes (or foursomes, or moresomes). But for now, they had each other, and that was definitely enough.

* * *

Kai was the first one to enter the arena of Budokan, as was fitting for the leader.

They had decided that rather than walk straight out onstage, like they normally do, they were going to enter through the audience, sharing their moment of triumph with those who had put them there.

He heard their stage entrance, and then, he walked into that sea of waving arms, the fangirls parting before him like the Red Sea parting for Moses. At the end of that walk was the stage, the goal they had been working toward all along.

They’d come a long, long way from that tiny, dingy live house.

He could sense the others behind him – Uruha, then Reita, then Aoi, finally Ruki. They were there because of him, he was here because of them. And in that moment, he felt as if all five of them had big, beautiful wings unfolding behind them.

They’d reached their collective destiny. (Or at least their first one. Now that they were walking into Budokan, a new resolve was growing inside Kai: to make sure he led the group all the way to Tokyo Dome).

When he was almost to the stage, he suddenly became aware of something flittering above his head – something that wouldn’t catch the notice of the crowd in this moment of moments, but definitely caught his attention.

A metallic blue butterfly just kind of hung there in the air, wings beating slowly. Kai smiled to himself.

King Oberon had decided to check out his show.


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Mar. 11th, 2013 04:52 am (UTC)
Waaahhh! That was so heartwarming~ The band's reactions when they saw fairy!Kai was so cute! Tinkerbell! LOL. Gotta love Reita~ You do know that this just added up to the reasons why today is an awesome day~ Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece. I hope you can write more multi-chapteRS~ ^^
Mar. 11th, 2013 07:52 am (UTC)
WAAAW I M P R E S S I V E!!!!!!!!! *run to read*
Mar. 11th, 2013 08:06 am (UTC)
This was pretty great. And I'm not just saying that because I really like the pairing. Joining fantasy together with actual events... I find that very interesting.

I have to admit that I totally cracked up at the 'sunbeams'-part, but cheers for you for creativity and thinking outside the box! The guys were very sweet and fairies just upgraded themselves in my eyes.
Mar. 11th, 2013 09:29 am (UTC)
Hahaha, I found a couple of MLP references alright. :D They were cute, especially the on with winter wrap-up in chapter two. The song started to play in my head like BOOM.

I've liked what you've written. It's been really enjoyable and Aoi and Kai make a beautiful pair. Well done! And you've done a good job with the urban fantasy genre. It's not my favourite, because I like my fantasy to be epic and somewhat medieval. :''D Personal preference, not anything your writing has caused. I'm glad you explored the genre tho. I'm a little disappointed you didn't explore more and developed the plot more. I feel this could've become an epic saga if made bigger. Entertain the idea for a moment, will you? :) How Kai would've almost gotten caught, random disappearings, more pressure from the fairy world? Drama between the band etc. By this I'm not saying your fic is bad. It isn't! It's awesome. :) I'm merely musing over how it would've looked like if it had an broader time span and stuff.

And as a side-note, the sex was nice. Sunbeams made me giggle, it was funny. :''D But otherwise, sweeeettt~

Awesome fic, awesome plot. Yay!
Mar. 11th, 2013 01:55 pm (UTC)
This was actually really amazing. I've NEVER seen something this well written before. Emotions, mix between reality and fantasy (kudos to you because I don't even read fantasy), and the....idk rawness? of it. Just one thing xD
Kai turned his head toward him. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, us being together. Is there some kind of initiation ritual I have to do? Get the approval of your king and queen?”

“You already have the king’s approval, remember?” Aoi said. “He told you to take care of me. No, there’s nothing you have to do. My people are very liberal about love.”

“They don’t care if fairies date humans?” Aoi said.

THERE'S A TYPO IN THERE! Hahaha but seriously, great story ^^
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I loved that fanfic! Not only one by you, with Gazette in it AND with fairies + MLP references = AWESOOOOOOME!
Write more stories like these, pleaseeee!! <3
(Maybe some more Uruha appearence next time? <3)
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I really enjoyed this fic!
I love supernatural things and this was very well written!
Thanks for sharing!
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This was very nice and a very original idea. I don't think Ive eer read a fairy fanfic before.
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thank you for writing! this is a great fic :D
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read it all! ^_^
Kai the leader sama! its great you put some scene from their roads show, its makes us know them more while watching their roads ne ^_^
wow in the end Kai and Aoi not just a friend with benefit right. the other members reaction about fairies is cute. overall is a great story ^_^b
Mar. 12th, 2013 09:11 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed this, and I half expected Aoi to want green skin and pink hair :D
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