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Title: A Fairy’s Tale, Part 1
Chapter: 1 of 3
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fantasy AU, urban fantasy, some romance and smut
Warnings: Male/male sex, frottage (in this chapter)
Pairing: Aoi X Kai/Kai X Aoi
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a fairy who was sent into the human world by his king to learn about leadership. But those lessons were to come in a very un-fairy-like fashion – by spearheading a rock band.
Comments: This story is based on one of my very favorite Kai photoshoots, the one where he is some sort of elf- or fairy-like supernatural creature. I decided to go with fairy here, and I chose the blue skin tint out of the three he sports during the shoot (he also seems to have pink and green skin in other photos). Some elements of this story are also inspired by various episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, created by Lauren Faust and property of Hasbro. (Oh, and Aoi's pre-success career here is totally the product of my imagination, there's no evidence he ever actually did anything like this other than the way he moves on stage and the entire damn Dim Scene live).

It wasn’t every day that a young fairy got summoned into the presence of King Oberon himself – not even when one was one of the king’s nieces or nephews. He had a big family, after all.

Kai was one of said nephews – great-nephew, technically - and he’d never been summoned before. Heck, he couldn’t remember seeing him face-to-face, solo, in all his 98 years of living. (Which was still young in fairy terms, since they tended to live to 600 or so).

He walked into the throne room almost timidly, genuflecting at the monarch’s feet and bowing his head. Long, navy blue hair swished around a face of a paler blue, with the butterfly marks common to his clan around his eyes.

“You wished to see me, Your Majesty?” he said, trying very hard to not have his tone convey “I’m not in trouble, am I?” It didn’t work.

“Kai, there’s no need for you to grovel on the floor like that,” the king said. “Come, sit with me.”

Kai lifted his head and looked up at the king – blue hair turned to white, face bearing the signs of aging, but still with a strong, regal bearing, still built as solidly as a tree trunk. He looked at once very kindly and very intimidating.

“You want me to sit . . . on the arm of the throne?” Kai said.

“No, no,” said the king. “Over here.” And he stood up, grabbing the boy’s arm and pulling him across the room, toward an elegant high-backed sofa on the other side of the room.

Kai followed, obediently, eyes straying to the window. There were other fairies walking around out there, some of them occasionally sprinkling a magic dust on the plants. That was their place in the world – to use magic to maintain the balance of nature, to try to hold the damage humans were doing to the earth in check.

If it wasn’t for the presence of fairies, in fact, humans probably would have wiped themselves out a long time ago.

The king settled down on the sofa and patted the seat next to him. Kai sat down, gingerly. Here it comes, he thought.

“Kai,” the king said, “the council had a meeting the other day. We talked, among other things, about the progress of our young people.”

Oh, boy. He really was in trouble. He waited for the next words to be, “And it seems that you spend all your time banging a set of drums instead of performing magic . . .” He swallowed hard, eyes darting away.

But instead, the king said, “The general consensus is that you have potential. Real potential.”

The younger fairy blinked in surprise, looking at his great-uncle. “I . . . I do?”

“Oh, yes,” King Oberon said. “In fact, we’d like to see you develop it more. But there has been one thing missing . . .”

Okay, the “here it comes” feeling was back again. Kai hoped it wasn’t obvious that he was gripping the arm of the sofa in fear.

“You need to learn more about leadership,” the king said. “Rather, you need to know what it truly means to be a leader.”

“Leadership?” Kai said. “But how am I going to learn that around here?” The fairy kingdom wasn’t exactly a seat of higher learning. Their people were educated in the basics of life – their own language plus several human tongues, the mechanics of magic, basic survival skills – and that was all they needed.

Unless, of course, they wanted to educate themselves in a special hobby or interest, as Kai had done.

“That’s just the thing,” the king said. “You’re going to go live amongst the humans for awhile, Kai.”

“Why?” he said. “How?”

“Oh, come now, you can’t try to tell me you’re not familiar with the human world. It’s well-known around here that you go out there all the time.”

“That’s to go to music venues,” Kai said, quietly. And, occasionally, hang around with human musicians.

“It’s still interaction with the human world,” the king said. “You can transform yourself into human form quite nicely. You’ve observed human customs in contemporary Japan. And you have musical talent.”

“You want me to go live among the humans and make my living as a musician?” Kai said. Well, damn. How did the king know that had been a fantasy of his for awhile – ever since the fateful day that, while wandering around the human world, he had snuck into a Luna Sea live?

“Yes,” said the king. “That is exactly what I am saying.”

Kai thought for a moment. Well, this was definitely not unprecedented. Some of his relatives had been sent out to live among the humans for awhile during their youth. A couple of them liked the experience so much that they had yet to come back to the kingdom.

The reason to live as a human was a simple one, of course – it forced one to live without magic, to seek solutions to problems with one’s mind instead of just chanting a spell. It was the fastest, most sure path to growth and development

“So . . . how is that going to teach me about leadership?” he said.

“Finding out the answer to that,” the king said, “is part of your journey.”

“And how will I know when I’ve fulfilled the journey?” said Kai.

“We will be watching you – the court and I,” the king said. “We will let you know, of course – but I think you will know in your heart before we tell you.”

So, no easy answers. He was going to have to find them out himself. But to do it while living among humans and working as a musician . . .

“All right,” he said. “I’ll do it. When do I leave?”

“When you feel ready to,” the king said. “Talk to your family and friends, let them know what you’re doing. And then, we’ll take you to your new home.”

“My new home,” Kai said, quietly.

So this was his life’s quest, then – to find out the true meaning of leadership. And he had a feeling her knew what honor awaited him when he found that out. Something he remembered his mother telling him about, when he was very small . . .

* * *

TOKYO, 2003

Kai wandered through the streets in one of the not-exactly-nice parts of Roppongi, paper bearing an address in hand. The place where Ruki had told him they were rehearsing was right around here.

He was a year into his “quest,” and it had, so far, born very few results. The first band he’d joined had fallen apart. He’d tried to exert leadership, to keep them together, but to no avail.

Fortunately, he happened to bump into a guy he’d met at a music club awhile ago, during his earliest days living as a human. And, as it turned out, that guy’s band was losing its drummer.

He was on his way to meet up with that band now. He just hoped it would have better results this time.

At least he was learning a lot about the human world - like, for instance, how to get around by subway, train and foot. He had a place to live – he was staying with a aunt he hadn’t seen in a long time, one of those fairies who elected to stay in the human world – but she lived a long way out of the city. (Humans usually assumed his aunt was his mother, and he didn’t correct them). Hence, he did an awful lot of said traveling.

He found the address on the paper – it seemed they were rehearsing in some sort of abandoned building – and knocked on the door. It was jerked open by a tall, thin man with multiple facial piercings – who promptly let out a yelp and closed the door again.

Kai was puzzled. What the heck? It wasn’t like he looked like he had while living among his own people. He had a normal Japanese skin tone. His ears were rounded, and he’d hidden the facial marks. Okay, so his hair was a bright red-orange, but that wouldn’t shock other visual kei musicians.

The door opened again, and the man with the piercings stuck his head out. “Oi!” he said. “You didn’t run off, did you?”

“I’m still here,” Kai said. “Um, are you a member of Ruki’s band?”

“Oh, yeah,” he said. “I’m Aoi. Sorry about before, I opened the door to go out and didn’t know there was anyone on the other side.” He stepped aside. “Come on in.”

Kai stepped into a shabby room – cracks in the walls, paint peeling everywhere, the only light from a couple of naked bulbs. Either this place was abandoned, or it was something that got rented out dirt cheap because its owner didn’t give a crap about it.

“There’s the other guys,” Aoi said, pointing to a blond and a brown-haired boy – both very attractive, Kai noticed – who were sitting on the other side of the room, heads bent over their instruments. “This is Uruha, and that guy is Reita.”

“Hi, there,” Reita said, lifting a hand off his bass in a kind of salute. “So this is what the Ruki-cat dragged in, huh?”

“Um, yes, I’m the drummer,” Kai said. “Well, I hope to be your new drummer. Please treat me well.” He bowed politely.

“Huh, manners,” Reita said. “You don’t see that around here too often. Where did you come from?”

“Mareydi Creia,” Kai said. “At least, that was the name of my old band.”

“I remember seeing you,” Uruha said. “You were pretty good. Why did you break up?”

“Oh, you know,” Kai said. “The usual band stuff.” He didn’t want to think that it might be because of lack of leadership. Lack of HIS leadership. The very thing he’d come to the human world to learn about.

“Yeah, well, there’s no usual band stuff around here,” Reita said. “We’re all unusual. Especially Aoi.”

“Hey!” Aoi said. “I’m no more unusual than the rest of you!”

“You passed out in a garbage can the other night,” Uruha reminded him, calmly.

“Well, it was more comfortable than the ground!”

At that moment, the door opened, and a small figure entered the room – familiar to Kai. “Fuck,” he said. “I step out for five minutes and the new drummer arrives?”

“Don’t you just hate when that happens?” Aoi said.

“It’s okay,” Kai said, giving Ruki a bright smile. “I was getting to know everyone.”

“We didn’t scare him off yet,” Aoi said.

“You almost did,” Reita reminded him.

“That was him scaring me,” Aoi retorted.

“Well, if you’re not going to run away from us, why don't we see how you fit in?” Ruki said. “There’s drums over there . . .”

Kai looked. They were old, and as shabby as everything else. Heck, there was paint peeling off the sides of the kit. He sat down, hit one tentatively, and set about tuning.

No use. These were beyond hope. Where did they find them, in a trash heap? If only he could use magic . . .

He glanced up at the others. Aoi, Uruha and Reita were all engaged in tuning their instruments. Ruki was looking through what seemed to be a lyrics notebook.

Kai bent over the skins. He ran his hand over the snare, gently.

Then, he whispered two syllables in an ancient tongue. The air around the drums seemed to shimmer, then it was still again.

He hit the snare, then the toms. Perfect. They sounded brand-new.

Ruki looked up from his notebook. “Hey,” he said. “How’d you get them to sound like that? They never were that good when they were mine.”

Kai shrugged and said, innocently, “Just good at tuning, I guess.”

“Whatever,” Ruki said. “Okay, let’s run through a couple of Luna Sea songs to warm up . . .”

Kai picked up the sticks, ready to do the countdown to the first song. He was having a good feeling about these people already. Maybe, just maybe, he’d found the group he was meant to find, the one that would help him get his answers about leadership.

* * *

Kai was standing in front of the mirror in the men’s room, finishing his makeup. This was the closest you got to a dressing room in these tiny livehouses. A lot of musicians just got into their costumes and makeup at home, earning themselves some very strange looks on the subway.

Ruki poked his head in the door. “Almost done?” he said. “We’re on next.”

“What’s it look like out there?” Kai said, momentarily glancing over his shoulder at his bandmate.

“The usual,” Ruki said. “Maybe half of them look like they came to hear music instead of drink.”

“Half?” Kai said, turning his attention back to the mirror. “That’s better than last time.”

“You’re an optimist,” Ruki said.

“You have to be, right?” Kai replied, going back to his makeup.

This was their way of life now – playing bills of multiple artists in little, grungy places. It was okay. It was a start, right?

Except their manager seemed to be doing nothing to get them past this stage. He never seemed to be around when the band needed him, and he was making no real effort to go out and hustle up publicity or bookings for them.

So Kai had taken matters into his own hands. He designed flyers for the band’s lives on his computer, printed out a pile of copies, posted them all over Tokyo. He took one copy of one of their indie singles, discreetly created about 50 clones of it with magic, and mailed them to every music writer he could find.

Which meant, of course, that he had to work part-time jobs to pay for all that postage and paper. But it was worth it.

Kai walked out of the bathroom into the dinky backstage area, grabbing drumsticks from his shoulder bag. In a place like this, every drummer used the same kit. He’d only have a short time to put the toms and cymbals where he wanted them.

“Looking good tonight,” Aoi said to him as he joined him in the area that was considered the wings of the stage – barely big enough for a whole band to stand in.

“Thanks,” Kai said, blushing a little. “New eyeshadow.”

“Must have had a big payday,” Aoi said. “By the way, are you still staying at my place tonight?”

Since Kai had such a long trip back to his aunt’s home, he usually stayed with either Aoi or Ruki after lives. “Sure,” he said. “I have clothes for tomorrow in my bag.”

“And I have a bottle of whiskey,” Aoi said. “I had a payday, too.”

The club manager was on the stage, introducing them. They wandered out, getting into position, Kai making those adjustments to the drum kit . . .

None of them noticed that among the rowdy crowd, there was someone in business attire who was watching them rather closely. One of the CDs Kai had sent to music writers had been passed into very special hands.

* * *

“There’s somebody here to see you,” the club manager told them as they made their way backstage.

“Who is it?” Kai said.

“Dunno,” said the manager. “Said something about being from some management company. PPZ, something like that.”

“Never heard of them,” Ruki said. The band had learned to be wary of con artists pretending to be managers – they’d seen other people fall prey to that.

“Well, if you want to talk to the guy? He’s by the door,” the manager said. “Do or don’t, no skin off my nose.”

They looked at each other. “So, do we go?” Kai said.

“Can’t be any worse than what we’ve got,” Reita replied.

“I’m not falling for a bullshit artist,” Ruki said. “We’ve put too much into this band to have that happen.”

“Don’t worry,” said Kai. “That’s not going to happen.”

“You’re sure?” Ruki said.

“Oh, yes,” Kai said with a small smile. “I’m sure.”

Fairies had the ability to see insincerity in a person’s eyes, even when they were putting up a good front. If this guy was a con artist, Kai would know before he completed a single sentence.

The group walked into the main room. A few people waved at them and yelled that they were doing great, but nobody molested them or tried to get their autographs. They weren’t that big – yet.

They spotted the guy in the suit right away. He bowed to them, introduced himself and said, “Why don't we step outside, where we can talk easier?”

Fortunately, it was a rather warm night for the time of year. As soon as they got outside, Ruki and Aoi both pulled out their cigarettes and lit up right away.

Suit Guy got right to the point, saying, “I’m with PSC – we’re a division of Free-Will. We’re very interested in having you with your company.”

“Okay, I’ve heard of Free-Will,” Ruki said. “But not this PSC. Who do you handle?”

“Well, we’re still fairly new,” the man said. “But we have Miyavi, and two other bands, Kra and Kagrra. We think we can take you places. You have something – a look, a sound – that goes beyond typical visual kei.”

“And what’s it mean for us?” Reita said. “What do we have to do to get signed?”

“Well, there’s terms and conditions, of course,” said the PSC representative. “But really, all you have to do is give up your current management.”

Kai, meanwhile, was studying the man’s face. Yes, there was nothing but sincerity there. He was telling the truth. PSC was on the level, they were genuinely interested in them.

“Guys, listen to him,” he told the others.

“What?” said Ruki. “We’ve only been talking to him a minute, Kai. How do we know he’s . . .”

“Just trust me on this one. Please.” He looked around at the group. “We’ve worked so hard, and what do we have to show for it?”

“And if this guy’s not on the level? We won’t have anything,” Ruki said.

“Do we want to be playing places like this all out lives?” Kai said.

The group glanced back at the dingy hole-in-the-wall. Reita looked down and shuffled his feet. Uruha just kept looking through the doorway, as if it were some sort of magic glass in which he could see their future.

“Well, I sure as hell would like a real dressing room,” Aoi said.

“Just let me talk to this guy alone,” Kai said. “Just for a few minutes. If I see something, anything, I don’t like, then we’ll forget about it. But otherwise . . .” He glanced down at the ground. “I just think it’s worth the chance, that’s all.”

The PSC representative gave him a smile. “I was going to ask who your leader is,” he said, “but I think that’s obvious.”

Kai swallowed hard. He glanced around at the others. None of them were contradicting what the man was saying. “Me?” he said, quietly.

“Yes, you,” said the PSC man. “You’ve got true leader written all over you.”

Kai suddenly felt a dizzy rush inside him. Was this it? Had he learned the secret of being a true leader? Had he fulfilled his mission? Was King Oberon going to appear before him, and . . .

But by the end of the evening, all that had happened was a handshake deal tentatively binding the GazettE to PSC until the formal papers could be drawn up. That was eventful enough on its own.

And just like that, Kai was the official bandleader.

* * *

“So here’s to our new management, Leader-san,” Aoi said as they sat in his apartment later, glasses in their hands. “Kampaii!”

“Kampaii,” Kai echoed, clinking his glass against his bandmate’s. “I still can’t believe it.”

“You did well,” Aoi said, before taking a gulp of the whiskey. “Hell if I’d know how to negotiate with suits. I play the guitar and write songs, that’s it. I don’t get involved with the other end.” He gave Kai a sly smile. “I have guys like you for that.”

“You think I’m really leader material, Aoi?” Kai said, swirling the liquid a little before taking a sip. It burned his mouth and throat. Not exactly the fine quality nectar brews that were served in the fairy kingdom.

“Think? I know. Who’s been busting his pretty ass for us all along? You made us those posters, got us those writeups . . .”

That made Kai take another healthy gulp. Not the compliment to his publicity-seeking skills, the “pretty ass” part. His bandmate was very attractive. Hell, they all were, but being in close proximity to Aoi like this . . .

“I had to do whatever I could,” he said.

“You do a lot,” Aoi said. “Never seen anyone work harder for his band, in fact.”

“It’s important to me,” said Kai. “Well, I mean, the band is important to everyone, but . . .”

“Life and death to you?” Aoi said. “Yeah, I feel the same way.” He took another drink. “The whiskey is surprisingly good.”

“Surprisingly?” Kai said. “Why do you say that?”

“Well, I got it as a freebie, “ Aoi said. “Kind of a tip from my other job.”

“What is it you do, anyway?” Kai said. He’d always been curious about that, since Aoi seemed a bit better off financially than the rest of the band. He had his own place – small and sparsely furnished, yes, but it had its own private toilet and washroom – unlike the rooming house Ruki was living in.

“Does it matter?” Aoi said.

“Well, I’m curious,” Kai said, shifting his glass hand-to-hand.

“Okay,” Aoi said. “I work in a house.”

Kai was puzzled. “You’re a butler?”

“No, no. House. As in, house of ill repute.”

Kai choked on his whiskey. Aoi got up and sprang over to him, pounding on his back. “Hey! Are you all right?”

“Oh, sure, fine,” he gasped. Argh, he had reduced lung capacity in this human form, it was hard to get a good, deep breath after coughing.

“Yeah, I know, it’s kind of a surprise,” Aoi said. “That’s why I don’t talk about it much. I don’t really work upstairs, by the way. You know, where the bedrooms are. I work downstairs, in the lounge.”

“Bartender?” Okay, that was a little bit of a relief.

Aoi shook his head. “Dancer,” he said. “You know – exotic dancing.”

“You’re a stripper?” Kai said.

“Hey, I was trying to put it nicely,” Aoi said. “But yes. Plus, I give private dances in back rooms if the guys pay enough money.”

So it was an all-male establishment Aoi worked in. Probably catered to salarymen who married for the sake of social respectability, but were secretly gay.

The existence of such a thing baffled Kai, quite frankly. Fairy society was open and loose about sexuality. Everyone was openly bisexual, everyone took lovers as wanted and needed – even married couples usually had lovers on the side, with their spouse’s knowledge, consent and blessing.

Then, after a pause, Aoi said, “Want to see my act?”

“What?” Kai said, suddenly turning bright red. Okay, the society he came from might be open about sex, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t get flustered when it was proposed to him.

“Come on, aren’t you at least a little interested?” Aoi ran his hand under his own shirt, pushing the fabric up, putting a bit of tantalizing belly on display. “You said you were curious.”

“But that was before I knew, um . . .”

“Curious is curious,” Aoi said. “And curiosity should be . . .” He made his away across the room, slowly, turning on a boom box. “Satisfied,” he said.

Thumping dance music filled the room, and the guitarist turned toward Kai, starting to move his hips in a graceful, but undeniably sensual fashion. Kai could only watch, dry-mouthed, as he started to unbutton his shirt, slowly.

Oh, he could see how Aoi could make money this way, all right. The man had charisma pouring off him in buckets to begin with, but when you added in the deliberate movements, making sure your eyes were drawn to his fingers as they pushed the buttons through the fabric one by one . . .

He was feeling a tightening in his belly, a pooling heat down below. Erections happened pretty much the same way whether he was in human or fairy form, and he knew damn well one was happening now.

Once he had the shirt unbuttoned, Aoi put his hands on the back of his head and danced closer to Kai – not removing the garment yet, just letting it fall open, revealing shifting amounts of flesh as he performed a bump-and-grind. Kai could see hints of a flat, well-muscled chest and stomach – just enough to arouse an overwhelming sense of want in him.

Aoi reached down and unfastened his pants next, pushing the zipper down a little, pulling it up, pushing it down a little further . . . and leaving them half-unfastened as he reached up and slipped the shirt off at last.

It tumbled downward, revealing so much taut, beautifully formed flesh that Kai found himself unfastening his own pants – because they had become damn uncomfortable.

“See something you like?” Aoi moved closer to Kai, fingertips reaching out, just barely stroking the fairy’s cheeks and neck. He felt a shiver pass through his whole body in response.

“I . . . see a lot,” said Kai in a tiny voice, knowing he was turning the color of a beet.

“I could give you a private dance, you know.” And those pants were coming down, down, revealing long legs , as beautifully formed as the rest of him, and . . .

Black briefs were covering what he really wanted to see. He imagined that when Aoi was actually on-duty, the briefs were replaced by a thong.

“I . . . I . . .” And before Kai could say a word, Aoi was turning around, settling in Kai’s lap.

Kai gulped. His erection was pressed against a rounded bottom – a bit bigger than one would expect given the slenderness of the man, but it suited him, and fit the rest of his body well.

Plus, it was firm, and shapely, and wonderfully delicious. Oh, and it was rubbing against him. Yes, he was continuing his bump-and-grind motions – just in direct contact with his audience.

“How do you like that?” Aoi said, his voice a sexy purr.

Kai could only respond with a sound somewhere between a moan and a gurgle. He’d had sex with humans before, of both genders, during his music-related sojourns to this world. Some of them were damn attractive. He’d just never been with someone who seemed to give off so much, well, heat.

And before he knew it, his hands were sliding around the other man’s body, running along that perfect torso, caressing the flat planes of chest and stomach. It was obvious Aoi did some sort of working out, or at least exercise. He felt so toned, strong – what one would call wiry, though that wasn’t usually a sexy concept.

“Mmmm,” Aoi murmured as the other man’s hands slid up his body, fingers finding and caressing his nipples. “Oh, yeah, you want me, don’t you?” He leaned his head back on Kai’s shoulder and murmured, “I’ve thought you were a sexy thing ever since you joined the band.”

“Aaahh . . .” Kai raised his hips, grinding against Aoi, fingers dancing over the nipples. “So good . . .”

“I’ve thought about what you look like under those hot costumes of yours,” Aoi whispered. “Is the rest of your body as sexy as those arms?”

“Want to see?” Kai whispered back.

Aoi slid off Kai’s lap, and Kai pulled off his shirt, dropping it on the floor. His unzipped pants and underwear followed, and . . .

He watched Aoi’s eyes widen. “Holy shit,” he said.

One aspect of Kai’s fairy physiology that carried over to his human form was that his cock was, well, a lot bigger than your average Japanese male organ. He always got that reaction from human lovers the first time. That didn’t mean he didn’t drop his eyes to the floor and smile bashfully, every time.

“Goddamn,” Aoi said. “You’ve been hiding that? You’re not going to be keeping it hidden any more. Not when I’m around.”

“I want to see yours, too,” Kai told Aoi, looking at the hardness in those black briefs. Oh, that wasn’t exactly small, either.

“You’re lucky,” Aoi said. “My patrons don’t get to see that much.” And he peeled down the briefs, revealing . . . oh, yes, it was just as big as Kai expected. And beautifully shaped, too. Just like the rest of him.

“That’s a shame,” Kai said, reaching up and gently stroking his fingers over the tip. “You’re gorgeous.”

“You’re going to force me to get my futon out if you keep that up,” Aoi said.

Kai just looked up at him with his sweetest smile – and moved his fingers faster, caressing the hardness.

“Aaaah, yes,” Aoi sighed. “You drive a hard bargain.”

He pulled himself away from Kai just long enough to go to the closet, pull out the futon and unroll it. The men tumbled to the bedding, their mouths coming together – our first kiss, Kai thought, opening his lips for his new lover’s tongue.

Their hands roamed, exploring bare flesh as their mouths discovered each other, trying to memorize every inch, looking for sensitive areas. Aoi found out quickly that caressing the back of Kai’s neck made him shiver.

“So damn gorgeous,” Aoi murmured, lowering his head to Kai’s chest, lips wrapping around a nipple. Kai felt the metal of the piercing scraping his skin as a hot, wet tongue worked the bud, sending hot pleasure pouring through his body.-

He writhed under the other man, breathing hard, grabbing his hair.

Oh, yes, he was oh, so goddamn happy that he’d come here, that he was in this place, in this apartment, on this futon . . .

And with this man who was licking up to his neck, sucking on his pulse line, pressing his body against Kai’s. Kai reacted automatically, raising his legs and parting them, so Aoi was lying right on top of him, their cocks brushing against each other.

Both men let out a moan at the hot sensation, the texture of hard on hard. They locked eyes for a moment, then their mouths came together in a kiss.

Their hips started to move, rubbing against each other, cock sliding on cock. He just feels so goddamn good, Kai thought, not like anyone else I’ve ever been with . . .

He closed his eyes and focused on the feel of the other man’s heat, the sweaty, musky scent, the sounds of both their moans . . . he was lost in pure sensation, pure sensuality.

When he looked up at his lover, he saw Aoi’s eyes half-closed, his lips pursed as he moved harder, faster, starting to grind hard against Kai.

And Kai moved against him as well, hands running down his lover’s back, finding that ass and grabbing . . . so gorgeous , lush but firm. He wanted to know what it would be like to be deep in that ass . . .

He knew he’d be finding out sooner rather than later. This wasn’t going to be their only experience together. They both knew it.

Aoi raised his head and shoulders off Kai’s body, moaning loudly, displaying a beautiful expanse of chest glistening with sweat, nipples standing out like bas relief in a perfect carving.

And Kai paid proper homage, hands moving up to those chest, fingers rubbing the hardened buds firmly, making Aoi let out another small cry.

“Fuck,” he moaned. “Oh, FUCK, Kai . .”

Their hips were churning now, cocks grinding together, their breathing heavy and rapid, noises louder, both of them knowing they were close . . .

And a long, slow thrust against him was what did it for Kai. He arched up against the other man, crying out, feeling his whole body pulse with pleasure . . . he felt Aoi grind against him hard a few more times, and then his cry answered Kai’s, hot come pouring onto his lower belly.

Aoi wrapped his arms around Kai, and they kissed, breathlessly, then kissed again. Kai pulled the other man’s head closer, snuggling against him and closing his eyes.

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to move for a week,” Aoi murmured.

“A week?” Kai said.

“Well, at least until it’s time for round two,” Aoi said. “You’re damn hot, you know that? Not just because you’re gorgeous. You’re . . .” He kissed Kai. “You’re once in a lifetime.”

“I am?” Kai said.

“Oh, yeah. I’ve never known anyone like you. You seem innocent, and then you make me come so hard I think I’m going to turn inside out.” He ran his fingers over Kai’s hair. “Must come with being a leader.”

Kai closed his eyes. He was going to be a leader in the morning, all right. He was the one who was going to go into the PSC office and talk to the suits about the terms and conditions of their contract.

He was going to look out for his bandmates. He was going to make sure they had enough money coming in – through salary, royalties or a combination of both - that they’d be able to ditch their part-time jobs and focus on their music full-time.

That was what a leader did, right? Look out for those he led?

And, yes, he knew part of his motivation was getting Aoi out of that house of ill repute. Not that he thought something like that was shameful (though he still considered it baffling and a bit sad that humans had need of such places). No, just that such a thing wasn’t Aoi’s calling.

His ass-shaking was to be reserved for when he was on stage with a guitar. And, Kai had to admit, when he was alone with him.

Coming up in Part 2: The Road to Nameless Liberty is paved with soul-searching, violent glomping in the middle of meetings and a bit of post-live hotel fun . . ..


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I`m in love ^^ thank u <3333333
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I really liked this! It's good have longer fics from you :)
Good job! ^^
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I am liking this so far, keep up the good work!!!
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Finally got the time to read this. It's so damn cute and so damn hot~ I never really liked Kai's fairytail shoot but damn it, wouldn't it be nice if he's really a fairy? ldgjijfwf This is so cute I have no wordsssssssss! Off to read chapter 2~ ^^
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