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Jan. 31st, 2013

First, some wonderful news - my father is home from the post-hospital rehab, hopefully for good this time! And he seems to be in much better shape than he was after the first rehab - walking better, more alert, etc. And just the other day, the rehab's social workers were telling my mother he wasn't capable of doing anything on his own and needed round-the-clock nursing care. She said she wanted to see how he responded to being back home before making a decision on that. We'll see if he continues to do well, but so far, so good!

Second, it is now Ruki's birthday in Japan! I'm very happy to see Tumblr turned into a total Rukifest - too bad he can't see it as well (unless he has Tumblr and we don't know it!) Ruki has a special place in my heart - he was my bias when I first became a Sixth Gun, and he still is a very close second after Kai (though Aoi has also crept up there as of late). Plus, there is so much that is unique and wonderful about him, from his cringe-inducing-yet-somehow-charming misuse of English ("Reckless driving cucumber!" "Commit suicide in with-it-ness!") to his stunning stage performances. So, yes, I hope he has a happy, because he deserves it!

And finally, I'd like to say something about the wank that has exploded in the normally peaceful and happy My Little Pony fandom. Long story short, the powers that be (Hasbro) suddenly decided that the lead character, Twilight Sparkle, was going to become a princess (in the universe of the show, "princess" basically means "demigod"). It was a piece of abrupt and jarring character development, to be sure - and then Hasbro made matters worse by putting out a condescending statement that "Every little girl wants to be a princess!" (Which, according to some members of the fandom, runs counter to series creator Lauren Faust's original theme, "There is no wrong way to be a girl.") The episode in question is scheduled to air next week as the finale to the abbreviated season 3.

I'm with the segment of the fandom that is saying "Trust the writers." This isn't the first time something that sounds, well, flat-out nauseating has been foisted on the show by Hasbro (which is, after all, a toy company, and uses the show to promote its merchandise). In season 2, TPTB ordered the writers to incorporate a pink princess pony and have her get married. The writers managed to turn that into a mind-blowing alien bodysnatcher storyline that was pure dynamite. So if they can get sci-fi/fantasy/magical girl anime out of girly-girly concepts like "pink," "princess" and "wedding," I'm sure they'll be able to get something memorable out of this. (Now stop wanking already, Bronies! This is NOT the end of the show as we know it!)

Just one thing - no way in hell am I adding wings to my Twilight Sparkle cosplay. I cosplayed a winged character once before (the title character of Maximum Ride) and swore I'd never do it again. Ever try to navigate a dealer's room with wings jutting from your back?


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Feb. 2nd, 2013 01:24 pm (UTC)
That's amazing news about your dad! :) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you all!
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