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Jan. 27th, 2013

So, my sleep schedule has been kind of weird from all the meds I'm on. Last night, I crashed hard around 9, slept until midnight, woke up for about an hour, crashed again, woke up at 6:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. So I grabbed the first J-rock DVD at hand, which happened to be Dim Scene, or as I call it, The Aoi Show With Four Other Guys.

Seriously, I had forgotten how completely, totally and utterly Aoi pwns that entire show. Part of it is the amount of bare flesh he has on display, which just increases as the main body of the show goes on, until at the end we're getting flat-out Aoinipple. But part of it is that, for some reason, that boy was ON FIRE that night. He had sex and charisma pouring off him in waves, his playing was impeccable throughout, and he just connected so solidly with the cameras and the audience that it was hard to look away from him. Oh, and the slowly pushing his hand into his jacket, then licking his fingers? FLAT-OUT PORN.(This is where the lack of a documentary for this show really sucks. I would have liked to have seen what Aoi's backstage demeanor was like that night. Geez, if I had been in the fandom when this thing was first released - my Limited Edition was bought secondhand - I would have just gone for the Normal Type. Multi-Angle is an insidious thing dreamed up by PSC to milk fangirls of their money when they have a lack of real content. The Alice Nine fandom has fallen prey to it a couple of times.)

Aoi's domination was helped along by the fact that Ruki seemed oddly subdued during that show, with a lack of his usual fanservicey antics. Granted, it was probably because he was focusing his energy on being High Drama for the DIM songs (and it worked - Nakigahara, in particular, was goosebump-inducing, especially at the end). Come to think of it, though, I remember him being oddly subdued in the Peace and Smile Carnival that was done the same year. (Wonder if something was up in his personal life then? PSC certainly would never let us know).

Oh, yes, and lest we forget, HOTTEST KAI LOOK EVER. And the cameraman fortunately spent a lot of time on him. The bit at the end of the first encore, where he's stalking around the stage by himself, throwing drumsticks into the crowd? UNF. (And here's where the lack of a documentary sucks again. Kai being leaderly with the HOTTEST KAI LOOK EVER? Ovary explosion imminent.)

Damn, now I want to watch all the other lives again.


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Jan. 27th, 2013 08:13 pm (UTC)
I hate it when my sleep effs up because of meds but I hope you're feeling better now. ^^

LOL. I also couldn't sleep last night and watched RCE and didn't really sleep at all because I got caught up again with it and went all


Sorry, I got carried away. But I totally agree. Aoi owned DIM SCENE! He was the sexiest and definitely the most seductive in that live and if music wasn't playing in it, I'd think it's PORN. XD
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