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Jan. 26th, 2013

So I worked from home literally all week, and I am STILL stuffy and coughing. Bleh. I need to go back into the office on Monday regardless. I have NEVER had a bug last this long - usually, I'm back on my feet a couple of days after going to the doctor. (Yes, I know, I was run-down from all the running back and forth).

And I see that there's a meltdown going on over the new Tumblr interface. It showed up on my end last night, and yeah, it's annoying - on a Mac, I can still get it to open a "reblog" window in a new tab, but then it pops up a reblog window right in front of me anyway. Which I end up canceling, because once you reblog, Tumblr takes you back to the top of your dashboard instead of where you left off. Fortunately, Tumblr seems to still work the same on my phone (for now), and I think that's going to be my Tunblr interface of choice until they inevitably give in to the complaints and change it back.

In a more interesting note, I happened to see something on my Friends page about a kink meme on the jrocknc17 community. I checked it out, and unfortunately, it doesn't work like the GazettE one, where people post prompts and other people answer it. This works more like Kink Bingo - you sign up with a pairing during a certain time period and then pick a certain number of kinks from their list and write fics for them.

The really interesting thing was their list, which contained some stuff that Kink Bingo doesn't use, and some items particularly relevant to J-rock. It might be worth holding onto to base some sort of writing challenge on. My comments are in italics.

01. Bondage
02. Breathplay (Erotic asphyxia)
03. Bukakke (What, me write this? Never!)
04. Bloodplay (Sangui)
05. Domination / submission
06. Double penetration
07. Exhibitionism/Voyeurism
08. Fisting
09. Food Sex
10. Pegging (. . . um, why is this in a yaoi challenge?)
11. Pain Play
12. Questionable Consent (Rape Play)
13. Red Wings (situation involving a woman on her period) (Insert comment about 50 Shades of Crap here. And, again, why is this in a yaoi challenge?)
14. Sounding (insertion of objects into the male urethra)
15. Technosexuality (situation involving machines, robots, etc.)
16. Toys
17. Toilet Play (Watersports (sexual situation involving urine) or scat (sexual situation involving feces)
18. Vore (eating partner for sexual gratification)
19. Necrophilia
20. Altocalciphilia: High heel fetish.
21. Acousticophilia: When someone finds sounds (music, foreign language being spoken, certain types of voices or whatever) to be sexually stimulating. (PLOT TWIST: Ruki tries to turn on his partner with Ruklish. His partner just laughs his ass off. But seriously, this is a GREAT kink for J-rock fic).
22. Blindfolds
23. Allorgasmia: Arousal from fantasizing about someone other than one's partner.
24. Autagonistophilia: sexual arousal from being on stage or on camera. (*cough*Ruki*cough*Aoi*cough*Saga*cough*)
25. Belonephilia: Arousal from piercings or needles.
26. Chronophilia: sexual attraction to a partner of a widely differing chronological age.
27. Capnolagnia: Arousal from watching others smoke.
28. Kokigami: The wrapping of the penis in a paper costume. (Someone did a fic once where Hiroto was addicted to that. It was amusing in a WTF way).
29. Katoptronophilia: Sex in front of mirrors. (*cough*Aoi*cough*)
30. Hirsutophilia: Sexual attraction to body hair. ( . . . um, why is this in a J-rock challenge?)
31. Narratophilia: sexual arousal in the use of dirty or obscene words to a partner.
32. Odaxelagnia: Arousal from biting.
33. Partialism: exaggerated sexual interest in a non-genital very specific body part.
34. Sacofricosis: Cutting a hole in pant pocket to facilitate masturbation in public.
35. Stigmatophilia: sexual interest in piercings, tattoos.
36. Cross-dressing for sexual graitifcation
37. Troilism: (also spelled triolism) sexual interest in watching one's regular sexual partner having sex with a third party, usually unbeknownst to the third party. (I read this at first as trollism. Well, it kind of fits.)
38. Nyotaimori/Nantaimori: sexual arousal by eating sashimi or sushi from the body of another man or woman (Aoi actually said he was going to do this to Kazuki, except it was tempura instead of sushi. Fic resulted).
39. Wakamezake: sexual arousal by drinking alcohol from a woman's (or man's) body. (*cough*Uruha*cough*)
40. Panty Fetish
41. Medical Fetish
42. Foot Fetish (Which Ruki has actually admitted to. Of course, that's with women).
43. Blood Drinking / Vampirism
44. Electro-stimulation
45. Public Humiliation
46. Tentacles
47. Roleplay
48. Latex Fetish
49. Doll Play (as in sex dolls)
50. Ecouteurism - Listening to others having sex without permission
51. Olfactophilia: Sexual gratification from smells.


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Jan. 26th, 2013 07:17 pm (UTC)
Jrock does have female groups too, they're just ridiculously under-represented. And why not write them with women? I suppose it's not male only, this challenge? :)
Jan. 26th, 2013 07:37 pm (UTC)
Get well soon '3'</p>

haha where can I find the Hiroto Kokigami fic? XDDD

Jan. 26th, 2013 11:53 pm (UTC)
...that is a really good point about the body hair prompt, actually. XD They're all shaved and I like it that way!
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