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Title: Idol Gossip
Chapter: Sequel to Just a Jealous Guy
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, romance, some humor
Warnings: Male/male sex, threesome, biting, mild spanking
Pairing: Shou X Kai X Ruki, some Saga X Nao
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Kai, Ruki and Shou seek happiness as a threesome – despite gossips in person and online.
Comments: Written for the Double Penetration square of one of my Kink Bingo cards. Yes, my little threesome fic for the Kink Meme has spun off yet another ficverse. Yes, there really is a site called Tanuki, it really is a hotbed of vicious and unfounded gossip and all the things cited in this story actually appeared on the site. (I don’t believe a single one of them, of course). Yes, there’s a Japanese dessert called dorayaki, it’s a cake filled with sweet red bean paste.

The last thing Shou’s friends expected to hear was that he had moved in with Kai and Ruki, and that they were living happily as a threesome.

“You sure you heard that right?” the PSC gossipmongers said. “Kai and Ruki? Kai AND Ruki? Both of them?”

“Pheh,” others said, “it’ll be over once they’re tired of fucking each other. Odds of a three-way lasting? Slim. Odds of a cross-band relationship lasting? Worse. Odds of a three-way that’s cross-band? You gotta be fucking kidding me.”

Even Shou’s bandmates expressed concern. “He doesn’t know what he’s getting into,” Saga told Nao as they prepared dinner together (Saga’s way of keeping Nao from yet another fast-food gorge session). “This is yet another example of him living in his own world. It’s going to fall apart in a month and his heart will be broken and then I’ll have to kill both of them.”

“I’d be concerned if it were anyone other than Ruki involved,” Nao said, calmly slicing a tomato.

“And why do you say that?” Saga said.

“I’ve seen them together,” Nao replied. “And there’s genuine love there. Ruki will drop everything if he thinks Shou needs help. He asks for his advice on things. And the two of them, when they talk . . .”

He studied the pile of chopped-up salad components, as if hoping to see the precise words he was seeking in there. “There’s a connection,” he said. “In the way they always look at each other’s eyes, the way they lean in toward each other . . . it’s like you can see the red thread between them.”

“Fine, well and good,” Saga said. “That’s Shou and Ruki. So why didn’t they just live together without Kai?”

Nao smiled to himself. He’d gone to countless bandleader meetings with Kai, at which GazettE’s drummer proved to be a leader among leaders, making sure the meetings ran smoothly, settling disagreements. But one thing he had always done was ask Kai about Shou. Not the rest of the band – just Shou.

Furthermore, he’d spend half the time when he wasn’t being leaderly checking his phone, looking for messages from Ruki. Specifically, Ruki.

“I’ve known Kai for a long time,” he said. “He’ll be fine. They’ll all be fine.”

“Why do you say that?” Saga said.

Nao just hopped off his stool, walked to the fridge and peeked in. “How about cheesecake for dessert?” he said.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” Saga said. “You’re not having anything that unhealthy!”

“But if I’m being good for the dinner, I can be bad for the dessert, right?”

“It doesn’t work that way! And don’t change the subject!”



“Green tea pound cake?” He took the dessert in question out of the fridge, standing there holding it up and facing Saga with an angelic smile.

“Fine, you win.” Saga waved his hand. “So what about Kai?”

Nao stuck his head in the fridge again. “Sesame dressing or lemon pepper?”

“Stop changing the subject! Nao!”

* * *

As it happened, the fears and concerns of everyone were unwarranted. The threesome worked beautifully. They laid out well-defined rules from the beginning, and stuck by them – because what they had was too precious to waste.

They leased a house together, which had a living room, a master bedroom, a very nice dining room and a kitchen – plus a basement that was subdivided into three “man caves.” Each had his private space for composing, practicing, video games and just quiet times, and the understanding was that when one of them retreated into his “cave,” the others were to respect his privacy.

The trick came with sharing the bathrooms – there were two, one in their bedroom, one in the basement adjacent to Shou’s “man cave.” All overflowed with the assortment of hair and skin care products, plus makeup, one would expect in a visual kei household. Three high-maintenance men plus two bathrooms meant patience and time management.

There were other adjustments as well – for one thing, Shou, a lifelong cat person, had to get used to living with a dog. (There were things Ruki was willing to sacrifice for love, but Koron was not one of them). And there was the matter of two-thirds of the household being on one schedule, the other third on another.

But it was worth it for moments like the three of them curled together on the couch – Shou with his head in Kai’s lap, Ruki leaning on the drummer’s shoulder, the two vocalists clasping hands – watching an old samurai drama or the latest Gundam series. Or sitting in their dining room with candles on the table as if they were in an elegant restaurant, eating one of Kai’s delicious meals (since he insisted on doing all the cooking – both because he enjoyed it, and because he’d eaten Ruki’s food before).

And then, there was what went on in the master bedroom, on the king-sized bed.

All three of them were open to exploration and creative lovers, so their nights were memorable indeed. Toys, spanking and bondage all came into play, along with considerable amounts of oral action and good old-fashioned grinding. There were evenings where there was no anal penetration at all, and yet all three came hard and were very, very satisfied.

There was plenty of fooling around as twosomes, as well – it was not at all unusual for Ruki to wander up to the living room and find Kai leaning back on the couch, eyes closed and moaning – and Shou kneeling between his legs, mouth wrapped around his huge cock. (Depending on his mood, Ruki would either join in or yawn, go to the fridge for a bottle of Orangina, and take it back down to his “man cave.”)

There was also an agreement that if a friend of theirs wanted to share their bed for the night, it was okay as long as they all wanted it – and if Shou wanted to seek the comfort of one of his bandmates while on the road and separated from his lovers, well, that was okay, too.

Bodies were sharable – but their hearts stayed only with each other.

* * *

On one evening in particular, Ruki emerged from his “man cave” to find his two lovers lying on the living room floor – flat on their stomachs, legs bent up behind them at the knee, both clad in sweatpants and T-shirts – and both gazing at a single MacBook screen. They were laughing and blushing a little.

They look like a couple of teenage girls at a slumber party peeking at porn, Ruki thought as he went in the fridge for his usual bottle of fizzy orange sustenance. Whatever. He was heading back through the living room when he heard Kai say, “I smell BAD?”

“That’s what it says here,” Shou said. “And it also says that you have a sadistic streak.” He patted his lover’s back. “They got that part right, at least.”

“Okay, I like spanking,” said Kai.

“And biting,” said Shou.

“But you like that, too,” said Kai. “What else does it say?”

“You like fellatio and the missionary position. And you moan like a woman.”

Okay, that drew Ruki’s attention. He stalked over to the two of them. “What the fuck are you looking at? Sexual horoscopes?”

“No,” Shou said. “Nothing like that.”

“Let’s see what it says about you,” Kai said, grabbing the computer and pulling it over toward him – and letting out a loud laugh, clapping his hands.

“What?” Shou said. “What is it?”

“They said you’re so lousy in bed that they’re afraid you’ll never have children,” Kai said.

“Let me see that.” Ruki swooped down like a bird of prey and grabbed the computer, snatching it away from the laughing twosome on the floor. He glanced at the screen, frowning. “Tanuki? You two were reading fucking TANUKI?”

“We were just curious,” Kai said.

“I can’t believe you even pay attention to this shit!” Ruki said. Good Lord. Tanuki was a freaking pain in the ass, a gossipmonger site where women who claimed to have slept with J-rockers posted observations from their alleged experiences. Of course, the site had nothing good to say about anyone, since most of the posters were women who had actually been rebuffed by said musicians.

“Ruki, nobody believes this,” Shou said. “Has this site ever actually ruined anyone’s career?”

“No,” Ruki said, “but it’s still a piece of shit. I can’t believe you two were laughing about it!”

“We were laughing because we know how not-true it is. All of it.” Shou stood up and slid his arms around Ruki’s waist. “They said Aoi was married. Aoi. Married.”

But Ruki’s eyes were on the screen in front of him. His curiosity about what was being said about him on Tanuki was getting the better of him – and he quickly regretted it. “What? I have weird tastes in bed partners? Fuck you!”

“But I thought this was all a piece of shit,” Kai said, coming to stand on the other side of Ruki.

“Damn right it’s shit!” Ruki said, shaking the computer as if he could dislodge what was being said about him. “Weird tastes? I’ll show them weird tastes!”

“Well, you know, you do sleep with sadists who smell bad,” Shou said. “And guys who are so bad in bed they can’t sire children.”

“Who the hell dreams up this shit?” Ruki said, ready to toss the thing away.

“Maybe we should make an honest post about you,” Shou said, as Kai gently took the computer away from Ruki and set it on their coffee table. “We’ll say, ‘Ruki is a kind, gentle and generous lover.’”

“Unless he’s in the mood to spank,” Kai said, walking back over to them.

“What, you have spanking on the brain?” Ruki said. “You really are a sadist.”

Kai responded with a gentle swat to Ruki’s bottom, causing Ruki to jump and yelp. “You don’t mind,” Kai said.

“So what else do we want to say, Kai?” Shou said.

Kai thought a moment, and said, “Ruki’s really good with his hands. And his mouth. Oh, my God, his mouth.”

“His tongue,” Shou said, leaning over to nuzzle Ruki’s neck. “His tongue alone makes his lovers scream.”

“You two don’t scream,” Ruki said.

“You didn’t hear the sounds Kai was making when you had your tongue . . . well, you know,” Shou said, blushing a little.

“Up his ass?” Ruki said. “Or on his cock?”

“Both,” Kai said, blushing as well. “And that’s something else we can say – Ruki gives as good as he gets.”

“He gives and takes – sometimes at the same time,” Shou said, his hand starting to slide down Ruki’s chest, under his shirt.

“And he’s creative,” Kai said, sliding his hand under Ruki’s shirt from the bottom. Ruki now had one hand caressing his stomach, flirting with the waistband of his pants . . . and another on his chest, fingers feeling for a nipple. “He never lets you get bored.”

Oh, crap. Well, so much for just having his Orangina and quietly checking Twitter. There was going to be nothing quiet about the rest of the evening. How reading that Tanuki shit turned those two on he’d never know, but he wasn’t complaining.

“And he’s eager,” Shou said. “He never gets tired until you do, and he always wants . . .” At that moment, his fingers found what he was looking for, and Ruki let out a long, low sound of pleasure.

“And his moans are as sexy as his singing,” Kai said.

“You two are nuts,” Ruki groaned. “And besides, it’s Tanuki. If you posted something nice there, nobody would believe any of that.”

“Mmm,” Shou said. “Maybe if we posted video?”

“Oh, no, you don’t,” Ruki said. He was being dragged in the direction of the bedroom, wasn’t he? Oh, yes, he was. And he was just going to let them steer him there, because by this point? No way in hell did he want them to stop. “Any videos we make are just for us.”

“We don’t have a video camera set up,” Kai said as they entered the bedroom. “Maybe next time.”

And the next thing Ruki knew it, he was enclosed in hot man flesh, one of them pressing on his front, one on the back. Shou’s lips were on his, and Kai’s mouth was on his neck, nibbling and licking.

There were hands everywhere, unfastening his shirt and pants, pushing the fabric aside, and Ruki wanted to pull away from him to shed the clothing, except Shou’s tongue was rubbing against his in a most interesting way, and Kai’s teeth were tugging on his earrings in another most interesting way, and there was no way in hell he was stopping them . . .

His two lovers moved away from him simultaneously, as if on some unheard cue, and Ruki hurriedly shed his clothes, watching the two strip off their T-shirts, sweatpants, underwear. Fuck, but he was a lucky man. He’d be if he had only one of them to call his own. But both of them?

If Ruki believed in paradise, he’d think he’d just arrived there.

He leaned over to give Kai his mouth this time, the two of them kissing hotly as he felt Shou reach around his body, brushing his fingers over a nipple.

They both pressed against him, and Ruki felt one cock press against his own, the other against his ass. Fuck, oh, fuck. He moved his hips so he could rub against the two of them, and felt them grind back.

This was what it was all about – cock. Hard and strong and hot, moving and sliding, the two of them so deliciously different – Kai’s just plain huge, seeming to possess Ruki just by rubbing against him, Shou’s less big, but beautifully formed and gracefully curved – sort of like the man himself.

Goddamn, he wanted all of them. He wanted both cocks inside him, from both ends. But they were going to play a little first.

He guided them over to the bed, and pushed Kai down on it. Leaning over, he took a nipple in his mouth, brushing it with his tongue.

“Aaah,” Kai moaned, and he most definitely didn’t sound like a woman. Nor was the woody, musky scent coming from him unpleasant. Quite the opposite.

Shou leaned over, touching his lips to Ruki’s upturned ass, kissing it and nipping lightly. Ruki cried out at the scrape of his lover’s teeth.

Shou got the message, and he bit a little harder, Ruki crying out louder, his tongue moving on Kai’s nipple faster, making Kai let out a cry of his own.

“Fuck,” Ruki moaned. “You look like such a good boy, Shou, but . . .”

“But?” Another nip.

“Aaaah!” Ruki cried. “You do something like that!”

“I could do that, too,” Kai said, raising his head so he could bite Ruki’s neck – and Ruki let out a louder moan.

“You two keep that up, and I’m not going to last,” he said.

“What do you want us to do, then?” Shou said.

“You can get me ready, for one thing,” Ruki said. “I want your cock in me” – said to Kai, as he nibbled again – “and I’ve got other plans for you – aaaahhh!!” And the last sound came as Shou moved down, nipping at Ruki’s thighs.

“Maybe we should both get him ready, then,” Kai said, raising his head to talk to Shou – who finally stopped biting Ruki long enough to raise his head and answer in the affirmative.

Ruki shifted so that Kai could get out from under him, and he got on all fours on the bed, ass pointed toward them, listening to them open the nighttable drawer . . . and then kiss each other, laughing and caressing each other’s chests.

“You’re so sexy,” Shou said, taking Kai’s nipple in his thumb and forefinger and gently squeezing it. “I can’t believe what a gorgeous body you have.”

“And you’re beautiful,” Kai said, sliding a hand down over Shou’s ass. “You have such pretty lips . . .”

The two of them kissed, then laughed, remembering they had another lover to tend to. Grabbing what they needed, they knelt on the floor behind Ruki, Shou popping open the bottle of liquid lube.

The first finger Ruki felt slide into him was Kai’s – big, manly, filling and possessing him. Fuck, there were guys whose cocks weren’t as big and strong as Kai’s fingers.

“You feel so damn good,” Kai murmured, slipping the finger in and out, drawing another moan from Ruki . . . and then a second finger slipped in, this one long, slender and graceful.

God, the contrast between the two of them, Kai’s finger wide, Shou’s long . . . even the way they moved was different, Kai pumping in slow, steady thrusts, Shou moving around as he went, as if trying to touch all the pleasure spots inside Ruki . . .

One thing was for sure, there was no mistaking the fact he was getting finger-fucked by two guys at once, and all Ruki could do was surrender to the pleasure, and relax, and let them open him up.

It was Kai who slid in another finger to complete the opening – given how big he was, Ruki needed to be as relaxed and open as possible – and Ruki began to move his hips with their rhythm, trying to take them both deep inside him, to experience the pleasure fully.

“You’re amazing,” he moaned. “Oh, fuck . . .”

The fingers finally slid out, and Ruki shifted position so he was on all fours with his head pointed toward the foot of the bed and his ass pointed to the head. “Shou,” he said, “in front of me . . .”

Shou knelt in front of his lover, breath catching in anticipation, knowing what Ruki had planned for him. They were talking about his oral prowess before, and Shou was about to experience it firsthand.

Kai knelt behind Ruki, parting his ass and pouring more lube down the cleft, rubbing the slick stuff on his cock, and then positioning himself at Ruki’s entrance, pushing gently . . .

Ruki felt the shock of pain of initial entry, which was inevitable – especially when one was dealing with a man of that size. He distracted himself by taking the head of Shou’s cock in his lips, stroking his tongue over it . . .

God, how could anyone, male or female, not love sucking cock? It was full involvement of the senses in sexuality, the feel of the hardness on lips and tongue, the musky scent and taste, the noises your lover made . . . Ruki relished it, every bit of it, and he knew he was good at it to boot.

He sucked, moving his head down, trying to swallow as much of Shou as he could . . . as the hardness in his ass pushed in, bit by bit, filling him and filling him and stretching him until he thought it was too much, he was going to explode . . .

Kai paused, panting, fingers gripping Ruki’s hips, and Ruki paused as well on an outstroke, his lover’s cock still within his lips, waiting for his body to adjust . . .

Then, Kai started to thrust, slowly, and fuck, the pain was gone, there was just pleasure, hot friction and warmth from within and a fullness that was no longer threatening. It was welcome and delicious, it was Kai claiming Ruki and making him his own – and Ruki holding Kai within his body, claiming him as well.

And Ruki proceeded to claim Shou as well, to move down on him and take him in his mouth, suck him, slide up and down, have his other lover invade him and make him his own.

Kai sped up, gripping Ruki’s hips harder, his ass tensing and flexing as he glided in and out of his lover’s body in sharp, fluid motions. The huge erection slid over sensitive nerve endings, enflaming them, slowly spreading a tingling pleasure through Ruki’s body.

And he gave that pleasure back to Shou, his mouth sliding up and down on the other erection, tongue swirling over the head on the outstroke. Shou moaned, hands wandering over Ruki’s hair, hips starting to move a little, though he resisted thrusting deep into his throat.

They moved together, an unbroken chain, Kai plundering Ruki’s ass, Shou his mouth, and Ruki between them, taking and giving, using and being used, a vessel of pleasure. The men’s heavy breathing and moans filled the air, along with gasps of Ruki’s name . . .

And Ruki was lost in it all, in heady sensation, in scent and taste and feeling, so much feeling, hardness invading him at either end, almost to the point of being overwhelming . . . but instead, just So. Fucking. Delicious.

Kai sped up, breathing getting heavier as beads of sweat ran down his chest, hand reaching under Ruki’s body to stroke his cock. “So . .. so close,” he gasped, “oh, yes, Ruki . . .”

Ruki doubled his efforts on Shou’s cock, moving his head faster, swirling his tongue, humming to send vibrations through the organ, wanting both of them to come, feeling his own orgasm start to build as Kai’s fingers brushed his cock, building up in his belly, threatening to burst . . .

Kai cried out first, thrusting hard into Ruki’s ass as the pleasure rushed through him, overwhelming him.. . and then, seconds later, Shou cried out as well, and Ruki pulled back so his lover’s come would splash on his face, letting him catch a few drops with his tongue.

And finally, Ruki’s own pleasure exploded, and he let out a yell as his body shook, wave after wave of delicious sensation consuming him. He collapsed to the bed, and felt both of his lovers kiss him, two tongues moving over his face, licking Shou’s come from his skin.

“Fuck,” Ruki murmured. “Oh, fuck . . .”

Shou kissed him again. “I love you,” he said. Reaching out and taking Kai’s hand, he said, “And I mean both of you.”

“I love you, too,” Kai said, kissing first Shou, then Ruki, letting them know he meant both of them as well.

“Mmmph,” Ruki murmured. He was feeling warm and wonderful right now, of course. He was also feeling completely overwhelmed. He needed to sleep, to process it all . . .

But he reached out and squeezed both their hands, to let them know their love was returned.

* * *

“So they lasted,” people whispered to each other as they saw the happy threesome sitting together at Nao and Saga’s housewarming party – yes, Saga had finally thrown in the towel and admitted that he and his band’s co-founder were meant to be.

“Hard to believe,” other people said. “Just lucky, I guess.”

“Gossipy bastards,” Saga grumbled as he passed a group of them, then settled on a chair across from the new couple’s couch. Ruki sat there in the middle, Shou holding onto his left hand, Kai onto his right.

“So tell me,” Saga said, “what the hell is your secret?”

The three exchanged looks. “Secret?” Shou said.

“To a happy relationship,” Saga said. “I’d like to be in this for the long run, you know.”

“Patience,” Shou said. “Compromise. Sharing.”

“Keeping your own space, but making the relationship first in your life,” Kai added.

“And not paying attention to Tanuki,” Ruki said.

Saga frowned. “Tanuki?” he said. “Why the hell would I pay any attention to that crap?”

The boys smiled at each other.

“It shows up in unexpected ways sometimes,” Shou said. And then, they all laughed.

Some secrets stayed between lovers.


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Jan. 26th, 2013 08:31 am (UTC)
Waaaaaw so impressive & cool!!!!!!!
Jan. 27th, 2013 09:09 am (UTC)
your fics are just the best and i want to cry ;u; haha.. good job, bby! ♡
Jan. 27th, 2013 10:50 pm (UTC)
This was so amazing good.....like always *nose bleed*

All this smut is..ugh <3 marry me XD </p>


Thank you for writing a second one!!

Maybe a third...? *cross fingers* have you ever written angst? I mean, I would love to read their relationships from this story with angst, fights but with a happy ending ^_^

Keep up the amazing work!

I will always support you!

Fantastic good night story for me to read *winks*

Jan. 28th, 2013 06:32 am (UTC)
Nope, I fucking give up
See, like five minutes ago I was like I AM SO INTO THIS PAIRING RIGHT NOW THERE IS SO MUCH I WANT TO EXPLORE WITH IT but fuck it, it would be like trying to beat you at your own game. Can't compete.

Nope, nope nope nope

Just can't right now
I can't even english so have a gif instead okay
I'm so sorry I can't even comment but kind of not because this is your fault anyway

tim minchin 'and then her ovaries exploded FIVE TIMES'
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