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Title: Kiss the Cook
Chapter: Standalone
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Pure PWP smut
Warnings: Male-male sex, misuse of kitchen implements and ice, spanking, temperature play, sensation play
Pairing: Aoi X Kai
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Kai decides to give Aoi a nice dinner for his birthday to cheer him up. Little does he know that he’s about to satisfy a very different appetite.
Comments: A fill for the GazettE Kink/Porn Meme. Prompt: Anyone/Kai kitchen sex! I'd love to see Kai screwed up against a kitchen counter..or table..or otherwise..>> Cough (Also, Happy Birthday, Aoi! As I’m posting this it’s his birthday in Japan).

Come play in the the GazettE kink/porn meme!
Prompts and fills are both welcome!

More info and lots of fun here!

Kai arrived at Aoi’s apartment, grocery bags in hand. He found himself very glad the band had such a level of trust that they could all give keys to their apartments to their manager – who could then be easily persuaded to lend the right key to Leader-san.

He wanted this birthday dinner to be a surprise. (All right, so Aoi’s birthday wasn’t until tomorrow, technically – which would make this more of a surprise). The guitarist needed the smiles.

He’d been up and down almost as long as Kai had known him – wild and crazy and supposedly happy-go-lucky one day, feeling lonely and shut out by the rest of the band the rest.

Those down periods hurt Kai. He tried to keep the whole band happy and harmonious, he really did. But then, Aoi’s songs would be left off albums, or a riff he suggested wouldn’t be in a song, and he’d be down again. (Kai would explain to Aoi that his own songs would be rejected by the band, too. Aoi would just say that was because most of Kai’s songs sounded more suited to a Johnny’s Entertainment group).

He wanted Aoi to feel happy, needed, loved – especially on his birthday. And thus, he was invading the guitarist’s home to make him a special dinner.

Humming happily to himself, he made his way to the kitchen and started pulling out pots and pans. One bag he put in the fridge – it was a small birthday cake, just to be shared by the two of them.

He was going to put a smile on the other man’s face and keep it there. It was the least he could do as the leader, right?

* * *

Aoi knew something was odd the moment he stepped into his apartment. Something smelled nice. He knew he didn’t leave anything on and cooking when he left. Either one of his neighbors was cooking something strong enough to pass through the walls, or he’d been home invaded.

Okay, so that wasn’t something that happened to him every day. And he was kind of welcoming the distraction. He’d been kind of . . . well, not down, but meh. Having one of those periods where he wondered what his place in the band was, whether the fans really loved him both onstage and off – he’d put out a Tweet to that extent the other day.

Oh, his usual crowd of friends were doing their best to make sure he’d have a happy birthday – they’d surprised him with a cake. Five days early, but hey. But sometimes, gestures like that only went so far.

He tossed his jacket on the couch and strode toward the kitchen, pushing the door open – and was greeted by the lovely sight of a very well-shaped male ass pointed toward him.

Now, THAT was a distraction he very much appreciated. Not to mention a birthday gift that kept on giving.

It took him a moment (since he was very much focused on the lovely posterior) to realize that the bottom was attached to Kai, and that Kai was bent over pots and pans on his stove.

“Hey,” Aoi said, and Kai jumped, spoon flying in the air. He caught it like a majorette catching a baton and whirled around toward the guitarist.

“Oh, my God, you scared me!” he said.

“I could say the same about you,” Aoi said, “except I don’t find discovering gorgeous men in my kitchen very scary.”

“Oh,” Kai said, blushing a little. “I thought I’d make you dinner for your birthday.”

A sly smile came over Aoi’s face. Make him dinner? How . . . adorable. Especially since Kai looked so flustered about it.

“You did, did you?” he said, advancing toward the cook.

“I just wanted to make you feel, you know . . .” Kai quickly turned to his pots, stirring them, giving Aoi another view of that hot little ass. “Special.”

Aoi came up behind him, wrapping his arms around Kai, pulling him into a hug from behind. “You’re pretty special yourself, you know.”

“Oh?” Okay, he was sounding like a nervous teenager. Probably shaking like a nervous teenager, too. He’d been attracted to this man ever since he joined the GazettE – hell, he was attracted to all his bandmates to at least some extent – but he’d never acted on it. He didn’t want anyone to think he was taking advantage of his position as leader.

“Oh, yes, you are,” Aoi said, not letting go of Kai. In fact, he was pulling him even closer, and the closer he pulled him, the more he forced Kai’s heart out of his chest and into his throat. Any more hugging and his heart was bound to come up out of his mouth and land on the kitchen counter – splat, like a meatball rolling out of a pot.

“Not everyone would commit an act of breaking and entering to give a guy a good birthday, you know,” Aoi said, and was he pressing his cock against Kai’s bottom now, oh, yes, he was. Kai’s heart had definitely become a meatball now. His blood was marinara sauce, his stomach a bubbling pan of lasagna.

“I don’t do anything halfway,” Kai said, and damn, had his voice become some sort of a hoarse squeak? Nice making a bold statement like that sounding like Mickey Mouse.

“Mmm?” One of Aoi’s hands ran over Kai’s stomach, through the fabric. “Are we just talking about cooking?”

“N-no,” Kai said, breathlessly, and damn, he had to watch the pots, didn’t he, oh, yes, things were going to start burning and boiling over, and he didn’t want to ruin Aoi’s special dinner . . .

“Then what else do you not do halfway?” And hello, there was a hand slipping under Kai’s shirt, and fingers running along his bare skin, and thiswasn’thappeningthiswasn’thappeningohyesitwas . . .

Actually, Aoi hadn’t intended to go this far. He’d just meant to give him the hug. But when he realized how good he felt, and how much Kai was trembling with suppressed desire, it seemed a crime not to keep going.

They were away from the band, away from the rules. There was no leader/surbordinate status here. And there was no reason for Aoi to not slide his fingers up Kai’s chest and caress a nipple . . .

“Aaah!” Kai cried as the fingers stroked his sensitive skin, teasing it into a peak. His hands gripped the edge of the stove in front of him, his eyes trying to focus on his pots . . .

“Do you know what I’d like?” Aoi’s voice was a silky purr. “I’d like us to have our dinner naked.” A gentle pinch to the nipple, drawing another gasp from Kai. “I’ve never done that before . . . have you?”

“No,” Kai said, his voice a near-moan. And he was reaching out to turn everything down to a low simmer to keep it all warm for now, because he was going to be busy, wasn’t he, busy in the best possible way . . .

The hand left his nipple, and then Aoi was reaching for the bottom of Kai’s T-shirt, and Kai was stretching upward, letting the other man strip his shirt off. He watched Aoi remove his own top, revealing a flat, wonderfully muscled chest and stomach, the kind of thing that invited being traced with one’s tongue . . .

They both unfastened their pants, and pushed them down. Kai’s eyes went right to Aoi’s cock, and he let out a little cry of surprise.

“Oh . . .” he said, as he wrapped his fingers around it, his thumb very gently stroking over the piercing at the end. How on earth did he get this? It looked like it was painful . . . but oh, oh, it was so very erotic.

“I could say the same thing,” Aoi said, grasping Kai’s cock as well, sliding his fingers up and down. “Holy shit, you’re huge.”

“Mmmm . . .” Kai said, fingers moving faster, the other man’s hand doing the same. Both of them shuddered in pleasure.

“We’re going to have to fuck each other tonight,” Aoi said. “Take turns on top and bottom.”

Dear Lord, Kai thought. He doesn’t just want to have sex, he wants to do it over and over . . .

They leaned toward each other, and their lips met, a hot, wet kiss that got hotter and wetter very quickly, lips parting, tongues stroking, fingers still caressing each other.

And then, suddenly, Aoi’s lips and hands were pulling away from him, and Kai let go of Aoi as well – right before he was whirled around and guided away from the stove, to the counter. He was then pushed forward, so he was leaning over, ass in the air.

“Now, let’s see what we have here.” Aoi reached over and grabbed one of Kai’s spatulas. “What am I going to do with this beautiful rear?” He then smacked said body part with the cooking utensil – a little shock of pain that made Kai jump a little, crying out.

“Maybe I need to tenderize it a bit?” That brought about another smack on the other side of Kai’s ass, and a moan from the drummer as he sagged forward further. He didn’t get spanked very often – usually, his lovers wanted him to do the spanking, given that he had such broad hands – but when he did, it was a huge turn-on.

Aoi sensed this – he picked up on sexual cues with the same ease he picked up musical ones. He spanked Kai with the spatula again, right cheek, left cheek, then right, Kai letting out a moan with every smack.

“Or maybe . . . it needs to be glazed instead?” Aoi put down the spatula and picked up a pastry brush that was hanging over the sink – usually used by Kai to spread sauce on okinomiyaki.

Aoi put it to a very different purpose. He began to brush it over Kai’s ass, gently, its softness providing a sharp contrast to the pain and heat of the spanking – making the sensation a bit overwhelming.

Kai leaned over, head on his arms, feeling tingles run from his ass through his whole body, the brush caressing him, moving in patterns . . . and then sweeping up from his ass, over his back and shoulders, creating different sensations on flesh that was less sensitive and sore.

“Yes, this is nice,” Aoi said, “but I think it needs a little more. Sit up . . .”

Kai raised his torso from the counter, and felt the brush move around his body, to his chest, until the bristles were moving over a nipple. Kai cried out again, feeling pulses of sensation rush right to his cock, which was brick-hard right now.

“Mmm, I think this is what you need.” Aoi leaned over and kissed Kai’s neck, running his tongue over it, the brush swirling on his nipple. “Maybe a little of this as well.” And his other hand pinched the nipple not receiving attention from the brush, making Kai cry out.

“Aoi,” he gasped. “Fuck, oh, fuck . . .” Both hands kept moving, one hand pinching, delivering pain, the other brushing, delivering pleasure, and the contrasting sensations were both swirling around inside Kai, making his heart pound, his head swim, and, my God, were his knees actually sagging? Yes, they were. Aoi was making him literally weak-kneed.

“Fuck?” Aoi said. “Not quite yet. There’s something else I think you need first. Stay right there.”

Kai did, clinging to the counter, and he heard . . . water running? The beep of the microwave? The sound of the automatic ice dispenser on his refrigerator door? What the hell?

And then, there was the clink of a glass on the counter, and the microwave opening, and Aoi saying, “Maybe we need to heat things up . . . and cool them down.”

The next thing Kai felt was an ice pellet pressing against his nipple, making him gasp from the shock of the cold . . . followed by a warm, wet rag, making him feel the heat twice as intensely. “Oh!” he cried.

“Mmm, that’s it,” Aoi said, repeating the process on the other nipple, making Kai cry out again. “You like this, I see.” Two ice pellets pressed against both hard buds, making the bandleader grip the counter to keep from flat-out falling on the floor.

“Oh, God,” he cried, feeling cold, and a little pain, but intense pleasure at the same time. Nobody had ever done this to him. Nobody had ever been inventive enough. Dear Lord, where had this man been all his life? (Right beside him, just never in his bed. Well, that wasn’t going to happen anymore, was it?)

And then then heat was on him, pressing into one nipple, then the other, searing through him, making him feel like he was going to burst into flame from within and love every second of it.

“Aaaah!” Kai cried, and then started to pant as a piece of ice started to slide over his shoulder, and down his back, followed by the sweeping warm cloth, a trail of cold and a trail of hot . . .

A pause, and the microwave beeped again – Aoi must have wet more than one cloth, so he had a supply of heat ready. He pulled it out, grabbed several pieces of ice at once in one hand, the new hot cloth in the other . . .

There was a blast of cold on his ass, as Aoi rubbed his palm over it, followed by a blast of heat. Contrasting sensations flooded Kai, his already-sensitized bottom freezing, then aflame, then freezing again, Aoi’s two hands sweeping over the shapely curve, caressing it with one extreme, then the other.

“Good?” Aoi said, the hand holding the hot cloth squeezing a little, making Kai jump and cry out.

“Nothing . . . like it . . . before . . . ever,” Kai panted, gripping the counter harder, thinking this was torture, the most exquisite and delicious torture ever.

“Mmmm,” Aoi said, both hands sliding away. “You’re almost ready, then.”

Kai turned his head around. “Almost?”

Aoi reached into the ice glass. His fingers encircled on pellet in particular – small and bullet-shaped. “Bet you never felt anything like this before, either.”

And before Kai had a chance to reply, or even think, there was intense cold pushed into him – yes, INTO him – and he gasped. Oh, dear Lord, did he . . . was that . . . He could only lean over, nearly screaming at the intense sensation of ice up his ass, the pellet melting quickly from his body, but its impact still there, Kai feeling chilled from the inside out.

“Now you’ll really appreciate my hot cock,” Aoi said, leaning down to grab his discarded pants, pulling out the condom and small bottle of lube he always carried with him just in case.

A pause, and then a lubed finger pressed into Kai. He leaned against it, feeling its heat contrasting to the cold inside him, letting out a groan. “Oh, God, Aoi,” he murmured.

“Feels really good now, doesn’t it?” Aoi said, gently sliding in and out. “You never thought a finger in you could feel quite like this.”

Kai could only moan, “More,” pushing his bottom backward.

He got more, all right. There was a second finger pushing into him, sliding in and out, opening him up, and then a third, Aoi having to work a little longer than he usually did due to Kai tightening up from the cold – but it was worth it, for both of them.

By the time Aoi gripped his hips, tip of his cock pressing against Kai, the drummer was more than ready.

“Do it,” he gasped. “Do it, please, Aoi . . .”

And it was pressing into him, hard and solid, the metal ornament at the tip clearly felt even through the condom, and Kai gripped the counter again. Oh, my God, the intensity of this encounter . . . he felt overwhelmed, again and again and again, and he loved every last second of it.

“That’s it,” Aoi murmured as his cock pushed in further, claiming the man who was trembling under him. “Just relax and feel it. You’re going to be feeling a lot more pretty soon.”

A pause, and then there were hands gripping his hips, and Aoi’s lips on his ear. Kai felt him start to thrust, the piercing moving through him, hard metal against soft flesh, stimulating nerve endings he didn’t know he even had.

“Feels good?” Aoi whispered as he started to thrust faster. “Go on, lean back on it. Let me see how much you can take, baby.”

Kai leaned back, and thrust against him, trying to take in as much as he could, to feel that wonderful piece of metal caress more and more of him from within. It was all the more intense for what came before, everything in him already aflame, burning all the more brightly with the new layer of sensation.

“God, you love it,” Aoi moaned as Kai thrust back against him, hard. “Look at how hungry you are for cock.” He reached around his body and wrapped his fingers around Kai’s erection. “Come on, moan for me.”

Kai obeyed the request, all right, throwing back his head and letting out a long, low groan from the bottom of his soul, those fingers sliding over him, caressing him, driving him that much closer to . . .

The metal ornament hit his prostate directly, and Kai literally saw stars. There was a sparkly explosion in his line of vision as the most intense wave of ecstasy he’d ever felt broke over him, and he screamed so loud he figured people on other planets could hear it. The orgasm went on, and kept going, and going . . .

As he sagged onto the counter, he heard Aoi cry out as well, and grab his hips, and thrust deep into him . . . and finally, sag against Kai as well, panting. Kai was pinned to the counter. No matter, he wasn’t able to move. He felt like he’d never be able to move again.

“Fuck,” Aoi gasped. “Holy . . .”

“I know,” Kai panted. Nothing more to say.

They stayed there for a long moment, then Aoi got off Kai, stretched, and leaned over, offering a hand to help his new lover up. He let himself be pulled to his feet . . . though he was more than a bit wobbly.

“Best birthday ever,” Aoi said, leaning over for a kiss, which Kai gave him, eagerly. “And to think you came over to cook dinner . . .”

“Dinner! Oh, my God!” Kai was suddenly snapped back to reality. He rushed over to the stove, eagerly checking on his now-neglected food.

And to think he’d come here just to put a smile on Aoi’s face. He’d done a little more than that. He’d put one on his own as well.

* * *

The dishes had long-ago been put in the dishwasher, the dinner having turned out delicious despite the interlude. The cake had long been consumed – some of it at the table, some licked off heated, naked flesh.

The clothes were still scattered about the floor. They’d never bothered to put them back on. They didn’t need to.

All wasn’t quiet, though. From the bedroom, there were still the sounds of male moaning, and panting, and murmured words in the air – as there had been off and on all night.

Kai was on top this time, kneeling behind Aoi, who was on all fours. He grabbed his hips, thrusting hard into that tight ass, feeling it grip him, hearing his lover moan in response.

“So big,” Aoi murmured. “Oh, fuck, Kai, I’ve never had a cock like yours.”

This just made him push all the harder and faster, wanting Aoi to make more noise, to come hard, just as hard as he did before. They were both going to feel the effects of this later. It didn’t matter.

“Oh, God, you feel so good,” Kai murmured, wrapping his hand around Aoi’s cock and stroking. “So goddamn good . . . “

“Fuck,” Aoi panted. “I’m close, baby . . .”

Kai thrust harder into his body, fingers stroking, trying to hit the sweet spot, and Aoi thrust his hips backward, letting out a yell as his come poured over Kai’s fingers. Kai felt the sheath tighten around him, and he tumbled into ecstasy after him, leaning over his lover’s body as he cried out.

They fell to the mattress together, kissing, a familiar ritual by now. Kai added yet another condom to the pile in the bedside garbage, and they snuggled up, pulling the blankets over themselves.

Kai raised his head, blinking. “Is that . . . sunrise?” he said, looking out the window.

“Wouldn’t surprise me,” Aoi said. “How many times have we fucked, anyway?”

“Don’t know,” Kai said. Who was counting? They’d eaten, and then went into the bedroom, and Aoi had ridden Kai’s cock, and then they’d slept some, and then Kai had put his legs over Aoi’s shoulders, and they’d slept some more, and then . . .

“Doesn’t matter.” Aoi wrapped his arms around his bandmate and held him tighter. “I’m never letting you out of this bed.”

“The rest of the guys aren’t going to like that,” Kai said.

“We can invite them in here with us,” Aoi said. “Nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned orgy.” He kissed Kai. “Except I just may keep you for myself.”

“Oh, you may?” Kai said. He wondered if Aoi was saying that he wanted to pursue a permanent fuck buddy arrangement with Kai, or if he wanted something more. He would welcome either one – but he was hoping it was the latter.

“That is, if you want to keep me, too,” Aoi said.

Kai rain his fingers along the other man’s hair. “I’ll keep you for as long as you want me around,” he said.

“Well, that’s going to be a long, long time, isn’t it?” Aoi replied.

Kai snuggled against him. So they were going to be together, in at least some form. Best birthday, indeed – for both of them.

He knew, then and there, that Aoi would never be in a melancholy mood again. He’d personally see to it.


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Jan. 19th, 2013 09:05 pm (UTC)
I was getting desperate for good fics and here it was, waiting for me, because AOI/KAI AND A KITCHEN = NIGHT IS MADE WHOOP WHOOP! ♥
Jan. 20th, 2013 05:14 pm (UTC)
Thanks! (Glad I could make your night!) Seriously, how could the two of them in this setting end up being anything but hot? I've always seen Aoi as being sexually imaginative, and the kitchen offers so much for him to be imaginative with. ~_^
Jan. 19th, 2013 11:03 pm (UTC)
this was great ;D prolly gonna give it a re-read when i get back from work later on! xx
Jan. 20th, 2013 05:15 pm (UTC)
Thank you! (And I'm glad you think it's worth a reread!)
Jan. 20th, 2013 01:27 am (UTC)

Kai + Aoi + kitchen implements = UUUNNNNFFF

You do know of my sweet spot for food and sex so this definitely scratches all the itches, hmmhm! The little pasta analogies were brilliant, and the perverse use of the spatula and pastry brush, guuhhhh *brainmelt* and then the temperature play, godfuckingdamnit! You know, I once wrote a little summer ficlet that involves misuse of a popsicle in a similar manner and I might just take that one out of the proverbial mothballs and rework it, unf.

I really loved the playfulness too, and how cute!Kai made a bit of a comeback for the first part of the piece at least. I've noticed that we've been putting him in very dominant/seme roles recently (probably stemming from all those dark and sultry photoshoots that he's been gracing us with), which is all well and good but it was very refreshing to read him being that adorable boy with a sunny disposition that just pops out as soon as we see him smile. I loved that they both topped too, not only was it hot but it worked with their personality dynamics too.

As usual, perfect and delicious, not that I'm surprised in the least, a worthy offering from a master writer at its best my dear. Beautiful! Xoxo
Jan. 20th, 2013 05:24 pm (UTC)
You're right that Cute!Kai recently giving way to Dom!Kai is pretty much the fault of all the photography of him that's come out in connection with Division. All those moody shots of him peeking out from under a curtain of long hair, yum! I do need to get back to the other side of his personality, though, because I kind of miss Cute!Kai, too. (Well, he's still cute most of the time when I write him with Shou.)

I figured with a Kai/Aoi pairing, you're going to have a lot of switching off. Neither is entirely an uke type, and I see Aoi, especially, as adventurous enough to want to experience things from both sides. (Especially when you're talking a guy as well-endowed as Kai!)

Hee, and I'm glad you liked the temperature play (that was one of the squares I'd hoped for, but didn't get, in Kink Bingo). In a kitchen, it would be a shame not to put hot and cold things to good use! And I do want to see what you do with your own take on it!
Jan. 20th, 2013 09:29 am (UTC)
Waaaw o.ob
So great and adorable!!!!!!!!!
Jan. 20th, 2013 05:24 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm so glad that you liked it!
Jan. 22nd, 2013 08:34 pm (UTC)
Sex + kitchen + food play = a very hot smut indeed. I love how inventive Aoi is in this fic... the usage of ice and heated cloth is just unfff... and don't even get me started on that freaking ice cube in... that was just... I died. I FREAKING DIED.

This was so so so hot! I love it. I can read it again and again and and whenever I see a counter top and ice cubes, I'll remember this story and Aoi and Kai. psfiwierjjowijffjwpoeivjn

Now excuse me while I stuff more tissues in my profusely bleeding nose.
Jan. 25th, 2013 08:57 am (UTC)
Gah! So sorry I am just getting around to commenting on this! I've been really busy!

Buuut, asdfghjkl! Can I tell you how much I love you right now without sounding completely creepy? Not only did you write one of my FAVORITE pairings, but you wrote them in the best way possible! :D You had me grinning at my screen like a mad man the whole time!

And temperature play?? *melts repeatedly* >___<

Aoi's self thoughts about Kai's ass and his adorableness for him cooking him a dinner had me dying! xD

It was just the perfect mix of every aspect...thank you so much for this!
Feb. 4th, 2013 06:26 am (UTC)
my favourite kind of bday present! AxK *3*
Dec. 3rd, 2013 05:35 pm (UTC)
ohmymymymymyyyy.......GOOOOOOOD! THIS IS VERY GOOD! I love it, one of the best Kaoi oneshot I read so far!
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