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Title: Mistletoe Madness
Chapter: Standalone
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Pure PWP smut
Warnings: All-male threesome, rimming, bukake
Pairing: Aoi/Ruki X Kai
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: At the PSC Christmas Party, Kai is standing under the mistletoe – when he gets two offers of kisses. Which, of course, leads to more . . .
Comments: A fill for the GazettE Kink/Porn Meme, in answer to a prompt involving hot fun at the PSC Christmas party.

Tonight was pretty much like every other PSC Christmas party. You had innumerable people stumbling around drunk, trying to wish other people a Merry Christmas before hugging them – but usually, mumbling some unintelligible nonsense and kind of collapsing on top of other people.

You had someone dressed as Santa (this year, it was Nao from Alice Nine) gleefully passing out candy canes and little chocolates. There were also a few brave souls wearing things like reindeer antlers on their heads or American-type ugly Christmas sweaters, trusting in their fellow musicians that nobody was going to take a picture and upload it to Twitter.

And then, you had Kai, who was standing under a sprig of mistletoe in the corner, quietly observing all this. It was hard to believe another year had gone by, and the changes it had brought. Things weren’t much different for his own band – but SCREW had gone major, Alice Nine had switched labels, and SuG . . . Kai sighed to himself. They hadn’t had anyone leave their “family” since the tragic end to Kagrra. It always hurt, no matter who it was.

At least GazettE had a good year, with a successful album and their 10th anniversary (well, the 10th for the band, at least – Kai’s anniversary with them was yet to come). For that, he was thankful.

He was so lost in thought that he didn’t notice a pair of arms wrapping around his waist. And just when he became aware of it . . . a second pair of arms wrapped around his waist.

Wait, what? Why was he suddenly standing there, sandwiched between Aoi and Ruki?

“What the fuck are you doing?” At first, Kai thought that Ruki had directed the comment at him – and he was going to reply that he was just minding his business – until he realized he was saying it to Aoi.

“I was going to say the same thing to you,” Aoi said. “Me, I was going to take advantage of there being a hot guy under the mistletoe.”

“Well, if you’re going to take advantage of him, and you just want to kiss him because he’s hot, you have no business doing it,” Ruki said, arms tightening around Kai.

“I didn’t say that!” Aoi said, arms tightening around Kai as well. Kai was suddenly starting to feel like the breath was being squeezed out of him. He could just imagine these two fighting while he gradually turned purple – and at that point, the people at the party would probably congratulate him on being such a festive color.

“Oh, yes, you did,” Ruki retorted. “Go kiss some other hot young thing if that’s what you’re going to do.”

“Don’t you know a joke when you hear it?” Aoi said. “The last thing in the world I’d do is just take advantage of him.”

“Um . . .” Kai said, trying to get the attention of the combatants – but that wasn’t happening. It was like trying to distract two elves fighting over a choice sugarplum, and why was he suddenly envisioning them both with pointy ears and peaked hats? Furthermore, why did said look seem strangely right on Ruki?

“If that’s the case, prove it,” Ruki said. “I want to see you kiss him.”

“What?” said Aoi.

“WHAT???” said Kai. Okay, he wasn’t envisioning Ruki as an elf anymore. More like a porn director.

“You heard me,” Ruki said. “Kiss him, and then I’ll see just how sincere it is.”

Okay, this had taken a turn for the bizarre. Ruki was trying to keep Aoi from kissing him – by having Aoi kiss him? Goodbye, logic, been nice knowing you.

“I don’t know what the hell you’re getting at with this,” Aoi said, “but . . .”

And then, suddenly, Kai’s chin was tipped upward, and there were hot lips on his. Oh, my God, he was a good kisser. Gentle, yet fierce, using just the right amount of pressure, tongue flicking teasingly at Kai’s mouth, demanding entrance . . .

Kai gave it to him. He opened his lips, tongue pushing forward toward Aoi’s, moaning in his throat. His arms wrapped around the other man, pulling him closer, rubbing against him . . .

He felt Aoi ease away from him, and then, he was gently turned around, and it was Ruki’s fingers under his chin now.

“Not bad,” Ruki said. “Now, it’s my turn.”

And there was another mouth on his, this one coming at him from below, whereas Aoi’s came at him from above. The kiss was no less hot, though, Ruki’s fabled tongue pressing against him right away. He opened his lips quickly, letting it in, rubbing it with his own. When teeth gently nipped his lower lip, he let out a small moan.

Aoi, determined not to lose this contest, leaned his head down and started to kiss Kai’s neck, lips moving softly over the skin, punctuated by flicks of the tongue. Oh, my God, Aoi’s tongue on his neck, Ruki’s in his mouth . . .

Suddenly, it was getting very, very warm in there. He was getting turned on right in the middle of the Christmas party. Wonderful. And the “turned on” only magnified when he felt Ruki’s lips on the other side of his neck, sucking on him a little, just this side of causing a hickey.

Not that it mattered. The whole world was about to know, because once the rest of the guests saw what was going on, #kaimolestedatxmasparty would become a trending topic on Twitter. He’d probably score even more Tweets than Gangnam Style. Well, at least he’d put a public lie to the misconception that drummers never got any action.

There were hands moving over his body now, caressing him through his clothes, and Ruki was licking his neck bottom to top, slowly, the way he’d lick his microphones . . . which was contrasted by Aoi nipping at him, first his earlobe, then down his neck, a series of love bites that made him feel he was being devoured alive in the nicest possible way . . .

He heard Aoi murmur, “I have a room upstairs,” and then both of them were propelling him out of the party, toward the elevator. This was insane. They’d gone from kissing under the mistletoe to needing a room. This really was a porno, wasn’t it? Some director had gotten the idea they were going to add some triple-X footage to the Decade DVD? Where were the cameras, so he could smile and wave at them?

His brain barely registered what was going on as the elevator arrived, and they rode upstairs, and he was led down the hall. There was a door closing behind him, and clothes falling to the floor, being shed like shoes in the entranceway of a house . . .

And just like that, he was naked on a bed, sandwiched between two hot, equally naked men, Ruki’s lips on his again, Aoi’s tongue on his neck. Oh, my God, this was happening. He was living one of his dirtiest, wettest dreams. That really was Aoi’s perfectly formed and sculpted torso pressed against his back, those really were Ruki’s fingers twirling over his nipple the way they’d normally twirl a microphone cord.

“Do you like what’s happening, Kai?” Aoi murmured, and he moaned loudly in response, pushing his hips back against him. He was rewarded by a hand smoothing over his ass.

“Mmm, is this what you want?” Aoi said. “Do you want us to play with this for awhile?”

“Oh, yes,” Kai moaned, leaning back into the touch. Aoi’s fingers caressed him, gently, running along the cleft. He found himself thrusting a little, rubbing against the digits.

“Get on all fours, then,” Ruki whispered, and Kai obeyed, leaning over so his head was on his folded hands, his ass offered up like a beautiful gift to them both.

He was no longer concerned with how insane this was and how he’d be a hot hashtag the next day. His only thought was the hands moving over his bottom, and he knew which was which, could tell that the one on the right had the long, callused fingers of a guitarist, the one on the left . . . used a lot of hand lotion.

They squeezed and caressed, Ruki’s fingers moving in a circle, Aoi’s preferring a slow, firm pressure, then release technique. “Such a gorgeous fucking ass,” Ruki murmured.

“Almost a shame to keep it on that drumstool all the time, isn’t it?” Aoi said. Kai felt the guitarist’s hand slip away for just a moment, and then heard fumbling in a bag next to the bed . . .

His head turned backward, trying to see what was going on, but Aoi leaned over, kissed his neck, and said. “No, look straight forward. We don’t want to have to blindfold you, do we? Unless, of course, you want that.”

Kai just looked forward, and felt liquid lube being poured over his cleft. Wait, what? Already? No, wait, hands were smoothing plastic over his bottom, oh, dear God, did this mean that they were going to . .

He felt Ruki’s face press against his bottom, and hot breath, and something warm and deliciously wet pressing against his entrance through the plastic. Oh, yes, yes, it was what he thought it was going to be . . .

“Look at that,” Aoi whispered, hand stroking Kai’s face. “Look at the expression on your face. You like the idea of getting tongue-fucked, don’t you?”

Kai could only moan as he felt Ruki’s tongue wriggling around, teasing him, circling the little puckered hole, then starting to push in, slowly, much too slowly . . .

“You like the idea of doing something so naughty and forbidden?” Aoi said, as the tongue started to fill him, little by little, wriggling around, seeking sensitive nerves . . .

Oh, my God, oh, my God, Kai wanted a time machine so he could give whatever ancient ancestor first came up with this particular pleasure a huge hug. It felt like nothing else, being penetrated by something so hot and strong, yet soft and flexible. It was so very alive inside him, the way it moved from place to place, wriggling, dancing.

And then fucking him, thrusting in and out of his heated channel, making Kai grip the sheets and just let out loud moans. Of course Ruki was expert at this. Of course he knew just how fast to dart his tongue, how to curve it, where to rub and caress . . .

“Yes,” he cried. “Yes, yes, yes . . .”

“Mmm, if that’s the kind of noises you make? I want a turn at that, too.” Kai felt Aoi shift, and then heard an unintelligible whisper. Ruki’s tongue slid out of him, and he groaned in disappointment . . .

Then, the plastic was pulled away, and he was relubed, a fresh dental dam put on him. There was hot breath on his ass again, a little nip through the plastic . . .

And Aoi’s tongue was pressing on him, pushing in, needing little effort after Ruki had opened him up. Oh, yes, he was doing the same thing the other man had, but it felt so different. Aoi had his own techniques, his own methods, pushing in a lot faster than Ruki had, but exploring more, sweeping his tongue this way and that until Kai thought he was going to explode . . .

He was aware of Ruki’s fingers all over his body, stroking and caressing him. It only enhanced the sensation as Aoi’s tongue-fucked him hard, thrusting in and out of his body, moving this way and that all the time, dancing inside him, as flexible as his back and limbs were during lives.

Kai didn’t even think the sounds coming from him were human anymore. He was a creature of pure lust, trembling on a hotel mattress, feeling boneless, weightless, bathed in sweat, his whole world reduced to one small area of his body, the one currently being invaded in the most naughty and delicious of ways.

They had wanted to kiss him, to use their mouths on him for pleasure? This was, in a way, the ultimate kiss – no mistletoe required.

Aoi’s tongue slipped out, and Kai moaned in disappointment. “Don’t worry,” the guitarist said. “You’re about to get more – a lot more.”

There were fingers sliding inside him, stretching him, although he heard Aoi saying, “Fuck, I don’t have to do this much at all, look at how open you are.” He felt the men shifting around on the bed, and he felt Ruki pulling up gently on his shoulders, until he was face-to-face with the vocalist’s erection.

“We’ve shown you what we can do with our mouths,” Ruki said. “Want to show me what you can do with yours?”

Kai opened his mouth, and moved down on the offered hardness gladly, feeling it slide into his mouth just as Aoi’s cock pressed against his entrance, slipping in, and, oh, yes, he was pierced, wasn’t he, that was a hard little bit of metal moving over Kai’s sensitive spots, made all the more sensitive by the rimming . . .

“You like that?” Aoi said. “I told you I was going to give you more. I have that little, special extra.”

But Kai couldn’t really answer, because he had a mouthful of cock, wonderful, delicious cock, filling his mouth in the nicest way. He loved everything about it, the way Ruki felt gliding over lips and tongue, the musky scent and taste of him, the way it was perfectly formed . . . Ruki had the kind of cock that was the stuff of steamy dreams.

And at the same time, Aoi was pressing into him, that wonderful piercing moving deeper, stroking him everywhere, literally fucking him like he’d never been fucked before. Oh, it was wonderful, glorious, unbelievable. He was being penetrated front and back, filled up every way he could be filled, totally possessed by both these men. It was his dirtiest dreams come true, and then some.

Aoi was moving, and then Kai was moving, pushing Ruki’s cock in and out of his mouth as the guitarist started a steady thrust. Somehow, Kai remembered his usual oral techniques, teasing Ruki with his tongue as his head bobbed up and down. That he had any mind left at all was something of a miracle.

There were hands gripping his hips, and a groan from behind him as Aoi sped up, starting to piston into him, the friction from the piercing a constant buzz of pleasure within the drummer’s body, just making the heat level within him rise higher and higher, his belly feeling tighter, his body starting to tremble . . .

Which just inspired him to suck Ruki harder, faster, head bobbing up and down, sending vibrations down the shaft with the moans in his throat, just making Ruki moan in return.

They were moving together like a machine, hips pumping, breaths hard and heavy, hands moving over Kai’s hair, hips, all over his body. Kai felt like the center of the universe right now, a meeting and exchange point of all kinds of pleasure, giving and taking, soft tongue and hard metal, and he was getting close, so very quickly, almost there . . .

There was a hard thrust inside him, the metal rubbing into an over-sensitized spot, and Kai felt the pleasure burst, his body flooded with ecstasy in long, long waves that threatened to shake him apart. He pulled away from Ruki as he cried out in pleasure . . .

Ruki grabbed his own cock in his hand and gave it some quick, hard strokes as Kai cried out, bringing himself those last few steps, and then he cried out as well, his come splattering on the drummer’s face, coating him in white like the first snow of the new winter.

A few more hard thrusts, and then Aoi pulled out, crying out as well, coming all over Kai’s ass, as if they both were marking him as their own.

They collapsed to the bed, laughing and panting and kissing, and Aoi murmured in his ear, “Merry Christmas. Was it all you ever wanted?”

Kai blinked in surprise. “What?” Damn, he was saying that a lot today.

“We decided to give you a threesome for Christmas,” Ruki said. “With rimming.”

“You . . . you . . .” And they’d given him exactly what he fantasized about, didn’t he? How many nights, when he fingered himself in the bathtub, had he thought about tongues filling him, about taking on multiple men at once . . .

“How did you know?” he said, blinking, looking from one to the other.

Aoi kissed him. “Our secret,” he said. Kai didn’t have to know that they’d overheard his drunken post-live conversation with Reita, when they’d sat around a hotel bar tossing back more whiskeys than either usually drank, confessing secret fantasies, not realizing Aoi and Ruki were in the next booth . . .

“We were looking for a way to set this up,” Ruki said. “Lucky thing you landed under that fucking mistletoe.”

“The mistletoe . . .” Oh, wow, he’d forgotten about that in the wake of all this. So their “fight” over him was all a setup, they’d planned to get him upstairs all along . . . He blushed. “I don’t know how to thank you.

“No,” Aoi said. “This is us thanking you. For everything. It’s the least we can do.” He kissed Kai’s ear. “But you could give us a round two later, if you feel you must.”

“I must,” Kai laughed. Oh, there’d be a round two, all right. And a round three, four and five. There would be as many rounds as they wanted . . . even extending after Christmas.

He snuggled against the two of them, feeling happy and content and oh, so sated. Yes, they’d given him a wonderful gift, and it would keep on giving.

Though he really, really needed the rest right now.

Kai had given Ruki the gift of family. He’d befriended a lonely boy who’d been rejected and thrown out by his parents. He’d taken him to meet his mother, who accepted him the way he was – career choices, sexuality, appearance and all – and told him he could be her honorary son. He’d always made time for Ruki when he needed him. He’d made him feel loved and wanted again.

Kai had given Aoi the gift of compassion. He’d been there for his bandmate in his moments of feeling lonely and depressed and undervalued. He always made sure that he felt appreciated, that he was a valuable member of the GazettE and a valuable friend, that Kai would be completely lost without him – personally and professionally.

It was indeed the least they could do for him, because Kai had given them so much – the kind of giving that extended far beyond any holiday season.


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Dec. 22nd, 2012 06:04 pm (UTC)
U made my week-end ^^v thank u!!!
Jan. 13th, 2013 04:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! I'm glad I could give you some holiday cheer, so to speak! (Sorry for the late reply!)
Jan. 13th, 2013 06:47 pm (UTC)
^^v better later then never!!!!
Btw, u`re a good writer!!!!
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