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So Kink Bingo is soliciting opinions from players about how to make their community better, it seems. Oh, I have some, all right, but it’s going to be hard to express them without stepping on toes – the community is adamant that there be no hostility to players or kinks (and, by implied extension, the mods themselves).

Opinion number one: Ban picspams as an option. Failing that, make it harder for people to use picspams for bingos. No, this has nothing to do with anyone who got something like 11 bingos with picspams that had very little to do with any of the kinks. Really. (“Automotive: Picspam of cars.”)

Opinion number two: Please, please get rid of Vague Prompts Are Vague. You shouldn’t have to stare at your prompt for a challenge, blinking, wondering what the hell you’re supposed to be writing.

Opinion number three: Look, I know it’s a kinkfic challenge, but can we please get some worksafe achievement banners? Just a tasteful black-and-white closeup of cuffed hands or a riding crop? Writing porn doesn’t necessarily mean that you want NC-17 rated images splattered all over your journal profile. Or just provide us with templates so we can put in appropriate images from our own fandoms. (Massive layout of Ruki, I’m looking at you).

Anyone else who did KB have any opinions of their own?


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Dec. 6th, 2012 10:09 pm (UTC)
Oh, we're at that stage of the bingo now! (I have taken the comm off my reading list to not get spammed, by the pic spams...)

I agree that it feels really hard to talk about anything one might want improvements to there... It's good that shaming etc is a no-no, but it has to be allowed to point out things that doesn't work. I guess one way is to write down the stuff you want to say, then rewrite and soften language, and add stuff that makes it even less um, threatening... watering it down. Or something.

Opinion one: I agree. Or with a change, namely that pic spams can be allowed, but there actually *has* to be some erotic content in it. For that vehicular thing, there should be something more than cars and motorcycles in the pics, something that makes them erotic. Like men or women? Because if the person viewing the pics is supposed to provide the erotic tension to the pics, and the person is actually lacking any erotic interest in cars as only cars, then I'd say the pic spam has failed that criteria. One can't be expected to provide that which the poster has forgotten to bring into it themselves. If a fic or art piece is supposed to bring the erotic part of the kink into focus, why not pictures as well?

Opinion two: Yeah, some of the prompts have become so vague in their labels/names that they are really hard to understand what they're about unless one starts to research what they thnk falls under this "umbrella". They've become so neutrally named that there's no tension or spark left in them. Some of these prompts are now just one step up from the biggest umbrella label of them all in this context: "kink". It's good to have categories that several things can fall under, but if it's so vague that the name gives barely a clue as to what they mean is a kink there, it's gone too far towards neutrality.

Opinion three: Oh gods yes! I agree with the need for more tasteful banners and icons and whathaveyou for the challenge! And not only for worksafe reasons. I also think some of the pics they've been using lately are really tasteless! Like you say, why not a nice closeup of a pair of handcuffs, a hand holding a crop, a pierced lip, a pretty shoe, a bit of a body in a corset, a roped up arm or leg... maybe in black and white... That would be infinitely more tasteful and pretty and inspiring than what they've had lately. And it's not about only having thin and white and "beautiful" people in the pics. With many of them, you wouldn't be able to tell if it's a small-bodied or large-bodied or able-bodied person! There *are* ways to show kink in a tasteful way! And so much yes to a template to which we can add our own pic! Something that has meaning to us and our fandoms! That is an awesome idea!

There were so few pics at all that had a recognisable Asian for instance... And so many of the pics have been of women. There's been a really small choice for those of us who only write male characters!

I actually don't think there are any other things that I have been annoyed with... *g* You nailed the big three!
Dec. 6th, 2012 10:25 pm (UTC)
I kind of love the template idea! I find some of the pics they have at the moment so offputting, that it sometimes prevents me from writing for that card. My third card last year, for example, had to have the wild card blanked out completely via the magic of Paint before I could write for it. But you can't opt-out of particular images... *sigh*
Dec. 6th, 2012 10:22 pm (UTC)
OMG, I agree with pretty much everything you've written there!

Sadly, I doubt there's much we can do about the picspams - I'm sure if we complained, there'd be someone claiming that we were being oppressive and harshing others squee, etc, but I really do think it's something that the mods need to take a look at. Is it really worth churning out loads of sub-standard or only loosely related things just for a few ugly banners? You have to wonder why the people doing these things think it's worthwhile.

Vague prompts. Oh my goodness, yes, those need to go. I think the (one, lonely) comment on there did a good job of explaining why they don't work, as they can be off-putting and don't really explain the many directions the kink in question can go in.

I loathe the banners. Loathe them. I've never saved a single one. I really like your idea of tasteful images as an alternative - surely it must be easy enough to find copy-write free images of things such as those?
Dec. 7th, 2012 03:20 am (UTC)

I agree with all you listed there definitely. The fucking generic picspams are somewhat insulting to the people actually putting in some effort to create some quality material, be it writing, art, photomanipulation. Anyone can google a shoe or a goddamn car wtf!

Oh the vague prompts...those really need to go. Either clarify them or get rid of them whatsoever, its just confusing as hell otherwise.

And I have to agree that the banners are...meh. And some of them straight out distasteful, I actually don't even care for one if they're just gonna stay like that, eurgh. A Ruki one based on that delicious, brain/ovary exploding Massive photoshoot would be greatly appropriate unf unf unf *drools*

You really nailed my grievances too my dear, I have nothing more to add *claps* xD
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