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Title: Strictly Booty Call
Chapter: Sequel to More Than Kisses
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PWP. Very, very PWP.
Warnings: Male/male sex; dirty talk (lots), including a double penetration fantasy; masturbation; toys; mild to moderate dominaiton
Pairing: Aoi X Shou
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: Shou has an open invitation to pay a booty call on any member of the GazettE. He finds himself using it on Aoi, who’s about to give him a lesson in the art of dirty talk.
Comments: Fill for the GazettE Kink/Porn Meme. Prompt: Aoi/anyone (other GazettE member or member of other bands) - dirty talk and sex toys - Aoi talks dirty, and somehow sex toys of some kind get involved. In addition, this is for the Dirty Talk square of one of my Kink Bingo cards.

Come play in the the GazettE kink/porn meme!
Prompts and fills are both welcome!

More info and lots of fun here!

Shou really didn’t know how he’d found himself in this neighborhood. He’d been coming home from practice, and got into his car, and started driving toward home . . .

And ended up here instead. Right where he knew Aoi lived.

The guitarist had been on his mind a lot since the insane Christmas party that became a kissing contest that became an orgy. Afterward, Shou had been given an open invitation to make a “booty call” on any of the GazettE any time he wanted. He hadn’t used it . . . until now.

He pulled into the garage of Aoi’s building and parked in a “guest” slot. He’d just ring the bell and see if he was home, that was all. Chances are he was out, anyway. And even if he was there, maybe he’d have company – didn’t they say something during the party about him having a thing with Kazuki? In that case, he’d just turn around and go home.

If he was alone? He’d just stop up and say hi, of course. Maybe have a drink, and then go home. . .

And who the hell was he fooling? He knew exactly what he was there for.

He went up to the door buzzer and pressed it, shifting nervously from foot to foot, like a high school boy calling on his date. He’d give it a few seconds, and then assume he wasn’t there . . . he wasn’t, was he? He was out drinking, or he was in the bedroom screwing Kazuki, or one of his bandmates, or some pretty young thing of either gender he met at a . . .

“Hello?” came the voice from the speaker. Well, so much for that theory.

Shou swallowed hard. He opened his mouth, and surprised himself when something came out. “Aoi? It’s Shou. I’m in your lobby . . .” That was obvious, wasn’t it? He sure hadn’t buzzed him from the top of Tokyo Tower.

Only a second pause, and then, “Come right up. Apartment 12B.”

Okay, this was his last chance to regain sanity. He was going to turn around and walk right back to his car. Yes, that was exactly what he was going to do. He was going to stop this before he did something he’d . . .

And he was walking toward the elevator, wasn’t he? Okay, NOW is the last chance. Turn and walk away before it arrives, get out of here and forget he ever had such a stupid . . .

Those traitorous feet were carrying him right through the sliding doors, and his finger was pressing 12 before he could stop it. That was it, he’d sealed his fate.

Aoi’s apartment door was slightly open when he arrived. Was that a sign he should come right in? He pushed on it, gently, and tentatively stuck a hand in . . .

Only to have said hand grabbed and yanked, pulling him inside. The door slammed behind him, and he was whirled around, pushed up against the wall and pinned in by a tall, toned body. Lips claimed his, a no-nonsense kiss that left no doubt of what its intent was, and Shou’s mouth opened with a gasp, his tongue pushing forward for Aoi’s.

There were hands moving over his body now, stroking his chest and stomach as the tongue stroked his, tracing the lines of his body. His T-shirt was roughly yanked upward, and Shou raised his hands over his head, not caring if Aoi tore the damn thing from his body.

The kiss broke so the garment could be tossed aside, and then Aoi leaned over, mouth encircling a nipple, sucking at it hard, teeth scraping at it. Shou leaned back, panting heavily, nearly pulling the guitarist’s hair.

Aoi raised his head and looked at Shou with a wicked smile. “You really want it, don’t you?” he said. “You can’t wait to feel my cock in you.”

“Yes,” Shou murmured, pushing his head forward, wanting more of those lips and tongue.

But Aoi had other things to do with his mouth. He brought his hand up to the other nipple, pinching it, and said, “You were thinking about it all day, weren’t you? You were running through what happened the day of the Christmas party, and thinking about how it felt when I fucked you. And you wanted more of it. You wanted nothing but my cock, nobody else’s, deep inside you, rubbing against you . . .”

“Oh, God,” Shou moaned. He was right, so right. He’d had that delicious, piercing-enhanced cock all day, in the back of his head – and the more the day went on, the more those thoughts moved to the forefront.

“You’ll get it,” Aoi said, a wicked purr that seemed the voice of sin itself. “You’ll get all you can handle, until you’re screaming and clawing at me. That’s what you really want, isn’t it? You want to be fucked until you can’t remember your own name. You just want to be a raw mass of writhing, moaning pleasure.” He leaned over and licked the nipple, his tongue just en extension of his words.

Shou cried out, leaning toward him, every bit of him tense with anticipation. This wasn’t anything he’d ever experienced before. This wasn’t like making love with a friend (like with his bandmates) or expressing his feelings for a crush (Ruki). This was pure, primal lust, nothing else behind it.

“But I might have more surprises for you,” Aoi said. “You can’t wait to find out what they are, can you? You’re shuddering inside. You want to know how many ways I’m going to make you moan and sweat. Well, you’re going to find out.” He kissed and licked the nipple again, then stood up. “Stay here. Come in the bedroom when I tell you to.”

“But . . .” Shou said.

“Be a good boy,” Aoi called over his shoulder as he headed down the hall. “Don’t you want to come like you never have before?”

Shou just stood there, panting, for a moment when the other man disappeared. Then, he went to the doorway, pulling off his shoes (he hadn’t even had a chance to do that when Aoi attacked him!) and leaving them by the door, then shedding his pants, underwear and socks like a snake getting rid of a tight, unwanted skin.

“All right,” Aoi called. “Come in.”

Shou followed the sound of his voice, and walked into a room ablaze with candlelight. There were pillar lights on the nighttable, on the dresser, on a table in the corner. And the light and shadow was revealing and enhancing the naked body of the man in front of him.

Oh, God, he was so beautiful. Lean and muscled, his chest and stomach well-defined – and he’d put in his navel piercing for this occasion, the metal glinting in the dim, sensual light.

“You like what you see, don’t you?” Aoi said. “You didn’t get to see me last time, you were blindfolded. Well, I’m not going to do that to you now. You’re going to see everything. Look . . .” He gestured to a large, folding three-way mirror opposite the bed, which showed multiple angles of whatever was happening on it.

“You’re going to be able to watch me fuck you,” Aoi said. “Do you want to do that? Do you want to watch my cock moving in and out of your sweet, hot ass?”

“Oh, yes,” Shou murmured, closing the remaining distance between the two men, pulling Aoi into his arms and kissing him hard. They tumbled to the bed together, tongues rubbing against each other, erections brushing, the little bit of metal at the tip pressing into Shou, hard and a little bit dangerous, offering the promise of unprecedented pleasures.

“Eager,” Aoi murmured when the kiss broke. “You look so innocent, and you’re so horny. Such a bad boy hiding inside a good one. I’ll bet you touch yourself. You run those pretty, long fingers over your cock and imagine all kinds of nasty things.”

“Yes,” Shou whispered.

“Show me,” Aoi’s lips were against Shou’s ear, tongue dancing against it. “Pretend you’re alone, and you’re remembering what happened the night of the party.”

This wasn’t something new to him – Ruki liked to watch him masturbate, too. But the tone of Aoi’s voice – flat-out commanding him to do it – made it seem all the more forbidden and dirty and hot.

He moved back so Aoi could see, wrapped his fingers around his hardness and began to stroke, twisting along the shaft, rubbing his thumb over the head.

“Look at that,” Aoi murmured. “Such pretty, delicate fingers doing such dirty things. You like your own touch, don’t you? You like the way your hands feel.”

“Yes,” Shou murmured.

“But you like another man’s hands more?”

A loud moan was his only answer.

“Do you finger yourself, too?” Aoi said.

Shou nodded in the affirmative, moaning again.

Aoi reached for the nightstand and came back with the tube of lube. “Do it,” he said. “Let me see those fingers disappear up that ass.”

Shou held out his hand, and Aoi poured the lube on them. He brought them to his entrance, spreading his legs to give a good view, and slowly encircled the puckered opening, just feeling the other man’s eyes on him, devouring him.

He let out a groan as the first finger slipped inside, and he heard Aoi’s purr of approval.

“Look at that,” he said. “Look at how eagerly you fuck yourself. You really can’t get enough, can you? You crave having that ass filled.”

“Oh, God, yes,” Shou moaned, pushing the finger in and out, the sensations of friction enhanced by the wicked, wicked words.

“I knew that the night of the party,” Aoi said. “Taking on five guys, one after another, and loving each one more than the one before . . . such a hungry little cock-slut. I’ll bet you could take two guys at once. Do you like that idea? Two cocks in you until you think you could burst?”

It wasn’t a fantasy Shou had ever had before, but now that Aoi mentioned it, it seemed so exciting, so thrilling and dangerous, that Shou let out a deep, low groan and pushed a second finger in, deep as he could.

“We’ll have to do that another time, then,” Aoi murmured. “I’ll get one of my friends and we’ll fuck you together. You’d really like it if we did that with Ruki, wouldn’t you? Just imagine his cock and mine both inside you, fucking you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

“Oh, oh . . .” Shou’s head was ablaze with the fantasy now, and he was sliding in a third finger already, fucking himself as hard and deep as he could, putting on a full-blown show for this wicked, wicked man.

“You’re going to feel something else today,” Aoi said. “Take your fingers out.” Shou did, groaning at the loss of stimulation. “Turn over, knees up. No, over here, I want you to be able to watch this.”

Shou positioned himself, ass up in the air. He could definitely see what Aoi was going to do to him in the three-way mirror now. His whole body was shivering in anticipation.

“Close your eyes first, though,” Aoi said.

Shou obeyed, and there was the sound of a drawer scraping, and the squish of lube . . . and then something pressing at his entrance. It wasn’t attached to Aoi – in fact, it wasn’t human, it was made of some soft, flexible material.

A toy. He and Ruki had played with anal beats and butt plugs – vibrating and non-vibrating – but this wasn’t one of those. It was curved, made to fit the contours of his body as Aoi slid it in, a bulbous head pressing against Shou’s nerve endings,

“Doesn’t this feel good?” Aoi said. “It’s filling you up the way you like it.”

“Ohh, yes,” Shou murmured.

“It’s going to feel even better,” Aoi said – just as the head of the device brushed Shou’s prostate. The vocalist responded with a shiver and moan. “Ah, that’s the place, isn’t it?”

Shou nodded vigorously, hips moving backward, pressing against the toy.

“Hold still,” Aoi said. “Let this thing do all the work.”

He pressed a button on the base of the toy, and suddenly, it was wriggling and gyrating, the head rubbing and rubbing against Shou’s prostate, and, oh, God, it wasn’t like anything he’d ever felt, the way it moved like a living thing, but clearly wasn’t living.

“Oh!” Shou cried. “Fuck! Oh, fuck!”

“Mmm, you usually don’t use that language,” Aoi murmured. “It sounds so hot coming from you, Shou. So seemingly sweet and innocent, such a dirty, dirty boy . . . go on, take a look. See that toy inside you.”

Shou opened his eyes, and saw the base of the thing sticking out of him, saw the way the whole thing was vibrating and gyrating within his body . . and his own face. Flushed, sweaty, hair mussed, the opposite of the glossy, airbrushed perfection he presented in photos.

That was as exciting as the toy itself, if not more so.

“We won’t let you come like that, though,” Aoi said, powering down the device and sliding it out, gently. “You want what you really came for, don’t you? You want what only I can give you.”

He slid a condom over his cock, lubed it quickly and brought it to Shou’s entrance. “You want this,” he said.

“Yes,” Shou moaned.

“Tell me,” Aoi said. “Tell me how much you want it.”

“I want your cock in me. I want you to fuck me so hard and deep I’ll be able to feel it hit my bones.”

“Mmm, that’s my dirty boy.” Aoi started to push in. “Watch the mirror.”

Shou did, and saw the other man gripping his hips, possessing him completely, that gorgeous body on full view, so Shou could never forget just who was inside him.

“So good, you feel so good,” Aoi murmured. “Your ass was made to be fucked.” His fingers tightened, gripping him so hard it added a note of pain, and Shou moaned again. “You like that too, don’t you? Maybe I can spank you next time. Would you want me to lay you over my lap and smack your pretty bottom over and over?”

Oh, God, all these things Shou had never considered, never dared think of, but when Aoi talked about them, they seemed so hot, so desirable, like he’d been thinking about them all his life . . .“Yes, oh, Aoi . . .”

Aoi was starting to thrust now, the piercing moving over nerve endings made even more sensitive by the toy, and Shou was moaning loudly, his body filling with warm, tingling pleasure from multiple sources – the solidness of the cock moving within him, the sensation of the piercing brushing and brushing his hot spots, the sight of Aoi behind him, skin starting to glisten with sweat, nipples hard, hips pumping and thrusting . . .

Shou felt like a porn star right now. In a way, he wished the whole world could see this, see him getting so thoroughly fucked.

“Yes, thrust your hips, like that,” Aoi murmured. “Take as much of my cock as you can handle. Fuck yourself on it. God, you are suck a hot thing. I watch you onstage and think about doing this to you, about bending you over and making you moan and scream right in front of those fangirls . . .”

When Shou moaned louder, thrusting back harder, Aoi murmured, “Oh, you like that idea. You want your fangirls to find out what a slut you are? How you can’t get enough of men sticking big, hard things into you? You get off on knowing they do nasty things to themselves over your pictures, don’t you?”

“Ahh!” Shou cried, panting and moaning and thrusting, his whole world reduced to Aoi’s hardness and his dirty words and the sight of himself in the mirror, a supplicant prostrating himself to the god behind him.

Two men moving together, like a machine, bodies sweat-slicked and flushed, mouths open and panting, the most gorgeous and hot thing Shou had ever seen in his life . . .

“You’re getting close,” Aoi panted. “Go on, baby, let go. Come hard. Scream for me . . .”

The other man’s fingers wrapped around his cock, and only a couple of strokes later, Shou was leaning back, a raw scream tearing itself from him, an intense orgasm overwhelming him to the point where he thought he was going to black out. He was aware of his come pouring over Aoi’s fingers, and the other man’s heavy breathing, and the way his hips snapped forward, urgently . . .

And then Aoi was crying out as well, and pulling out of Shou, his come splattering all over his ass, the perfect ending to Shou’s personal porno.

They both collapsed on the bed, panting. Shou was trembling, wondering how he was still conscious. He was barely aware of Aoi’s hands moving over him, cleaning him up.

Then, the guitarist leaned over and kissed him. “Hey. You okay?”

Shou nodded. “I’ve . . . I’ve just never had anything that intense before.”

“That’s because you’ve never had me before.” Aoi lay next to him, wrapping his arms around Shou and hugging him. “At least, not solo.”

Shou just purred, moving so his head was on the other man’s chest. Aoi had a definite point.

After a moment, he said, “Aoi, did you mean what you said? I mean, near the end? Where you were saying you thought about me when I was performing . . .”

“That?” Aoi kissed him again. “Good thing you were specific, I said a lot. Yeah, I did. You really are a hot piece, you know that? One night, all of us were talking about which members of Alice Nine we wanted to fuck. Some of us said Tora, and some of us Saga . . but every one of the guys mentioned you.”

“Really?” Shou said, blushing. He knew he was good at inciting the desires of fangirls, but he didn’t think he’d have that much of an effect on his been-there-seen-that fellow musicians.

“Really,” Aoi said. “So when Ruki was organizing his little party? Let’s say he had no trouble getting us to do it.”

“Everyone said they wanted me?” Shou said, still not quite believing it. “Even Kai?”

“He was one of the first to mention you,” Aoi said. “He blushed when he was doing it, but . . . oh, ho, look who’s blushing now! You want Kai, don’t you?”

“Um, well . . .” Shou said. Well, he did have fantasies about that big cock and those manly hands, he had to admit. And he did find the drummer attractive. And sweet. And he’d better stop that line of thought now, before . . .

“That can be arranged, you know,” Aoi said. “I can talk to him tomorrow. You have to make a video, though, because that’s one that I want to see.”

Shou sighed. Of course, Aoi would want a video. And Shou thought that Saga was the biggest pervert he’d ever met.

But he had reaped the benefits of Aoi being a pervert, hadn’t he?

“That’s tomorrow, though,” Aoi said. “Tonight . . .” He ran his fingers over Shou’s hair. “Up for more?”

Oh, God, did he have any energy left in him? He felt as drained as a siphoned gas tank . . . but he also had a strong desire to find the strength to keep going. He hadn’t shown the other man his considerable oral skills yet, after all – maybe they could share a shower, give him time to recharge, and then afterward . . ..

If this was a booty call, he was going to get the most out of it.


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Nov. 18th, 2012 04:58 pm (UTC)
Fuck, this is amazingly hot! I love your Aoi, so dirty and hot and sexy and wild! Unf! And you got so much kinky stuff into it as well: toys and mirrors and dirty talk! :D I'm glad Shou's feet didn't obey him at all, but brought him straight to Aoi's door! :D
Nov. 18th, 2012 06:25 pm (UTC)
*fans self* That was hot.
Nov. 18th, 2012 08:20 pm (UTC)
Dirty Aoi is so hot... No wonder Shou was all crazy during the entire... session. GAAAHHH! I have this strong urge to say 'Thanks for the meal!' It was really good and this just made my Monday morning and killed me at the same fucking time! Oh, and reading this works way better than coffee 'coz it's like 4:18 in the morning here and I'm about to start my work in a few minutes.

Thank you for writing such drool-worthy piece~ Looking forward to reading the one where Aoi/Ruki have their way with Shou or with Kai driving Shou mad. Oh god.

*dies with a blissful smile on her face*
Nov. 18th, 2012 08:37 pm (UTC)
-drools- This was fucking... HOT! you HAVE to make one of Shou with Kai now!! You HAVE to @///@ Then one with Ruki and Aoi and Shou... Oh god this fic was so fucking hot!
Nov. 19th, 2012 07:21 pm (UTC)
OMG YES AOI. Such a filthy mouth he has, damn that's sexy. I just adore your Shou, he's so wanton and ready for anything...LOL of course Aoi would want him to tape hot sex with Kai, such a perv. XD

*waves* Hi there, i've been lurking for a little while and thought I should say hello :3
Nov. 20th, 2012 02:22 pm (UTC)
*goes outside in the 30 degree weather to cool off* ... damn... that was fucking HOT... I like your Aoi
Nov. 21st, 2012 12:49 am (UTC)
Fucking sizzling HOT! MY ULTIMATE BIAS making love with the SEXIEST MEMBER of GazettE! *faints* you never failed to amuse me puss-san! *q* I think I'm wet. lol. Two thumbs up for making me wet XD
Mar. 27th, 2013 03:16 am (UTC)
Oh damn that was hot ... But now I want to watch him with SEME kai!!!!
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